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By Jenny
Pictures by Suzanne

Holly was outside Towers, talking on the phone. She was talking to one of Blake and Ross' kids, trying to track down Ross. The kids didn't seem to know when their parents would be home, so Holly said goodbye and hung up. Then she flashbacked to Sebastian falling out of the plane. Just then, Bloss walked up and startled Holly. She said she'd been trying to track them down. She told Ross she needed a little legal advice.

She said she also wanted him to drive her to the eye doctor. Blake offered to go with them, but Holly claimed she didn't want to ruin Blake's evening. Ross told Blake to order dinner, and he'd take Holly to the doctor. He said he'd be back in no time.

When they arrived at the hospital, Ross quickly figured out that Holly wanted to go to the AA meeting, not the eye doctor. Holly asked Ross if he would go with her, since her sponsor was out of town and she couldn't find Billy. Ross said of course he'd go with her. But when they got to the room where the meeting was held, it was empty. There was a sign saying that scheduling had changed, and the meeting were now held at several other locations. Ross told Holly to pick one and he'd drive her there. Holly said no, they should just forget it. Sensing that she really wanted to talk to him alone, Ross suggested they have the meeting by themselves. Holly agreed and they went into the empty meeting room.

Holly stood up, said her name and that she was an alchoholic, that she's recently been tempted to drink, etc. She said she'd fought off the temptation to drink, but she had another addicted. She said she'd been addicted to a man (meaning Roger)who was no good for her, but she kept letting him ruin her life anyway because he made her feel so good. She said she'd let it ruin her life, let it come between her and one of her children, and she still couldn't stop herself. But, she said, he had died and she thought she was free of her addiction. She thought it was finally over. Since he wasn't around anymore, there was nothing to tempt her. But, she continued, she soon became entralled with another man (meaning Sebastian) and allowed herself to get sucked in the way she had with Roger. She said her addiction had just been lying dormant, waiting for an opportunity. Then Sebastian showed up and pushed all her buttons and she should have known better but...she didn't. She admitted that because of it she put herself and several others in danger. She said she survived, but Sebastian didn't. She said she tried to help him but he was gone. But she knew the addiction was still there and she would always have to fight it.

When she finally finished, Ross assured her that she was not alone. Holly thanked him and they started to leave. Then Holly said wait, there was more she wanted to say. She told Ross about the plane and how Sebastian had died. Ross said it sounded like an accident, she was just defending herself, she couldn't blame herself. Holly said she wondered if she would have saved him if she could. She wondered if she was too weak to let him live. Ross said he wasn't going to let Holly blame herself, Sebastian was a dangerous man and she was only defending herself. Holly said she wondered if others would see it that way. Ross asked if she meant Blake. She said yes, Blake wanted so much to know Sebastian. Ross assured Holly that Blake didn't have to know. He reminded her that what was said in an AA meeting was private. Holly thanked him and they left.

Meanwhile, at the Spaulding manse, Bill snuck in somehow and grabbed Alan by the throat, saying Alan had caused him and Olivia enough problems for the last time. Olivia ran in and broke them up. She told Bill to leave before he got arrested and said she'd handle things with Alan. She convinced him not to call security. Bill reluctantly left.

He went to Towers and ran into Blake, who asked him to join her. She told him she'd decided to lift the restraining order on Dinah. Bill said he was glad, he wanted to see Dinah turn her life around. Blake said it was a pity some people didn't get the chance. Bill asked if she meant her brother and she said yes. Bill said it was unfortunate about Hart's early death.

Blake said yeah, him too. Then she explained that her other brother, Sebastian had died. She said how Holly had been with him when he died but was too upset to talk about it now. She said she wished she could get some closure, see his grave or something. Bill said he thought he'd feel the same way. Blake said she just needed to see his final place or grave to finalize it for her. Then she said "Maybe I can" and looked like she was getting an idea.

Blake left Bill at the table and went outside, where she ran into Ross. He said he'd dropped Holly off at home and asked if she was ready to leave. Blake said yes, she wanted to stop and see her mom on the way home. Ross asked why. Blake said she was worried about Holly. Ross told her not to ask Holly about Sebastian. Blake demanded to know what he knew. He denied knowing anything, saying he only meant that Holly had been through a lot and was lucky to be alive. Blake sighed and said she wished Sebastian had that luck.

At that point, they cut to a scene in the jungle, apparently back on Santo Domingo. There was a hand moving in the leaves. The camera moved back to reveal that it was Sebastian, lying on the ground in the jungle. He looked pretty banged up, but he was still moving.

Back at her home, Holly sat up in bed looking spooked.

Back at the Spaulding manse, Olivia told Alan she was tired of fighting with him. He'd destroyed Slingshot and she was tired of dealing with him. Alan suggested she surrender. She said that word wasn't in her vocab, but she was willing to make a deal. She said she would convince Bill that adopting Emma was a bad idea if Alan let up on them and their business, maybe even helped Slingshot get a few new clients.

