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At Towers, Olivia thanks Alan on the phone for the new clients he's sent their way. She tells him that Bill's not happy about the adoption being nixed by her but he's accepting it. The whole time Bill is kissing her arm and neck as she talks to Alan.

At home, Cassie turns down Edmunds coffee offer telling him she's not feeling well and heads for a shower. Tammy comes over (laundry in hand), and looks around for the flowers then asks Edmund what happened to them, particularly the ones he had sent her with the mushy card. Edmund looks puzzled because he didn't send her any!

JB calls Dinah away from Josh and Reva's front door. He questions her about the flowers she sent to Cassie and that Cassie thinks he sent them. Dinah makes a comment about keeping Cassie on her toes, but JB tells her that it's his gig and she should stay out of it. When Dinah asks him or else what, he asks her if she's met his friend Lou yet.

Inside their house, Josh tells Reva that he realizes Jonathan will always be a part of her life and suggests that when Jonathan is feeling better he get an apartment of his own. In return, Josh promises her he'll try to accept him. Reva agrees but wants to tell JB herself as soon as he's feeling better. JB walks in and overhears their conversation.

Edmund asks Tammy what exactly the note said on the flowers that she thinks he sent her. She tells him she's not going to recite it for him. Edmund leaves but first asks her to look after Cassie because she's not feeling well.

JB asks Reva if she wants him out. She tells him they think it'd be best for everyone if he had his own place. She also tells him that he's not going anywhere till his leg heals. Josh leaves Reva and JB alone; she tells him that Josh is trying.

Outside, Billy shows up and soon after Sandy. Josh sends Sandy inside for job bids he's to work on. Once inside Sandy walks in just as Reva is telling JB that she loves looking for apartments. Outside, Billy comments about the dirty trick he pulled sending Sandy inside and Josh laughed telling him, "On to the next one."

At Towers, Olivia scolds Bill telling him that they need to be more cautious when dealing with Alan. They joke around and Bill tells her that for now on he wants her to call him "The Bill," and she ends up referring to herself as "The Olivia."

Dinah races onto an elevator that Edmund is already on, and gets in just as the door closes. She tells him that she likes having company in an elevator and he tells her not to talk to him and of course Dinah does, but Edmund tells her not another word so Dinah starts whistling.

Cassie comes downstairs after her shower and greets Tammy. Tammy tells her that she's going to orientation at the college. She tells Cassie that she's going to major in keeping a low profile and then tells her that Lizzie knows about JB and is worried that Lizzie will spread it around. Cassie tells her that college is different from high school. She tells Tammy that she should never even say his name again and that he doesn't exist.

At Towers, Edmund quickly exits the elevator before Dinah can say anything to him, and Bill quickly asks her what she's doing. Bill tells her to let it go with Edmund but she insists that she loves him. Dinah tells him that Cassie and Edmund's marriage will never last, but Bill counters with, it might if she stays away from it.

Edmund approaches Jeffrey and offers to buy him a drink. He pulls up a chair and sits down with Jeffrey. Jeffrey asks why and Edmund tells him to thank him for performing he and Cassie's wedding ceremony, and adds that he's been a good friend to Cassie and therefore to him as well. Jeffrey tells him to stop immediately.

Olivia, having seen Bill talking to Dinah asks him what she missed. He tells her that he was trying to convince Dinah to find herself a nice and available guy. Josh and Billy come in and ask to speak with Bill outside, once outside they tell Bill that they want him back at Lewis Construction.

Tammy sees how upset and stressed Cassie looks and asks her what's wrong. Cassie tells her that it's JB, and that she hates what he did to Tammy and then adds I hate what he did to, and then she hesitates as if she's almost going to say herself! But, says she hates what he's done to Reva. Tammy tells her she should have listened to Cassie and she never would have gotten mixed up with JB. Cassie tells her that she wishes she could have protected her and this was the last thing she wanted to have happen.

Reva gives Sandy "all the paperwork he needs for a job … walks out of the room to answer the phone leaving JB and Sandy alone. Sandy picks up the paper and sees the apartment ads. Sandy tells him that Reva has finally figured out the real JB. Jonathan throws in that if Sandy wants to know the real him he should ask Tammy, but Sandy tells him, "No thanks," and adds that he's not that interesting. Sandy pats him on his back on his way out and JB takes a swipe at him with his cane but misses and he hurts his leg. Reva comes back into the room as JB is getting his coat on and moaning a bit. He tells her that he's tired of sitting around the house and wants to get out of there. Reva offers to drive him and he asks her to come with him. She agrees to go and asks where they're going, he tells her to a place where she can get to know the real him.

Josh and Billy tell Bill that they need him back at Lewis to help with people who are trying to bring down the family company. Billy tells him that he knows Sling Shot Enterprises isn't doing very well and that he's welcome back at Lewis. Bill insists that Sling Shot is doing great and asks if this is all about Olivia. Bill chides them, and tells them to just go ahead and say it … that Olivia is bad for him. Josh tells him he doesn't have to say it, because Bill just did.

