Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/3/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Cassie arrives at the farmhouse complaining about the snow at the Beacon. When she looks up she realizes that the kitchen and living room are filled with candles. She calls out to Edmund, wondering where he is with a smile on her face. He appears and lets her know that dinner is almost done. She giggles and wonders what the setup is for. He claims that it is simply a little bit of ‘good old fashioned romance.’ The two kiss.

Dinah closes the curtains in a room at Cedars. She runs over to a cabinet and tries to open it. We see that the labels on the medications read “fertility meds” and “IVF meds”. She complains to herself about how close and yet how far away she is. She convinces herself that she can get inside and bends down toward the bottom of the cabinet. Dr. Butler comes inside the room, wondering what she is doing.

In the Spaulding boardroom, Olivia walks around. She is looking at a photo of Phillip when Alan walks in. He lets her know that she has only three minutes of his time. She wonders why he has to put a time limit on everything, especially when he accepted her meeting. He reminds her that he doesn’t have time to play any games with her. She lets him know that she feels bad that he has to do both his job as well as his son’s. He wonders if her sole reason for coming was to gloat and she smiles, letting him know that it wasn’t the whole reason. She informs him that she is there to help him. Alan looks skeptical and wonders what she has to offer.

At a table inside of Elizabeth & Company, Josh builds a structure out of sugar cubes. Bill walks in and wonders what his uncles it doing. Josh raises his hand, to let Bill know to be quiet. He sits back and tells his nephew that he’s done with the ‘tower.’ He smiles and lets Bill know that he got tired of waiting for him. Bill apologizes for being late and then accepts his uncle’s proposition of getting something to eat. Josh mentions that the sugar cube tower is part of his presentation. He continues on telling Bill that he should imagine the tower as a family unit, perhaps his new family unit with Olivia. Bill wonders where his uncle is going to go with the conversation. Josh tells Bill that when one little thing happens that the whole thing crumbles. He then grabs a cube from the bottom and the sugar cube tower falls. Bill wonders if Josh is truly talking about his family or if he’s talking about Josh’s.

Jonathan is leading Reva outside (she has her eyes closed) and he lets her know that they are in the driveway. She wants to know what her surprise is and he refuses to tell her. The two joke about whether or not he washed her minivan and he tells her that her van days are over. She wonders what he means and he tells her to open her eyes. She opens them and her jaw drops. Sitting in the driveway is a brand new red convertible with a bow on it. He hands her the keys and tells her that Reva Shayne plus her new car will equal trouble. She doesn’t say anything and smiles. It looks as though she can’t believe it. She wonders if he stole the car. He pretends to have hurt feelings. She tells him that after last night that anything is possible. She looks at him and questions if he used his trust fund money. He nods and she looks a bit sad. She reminds him that the money was there for him to use on himself, for school or something else useful and not a flashy car. He tells her that his money is there for him to spend it. He asks her if she likes the car. She tells him that she loves it and gushes on about how beautiful it is. He tells her that he wanted to spend it on her and smiles. He orders her to get in the car because he wants to see her in it. She gets in it and he wants to know what she thinks. Reva smiles and tells him that she’s officially in love.

Josh admits to Bill that he’s right that things are the best at his house. Josh tells his nephew that he wants him to come back to the company. He goes on to apologize for the way he and Billy treated Bill when he left the company. He even goes on to advise Bill that he can’t let his personal feelings get in the way of doing the right thing for oneself. Bill wonders who is benefiting if he goes back to the family company. Josh admits that they need him and that they will all reap the rewards of his return. He goes on to remind Bill that when he originally left that he wanted to show the family that he could succeed on his own. He admits that his nephew has done just that. Bill thanks him for the compliment and wonders why they would want him to leave his company right now. He tells his uncle that he’s sure they can handle their own company on their own. Josh admits that their company is under attack and that he and Billy need Bill right now. Bill confesses to Josh that he’s sounding a bit paranoid. Bill wants to know if he hearing everything correctly. He asks if Josh wants him running the family business because of Jonathan. Josh nods and tells Bill that he’s afraid of what Jonathan might cost the family.

