Guiding Light Update Monday 1/17/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Suzanne

At Elizabeth & Company, Olivia tells Bill how angry she is that Alan set her up. Bill reminds her that not many people watch the TV show that mentioned them by name. He tries to sit her down in an attempt to get her to calm down, but it doesn’t work. Olivia’s phone rings and it happens to be a client of Slingshot Enterprises. The client gives her the impression that they won’t stay with Slingshot much longer.

On Fifth Street, Harley searches in a clothes drop off bin for Beth’s blue dress. She finally sees it when a homeless woman named Hattie grabs her arm.

At Towers, Beth is rubbing a stain on her dress when Gus brings up her blue dress. Beth becomes annoyed and wonders if they can talk about something else. In an attempt to change the subject, Gus brings up Harley. Beth doesn’t seem to keen on talking about Harley, either. She reminds him of how much Phillip meant to her. She goes on to tell him that she doesn’t think she can forgive Harley if she killed the father of Beth’s children. Gus doesn’t think that Beth can truly believe that Harley was the killer. Beth wonders what she is supposed to do if Harley was innocent. Gus’s phone rings.

Cassie phones Reva, who answers her cell phone. Cassie pleads with Reva not to hang up on her. She goes on to tell Reva that she is frightened that Jonathan may tell Edmund or Tammy about what happened the night before her wedding. Reva reminds Cassie that nothing physical happened with the exception of her trying to set Jonathan up. Cassie admits that what she did was stupid but wonders what Edmund would do if he found out. Reva admits to her sister that she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her. She promises her sister that she will see what she can do about trying to get Jonathan to keep his mouth shut.

Edmund runs into Jonathan in the hospital. Jonathan cracks a joke about Edmund needing ‘stud’ pills when he finds out Edmund is there to fill a prescription. He goes on to ask Edmund how his wedding night was. Edmund looks puzzled. Jonathan clarifies by telling Edmund that he read somewhere that most brides party so hard the night before their wedding that they can barely stay awake on their first night as a married woman. Edmund is convinced that nothing can ruin his good mood and refuses to let Jonathan’s comments get to him. Reva comes out to where the men are wondering if everything is ok. Edmund tells Reva goodnight and leaves. Reva warns her son not to play games with Edmund. Jonathan assures his mother that he can handle his uncle. Reva goes on to tell her son that she’d appreciate it if he would not tell everyone about what Cassie did the night before her wedding. He wonders why he should do that. She simply reminds him that he should do it because she is asking.

Dinah runs into Cassie and wonders what happened to her ‘newlywed glow.’ Cassie assures Dinah that she is happy. Dinah doesn’t seem to buy it and makes sure that Cassie knows it. Dinah wonders what it is that Cassie did to get Edmund so mad at her. She goes so far as to tell Cassie that she is going to be better off without him.

Hattie argues with Harley and demands that she get the dress. Harley tries to tell the woman that she stuck it in the bin by mistake. Hattie reminds Harley that she saw the woman who dropped the dress off and it wasn’t her. Harley goes on and on about Gus and Beth. Hattie wonders what is going on and asks Harley who she’s talking about. She passes it off as a ‘long story’ and Hattie decides that if the story isn’t worth the time then neither is the dress.

Beth wonders what it is that Gus really wants from her. He reminds her that he is simply out for the truth. Beth looks at Gus and tells him that regardless of what she believes about Harley it’s the police who have the evidence against Harley. She tells him that there is nothing she can do. Gus informs her that the police don’t always know everything. He goes on to tell her that he’s simply out for the facts of the case. Beth wonders why he is talking to her and he tells her that he is desperate. He goes on to admit that any little scrap of information about that night might be able to help him. He reminds her that by helping him she’s also helping Phillip. Gus goes on to tell Beth that Phillip deserves to have the last part of his life filled with the truth. She tells him that there is nothing she can do. Gus tells her that he knows she is keeping something from him. She pleads with him not to make her admit it. As she is about to tell him where she was on the night of Phillip’s murder Alan joins them.

Jonathan doesn’t seem to keen on keeping quiet about what happened between him and Cassie. Reva reminds him that it is his mother who is asking him to keep quiet. He becomes defensive and wonders why he should do what she tells him to when she would originally believe what he told her happened. She reminds him that there is more to the situation than the two of them. She reminds him that nothing good can come from Edmund finding out. Jonathan turns the tables on his mother and wonders why she let Cassie marry a ‘man like that.’ He goes on to remind his mother that she’s not just protecting him from Edmund but that she’s also helping protect Cassie’s new marriage. Reva admits that what he is saying is true and Jonathan wonders why his mother is helping her sister.

Cassie repeatedly tells Dinah that things between her and Edmund are fine. Edmund shows up and proves Dinah’s ideas wrong. Cassie tells her new husband that Dinah can’t stand the fact that they’re happily married. Edmund tells Cassie that he ran into Jonathan.

Dinah wonders why Jonathan hasn’t told Edmund about his ‘fling’ with Cassie.

Bill and Olivia continue to get phone calls wondering if the TV program was accurate. Once they both get off the phone Bill orders Olivia to turn off her phone as he’s convinced their clients can hear how frustrated they are. He is convinced that they will beat this rap while Olivia doesn’t seem to sure. Olivia seems shocked at the lengths Alan is going to in order to keep her miserable. Bill promises her that no one will take Emma from her. Olivia thinks that perhaps they should talk about ending the proceedings for Bill to adopt Emma.

Hattie realizes that she recognizes Harley from ‘Harley’s Angels.’ She tells her that they helped her when she got into some trouble with the cops. Hattie thinks that Harley is Blake. Harley plays along while the homeless woman decides to talk about how bossy Harley at ‘Harley’s Angels’ was. Hattie ends up giving Harley the blue dress and tells her that she’s being nice because of everything that she has done for her. Harley thanks her and decides to take off.

