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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Inside the doctor’s office at Cedars, Cassie and Edmund are greeted by Dr.Sheehan. He tells them that the lab is backed up and that the results could take a bit longer. They agree to wait.

Edmund assures his new wife that regardless of what the results say that they will be ok. Cassie smiles, nods and looks somewhat distracted. She tells Edmund that she’s simply worried about the test results and he doesn’t believe her. He makes it clear that he knows it isn’t the baby that is weighing on her mind, but someone else, Jonathan.

Outside of the music store, Reva and Jonathan wander around. They finally see the car they came in and Jonathan remarks that it would make a lousy get away vehicle. The two get in the car and Reva realizes she can’t find her purse or keys. Jonathan laughs and tells his mother that if she really wants that they can break in again to get them. She refuses and when Jonathan brings up the idea of calling Josh for help Reva rebuffs that as well. She gets out of the car and begins lifting the hood. Her son wonders what she is doing and she informs him that she is hotwiring the car. He laughs and tells her that hotwiring a minivan is beneath him. Unfazed, Reva lets him know that she can do it without his help.

Michelle tries to leave and Blake stops her. She wonders if she is hearing everything correctly. She asks Michelle if there was an attraction between her mother and Sebastian. Michelle tells her that the situation was intense for everyone involved. She also sticks up for Holly by telling Blake that whatever Holly told her happened, probably did happen. She apologizes for what happened to her Sebastian and leaves. Blake thanks her and mutters that she will be great ‘once she knows the truth.’

At Towers, Holly stares at the gold coin. It seems as if she can’t believe her eyes. She grabs a waiter and asks where the coin came from. He tells her that he’s unsure. Holly looks up and thinks she sees Sebastian again at the bar. She staggers backwards a bit and the waiter stops her from falling.

Harley looks at the plane tickets her father has given her and listens as he tells her how much he will miss her. He lets her know that she has to leave as soon as possible.

He mentions some money he’s saved that she can have as well as perhaps seeing her in the future. She tells him that she doesn’t know how to respond, but thanks him. She hugs him and lets him know that she will miss him a great deal. Buzz begins packing up his daughter’s things while Harley stands frozen. It looks as though she can’t believe what is going on around her. He mentions that he will pick up the kids and then drop them off at the airport. She tells her father that she can’t do this because it’s not right. Buzz begins yelling at her, telling her that she has to take control of her life. She says to her father that although she may have taken Zach’s father from him that she can’t do the same to Jude. She doesn’t think that she can take him away from Rick and vice versa. She doesn’t think it would be good for the kids either. She mentions that if she runs away with the children that she will be no better than Phillip. He promises her to get anyone she wants to meet up with her overseas. She smiles and thanks him for all he is willing to do for her, but tells him once again that she can’t run. She hands him back the tickets and lets him know that she has to face her own future. She goes so far to tell her father that she has to begin to take steps to make peace with what may happen. She hands the tickets back to her father. Harley walks over to the phone and picks it up. Buzz looks lost and confused.

Despite her protests, Edmund comments that when Jonathan was in the hospital that he could see how upset he made her. He even remarks that Jonathan was the last person he wanted to see on the day they found out about Cassie being pregnant. Cassie is quick to remind Edmund that they don’t even know if she is or isn’t pregnant. A cell phone rings and Cassie walks over to her bag to answer it. She answers the phone and it is Harley on the other end. She asks to see Cassie and lets her know she is at the Harley’s Angels office. Cassie wonders why she wants to see her and Harley is vague. She lets Cassie know that she will talk to her about it when she gets to the office. Cassie looks confused and worried, but agrees to meet with Harley. Edmund seems surprised that his wife is leaving before they hear back from the doctor. She reminds him that she’s done very little for Harley since she was arrested and that she feels it is important. She goes on to let her husband know that waiting is nerve racking and that she will be back as soon as she can. Edmund reluctantly agrees that it is fine with him that she leave.

The waiter asks Holly if she is ok and she thinks he is Sebastian as well. She stumbles backwards and bumps into another table and thinks she sees Sebastian. She runs to the elevator and ‘sees’ him again. She turns and runs to the balcony.

She is out of breath and curses both Sebastian and Roger. She tries to convince herself that Sebastian is dead because she saw him die. Her phone rings and we see that it is Blake leaving her a message. Holly shuts off her phone and walks back into the restaurant.

While she’s leaving a message for her mother to call her back so that they can talk about Sebastian someone else calls Blake. She switches her phone over and says hello to Harley.

