Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/2/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Inside Spaulding Enterprises, Alan looks up longingly at a photo of Phillip. Gus walks in looking disheveled. He’s not dressed for work and Alan comments on it. Gus reminds his father that he’s not going to rest until he clears Harley’s name he also wonders what the meeting is about. He warns his father not to waste his time. Alan informs him that it is to ‘save him (Gus) from himself.’ He claims to understand how badly Harley needs him and says that he needs his son as well.

Outside of Elizabeth & Company, Buzz is bent over salting the walk. Harley and Zach walk up and his grandfather puts Zach to work ‘earning a sundae.’ Harley brings up the plane tickets and reminds her father that if she had actually left that he would miss times like these. Buzz tells her that he hopes her staying to fight the charges is worth it.

Inside Elizabeth & Company, Lizzie sits writing in her diary. She mentions how silly she thinks it is that Coop believed what she said about Gus hurting her. She even mentions that the self inflicted bruises were the piece de resistance. Suddenly, Coop interrupts her.

Harley is joking around with her father and Zach when suddenly a group of reporters comes running up to her. They barrage her with questions and Buzz yells at them to leave. The reporters want to know what Harley has told her son about his father’s murder.

Inside the Cedars ER, Dinah visits her new friend the OBGYN. He looks surprised to see her and she laughs. She mentions her ‘friend’ who’s still having trouble conceiving and asks him for advice.

Inside a patient room, Cassie looks down at some pregnancy test results with a dazed look on her face. Edmund rushes into the room and sees the paperwork. He begins to tell her that he will be there for her regardless of what the tests say when she interrupts him. She reminds him of how much a baby means to him. Edmund wonders what the test had to say. Cassie looks down at the paper as if she’s trying to figure out what to say. She tells him that she’s not and he hugs her. She accuses him of being mad at her and he reassures her that he’s not. She reminds him that she loves him and wants to have his baby. She goes on about how she never wants to jeopardize them, he lets her know that he doesn’t think that will be possible. He reminds her not to loose faith and lets her know that one day they will have a child. He asks her to go home with him and she tells him that she has some errands to run. At first he protests, wanting her next to him and after a whisper from his wife into his ear he agrees to meet her at home later. She giggles and he tells her that the baby will come when it is ready. She closes her eyes and tells him how much she likes the idea of ‘their baby.’ As she walks out of the room she sees Dinah at the reception counter. She looks away quickly and walks out. Dinah walks over to her new friend, the doctor and wonders what her ‘friend’ could do to get pregnant. He advises her that the friend should see a doctor and would then probably begin on some fertility drugs. He also mentions insemination as a last resort. Dinah wonders what would happen after that and he mentions in vitro fertilization. She asks the statistics on in vitro working. He lets her know that with a healthy woman, that the odds are good. Dinah grabs the doctor by the arm and leads him away.

The reporters continue to harass Buzz and Harley. They mention that the ‘country’ has a right to know, and he reminds all of the media that he served his country in the past. Coop comes outside and orders the media off the premises. Lizzie gets angry at Coop for scaring everyone away, claiming that it is bad press. Coop and his father rush over to Zach making sure he is ok. They mention that he should have protection at all times. Harley mentions that the reporters caught her off guard, otherwise she could have handled it. Lizzie mentions that she has a meeting at Spaulding and puts both Buzz & Coop in charge. Lizzie leaves while Buzz heads inside with Zach. Coop stays outside with his sister to see if she is ok. He mentions how he is surprised how well Lizzie took the whole scene considering how mad she was at Gus. Harley looks confused and Coop mentions that Gus came down on Lizzie hard the other day. Harley looks concerned and Coop tries to cover what he just said. She makes him spill the news and the two head inside to talk.

