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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At, Elizabeth & Company, Harley asks Danny that if he has any mob contacts left. He tells her that she’s better than buying off jurors, and she doesn’t seem to agree. She reminds him that he’s done far worse in the past. He refuses to help her, reminding her that the mob part of his life is in the past. He lets her know that he’s refusing to go backwards. Marina comes over to the two of them wondering what is going on. Harley tells her niece that nothing is wrong and that Danny ‘just passed the test.’ Marina looks back and forth between the two of them with a confused look on her face.

Inside J.Farley’s, Lizzie is sitting at the bar having a drink when Gus comes up to her. He seems excited to see her and lets her know that he’s been looking for her. She tries telling him she doesn’t want to talk to him. He grabs her arm and she reminds him that she doesn’t know anything about the night her father died. She eggs him on, telling him that his girlfriend will soon end up in prison. Coop comes out of nowhere and tells Gus to leave Harley alone.

At the farmhouse, Cassie paces around the living room and leaves Jonathan a message. She tells him to call her back as soon as possible because she wants to see and speak with him. As she is hanging up Edmund comes out, wondering if everything is ok. Cassie lies to him, telling him that she was leaving a message for Reva. He thinks that she’s nervous about the IVF and he wonders what he could do to ease her nerves. She comes up with a story about him going out to get an ice pack and he sees right through it. He tells her that he knows she is trying to get rid of him.

Jonathan drops the pipe from his hands just as his mother comes out into the alley. She is shocked to see her car has been smashed.

Coop wonders what Gus was hoping to accomplish by harassing Lizzie. He warns Lizzie to leave while he talks to Gus. Meanwhile, Gus is muttering about how he knows she is hiding something. He mentions that going easy on her isn’t going to help anyone. He goes on to tell Coop that she’s played many people in her past. He begins to tell Coop about how Lizzie is great at committing crimes and then saving herself. He mentions the hit and run as well as pushing Olivia down the stairs at the Beacon. Coop doesn’t seem to know about any of these things, which just goes to prove Gus’s point. Gus leaves reminding Coop to stay out of his way and to be careful of Lizzie. He leaves the bar just as Lizzie is coming out of the bathroom. She thanks Coop for helping her and offers to take him to Towers for lunch. When she drops her purse and mentions her diary he gets an idea, which you can see all over her face. He mentions that he has something else to do and lets her know he can’t make lunch. She thanks him for helping her and leaves.

Harley apologizes to Danny for checking up on him. When Marina tells her aunt that it was uncalled for, Harley defends herself. She goes on to tell Marina that very shortly Marina could be a big part of her children’s lives. She rationalizes that it also means that Danny is a part of their lives as he’s close to Marina. Danny lets her know that she no longer has to worry about him. He assures her that he wouldn’t hurt Marina or anyone else in the Cooper family. Harley thanks him and gets up to leave. Marina comments on how much she hates Harley’s new attitude. She explains to Danny that she’s preparing the family for when she goes to jail. Marina falls into Danny’s arms with a sad look on her face. Harley watches on from the window outside.

Edmund confronts Cassie and she tells him that she wants to smooth things over with Reva before she can feel right about bringing another child into the world. He buys her story and agrees to give her some time alone for her and Reva to deal with their problems. He reminds her that she can always tell him the truth and she assures him that she’s told him ‘all he needs to know.’ He agrees to go out for a while to give her some time to handle the Reva situation. She tells him she loves him and he leaves. She looks as though she’s about to cry and then wonders where Jonathan is.

Reva wonders who has destroyed her car. Jonathan shrugs and blames it on the people they got into the bar fight with. She can’t believe it and makes plans to call the insurance company and police. She pulls her phone out of her pocket and realizes it is his. She turns it on, wondering if it still works as he punched someone in the head with it. She sees that Cassie called him and wonders what her sister wanted. He explains that he doesn’t know and blames it on her wanting to harass him periodically. He promises his mother that he won’t call her back. Reva mentions getting a cab and heading home when Jonathan declines.

He tells his mother he saw a cute girl inside that he’d like to get to know better and warns her not to wake up. She wrinkles her nose but tells him to have a good time. Jonathan heads back inside looking at his phone wondering what Cassie wanted.

Reva walks into Elizabeth & Company wanting a cup of coffee. She looks tired. Shortly after she walks in Edmund arrives. He looks surprised to see her and mentions it. He wonders why she’s not at the farmhouse making up with Cassie. Reva looks at him and lets him know that there’s nothing she would like more than to stop fighting with her sister. She also tells him that for that to happen that Cassie needs to leave Jonathan alone. Edmund looks confused and wonders what she’s talking about. Reva tells Edmund that there is something he can do to help things out. He still looks puzzled and she tells him that he should help keep Cassie away from Jonathan.