Holly walks up to the man at the bar and taps him on the shoulder. He turns and looks at her. She sees that it isn’t Sebastian and offers to buy him a drink for being rude.

While Reva is busy working on her Jonathan makes the comment that the car doesn’t seem to fit her personality. Reva defends her choice in her vehicle and Jonathan compares the car to Joshua. He calls it dependable and reliable. She lets him know that both the car and her husband have ‘always fulfilled her needs.’ Jonathan laughs and tells his mother that he didn’t need to hear that. Reva giggles and they are interrupted by the sound of police sirens. Reva looks toward them and Jonathan questions whether his mother is feeling guilty. She informs him that she simply doesn’t want to have another run in with the police. She tells him that if that happened they’d probably end up having to call Josh to have him bail them out. Jonathan lets his mother know that he would bail her out. She laughs and tells him that he’s most likely going to be in the cell next to her. He agrees to go be on the lookout and his mother thinks that is a good idea. She continues to work on the car. Jonathan walks around and runs into Cassie. He smiles when he thinks that he’s frightened her. Cassie informs him that she hates him too much to be scared by him. The two exchange rude remarks. She even tells her nephew that what should be the happiest day of her life has been ruined by him. Reva hears people talking and follows the voices. She comes face to face with her sister and neither of them seem happy to see one another.

Holly introduces herself to the stranger as they share a drink. It appears as though Holly is just having a glass of water. She makes small talk with the stranger. He tells her that he’s recently moved to town. She looks over her shoulder, and sees another man who appears to be Sebastian. She turns her back on him and decides to give the man her phone number. Michelle walks in without saying anything to her. Holly’s phone begins to ring and it is Michelle on the other end of the line. She tells Holly that whatever she is doing with the man at the bar to stop. This causes Holly to look around. She spots Michelle sitting at a table behind her.

Harley wonders if her father is mad at her for not leaving. He tells her that he’s not. She walks over to him and hugs him. She urges him to get going for his doctor’s appointment. He wonders how she’s remembered. She lets him know that it’s easy to remember as she loves him so much. She goes on to tell him that she needs him to be strong and healthy so that she and the kids can lean on him in the next few months. He lets her know that he’ll be there for her as much as possible. She tells him that she loves him before her leaves.

Cassie walks off and Reva wonders if she’s gotten the test results yet. Cassie walks away and tells the both of them that she ‘can’t do this now.’ Reva assures her that there’s nothing to be nervous about as far as Jonathan is concerned. She reminds her that they all watched the tape together and that nothing happened. Cassie remarks that perhaps Jonathan didn’t show them the whole tape. Reva doesn’t seem to want to hear what Cassie is saying. She goes on talking anyway. She tells her sister how she should be sitting waiting hopefully with her husband. Reva wonders why she isn’t where she wants to be. Cassie tells Reva that she can’t be with him because she lied to him. Jonathan lays into Cassie, telling her that she’s getting what she deserved. He adds in that she has some responsibility for what happened the night before her wedding as well as how she chose to deal with it. He asks his mother to back him up. Reva turns looks at her son and grabs him by the collar. Reva tells her son that although what Cassie did was wrong he can’t torture her. She turns to Cassie and tells her that she hopes she gets the outcome she wants. She is crying and holding Cassie’s hands. She urges her sister to call her when she gets the test results. Jonathan wonders why he’s back at square one with his mother. He wonders if suddenly he’s going to start getting lessons on how to behave properly. She lets her son know that she realizes his recent behavior isn’t what he is all about. She reminds him not to ignore her as she saw the good in him. He informs her that there is no sweet and innocent child inside of him. She pushes him and he lets her know that he’s not scared. She goes on to let him know that she had fun with him today. He reminds her of where and who she is with. Reva wonders if her son is threatening her.

Michelle hangs up the phone and Holly walks over to her. She tells Michelle that she was in the middle of a conversation; while Michelle claims Holly was blatantly hitting on the guy. Michelle claims that the stranger resembles Sebastian. Holly claims that she doesn’t see the resemblance. She turns and looks back toward the bar and thinks she sees him behind the bar. Michelle thinks that perhaps Holly should get some professional help. She admits that she may see a slight resemblance as Michelle comments on how twisted her relationship was with Sebastian. Holly wonders how she can be so obsessed with someone who did the things he did. She doesn’t understand how she could do that after everything that happened the last time. Michelle wonders what she is talking about and Holly explains. She tells Michelle how she lost a child, Meg. She goes on to tell Michelle that Fletcher took Meg away when he thought that Holly’s involvement with Roger was a danger to Meg. Michelle gets a look on her face as if the news is hitting too close to home. Holly looks as though she’s going to cry and goes on about how she lost everything because of Roger. Michelle stares off into space.

