Guiding Light Update Friday 2/4/05



By Elizabeth
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Inside her hotel room, Harley tries to console Zach on the phone. She reminds him that his uncles and grandfather are with him and that he will be fine. She goes on to tell him that she doesn’t know when she’ll be home, but that she needs to protect him from all the reporters.

In another room, Gus is on the phone with the DA. He informs the man that Harley won’t be taking any pleas, especially if they land her in jail.

Harley tells her son that she will be home as soon as possible and that she loves him.

Gus tells the person he is talking to that he will be up all night working on the case.

Harley tells her son that she will be dreaming about him.

A stressed out Gus bangs his head against the wall. Harley isn’t pleased to think that she has a noisy neighbor.

The camera pans out and we see that Harley and Gus have rooms back to back.

In Cedars ER, Rick is reading the paper when his sister comes up to him. He seems excited to see her. He gives her a hug and she apologizes for missing him last week. He tells her that she looks good considering what she’s been through. She apologizes for Phillip and tells her brother that she wishes she could remember more about him. Rick reminds Michelle that she was like a little sister to Phillip. He wonders what his sister wanted to see him for. She informs him that Danny wants custody of Robbie and that she was hoping he could talk to Danny for her. She goes on to tell him that perhaps he could explain that it isn’t right to Danny. Rick tells her that he can’t because he agrees with Danny.

At Elizabeth & Company, Marina is waiting on tables when Danny comes in. He beelines for her and wonders if she wants to go to a movie. She immediately wonders where his son is. He assures her that Robbie is fine. She agrees to go with him after asking if he’s sure he wants to go. She wonders if he should go as his life is complicated. He lets her know that bit by bit his life is un-complicating itself. He goes on to tell her that he’s taken himself off of the lighthouse project. He tells her that he’s even gotten some more contracting jobs. Tony walks into the restaurant and tells Danny that he needs to talk to him. Danny informs Tony that he doesn’t want to talk to him. Tony tells him it’s important and the two head outside. Tony tells his cousin that he knows what he is trying to do and it has to end.

Tammy is inside Elizabeth & Company when a classmate comes up to her. She invites Tammy to sit down with her and a friend. The three begin talking about school and then one of them asks if Tammy really dated her cousin. Tammy looks as though she can’t believe someone is asking her such a question. The girls begin laughing.

Reva and Jonathan continue to fight with the crowd at the bar. Reva punches a few of them and Jonathan gets smashed over the head with bottle. Rev grabs a pool stick and ends up threatening the mob with it if they come near her or her son.

Harley hears more banging on the wall and wonders how much more she’s going to have to put up with. In his room, Gus throws a ball back and forth against the wall. He paces around wanting someone to tell him that Harley is innocent. He throws his briefcase against the wall and Harley has had enough. She goes next door and is ready to bang on the door next to hers when her cell phone rings. She answers it only to find Gus on the other end. He tells her that she has to meet him and she doesn’t seem too anxious. He tells her to meet him at the old house and she agrees. She goes back to her room to get her bag and coat. She leaves and Gus leaves from his room shortly after.

Rick reminds his sister how much she’s been gone. He reminds her that she can’t say she will always be there for her son, no matter what. He doesn’t think she’s ready to settle down. She sticks up for herself and tells her brother that she has a lot to teach her son. Rick agrees with her but thinks that Danny creates a more stable environment for Robbie. She claims that Danny is using Robbie to get to her. With a sad voice, Rick tells her that they both know Danny wouldn’t do such a thing. He goes on to tell her that she has no idea what she’s getting herself into with leaving Danny. Suddenly, Michelle has a memory of her brother repeating the same words to her earlier in her life. She grabs her head and her brother wonders if she is ok. He sits her down and she tells him about her memory. She wonders if the memory is true and he lets her know that he thinks it is. She goes on to confess that she’s been having more and more memories. Rick tells her that it’s good. She wonders if it means her memory is going to come back completely. He lets her know that he can’t be sure, but that it is a good sign. The two hug and Rick tells her that perhaps she should hold off on the divorce. She warns him that she loves Tony and that it won’t change anything. He thinks that it might change and she appears stubborn about the fact that she loves Tony. She tells him that she enjoyed seeing him and gets up to leave. He tells her how glad he is that she’s ok and apologizes in advance incase she remembers a bad haircut he gave her when she was younger. She laughs and leaves. He sighs as he watches her go away. Mel appears behind him. He wonders how long she’s been standing there. She doesn’t specify a time but lets him know that she’s been there long enough to know that he’s ‘dead wrong.’

Tony tells Danny that he shouldn’t try and take Robbie away from his mother. He tells him that it’s not right. Danny lets Tony know that his son is none of his business. He wonders if that is all Tony wanted. He reminds Tony that he had plans. He wonders if Danny is simply trying to punish Michelle for leaving him. He fires Danny and tells him that he wants him far away from the lighthouse and Michelle. Marina watches from inside.

Tammy tells the girls that her personal life is none of their business. She gets up to leave. They apologize and tell her that they’re not judging her. They begin laughing about how gross it is, and Tammy runs out.