Alan tells Gus that he’s not going to loose a second son so soon after Phillip’s death. Gus reminds him that he only needed a break long enough to clear Harley’s name. He mentions that Alan is more than capable to handle the business until he gets back. Alan informs his son that it’s not a question of being able to run it, but more who he wants to run the company with. He makes it clear that he is only interested in running Spaulding Enterprises with Gus at his side. Alex walks into the boardroom and sees her brother and nephew arguing. She hears them and tells Gus that though not everyone agreed while Phillip was alive they made compromises for the business. Alan reminds them that they will soon be discussing the future of the company and that includes the futures of the individuals involved. The door opens and in walks Olivia, Bill and Beth. The three of them claim not to know why they were summoned. Lizzie walks in a short time later and apologizes to her grandfather for being late. Alan requests that she stand next to Gus and she refuses. She cowers next to her grandfather and lets him know that she doesn’t want to go near him. She calls her uncle a ‘psycho’ and hugs her grandfather. Alan wonders what is going on. Lizzie tells her grandfather that her uncle threatened her and made it clear to her that he would sacrifice Lizzie for the sake of Harley. Beth walks over to her daughter, clearly thinking that she is exaggerating. Lizzie shows her mother the bruises on her arm and claims that Gus caused the wounds. Gus rolls his eyes. Olivia claims that Lizzie ‘probably fell off her bike’ and it is obvious that she doesn’t believe her. Alan wonders if his son hurt Lizzie. Gus tells them that it probably won’t matter what he says. He tells his father that if he knows his son so well that he shouldn’t have to ask. Alan wonders if the bruise was a misunderstanding and Lizzie shrieks that it wasn’t. He goes on to tell Lizzie that perhaps Beth was right and that everyone should take a step back from the stress filled situation. Lizzie claims that all her uncle cares about is Harley. He tells her that he’s right and that if she has a problem with it that she can leave. The two begins screaming at one another and Alan urges them to calm down. He turns the meeting over to Gus as he is in charge of Spaulding. Gus tells his father that as the first ‘pronouncement’ of the meeting that he wants to quit.

Coop tells his sister about Lizzie’s bruises and confrontation with Gus. Harley doesn’t believe it and claims that he needs more back-story on Lizzie before he should believe her. She reminds him that Gus wouldn’t hurt a young woman. He tells her that he doesn’t necessarily believe the bruise was intentional and that when it comes to Gus that he doesn’t think clearly when it comes to Harley. She reminds her brother that Gus is the only one who believes she is innocent. He tells her that it’s not true, but she won’t listen. She tells him that Buzz doesn’t believe she’s innocent and that Frank arrested her. She continues on claiming that both Coop and Marina are simply hoping for the best. She reminds him that Gus is the only one fighting for her. Buzz walks over to her and lets her know that fighting isn’t the only alternative. He reminds her that she had the option of running. He then goes on to remind her that Jeffery was offering her a plea bargain which would only give her 2 years in jail. Coop butts in telling his father that she can’t plead to the murder. Harley stands there with her arms crossed looking upset. Buzz goes on and on about how Gus is out in left field when it comes to the case. She wonders if she should take the deal and he tells her that perhaps it is better than wasting her life away.

Edmund signs some paperwork and then runs into Dr.Sheehan. He apologizes to Edmund for not being able to give him the news he was expecting. Edmund thanks him. The doctor mentions that the two of them and Cassie should sit down and discuss the possibility of in vitro fertilization as soon as possible. Edmund shakes the doctor’s hand and agrees to call him. He looks over and sees Dinah by herself. It is obvious that she has heard the whole conversation. She turns her back to him until Edmund walks over to her. He accuses her of listening in and wonders if there are any other medical secrets that she would like to know about his wife.

Cassie walks into the farmhouse and goes immediately to the picture of her and Edmund by the phone. She holds it and mentions that she was somewhat relived at the news. She tells herself that as much as she wanted a baby with him that she couldn’t bare it if there was the possibility that it was Jonathan’s. She sighs and then hears a knock at the door. She opens it to find Jeffery waiting for her. He apologizes to her for barging in and then tells her that they need to talk. She immediately runs up to him and hugs him.

