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Ray comes to see Danny at the gym (Danny is on the treadmill running). Ray thinks Danny is running away from his troubles. He assures him that he's not running away, he's moving on.

Michelle and Tony are in bed at the lighthouse. Tony is bothered that Danny painted the ceiling in there. Michelle mocks him by looking for Danny everywhere. He tells her that he gets it. Then Michelle gets an idea.

Lizzie is flashing back to her conversation with Gus about Harley's innocence. She tells herself that she can't start her day thinking of that, so she goes to see what's on her calendar. She sees that she has to do something with Coop, but she doesn't want to deal with him today.

Meanwhile, Coop is dreading Lizzie just as much. Marina tells him to toughen up and get going. She's holding down the fort while he deals with Lizzie.

Harley storms out of the court room with Gus following. He tries to convince her that it wasn't so bad. He says for the millionth time that she's not going ot have a trial or go to jail. He tells her to believe in him and he will save her.

Lizzie tells Coop that she wants Company to be a vegetarian restaurant. He doesn't think it's a good idea. She tells him the customers will adjust and that she can't stand the thought of Roxie's friends being eaten. Coop reminds her that Roxie doesn't hand out with cows, pigs, & chickens.

Ray questions Danny about giving up on him & Michelle. Danny tells him that Michelle isn't coming back. She's already had memories of their life together, but it's not enough because she's in love with Tony. Ray thinks he should talk to Michelle. Danny tells him to knock himself out.

Michelle starts painting. She paints stick figures of her, Tony, Robbie, and Maureen (with wings). She paints the lighthouse and Tony's house. Tony teases her about not being a great artist. They end up painting each other.

Lillian stops Buzz before he can leave the hospital. She wants to go with him to Company. Buzz jokes about her buttering him up for a free meal, but then teases that her granddaughter owns the place. They leave together to go to Company. When they get there, Marina is with Zach who is eating. Marina tells them that Harley didn't get a chance to feed him breakfast before heading to court.

Buzz starts daydreaming. In the day dream, he shows up at Company and is surprised to find Marina there. He tells her it was her day to pick up Zach, but she says it was his day and that it was her day to visit Harley at prison.

Zach comes in looking beat up, but he tells them they should see the other guy. Buzz mentions that he's been in a fight every week since Harley went away. Marina snaps him out of it.

Lizzie is trying to get Roxie to pose for a picture for the front of the menu. Coop mentions that he made reservations for them at Towers for tomorrow night, but he tells her that if she's not into it, she can bag it. She turns the tables on him. He tells her he asked her first. She agrees to go hesitantly, and Coop tells her if she's not into, he understands. She tells him that it should be fun since they had a good time playing football. She's trying to get Roxie to smile, but then she snaps a picture of Coop. She gets Coop to get in the picture with Roxie. She thinks having a Cooper and a Spaulding pet on the front of the menu will be like their families finally coming together. Under his breath, he says, "Like Master and Slave." She didn't hear, so he lies and says he was trying to get Roxie to stay put. She tells him to kiss the dog so that she'll stay. He tells her he won't do that. She teases him that he's probably just out of practice. He tells her that he has skills. They come close to kissing before they both pull away and each make a comment about "this" not being worth it.

Michelle and Tony continue to paint each other and tease each other. They are interrupted by Ray coming to see Michelle. They try to hide, but he sees them.

Buzz offers Lillian some pie, but she says she has to get back to the hospital. She tells him to call her if he needs to talk or anything. Harley witnesses the flirting. She wants to know what is going on (after Lillian leaves). He tries to change the subject and asks about court. She tells him she can't keep track of all the women in his life. Buzz tells her that Lillian just walked him across the street after his check-up. Harley tells him that she wouldn't mind if they got married (jokingly). Then seriously, she tells him that he should ask her out. Marina comes over and asks about court. Harley doesn't elaborate much. She tells Marina that she is proud of the young lady she has become, and that if something happens to her, she wants her to raise Zach (Jude would live with Rick). Gus stops her and tells her that she isn't going to do this.

Lizzie tells Coop that she's been playing him. He tells her she hasn't because he's been playing her. Coop tells her that she was eating out of his hand just like Roxie. She tells him that he was the puppy dog in the situation. He tells her it was an act, and now he's sick of it. He tells her that she should be thrilled that a catch like him would even give a brat like her the time of day. She says he's a catch that anyone would throw back. He says the only reason people talk to her is because of the money. She tells him he has no friends. He tells her that her only friend is a mutt. She says he spits when he talks. Coop says she whines. Lizzie says that he drives a car like a video game. He says her perfume makes him gag. She says she wears a lot of it because his breath stinks. He's surprised she can smell at all with a nose that small. She tells him he's the worst kisser in the world.