Reva and Jonathan are sitting in her new convertible. She tells him that she can’t accept his gift. She goes on to mention that she’s done nothing to deserve such a gift. He jokes that he hopes that neither of them ever get what they truly deserve. She sighs and looks down. He tells her not to analyze it. He tells her that she needs to let go and have some fun. You can tell that she’s thinking about keeping it. She thanks him and admits that although she doesn’t know what his recent gesture is about but that she appreciates it. He tells her to start the car up. She starts the car and the two take off.

Josh acknowledges that Reva has a blind spot when it comes to Jonathan. Bill reminds Josh that Reva is a smart woman and will one day see Jonathan for who and what he is. Josh admits to him that he needs people around him that he can trust. He tells his uncle that he can always count on him. Josh wonders if it means he won’t be taking the job. Bill explains that he has his own company and that he can’t desert Olivia. Josh questions if there is anything he can do to change Bill’s mind. He tells his uncle that the one thing that all the Lewis men have in common is that they ‘stand by their women.’

Olivia sits down and tells him that they’ve always understood one another. She tells him that Gus did Alan a favor by leaving the company. She goes on to tell him that he was no where near ready to run Spaulding Enterprises. He corrects her, letting her know that his son could do anything, if he wanted to. She agrees with him and reminds him that in his heart he’s simply a cop. Alan calls Gus a traitor at heart. Olivia defends him, reminding Alan that when people are in love that they do crazy things. He wonders what has softened Olivia. She claims that she’s simply a realist. She reminds him that she has to find someone to help him run Spaulding at his side. He tells her that he’s right he does need to find someone. She informs him that the person he is looking for is standing right in front of him.

Cassie and Edmund share a slow dance in their living room. He tells her that he was thinking about a change in venue. He explains that he wants to move into a room with a bed. He mentions that the dinner he is cooking will stay warm and wonders what she wants to do. He lets her know that he understands if she’s not feeling up to anything. She wonders what he means. He explains that he knew she was hoping to be pregnant. She lets him know that she’s fine with not being pregnant. He looks at her quizzically and she quickly tells him that it will happen one way or another. She goes on to explain that she believes that things happen for a reason. He kisses her neck and tells her that he’s inclined to agree. He then presents her with a silver domed plate. He picks up the dome and tells her that it is the house specialty. She sees a vial and syringe lying on the plate. Cassie wrinkles her nose.

Dinah pretends to be innocent, wondering what it was that Dr.Butler thought she was doing. She tells him that she came to see him. He wonders why she is in a private room. He thinks that she is there for Dinah’s ‘friend.’ He asks her to level with him and wonders if her friend is really her. He tells her that it is ok for her to come clean with him as many single women want to have children now. She smiles and asks him how he knows her so well. He explains that working with women might have given him some insight. She spots a key ring on his belt and smiles at him. She calls him handsome and then walks up to him.

She begins to undo his tie and kisses him. He wonders if she is always so adventurous. The loudspeaker calls Dr. Butler to get in contact with the nurse’s station. She begs him to stay, continuing to undress him while he resists. She promises him that she will be quick and that she needs him. He reminds her that another patient of his needs him. You can hear the clink of keys and Dinah looks over at the medications cabinet. He tells her that he will call her and leaves. She looks tired and mentions that she can’t believe that she ‘will have to do this again.’

Cassie backs away while Edmund moves the plate toward her. She reminds him that she doesn’t like needles. He tells her that she needs to concentrate on something other than the needle. He tells her to think about holding their baby for the first time. He sits next to her on the couch and the two talk about having a baby girl. Cassie mentions that she thinks the baby will be daddy’s little girl. He tells her that he thinks he will be an ok father. He tells her that he knows what he didn’t have in childhood and what he needed. The two kiss until there is a knock at the door. The two try to ignore it, but the knocking continues. A delivery man comes and tells Edmund that there is a flower delivery for Mr. and Mrs. Winslow. Cassie rushes toward him and tells him no and that they don’t want the flowers. Edmund looks both worried and confused.

