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Michelle shows up at Company to get Robbie from Marina. Marina tells her that he's in nursery school today and won't be out until 4:30. Michelle tells her that she wants to show him the crane working at the lighthouse, and says she thinks she'll go pick him up. Danny shows up and stops her.

Lizzie joins Alan. He asks if Gus & Harley have been questioning her. She denies it. He tells her to tell him if they do. He is convinced that Gus is so determined to prove Harley innocent that he'd turn on everyone else-even Beth & Lizzie.

Gus and Harley realize that Lizzie lied about that night. Gus wants to take off and question her. Harley convinces him that he should go easy on her after all she's been through. She tells him they will go together, but he is to play the silent cop. Gus tells her it feels like old times when they were partners.

Alan tells Lizzie that Gus is trying to create doubt and take the focus of the investigation away from Harley. Lizzie doesn't think that Harley and Gus are bad people. Alan tells her that the Coopers took Phillip away and now Harley has taken Gus away. Alan makes Lizzie promise not to talk to Gus or Harley. She does. Then he tells her that he is going to punish them.

Ray visits Tony at the gym. Tony tells Ray he's mad at him. Ray tells Tony to hit him. Ray defends his talk with Michelle. He was just trying to protect Tony. Tony tells him that he's just looking out for Danny. Ray tells Tony that Michelle could regain her memory and go back to Danny. Tony tells him that she loves him and that she isn't going back to Danny. Ray says it's not that simple. Tony tells him that he makes Michelle happy and he's making a life for him, her, and Robbie.

Ray urges Tony to give Michelle time and not rush the divorce. Tony tells him that he's trying to save a marriage that can't be saved. Ray tells him that he's trying to save him (Tony).

Danny tells Michelle that Robbie has a schedule that shouldn't be interrupted because he's had too much upheaval in his life lately. Michelle knows he's talking about her leaving. He tells her that Robbie didn't know what was going on. All he know was that his mother was gone, and he was heartbroken. Michelle brings up that Robbie didn't want to see her the other day. Danny tells her that he's (Robbie) afraid she's going to leave again, and Danny is too. Michelle asks if he wants to keep Robbie from her.

Franks comes to take Harley in for jumping bail. Gus does everything he can to get her out of it. Marina comes out to see what is going on. She doesn't want her dad to do it, but he has to. Harley agrees to go willingly. Marina insists on going with her for support. Harley tells Gus to go take care of business, but to remember what they talked about (going easy on Lizzie).

Michelle thinks Danny is trying to keep her away from Robbie. Danny tells her that his top priority is Robbie and seeing that she doesn't hurt him again. She says she's back in town now and settling down. He asks if she's really settling down or would she rather be off traveling with Tony. Michelle thinks that Danny is jealous of Tony.

Danny tells her that Tony is dragging them back into "that" lifestyle, and after he fought so hard to get out of it, he's not going to let her drag Robbie back into it. Michelle thinks Danny is just trying to punish her for leaving.

Tony tells Ray to back off and let him live his life with Michelle. He thinks that Ray is only interested because Danny is involved. Ray tells him that he's just trying to keep him from getting his heart stepped on. Tony tells him that Michelle was the one that showed him he had a heart. Ray asks him to take it slow. Tony asks him to back off and trust him (Tony). Ray tells him that he trusts him, but he doesn't trust Michelle. Lizzie shows up at the gym.

At the station, Frank asks Harley why she left town. She doesn't answer him. He tells her that he wishes there was something he could do to help her. She tells him that she knows he would. She tells him that she came back. She didn't run and she isn't going to. Frank goes to talk to Marina. Harley says to herself, "Why did you turn me in, Beth?" Alan comes up behind her and says, "She didn't. I did."

Danny tells Michelle that he wants Robbie to have a stable home-the kind he didn't have growing up. She insists that there is nothing more important to her than her own child. Danny tells her that he wishes he could believe her, but that he's not going to back down from the way he thinks Robbie should be raised. Danny tells her that he wants Robbie to live with him full-time. She isn't happy. He tells her that she can't be impulsive one minute and the rock of stability the next. He tells her that this isn't payback, it's a reality check. She tells him she's just now remembering what it means to be a mother to Robbie. He tells her that Robbie will always be there, and then asks her if she will.

