Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/18/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Amanda

Zach drags his mother to pre-school for play practice. Gus follows her in and wonders if she is ok. She reminds him that she could be back in prison any day. Gus wonders what happened to her positive attitude. He goes on to ask if she's still interested in questioning Beth. She tells him that she is willing to talk to her, but that she doesn't want to simply shift the blame from her to another person. He reminds her that you can't shift the blame if she's innocent. Harley doesn’t seem to think that Beth is necessarily guilty. He reminds her of the dress, and tells her that they will soon have the lab results back from DC. He looks at her and tells her that he will stop at nothing to prove her innocent. Beth is at the door of the classroom and looks in as Gus is telling Harley that he will go to great lengths to prove her innocence. Harley turns around and sees Beth.

At Elizabeth & Company, Frank is sitting and reading a paper as Jeffery comes in. Jeffery makes small talk and wonders how he is doing. He wonders if Frank has spoken to Harley recently. Frank looks annoyed and tells Jeffery that he understands the way things have to be in terms of the case. Jeffery interrupts Frank and tells him that Alan is already setting up Harley in the media. He goes on to explain that Alan has gotten the State’s Attorney involved and that if he wants to be a good brother that he should tell Harley to make a deal. Frank wonders why he would make his sister accept a plea. Jeffery explains that he should do it because they both know Harley is guilty.

Sitting at another table in the restaurant are Tammy and Sandy. Tammy makes a loud remark about her uncle knowing people in the Department of Health as Lizzie walks by carrying Roxie. Lizzie hears the remark and comes back over to their table. She tells them that she finds the whole thing pitiful. She reminds them that she’s been working her butt off to make the restaurant a success while the two of them are ‘unemployed slackers.’ She walks off leaving Tammy sitting there with her mouth wide open. Sandy comments that Lizzie isn’t wrong. Tammy admits that she’s been slacking off, but that’s only until she begins college. She goes on to ask Sandy about his jobs. She wonders why he’s still not working with Reva and asks about a job Sandy had lined up to work for Lewis Construction. He tells her that he will get back to a job later. He informs her that his most important job will be protecting her once Jonathan gets out of the hospital.

In Jonathan’s hospital room he tries to stand up with a cane. We can hear Josh’s voice from outside telling Jonathan that he’s heard he’s getting out. He comes in with a smile on his face telling Jonathan how nice it will be for him to go home. Jonathan look confused and wonders where Reva is. Josh tells Jonathan that he thought they could go for a walk and have a talk. Jonathan makes a smart aleck comment about Josh pushing him down another flight of stairs. Josh pushes a wheelchair under Jonathan, knocking him off of his feet and into the chair. He cries out in pain and Josh leans down to his ear, asking how his leg is feeling. Josh takes Jonathan for a ride and knocks Jonathan’s leg into everything nearby. Josh apologizes with a laugh and as he’s turning the wheelchair around Reva is standing in the doorway. She wonders where they are going.

Beth walks in; Harley and Gus approach her. Harley tells Beth that she’s there to help & volunteer. Beth gets an attitude and wonders if Harley brings her lawyer everywhere with her. Gus gives some lame excuse about being James’s uncle and Beth get annoyed. She wonders if, since this is a social visit she will be grilled about Phillip just as she was last night when they went out for drinks. Harley tells Beth that she is there as a mother, and as far as she is concerned they are family. She reminds Beth that Zach and James will always be brothers. Beth gives Harley a paintbrush and tells her that they’re going to be working on the set for the play. Harley looks excited. Harley comments to Gus that she feels like a jerk. He tells her that they have to keep the pressure up until Beth cracks.

Frank tells Jeffery that he knows his sister and that she won’t crack or make a deal. He tells Jeffery to talk to his sister’s lawyer. Jeffery reminds Frank that Gus is her lawyer and that he is the one unwilling to listen to anything Jeffery has to say. Jeffery tells Frank that because Gus is in love with Harley it clouds his judgment. He likens Frank to himself and reminds him that the two of them can separate their personal lives from their professional ones. He informs Frank that the pretrial hearings are going to start any day now. Frank wonders if he should be insulted and goes to sit down at another table. Jeffery remains at the bar and calls Gus. He tells him that he needs to see him. When Gus tries to blow Jeffery off, he asks if he is too busy to help his client. Gus tells O’Neill that he is on his way. Gus tells Harley goodbye and leaves. He reminds Harley that she needs to take care of things. Beth notices that Gus has left and mentions it to Harley. She talks about how Gus is one of the good guys and Harley brings up Phillip. She wonders when Phillip changed. Beth turns around annoyed and mentions that it didn’t take long for Harley to bring him up.