Jonathan and Reva are smiling and having a good time. He wonders where his mother learned to drive like she did. She smiles telling him that HB, Josh’s father taught her to drive back in Oklahoma. He wonders what it feels like for her to stop having fun. She lets him know that she hasn’t stopped having fun yet. Josh walks up to the two of them and wonders if Jonathan has bought himself a new car. He looks sad to see Josh and tells him that he did. Reva tells Josh that he bought it for her. She is beaming and mentions that she thought it was too extravagant a gift as well. Josh disagrees and reminds her that Jonathan has plenty of money. He even slides in a comment about how he doesn’t even waste money on rent. Josh tells them both that he wants a car just like it. He tells her he wants to take it for a drive with her and tells Jonathan to get out. He seems overly excited about the car and gushes on and on about every little thing inside it. He warns Jonathan not to wait up for them. Jonathan heads inside. His phone rings and he picks up hearing Dinah’s voice. She tells him that she wants to have a drink with him and that he’s in charge of buying. He agrees and the two hang up.

Alan informs Olivia that he wouldn’t let her run his company if she was the last qualified person on the face of the planet. She tells him that he can say what he wants to about her personally, but that she did a good job running the company. She reminds him that the company was always on an upswing when she was running it. He wonders why he would need her considering he can run it by himself. She goes on to tell him that family is important to him and with her running it, that she could prepare Emma to be the future of Spaulding Enterprises. Alan tells her no and Olivia lets him know that he hasn’t heard the best part of the offer yet. She tells him that with her running Spaulding that he will have more time to spend with Emma. He lets her know that he thinks she is stooping to an all time low. She tells him that she learned it from him and presses him for an answer. Olivia maintains that she is not using her daughter to get ahead in business. He agrees and tells her that he understand she is just thinking of her daughter’s future. She reminds him that she knows all he wants is a strong Spaulding for the generations to come. He tells her that she can be persuasive and agrees to her deal. He lets her know that she will be working under him as the president though. She smiles and tells him that he won’t regret his decision. He informs her that if he lives to regret his decision that she will as well. He urges her to have her lawyers get in contact with Spaulding legal aid to hash out the details. The two smile at one another and Olivia’s phone rings. Bill is on the other end of the line. He tells her that he has big news for her and she tells him she has the same for him. Alan realizes who she’s on the phone with and wonders if he knows where she is. He goes on to question how he will feel about her abandoning Slingshot Enterprises for Spaulding. Olivia tells Alan that she will simply tell Bill what she is doing and informs him that she is doing it for the sake of Emma. He reminds her to remember that Bill is a Lewis and that no Lewis will ever be involved in anything Spaulding related. She tells him that she is a professional and that business s business for her.

Josh tells Reva that her car is nice and wonders where they should go. She suggests Laurel Falls and he agrees. She wonders if he’s mad that Jonathan bought her a car, he tells her that he no longer wants to talk about Jonathan. The two head off.

Dinah meets up with Jonathan at J.Farley’s bar. He has a drink waiting for her and wonders what she wants. She tells him that she’s not sure of his mood and he makes fun of her. She lets him know that she wants him to stay ‘on top of his game.’ She goes on to ask him if he’s gotten any farther with the Cassie situation. Jonathan wonders what is up with her obsession with Cassie. Dinah tells him that it is not Cassie she is after but Edmund. She reminds him that she would be with Edmund if he had completed what he started the night before the Winslow wedding. He tells her that she should stop talking as though they are partners, because they are not. She goes on to tell him that she set him up with the whole flowers and that he blew it. He tells her that he promised his mother that he wouldn’t mention the incident with Cassie and that he keeps his promises. She laughs and wonders if he is a noble or a coward. He shakes his head and tells her not to worry. He claims that Cassie and Edmund will get what they deserve.

