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By Sarah
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Holly is desperately trying to find Ross, but he's not home and not answering his cell. She flashes back to when Sebastian died. Blake & Ross show up and startle her. Ross thinks she looks like she just saw a ghost. Holly tells Ross she's been trying to track him down all over, and that she needs him.

Alan is on the phone asking about Gus when Bill charges in. Bill tells him that the TV show worked wonders and their clients are dropping off like flies. Bill insists that he is just the competition, not a serial killer. He rubs it in Alan's face that he's adopting Emma. Alan threatens to destroy him and his company. Olivia shows up and breaks them up.

Back at the motel room, Harley is trying to convince Gus to go after Beth. He assures her that they can find Beth after the court appearance tomorrow. He suggests that she pick out a movie. Harley tries to turn the tables on Gus by saying that he picked a romantic motel room and that he wants to be locked up with her. He insists that he wouldn't take advantage of the situation, but Harley asks, "What if I wanted you to?" He reminds her that she is his client and that it wouldn't be right. She excuses herself to the bathroom (attempting to go out the window), but screams in frustration when she discovers there isn't a window.

Blake invites Holly to dinner with them because she wants to ask her more questions about Sebastian. Holly declines. Ross reminds Blake that Holly is still recovering from a terrible ordeal. Holly makes up a lie that she has a doctor's appointment and needs Ross to drive her since she won't be able to see after they put the drops in her eyes. Blake thinks she's going to. Holly says she needs legal advice too and was hoping they could kill two birds with one stone. Ross tells Blake that he'll be back really quick.

Olivia tells Bill and Alan to stop fighting. She convinces Bill to leave and let her talk to Alan alone. Bill leaves. Olivia tells Alan that she's tried of beating her head against a wall trying to fight him. Alan suggests she surrender. She tells him that surrender isn't in her vocabulary, but she's willing to make a deal.

Alan gives her 30 seconds to put her deal on the table. She tells him that if he backs off Slingshot and even points a few clients their way and he agrees not to fight for custody of Emma, then she will not let Bill adopt Emma. Alan doesn't think that Bill will go for this. Olivia tells him that Bill doesn't have to know about the deal. He mocks her willingness to lie to her husband. She reminds him there is NOTHING she wouldn't do to protect Emma. Alan almost respects her for that.

Bill joins Blake at Company. They talk about the TV show. She tells him that she's lifted the restraining order against Dinah. Bill is happy about that. He tells her that his sister has a lot to make up for, but it seems like she's trying to turn her life around. Blake mentions her brother not having the time to turn things around. Bill thinks she's talking about Hart, but Blake tells him about Sebastian and how she never really got to know him. She says she has so many questions, and the only person that can answer them isn't talking.

Ross and Holly are at the hospital. Ross tells her that he knows this is the AA meeting place. She asks if he would go in with her since her sponsor is out of town and she couldn't reach Billy. Of course, he agrees to go with her. He thinks she should've told Blake though. Holly insists that she didn't want to worry Blake or make her think she was drinking again. They go inside, but it's empty. There is a list on the door of other places where meetings are being held that night. Ross tells her to pick one and he'll take her. She thinks she's fine and doesn't need to go now. Ross thinks they can have their own meeting there. She thanks him and agrees.

Room service pays a visit to Gus & Harley's room. Apparently, she has ordered the most expensive items on the menu and charged them to Gus. While Gus is paying the bill, Harley climbs under the dining cart to sneak out. Gus asks Harley if she's ready to eat.

He can't find her anywhere, but then he realizes that she's under the cart. She tells him that she has to know whether or not she's guilty. He again insists that she is. She tells him that she has to have proof-one way or the other. Harley breaks down and pleads with Gus to let her go find Beth. It may be her last chance to prove that she's innocent.

While Gus is trying to comfort her, she ties his shoe laces around the bedpost. She grabs the keys and leaves before he can get up to go after her.

Alan tells Olivia that she hasn't changed and that she'll still sell out at the first chance she gets. She reminds him that she's doing what is best for Emma. She thinks Bill will understand. Alan agrees to consider the offer.

Bill and Blake talk about Sebastian & Holly. She tells him that she sent Michelle and the others off the island, but stayed with him so that he didn't have to die alone. Blake tells Bill that Holly isn't talking about it. She wishes she had some closure. Bill asks why she can't go there and see the grave. Blake thinks she may be able to.

Back at the 2-person AA meeting, Holly confesses that she was tempted to drink, but she didn't. She also confesses that her other addiction is for men that are no good for her. She recounts how she "needed" Roger, and once he was gone, she thought she was cured. Then Sebastian came along and brought everything back. She confesses that she put herself and everyone else in danger because of her addiction. Ross assures her that she's not alone and that they are all there to help her. She tells him there is more.

She confesses to killing Sebastian. She tells Ross that it all happened so fast, and that when she pushed him off her, he fell out of the airplane. Ross tells her that Sebastian is responsible for his own death. He tells her that she fought her demons and Sebastian and she won. She wonders if everyone would agree with them. Ross knows she's talking about Blake. He reminds her that they are still in an AA meeting, so everything that was said HAS to stay in that room. He tells her that Sebastian is gone, and she must get one with her life.

Alan is on the phone with someone about an agreement (assuming it's the one with Olivia). Gus barges in asking where he's hiding Beth. Alan plays dumb and says he's not Beth's keeper. Gus tells Alan that he's harboring a material witness. They argue back and forth about Beth's and Harley's respective innocence.

Alan reminds him that he has a responsibility to the company that Phillip left in his care. Gus tells him that finding the real killer is more important right now. Alan fires Gus from Spaulding.

Beth is at the spa getting ready for a massage. She tells the person (it's really Harley) that she's so tense and she's been waiting for this all day.

Harley tells her that she can run but she can't hide. Beth asks her what she's doing there. Harley tells her that they are going to play a game of truth or consequences.

Ross picks up Blake at company. He tells her that Holly is fine, just tired and that he dropped her off on the way there. Blake wants to stop by and check on her. Ross tells her she can't ask any questions about Sebastian. She thinks he knows something she doesn't. He tells her that her mother has been through and awful experience, and she shouldn't be constantly questioning her about it.

Alone at home, Holly is still haunted by thoughts of Sebastian. Then we see Sebastian alive, but it doesn't reveal where he is.

Olivia joins Bill. He asks if Alan took the bait. She tells him that he will, but he just wanted to see her twisting in the wind a little while longer. Bill thinks that Alan's favorite part was the fact that Olivia was so ready to stab Bill in the back. Olivia just wishes that there was some way to beat Alan and have Bill be Emma's father. He reminds her that it is for the good of the company, and that he and Emma are close and that will never change.

Gus tells Alan that he can't fire him, only the board can. Alan tells him to start acting like a member of this family or he is out. Gus tells him that this isn't about the company. It's about Gus having to prove his loyalty to Alan again and again. He says that he already lost the love of his life once, and he's not about to let her go to prison for something she didn't do just to prove something to Alan. He tells Alan that he'll find Beth on his own, and that he'll prove Harley is innocent. Then he threatens that he'll throw Alan out of the company, out of the house, and out of his life.

Beth tells Harley that she doesn't know anything that would help Harley. Harley keeps pushing her and tells her that their children deserve to know how their father died. She tells Beth that she (Beth) loved Phillip more than anyone, even on his bad days, and that Beth owes it to that love to come clean. Beth says it's too late and that she did something horrible.

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