Buzz sits down on a couch next to Edmund. He wonders if Buzz is feeling ok. Buzz assures him he’s fine and questions why he is in the ER. Edmund tells him about the pregnancy test and looks to the floor. Buzz laughs and mentions that fatherhood is the reason he needs a checkup for his heart. Edmund looks disturbed.

Blake and Cassie arrive at the office and Harley wonders where they’ve been. She has wine, milk and pizza out. She informs the women that it’s a ‘Girls night out.’ Cassie lets Harley know that she thinks it is denial and Blake raises her eyebrows. Blake and Cassie talk about Harley to one another as if she weren’t there to actually get Harley to talk. They comment that Harley called them because she’s worried about the trial, but that she doesn’t want to burden them with the information. Harley tells them to stop and reminds them that they are her best friends. She tells them that she wants to spend some quality time with them.

She goes on to remind them that things are stressful for all three of them. A song comes on the radio and the three of them begin dancing. Harley steps back and smiles, taking the whole scene in.

Holly tells Michelle how her relationship with Meg currently is. She tells her that she talks to her on the phone and that she lives far away. Michelle mentions that she’s sure Holly is a wonderful mother who would never hurt a child. Holly laughs and tells Michelle that there was a time when she wouldn’t let Holly go near Robbie. Michelle looks confused and Holly tells her that it is a long story. Michelle wonders if she was a good mom a long time ago. She assures Michelle that she was great. Michelle reminds her that everyone makes mistakes and that people have to move on. She reminds Holly that the bad men are gone and that she is still standing. Holly wonders if that is the punishment. Holly leaves. Michelle picks up her phone and calls Robbie.

Edmund questions Buzz on what it is like being a father. He lets Edmund know that it is terrifying. He then goes on to tell him that it is the best thing to ever happen to him. He tells him that he would do anything to protect his children. Edmund calls Buzz a good father and Buzz warns Edmund not to take fatherhood for granted.

Cassie and Blake tell Harley that they’ve had fun. They let her know that they want to do it with her again. The two get Harley to admit that she’s scared of the waiting. She tells them that the doubt in her head affects everything. Harley vows to find out the truth. She tells Blake to go with Harley and the three of them hug one another. Cassie and Blake leave.

Reva tells her son that she can tell he is scared. She reminds him that things were going well until Cassie showed up. She tells him that she thinks he is afraid she will choose someone over him again and that she will bail on him. She informs him that she can get mad at him but that she will never leave him.

She gets in the car to leave and asks him to put the hood down. He has some trouble and she beeps the horn. He yells at her to stop.

Holly is in bed asleep writhing around. Someone strokes the side of her face and she wakes up to see Sebastian. He tells her that it is a miracle he’s alive despite the fall he took. He ends up correcting himself and lets her know that he didn’t fall, rather he was pushed.

He pushes down on her and tells her that it was a near death experience. He wonders if she’s ever had one of the same experiences. He kisses her and she wakes up. She screams for him to get out of her head.

Harley walks around the office as if she doesn’t know what to do. She drags out the suspect board and looks at it. She pulls everyone’s picture off but Ruth Karloff’s.

Edmund runs into Blake outside of the office. She tells Edmund that Cassie went back to the hospital. The two laugh about the mixed signals. Blake blames it partly on the fertility drugs and partly on Cassie’s strained relationship with Reva. She comments that she heard about what happened at the bachelor-ette party and how inappropriate Jonathan was. Blake comments on how the first time she met Jonathan that he hit on her. He tells Blake that Jonathan is ‘attracted to everything inappropriate and unavailable.’ He looks as though something has just dawned on him. She urges him to go back and wait at the hospital. She wishes him good luck.

Jonathan finds out that his mother accidentally took a CD from the record store. He comments that his mother, like him likes to push the envelope. He thinks that she needs to get a flashier car. Reva comments that she thinks he wants to car so that he can settle down with some kids. He smiles, laughs manically and informs her that stranger things have happened.

The doctor comes in and lets Cassie know that he has the test results. She prays that if she is pregnant that the baby is Edmund’s. He wonders if she wants to wait for her husband and she tells him she doesn’t. She claims that she wants to know as soon as possible and that she will tell Edmund. The doctor gives her the news, and we don’t hear it. She puts her head on the hospital bed.

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