She said she'd let Alan see Emma if he'd drop the custody suit to get her away from Olivia. Alan said Bill would never go for it. Olivia said she'd tell Bill that it was her idea, that she didn't think he should adopt Emma. Alan was amused that Olivia would stick it to Bill for the sake of the business. He told Olivia he'd think about it and she left.

Olivia found Bill at Towers and told him what had happened with their little setup. She assured him that Alan would go for the deal eventually, he was just trying to let her twist in the wind for a while. Bill said he regretted that he wasn't going to get to adopt Emma, although he was glad to stick it to Alan. Olivia told him he would be Emma's father in every way that mattered, and Alan was going to pay bigtime. They drank a toast to their little plan.

Meanwhile Gus and Harley were still at the hotel. Harley wanted to go find Beth. Gus said they'd go in the morning after her hearing. Harley said she couldn't stand not knowing and demanded he give her the key. Gus refused, reminding her that his team had won the game and that meant they did things his way. Then Harley started coming on to him, pointing out that he'd chosen to lock her up in a romantic hotel room.

Gus said he would never take advantage of the situation like that. Harley asked what if she wanted him to? Then she started kissing him. Gus pulled away and said they couldn't do this, they were supposed to be just lawyer and client for now. Harley begged him to make love to her, to give her one night to escape from all her problems and just be happy like they used to be. She gave him a sultry kiss and told him not to go anywhere, then went into the bathroom. A few seconds later, Gus heard her yell "Damn!" She came back out, complaining that Gus had arranged for a room with no window in the bathroom. Gus grinned and said he wasn't going to make it that easy for her to escape, duh!

Frustrated, Harley ordered dinner. When it arrived, Gus came out of the bathroom and the bellhop gave him the bill. Harley had apparently ordered upwards of three hundred dollars worht of food! "You said I could have anything I wanted, pookie," Harley told him. Gus looked annoyed but decided it wasn't worth the argument and signed the bill. As the bellhop was leaving, he noticed Harley was gone and looked in the bathroom, but she wasn't there either. Gus noticed the empty cart the bellhop was wheeling away and look underneath.

Sure enough, Harley was stashed there. He told her to get out of there. The bellhop asked, "Do you two play this game often?" "Yeah, usually with handcuffs," Gus responded. The bellhop left and Gush started arguing again. Harley said she couldn't stand not knowing if she was the killer. She said she had to find Beth. Gus reasserted that they'd go looking her her in the morning. Harley said she couldn't take looking at her children and not knowing if their mommy was a murderer. She sank down on the floor, looking upset. Gus stood next to her and started stroking her hair. He told her that he KNEW she didn't do it because she couldn't be the killer. Harley told him the stop saying that. She looked very upset. Gus said he could see that she didn't want him to say it because she was pushing away the very thing she really wanted.

He said she was doing it because she didn't want to hurt him. He said if she was willing to go it alone to avoid hurting anyone else, she couldn't possible be capable of killing anyone. Harley said he was a great witness for the defense, but there was only one person who could tell her what she needed to know to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt she was innocent. But she couldn't get to that person because Gus had her locked up. Gus assured her she could see Beth in the morning. Harley said "Sorry, that's not good enough, I have to know now!" She jumped up, grabbed the room keys and ran for the door. Gus tried to stop her but fell down, realizing that Harley had tied his shoelaces together and to the bedpost while she was sitting on the floor. Harley ran out the door while Gus tried to untie himself.

After Gus finally got free, Harley was long gone, so he went to the Spaulding Manse to see Alan. Gus demanded to know where Beth was. Alan said she was on vacation. Gus said he didn't buy it, Beth knew something about Phillip's murder and Alan sent her away to hide it. Alan denied it. He also got mad and said that Gus was neglecting his duties at Spaulding, having missed an important meeting earlier. He accused Gus of putting Harley above the Spauldings and not being loyal to the family. Gus got mad and yelled that Alan kept demanding he prove his loyalty, and the last time it cost Gus the woman he loved. He added that at the end of the day, it cost Alan his son, too. Alan said he wouldn't put up with Gus defending Phillip's killer, and announced that Gus was fired from Spaulding. (Thank you, Donald Trump.)Gus said Alan couldn't do that, only the board could. Alan said he could convince the board. Gus said he was going to find Beth, he was going to find Phillip's real killer, and then he was going to kick Alan out of the company AND the mansion! Then he stormed out.

Meanwhile, Beth was in the spa, waiting for a massage. Harley crept in, grabbed Beth around the neck, and told her they were going to talk. Beth said she didn't know anything. She got up and backed away from Harley. Harley said she had to know the truth, for herself and her children, and she knew Beth knew something. She said she was fighting for her life and if Beth knew something that could help her...Beth said she knew nothing. Harley didn't believe her. She begged Beth to help her. She said she would help Beth if Beth would just tell her the truth, because Beth loved Phillip, she always had, even on his worst day. She told Beth not to dishonor that love.

Beth said it was too late, she already had. Harley asked what she meant. Beth said, "I...I did something horrible."

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