He pulls her into a kiss, and then asks how it was. Lizzie tells him that she doesn't get it. She doesn't understand how he could do this to her after her father has been shot, they don't know who the killer is...

Tony tells Ray that he caught them off guard. Ray apologizes. Michelle invites him in after she is decent. Tony doesn't want Ray talking to Michelle. Michelle tells Tony that she wants to talk to him to try to help the Santos's not fall apart. Tony tells her it's too late. After Tony leaves, Michelle tells Ray she wanted to talk to him. He tells her that she may change her mind after she hears what he has to say.

Harley and Gus are outside Company. He's telling her that she doesn't need to say goodbye because she's not going anywhere. Back inside, Buzz asks Marina what is going on. She tells him that Harley told her that she wanted her to take care of Zach if anything should happen. Marina asks if it's that bad.

Buzz tells her that she would be wonderful at the job. Back outside, Harley tries to explain to Gus that if anything should happen that would put her in prison, she wants to make sure she has her bases covered concerning her family.

Tony confronts Danny about Ray coming to talk to Michelle. Danny tells him that he didn't send Ray. He only told Ray that he was moving on. Tony believes him since it's not his style to send in someone else to do his dirty work. Danny tells Tony that if he (Tony) hurts Michelle, he (Danny) will destroy him (Tony). Tony says he loves her and he won't hurt her like Danny did. Tony insinuates that he doesn't think that Danny is moving on.

Ray tells Michelle she should put off the divorce for Tony's sake. He thinks it would be cruel to him if she let him put his heart and soul into this relationship only to have her remember everything and go back to Danny.

Back at the gym, Danny tells Tony that he (Tony) has always made it clear what he wanted-his (Danny's) life, his territory, his house, his wife... Danny says Tony always wants what he can't have, but then when he gets it, he doesn't want it anymore.

Michelle uses Robbie as an excuse to Ray since kids know when something is up. She says it was hard on him when she was trying to make it work with Danny.

Tony defends his relationship with Michelle to Danny. He says they are going to travel, start their own business, and have a life way different than the one she had with Danny.

Ray apologizes to Michelle for upsetting her. She says it had to be said. Ray urges her to look deep inside herself before making a decision she may regret.

Danny tells Tony that Michelle is all his and that he (Tony) won. Tony agrees, and then offers to give Danny back his house. Danny tells him that he has new places to go and doesn't need it.

Coop tells Lizzie that he thought if he got her to fall in love with him, she would sell Company back to his family. She tells him that she though if she got him to fall for her, his family would cooperate more with her at the restaurant. She suggests they stop talking to each other. Coop reminds her that they have to work together. He reminds her of the reservations at Towers. She can't believe he still thinks they are going. Coop tells her it's not a big deal, just dinner. She asks if he wants her to go. He tells her he just asked her. He says they can stand there and argue about this forever or they can go to dinner and eat.

Gus asks Harley to start fighting for herself. She tells him she wants him to help her help her family. She wants him to get Company back in Buzz's name. He tells her he'll do it. She asks why he's doing this-what does he expect to get in the end?

Michelle is upset when Tony comes home. He tells her that whatever Ray said to her, it doesn't matter. She tells him that she tries to be a nice person. He tells her that she saved him. She tells him that what he gave to her was her life back. He tells her that they were meant to be together. He tells her that they are going to start a life together-him, her, and Robbie.

Marina and Zach show up at the gym and run into Danny. She tells him she saw his car outside and came to see him. He asks if she's on babysitting duty, and she confirms that she is. He tells her that Mel & Rick have Robbie so that he can meet with his lawyer. She assumes it's about the divorce, and he tells her that he's filing for full custody of Robbie. She thinks Michelle will freak. Danny tells her about all the plans that Tony just laid out in front of him with not one mention of Robbie. He doesn't think she'll (Michelle) will mind. Marina is surprised. Danny tells her that he only wants Robbie to have a stable home. Marina asks if it's about revenge. Danny tells her that Michelle made her choice, and choices have consequences. This just happens to be one of them.

Coop and Lizzie are relieved that they don't have to "act" anymore. He calls her a spoiled brat and she calls him a clueless pretty boy who thinks he's hotter than he really is.

Harley tells Gus not to be too hard on Lizzie about getting Company back. He tells her he doesn't want to upset her again. She doesn't know what he's talking about. He tells her how upset she got when he was questioning her about Beth. He mentions Lizzie & Beth driving to Company together, and Harley catches that the stories aren't matching up. Harley tells Gus that Beth wasn't lying because she was so upset she couldn't have made anything up. She says that Beth said that Lizzie was already there when she got there. They both realize that Lizzie was there with her father that night before anyone else got there.

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