Marina thinks that Frank is going to lecture her for defending Harley because of the voice he's using. He tells her he's proud of her for doing that. She asks what the lecture is on then. He tells her that he's worried about her relationship with Danny. Marina tells him that Danny's divorce doesn't have anything to do with her. She tells him that they don't talk about the divorce. He tells her that she could be just a rebound for Danny. She tells him that she means more to Danny than that. Frank asks her to pull back a little so that she won't get hurt.

Harley assumes that Beth told Alan about the visit to the spa. He tells her that she called Gus and that he heard her. He tells her that she destroyed Phillip whether she murdered him or not. Harley tells him she wanted to punish him for being so rotten, but that... Alan asks her if she can look him in the eye and tell him that she didn't kill Phillip. She tells him that if he doesn't get out of her way and let her find the killer, he'll never know the truth. She tells him that this isn't payback for Phillip's murder, it's payback for Gus choosing her over him.

Lizzie asks Tony to help her stretch out her back. Gus shows up to question her. He tells her that he came to find out why she lied to him.

Alan and Harley continue to argue over Alan's issues with Phillip and Gus. Harley tells him that Gus doesn't care about the money or the power-he just wants her. She asks him if he really wants to take Zach's mommy away just after he lost his daddy. Alan assures her that Zach will be taken care of. She tells him that Gus isn't going to give up no matter what it takes. She tells him that she wants the truth, and he should let her out so that she can keep Gus focused on finding the truth. Alan tells her that's an interesting point and tells her that he'll think about it.

Gus starts questioning Lizzie. She gets panicky. He asks her why she lied to him about the night Phillip was murdered. She tells him she didn't. She says he's been acting weird lately. He tells her that she's messing with Harley's life. He tells her that he knows she didn't show up at the restaurant with Beth. Gus tells her that Beth said she (Lizzie) was standing on the porch when she pulled up. Lizzie tells him that he'll do anything to save Harley. Gus tells her Harley didn't do anything because he knows what they are both capable of. Lizzie reminds him that she was protecting her mom from Carl and that he was a monster. Gus reminds her that her father was turning into a monster and hurting her siblings. She tells him that she loved her dad and would never hurt him. Gus sarcastically says that of course she wouldn't hurt anyone because she's an angel. He reminds her of the Sandy Foster hit-and-run incident. She insists that was an accident. He asks how many accidents she has gotten away with because her last name is Spaulding. He assures her that he won't let her get away with this. He tells her that Harley defended her and that she didn't want to involve her. He tells her that he's going to find out the truth. Ray comes in and Lizzie goes to him for protection. Gus tells him everything is fine, but he will be coming after Lizzie and no one can protect her.

Michelle is crying to Tony. He insists that he is not going to be what costs her her son and that he's not worth it. She insists that he means everything to her. Tony doesn't think it's worth losing her son. She thinks she won't loose either one of them. They exchange "I Love You's". He wants to know what happened with Danny. She tells him that he made her feel like a horrible mother. Tony tells her she's not. She thinks that maybe she is since she went away with Sebastian. She thinks Danny may be right. He tells her about seeing Ray at church. He tells her they are all wrong and he's going to prove it.

Marina asks Danny if he's ready for the movie. He asks if she'd be too mad if he bailed on her. She is disappointed but tells him they can go another time. He tells her that he and Robbie are just going to hang out and order in dinner. He thanks her for understanding, and she tells him that's what FRIENDS are for.

Lizzie finds Alan and tells him about Gus interrogating her. He tells her that Gus and Harley will pay for this. She tells him that she wants them to suffer just like she has suffered. Alan assures her that they will.

Gus goes to see Harley at the station. He tells her that he almost cracked Lizzie. She reminds him that he was supposed to go easy on her. He tells her that approach wouldn't work. Harley mentions that she promised Alan she would keep him from flying off the handle. She tells him that Alan was supposed to help her get out of there. An officer comes to take her downstairs.

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