Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/19/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At Towers, Michelle and Tony are seated at a table. He comments how the first night back in town that he is sick. Tony wonders why they’re spending time at Towers and claims that it’s not really ‘their scene.’ Michelle wonders what their scene is and reminds him that they haven’t had that much down time together. The two begin to look at the menus so that they can figure out what they want.

Marina is sitting outside Elizabeth & Company with a cup of coffee when Coop joins her. He mentions that the only reason he’s even outside is because it annoys Lizzie. Marina wonders if Lizzie is even noticing. Just then Lizzie comes outside. She wonders if Coop is feeling ok as he’s been taking so many breaks. She mentions that with the two of them on break it makes her wonder who is looking after the restaurant. Marina makes a rude remark and reminds Lizzie that she should be doing it, since it is her restaurant. Lizzie smiles and tells Marina that she’s one hundred percent correct. She tells them to enjoy themselves and heads back inside. Coop tells Marina that Lizzie is crazy about him. Danny suddenly shows up and Marina looks shocked. She mentions that she didn’t think they were getting together until later. Coop watches as the two of them talk and Danny tells her that he was simply hungry. The two smile at one another and Danny heads inside. Coop watches Marina as she looks on as Danny heads inside. She mentions that Buzz is going to ‘eat him alive.’ Coop shakes his head and tells Marina that he hopes he does.

Inside Elizabeth & Company, Lizzie is following Buzz around while he clears tables. She wants him to get Coop and Marina back inside. He refuses, telling her that her employee issues are her own. He heads toward the bar and Danny says hello to him. Buzz shrieks out his name and tells him that he’s happy he’s alive. Buzz tells Danny that luckily now he can kill him.

At Towers, Dinah walks in and directly to the bar. She makes a phone call on her cell phone. She tells Jonathan, who is on the other end that she would hate to see him blow an opportunity where he could truly do some harm to Cassie. She asks him to call her back later and hangs up. She smiles and thinks that Jonathan is going to disappoint her.

On the Farmhouse porch, Cassie has her hands full of groceries and knocks on the door. Edmund pops his head outside and tells her to come back later. She reminds him that she lives there and has to drop the groceries in order to open the door. She walks in and he hands her a drink in a coconut. He has the house decorated as an island. He goes on to tell her that he wanted to bring their honeymoon to them as they’ve been so busy. She smiles, looks around and tells him that it seems weird. He explains that she’s been in a foul mood and that he simply wanted to liven things up with flowers and rum. She tells him that she’s no longer distracted and the two kiss.

Dinah is back on her cell phone checking to make sure that an order she placed gets to Cassie. Dinah thinks that Jonathan will thank her later.

Alexandra walks into Elizabeth & Company. She mentions that she saw some of the staff sitting outside. Lizzie looks out the window and tells her aunt that it is all part of the game. Alex wonders what game her niece is playing now. Lizzie smiles and tells Alex that she can’t believe that she had a real moment with Coop earlier. Alex smiles, laughs and tells Lizzie to be careful. Lizzie thinks nothing of it and passes it off as not a big deal. She tells her aunt that it simply means her plan is working, that Coop likes her. She goes on to tell her aunt that Coop even agreed to hang out with her. She thinks that she will take him someplace where he is completely out of his element. Alex laughs nervously and mentions that it sounds like the start of every relationship. She adds in that with all of the manipulation that Phillip would be proud of her.

Danny stands up and tells Buzz that he guesses he heard about the trip. Buzz refers to it as ‘almost getting my granddaughter killed.’ He goes on to explain to Danny that he was actually excited that Marina might get a chance to go away and have a chance to remove herself from what was happening in the family. He tells him that he wanted her to be off doing something normal. He goes on to explain that running around the Caribbean to save Michelle is not normal. Danny tells Buzz that he wasn’t going to let anything happen to Marina. Buzz comes back telling Danny that he’s sure that’s the same thing he told Michelle before he blew her up. Marina happens to be standing in the door and overhears her grandfather’s last comment.

