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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At Towers, Josh and Reva hug and then sit down to a romantic dinner. She thanks him for convincing her to leave the house. He agrees that it is nice and she excuses herself to go to the bathroom. She grabs her purse and Josh tells her that she should ‘resist the urge.’ Reva pretends that she doesn’t know what he is talking about. He assures her that Jonathan will be fine and that the nurse they left him with knows what he is doing. Josh reminds Reva that she is entitled to have a night out with her husband every once in a while. He asks her to enjoy her time with him.

At Reva’s house, Cassie is saying goodbye to the nurse. He tries to give her information about Jonathan’s medicines and Cassie doesn’t really listen. She thanks the nurse and urges him to get on his way. He tells her that he’s not entirely comfortable leaving and Cassie tells him that she’ll remember to tell her sister what a great job he did. She shuts the door, Jonathan comes in the room and she informs him that they are all alone. The two swap snide remarks with one another. Cassie tells him that she hopes he rots in hell. She tells him that it will all end between them tonight.

Inside the Spaulding Mansion study, Alan is telling Gus that he is a disappointment. He goes on to tell his son that he had high hopes for him being CEO of the company and that now he’s ashamed. Alan adds in that he’s become a liability to Spaulding and that he wants to remove his son as CEO. Gus doesn’t seem to want to hear anything his father has to say and simply demands to know where Beth is. He reminds his father that he doesn’t have the time to listen to his ‘crap.’ He tells his father that he knows Beth has information about the night Phillip was murdered and that Alan’s stonewalling makes Gus believe that he knows information as well. He asks his father to please tell him where she is. He reminds his father not to get in the way of his job to clear Harley. Alan looks at his son as though he can’t believe what has just said.

Beth tells Harley that it is all too unbelievable and falls to the floor while sobbing. Harley tries to console her while Beth tells Harley that it is something she will have to live with forever. Harley tells Beth that she will help her get through whatever it is that happened. She reminds Beth that Phillip was over the edge and that there may not have been any other choice. Beth tells Harley that she was scared and desperate. She goes on to tell Harley that she may think she knows what happened that night, but she has no idea. Harley promises to help Beth. Both women are emotional as Beth wonders if Harley could really understand. Harley promises to understand as it could have been either one of them that killed Phillip. Beth looks at Harley as she pleads for her to tell her what happened.

Gus tells his father that he likes Beth, but that what she knows may clear Harley. He tells his father that he simply needs to know what happened. Alan tells his son that Beth knows nothing. He goes on to tell Gus that since Phillip’s death Gus has been a horrible Spaulding in both the professional and personal aspect. He tells Gus that he’s had enough and as far as he’s concerned Gus is a traitor to the Spaulding family. Gus looks at his father as if he doesn’t know what going on. He tells Alan that he doesn’t understand how his trying to clear Harley is being a traitor. Gus retorts and calls his father a bully. He reminds his father of everything he did for his family earlier and tells Alan that he did it regardless of what it cost him. Alan belittles the fact that Gus lost Harley. Alan accuses Gus of wanting to pin the murder on Beth simply as a means to get back at the family for what happened to him and Harley. Alan goes on to remind Gus that there is no need for the whole family, especially Lizzie and James to suffer. Gus reminds his father that Harley has children too, one of which is a Spaulding. He comments that perhaps they simply don’t ‘count’ as they weren’t conceived by both Beth and Phillip. Gus calls his father a hypocrite. Alan scoffs at his comment and informs his son that he will not allow him to railroad Beth. Gus calls his father ‘Mr. Rationalization’ and tells him that he’s not allowed to ‘rewrite the rules’ at his own whim. Alan’s phone rings and he leaves to take it telling Gus that it is business. Alan tells his son that business does take precedent over everything, especially when 7 million dollars are at stake. He tells his son to leave and walks away. As Gus is leaving the study he runs into Lizzie. He looks back as she’s headed into the study and asks her if she knows where her mother is.

Jonathan tells his aunt that she should ‘chill out’ and have a beer. He comments that she should try a pain killer as well and tells her that the alcohol and drugs make a great combination. He wonders what she is doing there and Cassie simply looks at him. She tells him that she came by to thank him for the flowers. He looks shocked.

She shows him the card that came with the flowers and he laughs. HE tells her that he didn’t send the card and wonders who she told about the night they spent together. She tells him that she told no one. Cassie tells Jonathan that she needs to know exactly what happened that night. He looks at her, yawns, and tells her that he’s disappointed that she can’t remember what happened. He adds in that the card should read ‘babies’ plural as she’s on fertility drugs. He laughs at the thought of ‘baby Edmund and Cassie’s running around.’ She turns and looks at his pill bottle. She reads that he’s not supposed to take his medicine with alcohol and watches and he takes a drink of beer. Jonathan comments that he could understand how things would get weird if she became pregnant. He wonders if she’s even spent alone time with her new husband yet, or if she’s been too racked wit guilt. She tells him to shut up and informs him that she’s not pregnant. He asks her to hand him a beer and she tells him that he shouldn’t drink so much. He lets her know that the ‘booze and pain killer trip’ is smooth. He lays his head down and it looks as though he is sleeping. Cassie takes a pill from the bottle and is looking at it when Reva and Josh walk in.