Reva warns everyone to stay back and they all begin fighting again. Jonathan throws a punch and Reva tells him to stop. Someone taps Reva on the shoulder and she takes out Josh without even looking. He falls to the ground and Jonathan, who has been thrown onto the pool table, laughs. She gets on the floor to see if Josh is ok, and he wonders what is going on. He wonders what happened. Jonathan is sitting by the bar as Sandy walks in. He tells Sandy that he missed all the fun. Reva tells Josh to sit down and then begins to clean up Josh’s bruise with alcohol. She tells him that she hasn’t been in a good bar fight in years. Reva jokes about having a few good punches left in her. She laughs and you can tell she is enjoying it. Sandy sits next to Jonathan and wonders what happened. He informs Sandy that he was ticking up for his mother. With a smile on his face, Sandy tells Jonathan that Reva must be getting to him. He tells Sandy that he’s reading too much into everything. He goes on to explain that of anyone can trash his mother that it’s him. Reva continues to clean Josh’s bruise. She tells Josh that Jonathan was protecting her and that she got caught up in the middle of it all. Josh doesn’t seem at all surprised that Jonathan was involved. She defends him and he brings up the break in at the record store. She is surprised that he found out about it considering they didn’t get into trouble. She tries to blow it off as not being a big deal and her son trying to connect with her. She explains that she can’t get angry at him every time he acts out. Josh explains that there should be a line a mother doesn’t cross for her son. She tells him to have a drink and then smiles.

Mel warns Rick that he should be helping her sister. He claims that she’s not ready to be a full time mother and brings up the fact that they’ve taken care of Robbie more than she has. Mel thinks that he should try and teach her to become a better, more responsible parent and that he needs some patience. He thinks that down the road his sister will be fine. Mel warns him that Rick sounds like Phillip. He seems hurt and tells her that he doesn’t appreciate her throwing that in his face. She reminds him that he wanted to take off and explore the world not to long ago, similar to what Michelle did and that it didn’t necessarily make him a bad parent. He reminds her that he wasn’t going to leave her or his children behind. She tells him that she’s not so sure that he wouldn’t have left her behind. He scowls at her and she informs him that she feels him letting go more and more each day. He apologizes and informs her that he can’t stand idly by and pretend that his marriage hasn’t been affected by Phillip’s murder. She wonders what he is trying to say. She questions if he is trying to find a way to leave her.

Danny lets his cousin know that you can’t fire someone who has already quit. Tony tells him that it’s fine when Michelle walks up. She wonders what is going on and Danny lets her know that both he and Tony decided it would be better if he no longer worked at the lighthouse. Tony tells her that they can find someone else. She asks him to stay and finish what he started. He looks surprised by her request.

Gus and Harley arrive at what is shaping up to be Harley’s new home. She wonders what they are doing. He tells her to take his hand and leads her inside. He informs her that he wants to introduce her to a new ‘old’ home. He begins describing the new home to her. She asks him not to do this to her and he requests that she not give up. He promises that he will get everything back for her. She tells him to wake up as all the evidence points to her. Gus begins to get defensive again and reminds her of all the holes in the story. He brings up Lizzie and Harley gets angry. She tells Gus that Lizzie did not kill her father. She reminds him that Beth was a dead end, just as Lizzie is. She thinks she should face reality as her children’s future depends on it. She goes on to tell Gus that she wants him to call Jeffery and take his deal.

Tony doesn’t think that they should force Danny to take the job when he doesn’t want to. She tells him that she needs him as it would put everything behind schedule too much. She adds in that she thought things would be one way in regards to him and Robbie and although things aren’t how she imagined them that she’s an adult and can handle it. Danny refuses telling her that there is simply too much drama for him to want to work there. She promises him that they can make it work. She convinces him that if does well with the lighthouse that it will help jump start his career. He agrees to go back to work, if it means so much to her. He tells Michelle and Tony that if he has to deal with drama all the time that he’s through. She assures him that he won’. Tony laughs, thinking the whole thing is a joke. Danny heads back inside. Michelle turns to Tony and tells him that she thought they were partners. He laughs and tells her that he was about to say the same thing.

Reva sits with Josh while he ices his head. She wonders if their conversation is over. The two kiss and Josh tells her that he’s worried about her. He wonders what’s next for her and Jonathan. She informs him that people should let loose every once in a while. She goes on to tell him that anything illegal is out of the question for her and her son. He jokes that they should deal some drugs for fun. Reva claims that she might be going about things the wrong way, but that she misses causing trouble every now and then. She wonders if he misses it to.

At the bar, Sandy tells Jonathan how nice Reva and Josh are. He explains that they’re the kind of family that you want to like you. He tells Jonathan that he wouldn’t blame him at all if he wanted to be part of it. He goes on to encourage Jonathan to go for it. He warns Jonathan that eventually Reva will get sick of him acting out and want to get rid of him. Sandy stands up says goodbye to Reva & Josh and heads out the door. Tammy walks in and sees Jonathan. He wonders who she’s looking for and tells her that Sandy left. She wonders if he ever tires of harassing the people around him and he makes a snide comment about their night together. She retorts telling him that he’s already ‘won pig of the year award all because he’s mad at his mom.’ She tells him that he should simply go over to his mother, tell her he needs her and be done with it all. She walks out and he takes a sip of beer as he glances over at his mother.