Michelle tells Tony that they have to have things to talk about. Tony agrees and tells her that he loves her, but that he’s on one of the worst dates he’s ever been on. He thinks that they should go home and she tells him that there will be time for that later. She tells him that they need to work on the dating part. The two make small talk again and it is painfully obvious that Tony wants to leave. Ross and Blake come inside the restaurant. Ross calls out to Michelle and they walk over to Tony & Michelle’s table. Michelle smiles up at them. Blake comments how everyone is telling her how mean and awful her brother was. She goes on the mention how neither on of them look like they’re having a bad time.

Edmund and Cassie continue to kiss on their ‘island.’ He stops and tells her that he has more surprises for her. He promises that he will be back soon and then gets up and leaves. Tammy walks in and is surprised at the way the place looks. Cassie gives her daughter a hug. She offers to make food for her and Tammy lets her mother know that she just came over to pick up a sweater. She mentions that she knows her mother wants her to move home for good, but that she can’t. The two remark how great it is to see one another smile. Tammy starts to say something to her mother and stops short. Cassie doesn’t let her get by with that and tells her she can say anything. Tammy wonders why her mother took off in the middle of her own wedding. She tells her that it all seemed very weird and odd. Cassie reminds her daughter that she came back and that everything will be fine. Tammy smiles.

At Towers, Edmund is holding flowers in his hands when he sees Dinah. She comments how odd it is that he’s not on his honeymoon. He informs her that he’s there to pick up a romantic dinner for him and his new wife. Dinah smiles and makes a comment about ‘people’ saying that their marriage wouldn’t last. He claims she is baiting him and asks her to stop. She shakes her head and reminds him that of she truly wanted to stop the wedding that she could of. She adds in that she had the option of telling everyone why Cassie skipped out on the nuptials, but didn’t. She congratulates him.

Lizzie comes outside and tells Coop that she needs to have him clean the grease traps on the grill. He stands up and tells her that he will be more than happy to. He goes on to mention that the other day he was thinking about their date. She assures him that she has it all figured out and he mentions that he had it planned as well.

Marina sneaks into the kitchen while Danny talks to Buzz. Danny reassures Buzz that he would never jeopardize Marina’s safety. He goes on to admit that Marina has been great to both him and Robbie lately. He calls Marina a great friend. Buzz wonders if this is a prepared speech and Danny admits that it was. He tells Buzz that he was going to tell either him or Frank, whomever he ran into first. Buzz goes on to remind Danny that there are ‘more ways to hurt a woman.’ Danny tells him that Marina is very clear on where the two of them stand. Buzz sighs and begins clearing tables again. Danny sits down and sees Marina. He mentions that he was ‘smoothing things out’ with her grandfather. She wonders how it went and he tells her it went ok. She looks at him and reminds him that now would be a bad time to start lying to her.

Tony tells Blake that she has no idea the kind of person her brother was. She claims that she has a right to know what her brother’s last few moments were like. Michelle tells Blake that she should consider herself lucky that she didn’t know him very well. She mentions that Sebastian is like Roger. Blake mentions that Michelle has no idea what her father was like. Michelle sighs and tells Blake that she understands that both Roger & Sebastian were her family, before she can finish her sentence Blake butts in. She wonders if it is the same for Michelle when it comes to Danny and Robbie as they’re Michelle’s family. Tony tells them all that Sebastian put them through hell and the one good thing to come out of it was their being together. Ross mentions that they were simply worried about Michelle. As he is talking to Ross & Blake Michelle stands up and leaves. Tony doesn’t notice until Blake mentions that his new girlfriend doesn’t like sitting next to him. Tony looks confused.

Edmund tells Dinah that the only feasible way that she could know why Cassie didn’t show up at the ceremony would be if she caused it. Dinah tells him that she doesn’t believe that she is the only one who could have ruined their wedding. Edmund reminds her that it had to have been either him or her. Dinah seems flippant and tells Edmund that he should be grateful that Jeffery convinced Cassie to head back to the barn then. She casually mentions that Jeffery has a way with words. She goes on to tell Edmund that he should expect to owe Jeffery. She adds in that if no one knows what Jeffery said to Cassie then perhaps it is all better left unsaid. Edmund looks worried.

