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By Elizabeth
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Inside the police interrogation room, Buzz sits with his daughter as she rattles off a list of things that need to be done for the children. She tells him all about their bedtime rituals and continues talking until Buzz covers his daughter’s hand with his. She stops and looks up at him. She tells him that she thinks she’s forgetting something and then remembers to remind him of Zach’s bear. She begins to write it down and Buzz tells his daughter that he knew about the bear. Coop paces around the table and Harley tells her dad that she wants to keep things as normal as possible for her children. Coop interrupts her and wonders why they are even keeping Harley behind bars in the first place. He blames Frank and Harley stands up. She reminds them that Frank is just doing his job. Coop wonders what is going on with Gus. Buzz tells them that ‘Gus is working on the case.’ He begins to pick up his belongings to leave and Harley thanks them for taking care of the kids. She reminds them that she wouldn’t know what to do without them. He reminds his daughter that she’s never going to find out what life is like without them. Buzz leaves the room. Coop goes to give his sister a hug and offers her support. He reminds her that if there is anything that she needs that she can always come to him. Harley tells him that she does have a favor to ask him. He looks puzzled and she tells him it’s about Lizzie. She asks Coop when the last time he saw Lizzie was before the shooting.

At the Towers bar, Lizzie is writing in her diary. Beth comes in and remarks that she’s just like her father. Lizzie pulls her head out of the book and wonders what her mother means. Beth clarifies that she’s writing ‘the great American novel’ just as her father was. Lizzie shrugs off the comment and remarks that the management made her leave Roxy with the valet guys. Beth smiles and hugs her daughter. She wonders what she is doing at Towers. Lizzie tells her mother that she’s ‘letting Coop’ buy her dinner. Beth comments that she thought dating an employee was a ‘no-no.’ Lizzie lets her mother know that they’re not dating. She assures her mother that it is just friends having dinner. Beth wonders if this means that the two have finally worked out their differences. She comments that Coop is nice as he’s been the only honest person in her life since her father died. She explains that most people are nice to her face and then ‘attack’ her behind her back. Instantly Beth looks worried. She wonders who has been attacking her daughter. Lizzie corrects herself and tells her mother that she didn’t mean it they way it sounded. Beth looks at her daughter worried and makes it known that she wants her to come clean. Lizzie admits to her mother that both Gus and Harley have been bothering her. She goes on to say that ‘someone needs to stop them.’

Inside the Cedars emergency room, Michelle is on the phone leaving someone a message. She tells the person on the other end of the line to ‘tell him that I called.’ She thanks the person and hangs up.

Holly walks by and Michelle notices her. The two hug one another. Holly comments that it is nice to see one another outside of Santo Domingo. She goes on to ask Michelle if she’s back to work. Michelle tells Holly that she’ not working and that she was going to meet her brother for coffee. She lets Holly know that she tried calling her earlier to get together and that she never heard back. Holly lets her know that she received the messages and apologizes for not getting back to her sooner. She tells Michelle that she’s been busy with AA meetings and wonders if it has been hard for Michelle adjusting back to the ‘real world’ as well.

Ross surprises Blake as she is eavesdropping on someone through a door. He wonders what she’s heard and she stares at him with an annoyed look on her face.

Inside the record store, Reva tries to talk to a policeman. She assures them that it is not what it looks like. He lets her know that she’s wasting her breath on him and tells her to ‘save it for the judge.’ Reva looks genuinely surprised that there will even be a judge involved. Another police officer informs Reva that she’s being charged with breaking, entering and burglary. Reva turns to Jonathan and confirms that he told her his friend gave them access to the place. Jonathan smiles and says ‘oops.’ Reva finally pieces it all together and realizes that there was no friend who gave him the key. She wonders why he would bring her some place to help him steal. He shrugs it off as being a ‘music lover.’ A policeman, overhearing the exchange asks Reva if Jonathan coerced her to come into the shop.

Edmund places the phone on the mantle at the farmhouse. Cassie comes out of her bedroom and wonders if the phone rang. He tells her it didn’t and lets her know that he wants to go to the doctor’s appointment with her. She assures him that she is fine and informs him that she’ll even pick up dinner. He wonders why she doesn’t want him there for her pregnancy test. Cassie looks shocked that he knows where she is going exactly.