Tammy reminds Sandy that she doesn’t need anyone to protect her. He accepts it without arguing. She wonders if he thinks she is weak. He tells her he doesn’t think so, but that he knows Jonathan is a sociopath. Tammy claims that she can handle both of them. Tammy tells Sandy that he should ask either Josh or Reva for a job. He tells him that the TV gig isn’t for him. He tells her that his job is to protect her. He tricks her into thinking there is a mouse under he chair and she goes to him. He grabs her, the two laugh and smile.

Reva wonders where the two of them were going for a walk. Josh jokes that he was going to push Jonathan down another flight of stairs. Reva doesn’t see the humor in the statement and Josh tells her that he doesn’t find it funny that she thinks he would. She is sarcastic and wonders why she would think that. Rick comes along and gets Jonathan ready to go home. Jonathan wonders how he’s going to deal with the stairs at Josh and Reva’s home. Reva tells him that they have it all figured out and that he will be able to stay in the study which she’s made into a bedroom for him. Rick tells them that he has to get going because Jude is in a play. He informs them that Lillian will go over the rest of the information with them. Rick leaves and Reva follows him. She tells him that she needs to ask him something. Jonathan takes his time alone with Josh and uses it. He comments that he would hope he isn’t too much of a burden on their marriage. He notes that marriages with Reva tend to come and go, but that children remain a constant. Josh remarks that there is always a first time for everything.

Reva wheels Jonathan into her home. She comments on how good it feels to be home. He wonders where Josh is and she tells him that she doesn’t know. She does ask him to thank Josh for putting in the wheelchair ramp for him. Jonathan assures his mother that he will be a good child. He tells his mother that it’s obvious that Josh doesn’t want him around and offers to move back into the Beacon. Reva tells him that it’s fine that he’s going to be staying with them. She tells her son that she and Josh are going to take care of one another and become a family. He wonders if he can have a beer and she refuses to let him have one because of all the pain killers he is on. He tries to get out of his chair and falls to the ground.

Josh runs into Elizabeth & Company and Tammy hollers to him. Josh asks for a cup of coffee and comments that he has had to deal with the real son and the fake one. He doesn’t look too pleased. Tammy calls out to her uncle again. He goes over to her and gives her a hug. He tells Sandy hello and then Tammy apologizes to her uncle. She tells him that she knew what happened with Jonathan was an accident and that she didn’t mean to give him any other impression. He tells her that he appreciates her words and apologizes for her having to witness it all. Sandy quips in telling them both that he thinks Jonathan took a ‘header’ to frame Josh. Josh laughs and tells Sandy that he’s glad someone else in town knows what kind of person Jonathan is. Tammy asks Josh how Lewis Construction is going and asks if they’ve hired a new assistant. Josh tells Tammy that they haven’t and it is obvious that he thinks she wants the job. He sounds more than willing to hire a new assistant and just as he is about to announce that Tammy has the job she tells him that Sandy would be perfect. Sandy tells her that it’s fine and she doesn’t have to help him. Tammy comments that Josh liked having Sandy work for him and that Sandy in turn talked about how he loved his job before. She tells them that if they would simply swallow their pride that they could be a good team. She leaves and tells the two of them that they should talk about it.

Frank runs into Gus as he is leaving Elizabeth & Company. Gus wonders if Jeffery is inside and what it is that he wants. Frank tells Gus to simply go inside and listen to him. He reminds Gus that he needs to do his job, and that is to protect Harley. Gus thinks that the only reason Harley is even in trouble is because of Frank. He challenges him to reopen the case and find the real killer or to get out of the way so that he can do his job. Gus rushes past Frank and inside the restaurant. He sees Jeffery and wonders what he is offering.