Olivia spots a guy at the bar and tells Dinah she's going to invite him over to meet her. Dinah tries to stop her but she's determined. She makes her way over to Corey and tells him that Dinah would like to meet him and she invites him back to their table. Dinah with an attitude introduces herself as a fugitive that had been on the run for over a year, tells him she shot her fiancée, and impersonated a princess! Corey laughs because he thinks Dinah is funny. Corey's phone rings and tells Dinah that he needs to take it because it's one of his patients expecting a baby anytime. Once Dinah realizes that he's an OB her entire attitude changes, and she tells him she's glad to have met him.

Jeffrey apologizes to Edmund because he needs to go, telling him that Harley jumped her bail and is in jail now. Edmund tries to pick up the tab, but Jeffrey declines. Jeffrey tells him that he seems like a man who has lots of questions, and asks if he wants to know why Cassie showed up late for their wedding why he doesn't ask her. Jeffrey tells him to be thankful that he's married to Cassie and that she needs him. Edmund snaps back telling Jeffrey not to tell him what Cassie needs!

Tammy tells Cassie that next time she'll listen to her because Cassie can always see things she can't. Cassie gets upset and heads toward the door saying she needs some air. Tammy smiles at her and says, "You're pregnant." Cassie insists that she is not, but Tammy points out that she has all the same symptoms she had when she was pregnant with RJ. Tammy leaves for orientation and tells her that she won't ruin her surprise for Edmund.

JB and Reva arrive at a music store. Reva tells him she didn't know that he was into music. JB asks her if she wants to hear some of the underground music they've got, but Reva points out that it's closed. JB tells her that he knows the owner and he's got a key to the alley entrance. JB goes around to the back, breaks into the door and walks through opening the front door to let Reva in. Inside the store they look through CD's and talk about their tastes in music. JB hands her a flask with liquor in it, Reva gasps after tasting it. JB picks up a guitar and plays a little fore her.

Tammy listens at the door of the gym, as Trisha asks Sandy out for dinner. Sandy declines telling her that there's a girl he likes. Sandy realizes that Tammy overheard their conversation but lets it slide. Tammy asks him if he has a girlfriend and if she knows her.

Bill tells Josh and Billy that when it comes to Olivia he can take care of himself and declines their job offer at Lewis Construction.

Dinah asks Dr. Corey questions about a friend of hers that can't carry to term when his pager goes off and tells her he'll be back. Olivia chides her by asking who her friend is, and comments that Dinah was bored with him till she found out he's an OB. Olivia tries to tell her that having a baby can be difficult and to look at how she has to fight the Spaulding's to keep Emma. Dinah tells her that she'll be fine and won't be alone for long.

Edmund tells Jeffrey to save his money and stop sending Cassie flowers. Jeffrey, looking confused, tells him that whatever is going on between him and Cassie to keep him out of it.

At home, Cassie reads the diary from RJ's pregnancy. She looks into the mirror and imagines that she's pregnant with a big belly, JB comes up behind her and asks her if she's told Uncle Edmund that the baby's his yet. Jolted back to reality Cassie begs God to let Edmund be the father and decides that's what she'll believe unless there's a sign from God. Just then the phone rings, and it's the doctor's office wanting to schedule an appointment for her next pregnancy test.

Olivia questions Dinah about the lucky guy she's chosen to father her baby. Bill chimes in asking who's who? Dinah tells him that she and Olivia were talking about a baby and that it would complete Dinah. Dinah gives Bill a kiss goodbye and leaves. Bill tells Olivia that he thinks they should speed things up with their, "slow dance," they've got going on with Alan.

Dinah walks out with the doctor, she fixes his jacket and flirts with him. She tells him that she'll visit him at the hospital some time.

At the gym, Sandy gives Tammy karate lessons. Facing the mirror he shows her how to kick and then they practice an attack. He comes up behind her and she throws him over her shoulder, he then throws her over his shoulder and ends up on top of her. She asks about his other moves … they kiss.

Cassie looks at the picture of her and Edmund and decides she's got to face it, she calls the doctors office and they agree to see her right away for her pregnancy test. Edmund comes home and asks where she's going; she tells him that she's going to see the internist because she's not feeling well. When she leaves the room the phone rings and it's Janie from the OB's office calling to remind Cassie to bring her insurance card, Edmund tells her he'll remind Cassie and then Janie wishes him good luck and tells him this pregnancy test might be the one.

Reva sees that JB is taking CD's and asks what he's doing. JB tells her that he just leaves a note for his buddy and runs a tab for him. He hands her some CD's that he picked for her and Reva gets her money out to pay, JB tells her he'll buy them but Reva tells him she'd feel better paying for them herself. JB asks her if she felt anything was amiss when Sandy claimed to be her son and she tells him that it didn't. She also tells him that she sees more of her in him than any of her other kids. JB asks if that's a good thing or bad, and she tells him she's not sure but that she does love him. Policemen come flying into the store yelling at them to freeze and they're under arrest!

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