Dinah lets Edmund know that she has better things to do with her time than chase after him. She informs him that she’s there to see her friend, Dr. Corey Butler. She adds in that regardless of what he thinks that the world does not revolve around him or Cassie. Dinah also reminds him that it’s a small town and that most people know they are seeing a fertility specialist. She wishes them all the luck in the world. He comments that he is glad her doctor is prescribing her ‘happy pills.’ Dinah laughs and lets him know that she’s there to see her friend who happens to be a doctor not to see him professionally. She tells Edmund that it might be a good beginning for her. She adds in that he gave her the inspiration to have the new beginning. He wonders why. She explains to him that if he could forgive Cassie for almost leaving him on his wedding day then she should be able to give herself a new start. Dinah walks away.

Cassie apologizes to Jeffery for hugging him and he wonders what the problem was. She tells him that everything is perfect and that she just came back from the doctor. He assumes she is pregnant and Cassie tells him she’s not. Jeffery looks both surprised and confused at the same time. She assures him that they are going to keep trying. She tells him that she’s a mess and then wonders what is going on with him. He tells her that after the wedding that he had wanted to stay out of her life for good, she wonders why he hasn’t. He lets her know that is because Edmund keeps bringing him back into their lives.

Buzz & Coop follow Harley into the restaurant kitchen. She reminds them that she’s thought about taking the deal. Coop tells her that taking the deal would be quitting while Buzz begs to differ. She lets them know that she’s thought about it for the kids, but that she can’t admit to something she’s not sure of. Her father reminds her that she needs to do what is best for her. She goes on telling them that she knows what they all are thinking and even admits to wondering if she did it as well. She then tells them that until she knows for sure that she committed the murder that she’s not going to. Buzz tells his daughter that regardless she has to deal with the ‘Gus issue.’ Harley walks out of the kitchen and the men follow. Coop accuses Gus of hurting the case more than helping Harley. She maintains that Gus simply cares for her and wants the best outcome. Her father wonders if perhaps, he cares too much. They remind her that Gus isn’t the only person who loves her and remind her that grabbing Lizzie was inappropriate. Coop brings up the point that Lizzie being hurt will only infuriate Alan more. Harley lets them know that she can handle the media. Buzz wonders how she’s going to control the media harassing her son. She looks over to see Zach eating some ice cream. A man at a booth mentions how it looks good and then raises his eyes to see Harley. She confesses that she doesn’t know how she can handle that aspect of the problem. She admits that she has to protect her son and that there is only one way to do that.

Gus is busy handing his father folders from his briefcase. Alan tells his son that he cant quit and Gus shakes his head. He lets his father know that if he cant understand why hes getting done at Spaulding that he should have left an even longer time ago. Alan wonders if Gus wonders what the implications are of his leaving Spaulding. He tells his son that he could loose his family. Gus informs his father that hes not like everyone else. He tells his father that hes not like Olivia and after his money, nor is he like Beth who feels sorry for Alan and hes definitely not like Alex who is lost without her brother. They all tell Gus to leave themselves out of it, but it doesnt matter. Alan warns his son to think seriously about what he is giving up. Olivia doesnt think that they should all go and Beth agrees. Alan claims that he wants them all to bear witness to what is happening. He reminds Gus that all he will have is the money in his wallet if he goes. Gus screams and tells his father that he will no longer run around chasing his tail. He hands his father the cash out of his wallet and lets his dad know that he refuses to be like his brother. Alan smiles and tells him that Harley will be in prison and that Gus will be unable to afford to defend her. He makes fun of Gus, telling his son that hes not the only person whos ever been in love before. He tells his father that ending up a picture on the wall like the rest of them. Olivia wonders if hes truly quitting and he lets her know that he is. Bill warns his wife to stay out of the fight. Alan grabs his son and tells him that hes not half the man that Phillip was. He throws him out of the room.

He yells that his son is a loser while Alex, Beth and Lizzie look on. He warns his son that while Harley is rotting in jail that Gus will be left with nothing.

Harley sits down with Zach and lets him know that she has to spend some time away. He wonders where she is going. She tells him that he has to stay with the family while she gets rid of annoying people that have been following them. She likens herself to a ‘dragon slayer’ getting rid of the ‘loud shouty people.’ She asks him to be brave and he lets her know that he’s not afraid of anything. She smiles and tells him that he father wasn’t either.