Cassie grabs the card the flowers came with out of Edmund’s hand. She tells him that she can explain. He claims that he knows why she was so interested in them and jokes that she has a lover. He then tells her he knows that they are from Jeffery and that he (Jeffery) is just jealous that she married him. She tells him that they are not from Jeffery and he tells her that he doesn’t believe her. He thinks that she is protecting Jeffery. He looks at the card and his face drops.

Dinah wonders what Jonathan is waiting for. He tells her that he doesn’t want to blow the information that he does have on Cassie. He informs her that he thinks timing is everything. He goes on to let her know that he thinks she is hiding something. He wonders what it is that she has. She lets him know that she’s out of secrets. He grabs her and she warns him to let her go. She tells him that she’s got something she was saving for the right time, but the deal is that her hands don’t get dirty. She pulls his leg on top of the table and writes the word ‘fire’ on his cast. He wonders what it means and she simply tells him that it’s hot before walking off.

Edmund looks at the card and Cassie wonders what it says. He tells her that the joke has to be on him. He hands the card from her and sees that the flowers are from Tammy wishing them well. She apologizes to Edmund and he tells her that he should be apologizing for jumping to conclusions about Jeffery. She sighs and he wonders why he thinks that the past will catch up with him and destroy him. She tells him that she feels the same way. He doesn’t believe that she can feel the same way. He tells her that he wants them to promise not to worry about the little things with one another. She agrees with him and tells him that neither of them can have anymore fear.

Olivia and Bill leave the restaurant and she apologizes for being so late. He lets her know that it is ok and mentions that he spent some time with Josh. He goes on to tell her that he was saying some crazy things to him as well. Olivia wonders what Josh was telling Bill. He admits that Josh wanted him to come to work for the family company again. She mentions how they don’t give up and wonders if he told them no. She laughs and tells him that they shouldn’t bother with Lewis and that they should go for the whole enchilada. He reminds her that they’ve already taken care of Spaulding and that there is no way they will get control of Spaulding Enterprises. She smiles and he wonders what is going on. She confesses to him that she made Alan an offer that he couldn’t refuse. She tells him that she’s in at Spaulding Enterprises.

Reva and Josh walk into J. Farley’s and see some karaoke singers. He mentions that his wife should go up next and she refuses. Jonathan is sitting by himself at a table. Josh’s cell phone rings and he can barely hear the person on the other end of the line. He agrees to meet someone somewhere else. He tells her he will be back soon and leaves. Jonathan goes and sits by his mother at the bar. She seems surprised, but happy to see him.

Olivia tells her husband that it was a fluke and that she didn’t think he would accept her offer. He accuses Alan of setting her up and she doesn’t deny it. She also mentions that Alan thinks Olivia will sell her husband out and goes on to mention that he has no idea ‘how tight’ they are. She tells him that they can work together without Alan knowing. He tells her that they don’t need it and she snaps at him. She tells him that she needs the job for Emma. She admits that Emma deserves the best, her birthright. She thinks she can give it to Emma and confesses that she wants him by her side.

Cassie tells her husband that being scared is awful, stupid and no way to start a family. He wonders if that means she is ready to start a family. She laughs and tells him she is ready. He gets the syringe and the two head off into the bedroom. Outside, Cassie lurks in the bushes listening to both Cassie and Edmund laughing.

Josh gets out of the car and meets with a police officer at his home. He apologizes for interrupting him, but informs Josh that he didn’t know what to do when he couldn’t get a hold of Reva. Josh assures him that it is fine. The cop hands Reva’s keys to Josh. Josh seems surprised to see them and wonders where the man found them. The cop explains how he and his partner responded to what they thought was a burglary and then later found out that Reva and her sons were doing research for a show. He thanks the cop and then he leaves.

In the bar, Jonathan and Reva have a good time listening to the music. He convinces his mother to get up and sing a song. Jonathan picks the song and Reva agrees to sing it. A guy in the back begins to heckle Reva and Jonathan tells him to shut up. The two begin arguing and Jonathan ends up punching the guy trying to defend his mother. Another guy in the back comes up, turns Jonathan around and punches him.

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