Guiding Light Update Friday 1/21/05



By Sarah
Pictures by Amanda

Jonathan is mopping around because he is stick in the wheelchair. There is a knock at the door-it's Tammy. He tells her that Reva isn't there. She tells him she came to see him.

At Company, Josh and Sandy discuss his new position. Josh tells him that he will be working 6-7 days a week. Sandy tells him that avoiding his home is letting Jonathan win.

The Coopers are getting ready for the football game. Danny shows up, and Frank is less than pleased. Danny informs him that Buzz invited him. Marina takes off with Danny for the game.

Harley & Gus are at the football field waiting to meet Buzz. They don't know what they are there for though. They rehash everything again about how Gus doesn't think Harley is the killer. She tells him she can handle anything but false hope. Buzz shows up blowing a whistle and asks them if they need a referee. He tells them the rest of the gang should be there soon and that they are playing Cooper football. Gus tells them they need to work on Harley's case since the pre-trial hearing is tomorrow. Harley convinces him to play with a bet. If her team wins, they'll handle the investigation her way. If his team wins, she'll do whatever he wants. The rest of the gang shows up, and Frank assumes that he's going to be a team captain. Harley tells him the new plan. Harley picks first-Frank. Gus picks Danny.

Harley picks Coop. Gus picks Lizzy (he feels sorry for her). Harley picks Marina. Buzz offers to be the 4th on Gus' team, but Alexandra shows up looking like she's getting ready to make a bad aerobics tape from the 80's. The outfit is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! Before the game starts, Harley tries to call Beth, but she isn't home, and they don't know where she's at.

Sandy tells Josh that if he avoids his house, he'll be handing Reva to Jonathan on a silver platter. Reva shows up to pick up take-out. Josh asks her to stay and eat with them, but she won't. Josh gives Sandy a bunch of paperwork to take home, and he leaves. After Sandy is gone, Reva asks Josh if he hired Sandy to get back at Jonathan.

Jonathan tells Tammy to stay a while and that he won't bite unless she wants him to. She tells him that he should think about other things. He tells her that the average guy thinks about sex every 10 seconds, and he thinks he cuts that in half. He asks about her, and she replies, "with you? NEVER!" She asks him what he did to her mom. He asks what Cassie said. She tells him nothing, but that she can tell there's something going on between her and Reva and that it most likely has something to do with him. He plays the "everybody thinks I'm trouble" card, and then taunts her about her secretly liking it. She asks again what is going on. He talks in circles, and asks about the wedding. She tells him that everyone thinks Cassie was late because something Jonathan did. He acts like everyone is blaming EVERYTHING on him. She asks him if he came back to the hotel room the night before the wedding. She thinks he hid in a closet and was a peeping-tom. He tells her that she should know that he doesn't just look. She gets frustrated and goes to leave. He tells her that Sandy will never make her forget about him because there's no comparison. She tells him he's right about that.

Josh tells Reva that he hired Sandy because he's a good worker. Reva tells him that it feels like everyone is taking sides-her & Jonathan against everyone else. Josh assures her that the only side he's on is hers. She invites him to have dinner with her & Jonathan, but he tells her he has a ton of work to do. She goes to the counter to pick up her food (Sandy is there). She congratulates him on the job.

Back at the football game, everyone is taunting everyone else: Marina vs. Danny, Lizzie vs. Coop, etc. Marina tells Coop that watching him make nice with Lizzie makes her sick. Harley tells Lizzie that she wants to find Phillip's killer as much as anyone in town. She asks about Beth. Lizzie tells her that she needed some time alone. They get back to the game. Harley gets hurt on the next play and is sidelined. While everyone else is playing, she "accidentally" lets Lizzie's dog out of the bag and happens to get Lizzie's cell phone that has a number to a spa on it. Harley thinks they have found Beth.

Tammy lists everything that Jonathan IS that Sandy is NOT: selfish, rude, cruel, etc. He tells her that she wishes she wanted a guy like Sandy, but she really wants him. She tells him that he's the one that can't let go of the past. She also tells him that the night she spent with him didn't change her at all, and that he wasn't even that good. She leaves with him telling her to come back. She tells him she has friends to see, but he wouldn't know anything about that since he doesn't have any.