Harley tries to explain to Beth that she didn’t mean anything by her comment. She goes on to tell Beth that she’s having a hard time fathoming how or why Phillip changed so much. Beth reminds Harley that Phillip took her kids and that she doesn’t have any insight on how or why Phillip changed so much. Harley wonders what Beth would have done if she could have talked to him before he died. Beth wonders if this is another trick to try and ‘trip her up.’ Harley wonders what she’s supposed to be trying to trip Beth up in. Beth shakes her head and tells Harley to simply stop. Harley apologizes and Beth wonders if she is truly sorry. Harley pleads with Beth to tell her the truth. She tells Beth that she’s not accusing her of anything, and that she doesn’t want either one of them to be the killer. She reminds Beth that she just wants to know what really happened that night. Beth shakes her head and tells Harley that Alan warned her about this. Harley looks confused and wonders what she is talking about. She asks Beth what it is that she talked to Alan about. Beth looks like she is about to loose it and tells Harley that all she wants is to pin the murder on someone else. Harley wonders why the two of them are fighting if Beth didn’t do anything wrong. Zach comes running into the classroom and wants to practice his line with his mother. Zach practices his line which makes Harley smile and Beth look upset. Zach leaves the room and Harley stands up. She sees Beth crying and tells her that she would do anything to stay out of jail, if only not to miss any moments with her children. Beth continues to sob and tells Harley that she can’t keep everything inside anymore. She tells Harley that she is very sorry. Beth doesn’t understand why everyone had to suffer. Harley reminds Beth that Phillip wasn’t well. Beth agrees and reminds Harley of everything Phillip did. Harley wonders if Beth saw or did something. Rick comes inside and when he sees Beth crying wonders if he is interrupting something. Lizzie comes inside shortly after Rick. Lizzie tells Harley that Zach needs her. Harley promises Beth that she will be back soon. Rick wonders what is going on. Beth tells him that she and Harley were simply talking about what would happen if Harley was convicted. Beth says that she can’t imagine it and begins to sob harder. Rick hugs her.

Jeffery seems happy that Gus is ready to talk about a deal. He tells Gus that he has been getting pressure from way up high to deal. Gus reminds O’Neill that everything they have against Harley is circumstantial. Jeffery informs him that it is the kind of evidence that could put someone in jail. Gus wonders why the DA’s office wants to deal so badly and he tells Gus that he cares about what happens to Harley. He advises Gus to think with his head and not his heart. A courier comes inside looking for Gus. He signs the slip, reads the paper attached and informs Jeffery that there will be no deal. He goes on to tell him that his client is innocent. Jeffery recognized the courier from an FBI lab and wonders what is going on. Gus doesn’t say anything and runs outside. He opens up the bag and Beth’s blue dress is inside.

Sandy tells Josh that he didn’t put Tammy up to the job offer. He explains that he wanted to protect Tammy and she didn’t think it was necessary. Josh informs Sandy that Jonathan is now out of the hospital and Sandy doesn’t look happy. Josh tells Sandy that he wished he had listened to him about Jonathan originally. He goes on to tell him that there is a big difference between him and Jonathan. He explains that Jonathan hurts people on purpose and that Sandy never meant to hurt anyone. Sandy nods. Josh continues to talk telling Sandy that Tammy was right. He calls Sandy a ‘natural’ when it came to his old job. Sandy admits that he loved his old job. Josh offers Sandy his old job back.

Reva helps Jonathan back into his wheelchair. He accuses his mother of coddling him when she asks him to head back to the hospital. She reminds him that it is ok to lean on your family when you need help. She goes on the mention Shayne and his injury. Jonathan hears this and brings up the past. Reva decides to make some lunch and Tammy arrives at the door. He goes off and then apologizes to Tammy. He asks her to stay.

Beth tells Rick that she can’t hold it in any longer. Rick tries to tell her that she can trust him. A woman named Sharon walks in who used to go to high school with them. She fills them in on her life and informs them that she’s heard about Phillip. Beth excuses herself quickly. She drags Lizzie along with her and the two leave. As she is leaving she runs into Harley and informs her that she is in charge. Gus shows up and wonders what is going on. Harley tells him that Beth has left and is acting very strange.

Sandy reminds Josh that Jonathan won’t like them working together. He wonders if he is a pawn and Josh assures him that he’s not. Josh makes Sandy promise him that he won’t lie to him again and Sandy agrees. Josh even tells Sandy that he thinks having him around is a good thing. He goes on to tell Sandy that he knows he wants to make both Tammy and Reva happy.

Tammy talks with Jonathan and he thanks her for helping to nurse him back to help. She clarifies that she never nursed him back to health, and that she just made sure he was just ok. Reva comes into the room and realizes that Tammy is there. Jonathan leaves to go call some friends. Tammy tells her that she wants to talk to her. She tells her aunt that she wants to talk to her about Sandy and how she’s hoping both she and Josh will give her another chance. Reva assures Tammy that she has room in her heart for both Sandy and Jonathan.

Josh comes home with hot chocolate for his wife. She thanks him for trying to make an effort when it comes to Jonathan. She goes on to tell him that she trusts him and apologizes for not telling him that since the accident. He thanks her and lets her know that he understands.

Sandy tells Tammy the good news that he has his old job with Lewis Construction back.

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