Cassie paces around the living room wondering where Jonathan is and why he hasn’t returned her phone call. Just as she is about to leave to go look for him he shows up at her doorstep. She lets him in, wondering what really happened the night before Cassie’s wedding. He becomes evasive and tries to get her angry by insinuating that the two of them had sex. She warns him that she had a pregnancy test and that she’s not pregnant. She tells him that she simply wants the truth from him. He agrees to tell her what happened on one condition. She gets mad at him and tells him that she simply wants to have a kid with the man she loves. He smiles and tells her that in order for her to get the information that she wants that he needs to get something in return.

At the Spaulding Mansion, someone is climbing through Lizzie’s window. We see that it is Coop. He gets inside and begins looking for her diary. He wonders to himself if Gus is right about her. Lizzie is right outside her door giving orders to a maid about what she food she wants delivered to her room.

Gus paces back and forth in his room going over details of the murder. Inside Harley’s room she gets into bed while looking at pictures of her kids. She suddenly gets up. Gus pours himself a drink and realizes he has no ice. He leaves his room at the same time Harley is leaving hers and they run into one another in the hallway. They seem surprised to see one and even more shocked to find out that each of them are living at the hotel.

Marina walks outside to the bench in front of the restaurant. She looks up at the stars and remarks to Danny about how small she feels. He nods and asks if she’s still thinking about Harley and the murder trial. She nods, telling him that she can’t imagine having everything in the world, including those she loves taken away from her. She sits down on the bench and tells him that she knows how it feels to have someone ripped away from her. He thinks she is talking about Shayne, but she corrects him. She tells him that she was talking about him.

She goes on to explain about how she realized how much he means to her when she thought his plane went down in Santo Domingo. She tells him that she doesn’t want to lose her friendship and that she thinks they should end their friendship right now. He looks at her as if he doesn’t know what to say.

Inside, Reva goes on about how Cassie is stuck in a ‘thing’ with Jonathan. Edmund reminds her that Cassie wants nothing more than to have nothing to do with Jonathan and that none of what she is saying makes sense. He wonders what the ‘thing’ is and Reva defines it as the ‘hatred between Jonathan and Cassie.’ He thinks it’s more than that and reminds Reva that he knows what it is like to ‘grow up in a house of secrets.’ He demands to know the real issue and Reva reminds him that she’s told him. Edmund decides that if both Reva and Cassie are going to lie to him that he might as well see if Jonathan can shed some light on the situation. Reva immediately stands up, grabs Edmund’s arm and warns him to stay away from Jonathan. She reminds him that Cassie is the problem, not Jonathan. He tells her that Jonathan is ‘rotten to the core’ and that there’s no reason for Cassie to forgive him for his indiscretion with Tammy. Reva calls Edmund a hypocrite.

Cassie wonders what it is that Jonathan wants. He explains to her that he wants Cassie to stay away from his mother. She turns to him, thinking he is joking and when she sees he is serious she refuses. She goes on about how she and Reva went through hell to find one another. He tells her that he doesn’t want to hear about it. Cassie continues ranting and mentions that she almost lost RJ in a fire a few months ago. Jonathan hears the word fire and looks down at what Dinah wrote on his cast. She tells him that as much as she would love to get him out of her head, that losing Reva is too high of a price.

Coop can hear Lizzie giving more orders to the maid outside her room. As she walks in he hides in her closet. When she gets inside, she begins undressing as Coop watches from the closet. She’s down to her tank top when she remembers that she forgot to tell the maid something else. She heads out of her room and Coop comes out of the closet. He heads out the window. Lizzie walks back in just as Coop has one foot out the window. She wonders what the hell he is doing. He informs her that he won’t lie to her and that she’s caught him.

Gus wonders why Harley is living in a hotel. She informs him that she’s trying to keep the press away from Zach and Jude, but that she misses them. He asks about the kids and she tells them that they are old enough to understand what’s going on, so they’re upset. She wonders what the deal is with him being there. He gives her a line about how he was sick of living at the mansion and she sees right through it. She wonders why Alan threw him out of the house and blames herself. Just then, the hotel manager comes by and wonders if Gus is ready to leave. He tells the manager that he needs a bit more time to get his room together. The manager leaves and Harley wonders why Gus is getting tossed out of the hotel. He explains to her that it’s a simple ‘credit card thing.’ She wonders if he has access to any money at all. When he becomes evasive with her and he tells her not to worry about him she promises him she won’t. She lets him know she’s firing him and begins walking down the hallway.