Tammy opens the farmhouse door and finds a package of flowers. She signs for them and tells her mother she has a package. They both think they’re from Edmund and Tammy urges her mother to read the card. Cassie reads the card and discovers it isn’t from Edmund. The card reads “A stork doesn’t judge. A baby is a blessing even if it was conceived the night before the wedding.” Cassie drops the card and Tammy wonders if everything is ok.

Coop thinks that he and Lizzie should play football on their date. He claims that it is a Cooper Family tradition and Lizzie doesn’t seem so thrilled with the idea. He tells her that she should be honored to even be invited. He mentions that he doesn’t even think at Spaulding has ever even been invited to the game. Lizzie reminds Coop that some Spaulding’s married into the family and wonders if they ever went. Coop thinks that perhaps he should uphold the tradition of going for her father. She tells him that she’d love to go. He grabs her hand and then heads back inside. She looks out around her and thinks to herself that she is dead.

Danny wonders why Marina thinks that she is lying. He asks her how much of the conversation she heard and she wonders how much of it he meant. He tells her that he meant every word and she tells him that she heard only the parts that he meant. She asks him about when he told her grandfather that she was the bright spot in his day. He wonders how long she was listening. He tells her that she is the bright spot in his day, but that he doesn’t want to freak anyone out. The two joke around and Buzz comes out of the kitchen. He stares at the two of them. Alex is sitting at a nearby table and tells Buzz that he should be happy that Marina is smiling as much as she is. Buzz wonders if he is wrong for feeling the way he does about the two of them, and she tells him that he’s not. She mentions that there are a lot of happy couples lately. He tells her that he is sorry about her loss. Alex mentions that it is odd how that one little word can change anything. He wonders if that means he should go over and apologize to Danny. She tells him that it’s not what she’s saying. She just mentions that Marina looks happy and that she deserves it.

The maitre’d hands Tony a note and tells him that his ‘lady friend’ left it for him. He reads the note and then leaves.

Blake watches as Tony gets a note and comments that his relationship with Michelle won’t last. Ross thinks that his wife should let it all go. Blake goes on about how Sebastian is dead and Michelle is with Tony. She adds in that she thinks she should care about what is happening to her family. Ross reminds her that Sebastian not only hurt Michelle and Tony, but Holly as well. Blake realizes that he is right and apologizes. She adds in that she feels like she should be grieving for Sebastian. She reminds him that just because someone does bad things doesn’t mean you care about them any less. She comments that ‘he of all people’ should remember that. He brings up the fact that she didn’t know him for very long before he left town. He doesn’t think that he can compare Blake’s half brother and his child.

Edmund reminds her that the last time she was vague with details that Jeffery ended up on the barn floor. She tells him that she didn’t put the shovel in his hand and refuses to take the blame. He tells her that he’s no longer falling for her lies and that it no longer matters what happened before the wedding. He reminds her that everyone has secrets. She agrees and tells him that it’s never the secrets that get a person; it’s the living with said secrets that gets people. Edmund leaves.

Tammy wonders if her mother is ok. Cassie bends down and picks up the card immediately. She tells Tammy that the card was private. She tells her daughter that she would do anything for her. Tammy tells her mother that she knows that. Cassie goes on about how much she loves the family. Tammy wonders if her mother always flips out when Edmund sends her flowers. She tells her mother to ‘get a grip.’ Cassie claims that she’s worried that Tammy will never come home again. Cassie reminds her daughter that she would do anything for her and hugs her. Tammy pulls away and decides to put the flowers in water. Cassie looks at the card again.

Michelle is sitting on the bleachers at a football field when Tony comes up to her. She wonders what took him so long to get there. He reminds her that she could have taken him with her. She tells him that he’s the reason she left. She thinks that perhaps she isn’t ready to be in public with him. He tells her that it is cool. Michelle doesn’t think it is ok and tells him that it’s more than that. She tells him that she doesn’t want to share him yet.