Cassie wonders why Edmund keeps bothering Jeffery. He tells her that Edmund keeps questioning him about why Cassie ran away and why she came back. She looks worried. Jeffery goes on telling her that Edmund simply keeps asking him about what he (Jeffery) knows. He tells Cassie that he encouraged Edmund to go to her, but that he knows she probably isn’t talking. Cassie has tears in her eyes and looks sad. He tells her that Edmund isn’t going to give up until he finds out what happened. Cassie walks toward the mantle and Jeffery keeps talking. He mentions that she should have thought things out better. He reminds her that Edmund will not stop until he knows what she was thinking on the morning of their wedding. She wonders what she should do. He thinks she should tell him the truth. She waves his suggestions away and lets him know that with time things will be ok. He reminds Cassie that her friend Harley is facing the music and that she should as well. He tells her goodbye and leaves.

Dinah stands at the counter while Edmund comes up to her. He tells her that he has better things to do than to spend time with her. She jokes that he should wish her well with her man and he tells her that he hopes this man won’t end up like Hart. She chalks it up to having not found the right man yet. Edmund makes a sarcastic comment and leaves. As he is walking off she tells him that she hopes he has a baby in his future. She then whispers to herself that she only hopes it isn’t Cassie’s child. She walks back to the counter and picks up Corey’s prescription pad. She mentions that it could come in handy when Dr. Butler, her friend shows up. He wonders what she is doing with his pad. She tells him that she was going to leave him a note. When he tells her that it is against the law she writes something on the pad and asks him if it’s against the law to be ‘into’ a guy. He looks confused and she hands him a note with her phone number on it. He calls her beautiful and tells her meeting women doesn’t happen to him very often. She kisses him on the cheek and tries to walks away with the pad. He mentions it to her before she leaves and she returns it. She leaves blaming her absentminded- ness on what he ‘does’ to her.

Cassie stares at the picture of her and Edmund. She claims that Jeffery is right and that she should tell him. Cassie hears a car pull up and runs to the door in time to meet Edmund there. She hugs him and then he walks in. She tells him how much she’s missed him and he hugs her once more. He tells Cassie that Dr.Sheehan wants to meet with them about in vitro fertilization as early as tomorrow. She agrees with him that it soon, but still is a good idea. He warns her that nothing or no one will stop them from having a child. HE goes on to tell her that he would do anything to protect her and the life they should have. He even mentions killing anyone to stands in their way. She remind him that its all so soon and laughs off his comments about hurting others for looking at her wrong. She wonders if he would kill someone for her and he tells her that he absolutely would. You can see how serious he is in his eyes. He wonders what she has to talk to him to about. She tells him that she simply wanted to be with her husband, regardless of whether or not a child is produced by their time together or not. He wonders what he would so without her and they kiss.

Olivia walks into the boardroom and sees only Bill. She mentions how she almost feels bad for Alan now. She tells him that Spaulding is all theirs for the taking. She tells him that they have to move in for the kill. Olivia climbs on the boardroom table and asks him to make love to her there. The two begin kissing.

Beth and Lizzie walk into the restaurant. She warns her daughter that she doesn’t want her daughter to fight all of Phillip’s battles. She lets her mother know that regardless of what everyone else thinks that she’s not crazy. She walks off.

Outside of the restaurant, Alex runs into her brother having a cigar. She mentions how she used to look forward to coming to the restaurant to see Buzz. She tells him that now it reminds her of some of the things they have destroyed. He wonders if she is talking about his son. She tells him that she didn’t mean that and goes on to let him know that when her stint in the mailroom is up that she will help him run Spaulding. He makes it clear that he doesn’t need her anymore than he needs the family members who have left him. He claims that he can run the company by himself. She warns him that he has to be still and let himself hurt. He wonders why he keeps losing his children.

Harley walks into a hotel room and throws her belongings on the bed. She puts up photos of her children as well as one of Gus.

Gus walks into his hotel room and puts out a picture of Harley.

Harley lays on her bed and looks at her cell phone. She picks it up and calls Gus.

Gus picks up his phone and calls Harley. They both get one another’s voicemail.

She wonders where he is and lays down. The viewers see that their rooms are back to back. They both wish one another goodnight.

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