Danny doesn’t understand why they should end what is going on between them because she doesn’t want to lose their friendship. She explains that she doesn’t want to be the ‘rebound girl.’ She goes on to tell him that she’s not even sure if there is a relationship between the two of them and he seems surprised at that. He mentions that he understands that it is time for ‘the talk’ which he’s been trying to avoid. She lets him know that’s not what she wants. She stands up and he lets her know that it is understandable that she would want to know where their relationship is going. She mentions that she’s not even sure if enough has happened between them to talk about it. He nods and tells her that he understands where she is coming from. He goes on to tell her that he can’t make promises about the future, but that he doesn’t think of her as a rebound girl. He confesses that he likes her a lot and how he feels when he is around her. She tells him that she knows what he means. He wonders if that means they’re ready to see where it goes. He tells her that he does and she nods in agreement. The two kiss one another.

Reva tells Edmund that he’s gotten the forgiveness of a lot of people. She goes on to tell him that he’s suddenly turned into a hypocrite when it comes to offering forgiveness to someone else. He wonders why it is suddenly about him. She reminds him that it isn’t about him or Jonathan, but about Cassie. Reva reminds him that Cassie simply hasn’t been herself lately. He mentions that she may be nervous about being married as well as the IVF. Reva tells him that because he loves her that he has to convince her to give the anger up that she is harboring towards Jonathan. She goes on to tell him that he’s trying to get his life back together and that he’s making some progress connecting to people. She admits that he has a lot to overcome, but that he’s trying. Edmund nods and she goes on to ask if Jonathan deserves the same chance that Edmund has gotten. He agrees and lets her know that there are limits to his niceties. He warns her that if he finds out that Jonathan has done anything to hurt Cassie that he will find out about his rage. Reva reminds him that he and Cassie need to concentrate on having a baby together. She gets up to leave after warning him to leave the past where it belongs, in the past.

He asks her more about the fire and Cassie gives him the basic gist of what happened. She wonders why he’s so interested in her life all of a sudden. She tells him goodbye and lets him know that she loves her family and can’t give him what he wants. He goes to leave and shuts the door. He tells her that it’s not fun messing with her anymore and throws her a videotape. She wonders why he’s giving it to her and he admits that it is unedited.

Coop tells Lizzie that he simply wanted to see her as he was worried about her. He admits that he saw her getting undressed when he got to window, which is why he was trying to sneak out. She gets mad at him and throws a stuffed animal at him. She’s yelling about how she’s never even had a guy in her room and now he’s seen her taking her clothes off. He wonders why she’s never had a boy in her room before and seems shocked to hear it. She refuses to talk about it. He tells her that he feels bad that Gus has been bothering her about it. She mentions that not many people need a reason to hate her, so it’s ok. She goes on and on about how most people don’t like her. She tells him that he’s off the hook.

He mentions that he might not want to be off the hook and kisses her. While he’s kissing her he is wondering where her diary is and tries to open one of her drawers.

Gus follows Harley back down the hallway towards their rooms. He warns her that she can’t fire him as he’s not getting paid. She lets him know that she can fire him at anytime. She goes on and on about how she needs the best lawyer possible, one that can see the big picture. She doesn’t think that he can. He thinks that they should continue the argument inside his room and drags her inside. She seems shocked at the mess she sees. He lets her know that he knows where everything is. She asks him to look at himself and how much he’s lost. She reminds him that he’s ready to lose everything for someone who may be guilty. He reminds her that he’s never even lost a case while she counters with the argument that he’s never tried a case before. He tells her that he’s not afraid while she makes it clear that she is frightened. She informs him that even if she doesn’t go to jail that there is no future for the two of them. He plays with her hair and it looks as though the two may kiss.

In the alleyway Reva buys a rose from a homeless man. He tells her how nice she is and she mentions her son. He lets her know that he is trouble and not worth her worry. She becomes defensive and wonders why he would say something like that. The homeless man tells her that her son is the one who destroyed her car. Reva looks shocked, but you can tell that she believes the guy.

Jonathan and Cassie watch the movie together. He tells her that nothing happened between the two of them. She fast forwards through it, making sure there’s nothing else on the tape. He assures her that she has nothing to worry about. Out on the porch, Edmund watches Jonathan and Cassie watching the TV intently.

Coop and Lizzie move to the bed. She climbs on top of him and he makes a snide comment about not being the first boy in her room. He flips her around and sees where her diary may be located. He begins coughing and asks for a glass of water. He sees a box and breaks into it with his knife. He seems surprised not to find the diary there and is shocked when he sees it has a false bottom. He opens it up and finds a jagged piece of glass with blood on it.

Harley tells Gus that they can’t kiss and backs away. He tells her that she can say that she needs him as no one I there. She refuses, claiming that she doesn’t. She begins to walk out and then turns around. She asks him to stay with her and the two kiss one another.

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