Harley knocks Lizzie's bag over, and while she's trying to get it back together, Lizzie finds her.

Tammy goes up on the roof of Sandy's apartment building to find it decorated for her. Sandy is glad she found his note. She asks what all this is for. He tells her that this is her ticket to the hottest show in town.

Buzz and Frank talk about Harley's case. Frank tells him that Gus turned down a plea bargain before Jeffrey even explained the terms. Buzz asks Frank if he thinks she did it. Frank admits that it worries him that she has no memory of that night. Buzz agrees. Frank asks Buzz if he thinks she did it, and Buzz says he wishes he could say no.

Harley tries to tell Lizzie that her bag fell over, but Lizzie tells her it was zipped. Coop comes over to see what is going on. Harley tells him that Lizzie thinks she was going through her bag. Coop asks if she was (so that Lizzie would think he's taking her side over Harley). Harley makes up a lie that she was trying to check her make-up so that she doesn't look bad in front of Gus. Lizzie tells her to ask next time and leaves. Harley gives Coop a hard time for taking Lizzie's side. Buzz lets Gus know that he doesn't want him representing Harley anymore because he's too emotionally involved. Gus convinces him that he'll prove that Harley is innocent. Frank watches Marina and Danny flirting and gets upset. He lays into Danny when the game starts. Then he tells him to stay away from Marina since everyone around him ends up hurt. Marina tells Frank that she wanted to go with Danny to find Michelle. She tells Danny that Frank is just overprotective. He tells her that maybe he's not worth it.

Harley tells Gus that she scored the number to the spa where Beth is. She wants to go there, but he suggests they prepare her defense. He doesn't want her to leave the state and skip out on her bail. He tells her that since his team won the game, they are playing this by his rules, and they leave together.

Back on the rooftop, Tammy can't believe that Sandy did all this for her. He gives her the binoculars to see the "show"-the polar bear club that meets every Thursday and swims naked. He tells her that when he's depressed he comes up there and watches the ugly naked people. Sandy tells her they have hamburgers or pizza, but the food is cold. She tells him that he knows a lot about her, but she hardly knows anything about him. He tells her that his family wasn't that fortunate growing up. She calls him a liar.

Reva comes home with dinner for Jonathan. He tells her that it must be hard being stuck between him and Josh, and that he doesn't want her to think that Josh pushed him down the stairs. Reva tells him that he's lashing out, trying to make everyone else look bad so that he'll feel better about himself. She tells him to find a new way to express his anger. He tells her he'll leave if she doesn't want him there. She tells him that he can't play hurt every time they have a conversation because it won't get them anywhere. She tells him to give them a chance. Josh comes in. Reva is surprised that he's home. He tells her that they are going out for dinner and dancing. She tells him she can't leave Jonathan home alone. Josh tells them that he hired a nurse to take care of Jonathan. Jonathan is excited thinking it'll be a hot nurse, but it's really Igor, a really BIG, burly guy. Reva is hesitant, but Josh insists that she has to come.

Tammy tells him that his family had to have money to afford to send him to boarding school in Switzerland. He tells her that money doesn't make you rich. Having people in your life that love you is what makes you rich. He tells her that his family was traveling when he was away at school. She asks if that's why he pretended to be Jonathan. He tells her that for a while, he knew what it was like to be in a real family. She asks if he feels poor again. He tells her that he's never felt richer.

Reva decides to go with Josh. Jonathan is less than pleased. He refuses to let Igor help him. He tries to call Tammy to harass her, but she doesn't pick up since she is with Sandy dancing on the rooftop.

Marina tells Danny that she likes him and that she doesn't care what her dad says. Meanwhile, Coop and Lizzie are playing their little game some more. They end up in a challenge, and Lizzie makes a touchdown in Coops end zone. He's doing a victory dance, and she is making fun of him. They end up on the ground having a "moment", but they get up before anything happens.

Alexandra tells Buzz that it was nice to imagine for a second that they were still together and that Harley and Gus were still together. They talk about Phillip. Buzz tells her that Harley didn't do it, and Alex tells him that she hopes he's right and that Harley can prove it.

Harley and Gus are in a motel room (I think), and she tries to fake like she's going to sleep so that he'll leave and she can go find Beth. He sees through her scheme and tells her that they are both staying there for the night and he locks the door

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