Coop wonders what Lizzie has to do with anything. Harley admits that she’s not sure, but that since he was her driver at the time of the murder that she thought he might have some insight. He informs his sister that he was with Lizzie almost the whole night. He goes on to tell her how Lizzie was confused and how he saw Phillip try and kidnap her. Harley wonders why she was confused and not upset. Coop clarifies that she was both, that part of her was upset about her brothers and the other part of her wanted to please her father. Harley comments how she could understand Lizzie’s feelings that night. Coop goes on to describe everything Lizzie was going through that night. He tells her how she eventually just turned her back on her father and walked away. Coop comments that based on his sister’s reaction that it almost sounds like she feels sorry for her. He goes on to admit to his sister that he’s having dinner with her tonight. Harley immediately wonders if it is a date. He tells her that he’s unsure how to classify it. He tells her of how the two of them were using one another to get someone out of each other. He tells her it was ‘heat of the moment’ thing. He goes on to tell Harley that he can use it against her to talk about the night of Phillip’s murder. She tells him not to do it and he refuses to listen. He tells her that he needs to help his sister out in some way. Harley reminds him to go easy on her because she’s had a hard time lately. Coop hugs his sister and leaves.

Beth tells her daughter that she’s sure Gus and Harley didn’t mean anything bad by their questions. She tries to explain that they both are going through a rough time and that they simply want to find Phillip’s killer. Lizzie dismisses her mother’s explanation and tells her that Gus is on a ‘witch hunt.’ She tells her mother that she doesn’t think Gus cares who he hurts as long as Harley goes free. Buzz comes up to Beth and Lizzie. He asks to speak with Beth. When Lizzie doesn’t leave he tells her that he wants to speak with her mother alone. Lizzie leaves in a huff claiming that she’s going to go check on Roxy. Beth questions how Harley is doing. Buzz ignores the question and tells her that he thinks it is about time that ‘she stepped up and did the right thing.’

Ross reminds his wife that ‘she’ needs some time. He goes on tell his wife that she went through a big ordeal with Sebastian and that she will need some time to heal. Blake reminds Ross that Holly is her mother. She wonders when her needs will finally come first. She goes on to tell him that she needs some closure. He challenges her to find closure in the good things that the two of them share.

Michelle wonders if Holly thinks about Sebastian a lot. She goes on to tell Holly that she’s read that some victims will sometimes develop feelings for their captors. She tells Holly that perhaps she simply misses Sebastian. Holly assures Michelle that it is not the case for her. She goes on to tell Michelle that sometimes Sebastian’s death doesn’t seem real. Michelle and Holly hug one another. Michelle lets Holly know that if she ever needs someone to talk to that she’s there for her. Michelle leaves to go find Rick and Holly heads for the payphone. She alls Ross and tells him that she needs to see him. He turns and looks at Blake without saying anything.

Jonathan urges his mother to confess to the police as to why she is there. Suddenly one of the men comments that he recognizes them. Reva assumes it was her and mentions her TV show. The cop recognizes her and tells her that he realizes that now, but that he was originally talking about Jonathan. He puts two and two together and remembers that he arrested Jonathan for stealing a wallet. Jonathan tells the cop that the wallet incident was a mistake. Reva assures them that is was as well. The police begin to move the two of them out of the store and Jonathan falls to the ground because of his injured leg. Reva rushes to his side and tells the police that there truly is an explanation for what is happening. She tells them her show is doing an expose on security in this part of town. She compliments the officers on getting there in record time. She goes on to talk about how the two of them could be the faces of the Springfield PD. She gushes on and on about how much the two of them could give back to the community. Jonathan sits on the ground looking up at his mother with a smile on his face. It is obvious that there is some admiration there. The police make Reva promise not to pull an expose stunt again and tell her that they will lock up. Reva and Jonathan leave. He tells his mother that she is impressive and she warns him that he’s in trouble. As the police close out the lights and lock up, we notice that Reva’s keys are still on the counter.

Cassie tells Edmund that she was planning on telling him about the test after she got the results. She lies to him and tells him that she simply didn’t want him to get his hopes up. He tells her that he will go with her and she wonders what he’s going to do if they don’t hear what they want to. He assures her that they can keep trying. She goes on to tell him that she wants things to be perfect. He hugs her as she goes on to admit to him that she fears the child may not end up the way they want it to. She understands that she’s not making sense to him and apologizes. He claims to understand what she’s going through. He admits that the reality of a baby could be scarier than what they’ve dealt with so far. He even goes so far as to tell her that he understands if she’s hesitant to raise a baby that could someday act like him. He tells her how sorry he is for all his past transgressions and confesses that the thing he is most sorry for is the way he treated Jonathan. She assures him that he is and will be a wonderful father. She tells him that their child will be great and never end up like Jonathan.

Harley gets a cup of coffee and when she turns around she sees Beth. She wonders what she is doing there. Beth admits that she is there to ‘spring’ Harley. Harley wonders if Alan has come to his senses and Beth sadly discloses that he hasn’t. Beth tells Harley that she swore to the cops that she never saw Harley at Blue Haven Spa. Harley smiles and wonders why Beth would do such a thing. Beth tells Harley that she could have nailed her to the wall when she found out Beth was willing to help kidnap the children and that she didn’t. She thanks Harley for keeping quiet and tells her that she shouldn’t stop until she finds the truth about Phillip’s murder. Beth tells Harley that she will trust her to do what is right about how best to deal with exposing Phillip’s true killer.