Reva wonders what her sister is doing there and where the nurse is. She looks at Jonathan and demands to know what Cassie has done to her son.

Lizzie wonders what Gus wants with her mother. She asks if it has anything to do with the murder case and Gus admits that it does. He tells her that he simply had a theory that he wanted to run by her mother. Lizzie wonders what it is that he needs to talk to her about. He passes it off as being ‘complicated.’ Lizzie wonders how and why Gus is even trying to get Harley off. He reminds her that he believes she is innocent. Lizzie scoffs at the idea and reminds Gus of all the evidence that the police collected against Harley. She even goes so far as to remind Gus that Frank wouldn’t have arrested his own sister if he didn’t have cause. He becomes defensive and tells Lizzie that all the supposed evidence is circumstantial. She tells him to ‘wake up.’ He stands next to Lizzie and tells her that she couldn’t have killed Phillip. She wonders if he has any concrete evidence that tells him that Harley didn’t kill Phillip. He tells her that he doesn’t and she tells him to drop it.

Beth tells Harley that she felt she needed to stop Phillip from taking her children away. She adds in that her only weapon against Phillip was their history together and that she felt she could get to him in a way no one else could. She goes on to say that she could sense the set up when he offered to give James back. She tells Harley that her only hope to get her kids was to remind him of what was. She tells Harley that she put on the blue dress that was Phillip’s favorite. She tells Harley that she headed to Company to seduce Phillip to get the kids back.

Harley adds in that she understands and Beth tells her that she can’t. She tells Harley that she was prepared to seduce Phillip and leave the country with him. Harley tries to console Beth. She doesn’t think that Harley understands and explains that she was prepared to leave the country with their kids and never look back. Harley still commends Beth, telling her that tricking Phillip was the only way. Beth goes on to explain that it wasn’t going to be a trick. She tells her that she wanted to leave with Phillip and keep the children. Harley can’t believe what she is hearing.

Cassie tells Reva that she came to the house simply to talk to Jonathan. Reva looks at her sister and then questions why Jonathan is acting loopy. Cassie tells her sister that Jonathan has been drinking all night long as well as taking pain killers. She reminds her sister that he really shouldn’t have been mixing the two. Cassie hands her sister the bottle of pills and tells her that the nurse gave him two pills earlier. Reva accuses Cassie of wanting to give Jonathan more medication. Josh stops Reva before she goes on and Cassie tells him not to worry about it. She admits to them that she wanted to give him more medication in hopes that it would shut him up for a while, but that she didn’t want to kill him. She adds in that she is so sick of everything Jonathan has been doing. Cassie accuses Jonathan of getting a free ride from Reva. Josh wonders where the nurse is and Jonathan tells him that Cassie sent the nurse home. He quips in telling them all that ‘Cassie wanted more time alone’ with him. Josh warns Jonathan to watch his mouth and Jonathan wonders why his mother hasn’t told Josh what happened. Cassie calls Jonathan a ‘sick freak’ and begins to leave. Josh stops Cassie and wonders what happened. Reva tells Josh that she thinks they should talk about it some other time. Jonathan thinks that as they’re all together as a family that they should talk about it now. Jonathan tells Josh that Cassie got Jonathan into bed. Cassie tells Josh that Jonathan drugged her and won’t tell her what happened. Josh demands to know when all of this happened and Cassie admits to Josh that it happened the night before her wedding. He looks at Reva and wonders why this is the first he’s heard of it. He wonders why Reva didn’t tell him. She admits that she purposely did not tell him because she felt he would take Cassie’s side. Josh looks at her with disbelief. Jonathan smiles.

Gus tells Lizzie that she should want to know who killed her father. She admits to him that she simply wants to not be treated differently. She tells him how she’s sick of seeing her father’s face on the front of the newspaper wondering who the killer was. He tells her that she looks like she hasn’t been sleeping lately. He wonders where Beth is and she refuses to tell him. She adds in that she knows for a fact that her mother did not kill her father. Gus wonders how she knows that. She admits that she was with her mother every single second the night that her father died.