Harley encourages Gus to take the deal Jeffery has proposed. She tells him that it’s a good deal as she could be out in a few years. She reminds him that with the deal she could watch her kids grow up. He wonders if that is what she truly wants – to have her children be forced to visit her in prison. She warns him that if he won’t take the deal that she will get another lawyer. He tells her that it would be a stupid move. She wonders what will happen when they cross examine her on the stand. She reminds him that he’s not even prepared anything because he didn’t count on a trial. He goes on to tell her that he still thinks there won’t be a trial. She warns him that if there is a trial she will get 20 years to life. She reminds him that Jeffery plays to win and begins reminding him of the questions she would be asked on the stand. She answers the questions and Gus stands by looking anything but amused. He gets angry and tells her to throw herself in prison if she wants to. The two get in a screaming match. He warns her that the children won’t even recognize their mother when she gets out. She wonders what the alternative is. He reminds her that admitting to killing Zach’s father will scar them for life. She yells at him to stop and begins to hit him. She tells him she’s made up her mind. He tells her that she’s the one to stop and wonders why it is so easy for her to quit. He goes on to tell her that she’s not just quitting on herself, but all those that care about her as well. He reminds her that she will break her son’s heart and rip his out all at the same time. She warns him not to use her sons against her and he warns her not to quit. She tells him that they don’t have a defense. He informs her that they do and it is the truth. He asks her to not think about the deal until the trial. He tells her that he wants to take care of her. She agrees to give him a week to find the truth. She tells him that she can’t take a deal when she doesn’t know what the truth is.

Rick wonders if his wife truly thinks he wants to leave the marriage. He wonders what it is all about. She adds that she thinks he’s changed. She goes on to explain that she thinks Phillip’s death was a trigger for something.

She explains that the man she married never would have taken Danny’s side over his own sister’s. She also brings up his kiss with Beth and claims that it is very unlike him. He apologizes to her for the mistake and tells his wife that Beth is part of his history. Mel pulls out her wallet and shows him a photo of them from their first date as well as a photo of Leah. She reminds him that they have history too. She tells him that she’s going to fight for them and begs him not to make her fight alone.

Danny comes inside and tells Marina that he thinks they missed the movie. She wonders if everything is ok. He tells her that they can go out later and she declines. He wonders if she’s blowing him off and she assures him she’s not. She offers to make popcorn and hang out with him. He wonders if he ruined the night and she reminds him that the night isn’t over yet.

Tony tells Michelle that he thought she wanted him out of her life. She explains to him that shutting Danny out would be a big mistake. Tony wonders why and she explains that she can’t let him keep her away from her son. She explains that if Danny is around she has a better chance of seeing Robbie as well. She goes on to tell him that she might be able to prove to Danny that she’s a good mother. She thinks it might be the only way. He wonders if that is her only reason for wanting him on the project. She wonders what other reason there could be.

Tammy walks into Sandy’s apartment. She throws her things down and looks upset. Sandy comes out in a towel from the shower and looks surprised to see her. She looks just as surprised to see him.

Reva wonders if her son is ok. He assures her he is fine and comments that he thinks Josh got the worst end of the deal. She thinks his lip needs stitches. He takes a drink and lets her know he’s taking the best medicine. She smiles and Jonathan wonders why she couldn’t have won the karaoke contest. She thanks him for defending her and hugs him. She goes to get something at her table leaving Josh and Jonathan alone. Josh informs his step-son that he doesn’t appreciate the situations he has helped put Reva in as of late. He goes on to explain that he would have done the same thing that Jonathan did with the men that were picking on Reva. Josh walks over to Reva and tells her that he tried to thank Jonathan. The two kiss and Jonathan looks angry.

Michelle tells Tony that she can’t let Danny cut her out of Robbie’s life and that she can take care of herself. He agrees that she’s independent and the two kiss.

Marina asks Danny what happened with Tony and Michelle. He tells her there were negotiations and that he’s back working on the lighthouse. Marina looks upset and gets up. Harley walks in and sits down next to Marina. She tells him that she needs his help.

She explains that things don’t look good for her and that the odds are stacked against her. She goes on to tell him that he knows people who could help her win and that she’s willing to pay for his help.

Gus is greeted by someone at the hotel. The manager tells Gus that his credit card was declined. Gus realizes that Alan must have shut them off and is informed that he has to leave first thing in the morning.

Sandy tells Tammy that he was looking for her earlier in the day. She tells him she was looking for him too. The two are uncomfortable being around one another and suddenly they kiss. She pulls away and tells him that she can’t. He assures her that it’s fine. The two hug.

Reva and Josh are dancing with one another. She tells her husband that she thinks he may be getting through to her son.

Outside, Jonathan begins smashing his mother’s car in a rage. He yells that his mother can’t get to him.

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