Coop gets off of the elevator at Towers and comes face to face with Lizzie. She immediately blasts him for being late and he tells her that a compliment would have been nice. He apologizes for being late and she goes on to tell him that they should just get the date over with. The two bicker over whose name they should have put the reservation under. He admits to Lizzie that he just got back from the police station so that if he’s in a bad mood, that’s why. She wonders if he thinks his sister killed her father. He tells her that without a doubt, that he believes his sister to be innocent. He mentions that if Harley isn’t the killer that someone else is. He promises to find the real criminal.

Cassie and Edmund arrive at the hospital. The two discuss their nervousness about the baby. She admits that Edmund eases her nerves and that if they’re pregnant that it was meant to be. She goes on and on about they will love it because it will be their child. Suddenly, Reva walks in with Jonathan. She helps him to sit down and when she looks up she sees Cassie and Edmund. Cassie wants to leave and Edmund refuses to let her. He tells her that they can leave when she finally comes clean about what is going on between her and Reva.

Lizzie comments that bringing up her father on a date might not be the best idea. He reminds her that she’s the one that brought him up. She counters back, reminding him that the police have already found the person they believe to be the real killer. He lets her know that Gus, along with others have pointed out that the only evidence that they have is circumstantial. He mentions that he would think that she would want to find the real killer as it was her father who was killed. She lets him know that she knows what happened the night of her father’s death and suddenly a waiter interrupts them. He tells Coop that he has a phone call at the bar. Coop gets up to take the call and tells her not to leave. As he heads for his call, Lizzie wonders what he is doing to her. She looks shocked as to what she has just said to him. Coop is escorted to the doorway and sees Harley. He hugs her and wonders how she got out. She tells him that it is a long story and that she wants him to forget everything that they talked about earlier. He tells her that he can’t forget it and that he needs to get back to her. He kisses her bye and heads back to the table. Lizzie pretends not to be trying to watch Coop from the table.

Ross is sitting with Holly and tries to tell her that Blake simply is having a hard time letting go of her brother. She tells him that he cannot tell her the truth about Sebastian’s death. He admits that he understand that she needs time to recuperate; he also guarantees her that he won’t tell Blake anything. He goes on to tell her that Blake knows that her mother is keeping something a secret and that it is obviously bothering her. Holly rubs her head and tells Blake the problems she’s been having sleeping. He reminds her that they are only dreams.

Harley walks into the office and sees the suspect board. Again, she hears the ‘suspects’ talking to her. This time it is Beth wondering why Harley would try and pin the murder on Lizzie when she was nice enough to help her get out of jail. Gus wonders why she’s not trying harder and Lizzie warns her that she will pay. Harley goes on to mention that she doesn’t want to pin the murder on her, Lizzie comments that the mounting evidence against Harley should speak for itself. Coop laughs and tells his sister that he wants to nail Lizzie to the wall. Beth tells Harley that if she truly wants to get to the truth that she should stop listening to Gus. She reminds Harley that he will sell anyone out to prove Harley’s innocence. Beth wonders if Harley really wants the truth. Harley cries and tells them that she has to know the truth. Suddenly Buzz comes up behind her and hugs her. He tells her that he is there for her.

Reva goes up to Cassie and Edmund and tells them hello. She wonders what Edmund is looking at her funny for. Cassie tells her sister that Edmund thinks something is going on between them. Reva tells Edmund that everything is fine. He enumerates the reasons that there must be problems between the two of them and comments that this should be the happiest time in his and Cassie’s life. He even goes so far as to say that he and Cassie could be having a child. Reva wonders if her sister is pregnant. She tells Reva she’s not and Edmund informs Reva that they’re at the hospital to find out. Reva pretends to be excited by the news of a possible baby. Edmund tells them that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to fix the problem. Jonathan gets up and refuses to sit down when his mother tells him to. He tells Edmund that there is nothing that he can do to fix things between Cassie and Edmund.