Dinah goes over to her father’s table and says hello. Ross reminds her of the restraining order. She tells Blake that she heard about the restraining order and that she is sorry. Blake thanks her and Dinah begins to leave. Blake calls for her to come back. She invites her to join them. Dinah tells Blake that she meant what she said about Sebastian. Blake tells her that she doesn’t trust her, but that Ross cares about her. Blake tells Dinah that she needs to respect that because she needs her husband during this hard time. She agrees to lift the restraining order and tells Dinah not to make her regret lifting it.

Cassie notices the flowers on the table on comments how nice they look. Tammy is reading the card that Cassie got with the flowers and Cassie notices. She tells her daughter that she can explain. Tammy tells her mother that she doesn’t want an explanation because it would creep her out. She goes on to tell her mother that she understands why she was so weird on her wedding day that she and Edmund broke ‘the rules.’ Cassie doesn’t correct her daughter and Tammy wonders if her mother is going to have a baby. Cassie tells her daughter that she doesn’t know if they’re pregnant or not. Tammy tells her mother that she wants her to be happy and Cassie tells Tammy the same thing. She begins to tell Tammy how much she loves her when Tammy interrupts her. She tells her mother that she’s trying to move on past the whole thing with Jonathan and that her mother should as well. Cassie tells her daughter that if she can move past it then she can as well. Tammy wishes her mother a ‘happy honeymoon’ and gets ready to leave. As she’s putting on her jacket Edmund comes in with flowers in his hand. Tammy mentions that he doesn’t know when to quit and he looks perplexed. She comments that his secret is safe with her and leaves. He hands Cassie the flowers and she goes to put them in water. Edmund looks at her with a weird look on his face.

Michelle thinks that they will eventually have to face the music. She mentions Robbie and the fact that she has a divorce to contend with. She reminds him that it doesn’t matter where they are. He wonders if she thinks they can make it work and she assure him that she believes they can. He reminds her that to make it work she needs to stop running away from him. She promises him that she won’t bail on him. The two kiss.

Buzz comes over to Marina & Danny’s table. Marina stands up before he has a chance to say anything and tells her grandfather not to start in. He tells her that he won’t. She admits that she shouldn’t have lied to him about going away. Buzz tells Danny that he shouldn’t have been so rude to him earlier. Both Danny and Marina continue talking and Buzz tells them both that they need to learn how to take an apology. He tells Danny that he needs to give him the benefit of the doubt. Buzz invites him to the Cooper football game. Marina mentions that she didn’t think it was going on this year. Buzz tells his granddaughter that Harley wanted them to have the game. Danny laughs about the game and Marina explains to him that it’s a big deal to invite someone not in the family. Coop announces that they have another person to play with. He tells them that Lizzie is coming as well. Alex laughs about Lizzie is playing and Buzz invites her. She agrees. Danny comments that it is going to be an interesting game.

Alex demands that Lizzie tell her everything that she knows about football. Lizzie reminds her that she knows nothing. Alex wonders what happened to Lizzie’s wonderful plan. The two head out to find a sports supply store so that they won’t be embarrassed. Buzz and Coop watch on. Buzz comments that the two Spaulding women won’t know what hit them. Coop comments on how great it will be.

Blake goes on about how she hopes that lifting the restraining order will be a good thing and not something she regrets. Blake goes on about how important family is. Ross thanks her. She goes on to tell them that she will no longer stand in the way of the two of them having a relationship. Blake also thanks Dinah for staying away from Cassie’s wedding. She tells her step daughter that it meant a lot. Blake tells Dinah that she’s tired of arguing. Dinah thanks Blake and then tells them that she needs to make a phone call. Blake tells Ross that she’s tired of fighting with him as well. The two kiss. Dinah check to make sure that the flowers were delivered to Cassie.

Edmund and Cassie share a dance in the living room when he sees red flowers in the trash. He mentions to her what Tammy said to him about bringing more flowers to Cassie. He asks if she got some that he didn’t know about and she tells him that she did. She claims that they were making her sneeze and she threw them out. He wonders who they were from and she tells him that they were more ‘congratulations on the wedding’ flowers. He mentions that he wants to see the card so he can sends a thank you and she changes the subject. She tells him that she loves him and that she hopes they will get lucky tonight and conceive. He agrees.

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