Harley tells Beth that she doesn’t understand. Beth admits that she was going to help Phillip steal the children because all she cared about were her children. Beth tells her that she never even changed her mind and that when she got to the parking lot that there will already people there. She tells Harley that she was so nervous that she needed to have a bottle of wine to calm down. She admits that she didn’t think she could convince Phillip, but that she needed to go inside the restaurant and hope that he would give her the children back. Harley looks at Beth with disdain while Beth tells her that when she got to Company that the police and ambulance were already there. She adds in that Lizzie was already there and that she was too late. Harley grabs Beth and shakes her. She wonders how she can go on and on about how she was worried about her own children, but that she was willing to deprive she and Olivia of theirs. She wonders how Beth could do that to Jude, Zach and Emma. Beth wonders how Harley could rob a child of their parent as well. She pushes Harley back and challenges Harley to hate her for what she almost did. She tells Harley that she must understand the desperation and wonders what she did while Beth was planning on running away with Phillip. She wonders if Harley shot Phillip and Harley begins crying. She admits to Beth that she simply doesn’t know. She tells Beth that they were both crazed with worry that night. Beth tells Harley that no one can understand what it was like for her that night. She goes on that she had a plan for when she and Phillip ran away. Beth realizes that Harley truly doesn’t know if she killed him or not. Harley wonders if she could have killed Phillip and comments that at least Beth knows what she was doing that night. She apologizes to Beth about Phillip’s death and for letting him get under her skin. Beth reminds her that he got to everyone and the two hug.

Gus is pacing around and listens to Lizzie as he questions her about what she was doing that night. She tells him that she was with her mother the whole night. He wonders what Beth was wearing when they left. She reminds him that her mother was wearing a green top and skirt. Gus keeps grilling her and she becomes exasperated at having to repeat herself. She tells Gus that since he heard it from her that perhaps he can leave her mother alone. He tries one last time to find out where Beth is. She refuses to tell him and he leaves. Alan sees him leaving and walks into the study. She tells him that Gus was talking to her about the night her father died. She brushes it off and tells him that she didn’t reveal anything to Gus that he didn’t already know. He wonders why Gus was questioning Lizzie about the night Phillip died. Alan leaves and Lizzie wonders where he was going.

Josh tells everyone that he wants them to be straight with him. He wants to know exactly what happened the night before Cassie’s wedding. Both Reva and Josh begin to tell Josh what happened and he tells them that he needs to hear Cassie’s version. She tells him that it doesn’t matter as Reva will always take Jonathan’s side. Reva jumps in and tells Josh that it simply isn’t true. She brings up Jonathan’s accident and tells Josh that she didn’t believe that Josh threw her son down the stairs. He looks at her and tells her that he’s not sure what she believed about that night. The two begin to argue about what happened between Jonathan and Josh. Josh tells Reva that he can’t argue with her anymore. He tells her that he thinks Jonathan is getting in between her and everything she loves. Cassie agrees with him. Reva tells the two of them that she thinks that the people she loves are getting in between her and her son. Reva tells Josh that from the moment they walked into the house that Josh has taken Cassie’s side. She tells him that it hurts her because she thought that they were having a nice evening and getting somewhere. He tells her that she was right to feel that way because they were making progress. He reminds her that he’s not going toile to her to make her happy. He wonders that if everyone is so unhappy maybe Reva should take a second look. Reva tells Jonathan that the only reason Cassie is unhappy is because she can’t get past what Jonathan did to Tammy. Cassie wonders how her sister can get past it. Cassie compares what happened to Tammy to rape and then accuses Reva of moving on because of being racked with guilt. She tells Reva that she is so angry with her that she doesn’t know if she even wants to speak with her again. She walks out and Reva sits there. Josh tells Reva that she should go after her sister. Reva doesn’t move and Josh goes after her. Outside, he apologizes for everything. She thanks him for his apology and wonders why Reva isn’t sorrier. He begs her not to give up on Reva and reminds Cassie that Reva hasn’t been herself. Cassie wonders what her sister has been thinking.

Josh reminds her that they’re a family and that together they will all get through it. She tells him that the big problem is that Reva considers Jonathan family as well. She goes on to explain that he shouldn’t have stuck up for her because it will cause more problems between him and Reva. He laughs and tells her that they will get through it. He adds in that he wanted her to know he was in her corner. The two hug as Cassie thanks him. Reva watches from inside and shakes her head. She assures Jonathan that it will all work out and takes a swig of a beer.

Beth tells Harley that the two of them should agree not to judge one another for what they may or may not have done the night Phillip died. She tells Harley that she is ashamed of herself and asks Harley that she not share it with anyone. Harley’s phone rings and Beth leaves the room. Harley picks up the phone. Gus, who is at Towers moves to the balcony for privacy and wonders what she found out. Alan watches as he son leaves the main dining room. Harley tells Gus that Beth is innocent. She doesn’t tell him how she found out, or details but just that Beth didn’t kill Phillip. He mentions that they need to re-look at the case. She tells him that she can’t stand by while they make someone into another suspect. She tells him that she has to face the fact that she may have killed Phillip. Alan stands by the door and overhears as Gus tells Harley to come back into Springfield. He reminds her that she shouldn’t have left the state.

Harley becomes angered and throws something at a mirror. Gus continues talking into the phone assuring her that he will find the real killer.

Lizzie is sitting alone in the study crying while she looks at a photo of her father.

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