He takes full blame for the two sisters fighting. Edmund looks at Cassie confused. Reva tries to pulls Jonathan away which doesn’t work. He claims that his uncle has a right to know the truth from him. Edmund wonders what Jonathan is talking about. Jonathan tells Edmund that everything began the night before his wedding to Cassie. He tells Edmund about how he had planned on crashing the bachelor-ette party. He goes on to say that the two women saw him and then began fighting over whether or not he should be allowed at that bar with them. Edmund looks surprised that it is the whole story. Reva tells Edmund that she was upset that her sister couldn’t see Jonathan’s point of view. She further explains that it didn’t help matter when Josh and Jonathan got into a fight which resulted in Jonathan getting a broken leg. Cassie admits that she took Josh’s side in the accident. A nurse interrupts them and tells Cassie and Edmund that she’s ready for them. The two leave with the nurse. Reva looks at her son and wonders why she didn’t let the police arrest him. He reminds her that it isn’t his fault that Cassie is lying to her husband. Reva makes the remark to her son that he had better hope that Edmund never finds out what happened the night before the wedding. Jonathan tells his mother that he’s not afraid of his uncle with her in his corner. She tells him that Edmund is dangerous and that if he’s not afraid of him then he’s stupid. Jonathan comments that his mother didn’t look like she was afraid of danger earlier. He laughs and walks away. Reva looks like she doesn’t know if she should strangle or hug him.

Lizzie digs her nails into her arm and then says that ‘it should do it.’ Coop comes back to the table and brings up what they were talking about before. She informs him that she no longer wants to talk about her father’s death. When Coop presses the issue Lizzie tells him that she has evidence that Harley killed her dad. When he questions what the evidence is, she tells him that she can tell that Harley is guilty by the way she and Gus have questioned her. Coop defends his sister which only makes Lizzie madder. She gets up, tells him that she should have known he wouldn’t believe her and storms away.

Buzz wonders why his daughter isn’t home with the kids since they let her out. She claims that she wanted to go over the paperwork again to make sure they didn’t miss anything. He wonders if she found anything and she shakes her head no. Harley goes on to remind her dad that she used to be an excellent cop and could always put the pieces of a case together. She admits to her father that she can’t even tell if she’s guilty or not anymore. She wonders if she is a killer. She admits to her father that the only thing she’s sure of is that she’s not the same person she was on the morning of her wedding. She can’t believe the things she did when she went after Phillip. She wonders how she became so filled with hate and rage. Her father reminds her that whatever his daughter did, that she was driven to it by Phillip. Buzz apologizes for the way he acted and comments that he should have been the one who killed him. Harley turns and wonders if her father thinks she killed him. He refuses to answer, but it is obvious that he thinks she did. He tells her that because of how he thinks that he might be able to help her in a way that Gus is unable to.

Ross reminds Holly that the dreams will subside. He goes on to tell her that it will take time for all of the memories to go away and compares the situation to that of the Roger ordeal. He lets her know how strong he believes she is. She thanks him and he offers to drive her home. He gets up and leaves. Holly looks toward the bar and sees Sebastian.

Blake stops Michelle outside of Cedars and asks if she has time to talk. Michelle wonders if it is about Sebastian and Blake immediately apologizes for ‘the other night.’ Michelle accepts her apology while Blake admits that she doesn’t truly know her brother. Blake tells Michelle about how every time she brings up Sebastian to her mother that all she can hear about is how much she hated him. Michelle looks shocked and Blake wonders if her mother didn’t hate Sebastian as much as she claims to. Michelle chalks it up to not really knowing what Holly was feeling. She goes on to tell Blake that Holly was scared and angry, but that she thinks Holly & Sebastian understood one another in a weird way. She admits that it was an intense feeling. Blake wonders if it has anything to do with the fact that he was a lot like her father. Michelle shrugs and tells Blake that Holly recently admitted to her that she’s been having a hard time letting go of Sebastian. Michelle confesses to Blake that when she and Tony left the two of them on Santo Domingo that neither of them were sure Holly would even come back.

Holly stands up, not believing her eyes. The man toasts her and she heads over to him. She taps him on the shoulder only to find out that it wasn’t Sebastian. He offers her a drink and she heads back to the table. When she gets there she picks up her purse. Underneath it she finds the coin that she got from Roger. She can’t believe it.

Lizzie stands digging her nails into her arm again and we can see that the injuries are bleeding. Coop tells her that Gus won’t hurt her. She reminds him that Gus has framed someone before and gotten away with it. She admits that she thinks he is after her. Coop claims that she is being paranoid. She shows him her arm. Coop gets worried and wonders what the wounds are from. She lets him know that it is how far Gus is willing to go for Harley.

Harley can’t believe that her father thinks she isn’t innocent. He tells her that as good as Gus’s intentions are that he shouldn’t be turning down plea offers. He calls Gus & his behavior dangerous. Buzz hands his daughter plane tickets and tells her that there are tickets for both her and the boys. He lets her know that he’s checked it out and there are no extradition laws there.

Jonathan comes out of the doctor’s office and lets his mother know he’s going to be fine. When he jokes around about the leg damage she tells him that he’s crazy. She goes to hail a cab while he sits there.

In the doctor’s office, Edmund comments to his wife about how they have a lot riding on this visit. She hugs him as she looks at Jonathan through the window.

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