Gus points his father to an open seat at the bar and tells his father that he was in the middle of a conversation with Beth. Alan reminds his son that he can see that the two are talking but that Beth needs to leave. Beth looks up shocked and Gus wonders why Alan is making all of Beth’s decisions. Alan looks annoyed and informs Gus that James wants his mother. Beth wonders what happened and Alan tells her that he simply had a bad night. He goes on to tell her that he thinks she is the only person who will be able to calm him down. Gus gets even more annoyed and wonders why his father couldn’t have simply called. He goes on to wonder why Lillian couldn’t have taken care of James. Alan pretty much ignores Gus. Beth decides that she should go see if her son is alright. Alan decides to stay and talk to Gus. Beth leaves. Alan wonders why his son has to ‘continually stab his family in the back.’ Gus doesn’t get his father and wonders why he looking for the truth is so offensive. He reminds his father that he simply wants to find the real killer. Alan informs his son that in case he hasn’t noticed that there is mounting evidence against Harley. Gus informs his father that it is all circumstantial. Alan shakes his head and wonders why he then has to go after Beth, who was the love of Phillip’s life. Gus tells his father that Beth has a secret and she was almost ready to share it with him. He adds in that if Alan hadn’t walked in that perhaps he would know it. Alan accuses Gus of badgering Beth into admitting something and Gus ignores his comments. Gus lets his father know that he will find Phillip’s real killer regardless of who it is. He tells his father that he is a ‘walking example of blind justice.’

Inside Harley’s Angels, Harley sees the dress and wonders why she can’t get a break. She looks at the suspect board and everyone is ‘talking’ to her. Beth downplays the stained dress and Olivia accuses her of being desperate. Gus reminds her that regardless of what everyone else says that she is innocent. Olivia tells Harley that she’s not so sure of her innocence. Bill wonders why she is so eager to pin the murder on someone else. Harley tells them all that she would never just set someone up so that she could go free. Gus defends her and Alan accuses her of knowing what happened regardless of what she claims. Alan tells her that she is a killer and Bill wonders if perhaps she should just ‘cop to it.’ Harley doesn’t think that she could have committed the murder. Everyone on the suspect board ‘tells’ Harley to confess and get it over with Gus tells her that she will never go to jail and that he believes her.

Bill wonders why his wife doesn’t want him to adopt Emma. Olivia stammers and tells him that it’s not that simple. She goes on to explain that she thinks it would simply cause more trouble with Alan. She reminds him that he started the newest ‘rumor’ when he found out that Bill wanted to adopt his grandchild. She wonders if going about with the actual proceedings might set him off again. Bill reminds her that Alan isn’t going to stop tormenting them just because they’re holding off on the adoption. Olivia tells Bill that she doesn’t want Emma to get caught in the middle. She adds in that it’s not fair to Emma or to him. He reminds her that he hasn’t complained once. Olivia informs him that the original reason for him adopting her was to give her a stable home life. She tells him that if they go ahead with the paperwork that she’s going to have anything but that. Bill doesn’t seem to see her point, but agrees to do was Olivia asks. He agrees to do whatever it is that Olivia thinks is best for her daughter. She smiles and tells Bill that the worst part of all of this is that Emma is losing out on the ‘best father in the world.’ Bill reminds her that he’s only temporarily holding off.

Reva tries to explain to her son that although she’s mad at Cassie, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still care about her sister. Jonathan makes some jokes about how Reva sounds like she should throw her comments into a Bible. Reva wonders if he is mad at her because she hasn’t cut all ties with Cassie. He denies that and tells her that he finds the whole situation funny. She looks confused and Jonathan explains that she left acting like she never wanted to see Cassie again and now she wants him to protect her. Reva reminds him that its how family works. She accuses him of always wanting her to choose sides to prove her love him. She reminds him that she may have left him in the past, but that she’s not going to do it again. She tells him that she’s simply trying to get past what happened. He promises her that he won’t mention what happened to anyone.

Edmund pitches the idea of having a dinner to thank everyone for their wedding day. Cassie wonders who they would invite and he tells her that they should start with Josh and Reva. She immediately dismisses the idea. Edmund wonders what is wrong and Cassie passes it off as having had a simple argument with Reva earlier. She finds out from Edmund that her sister distracted Jonathan while he was tying to bother Edmund. Cassie reminds Edmund that he can’t believe a word that Jonathan says and begins to get upset. Edmund tells his wife to calm down and asks her to make up with Reva as he can tell it really bothers her.   They dance romantically; Reva comes in and smiles at the sight of the two of them together, and Cassie smiles back.

Dinah visits Jonathan and mentions both Cassie and Edmund. You can tell that she’s simply out for a reaction. She wonders why he hasn’t told Edmund about his night with Cassie and accuses him of being a coward.

Gus sees that Harley got the dress and goes on to tell her that he believes that Beth is now a suspect. Harley wonders why and he tells her that Beth was screaming at the maid about the dress. He thinks that this blue dress will link her to Phillip’s murder. Harley tells him that the dress definitely has stains on it. She holds up the dress and Gus wonders what it is. She tells him tit’s a bleach stain that would have burned away all of the evidence. She wants him to admit that he has nothing else on anyone and he refuses.


Alan walks in on Beth who is alone in the study at the mansion. He wonders what she is doing alone in the dark. He wonders if Gus has something to do with her being upset. She tells him that Gus has nothing to do with it, and that she just knows she ‘can’t go on like this.’ Alan looks confused and wonders what she is talking about. She tells him that she can’t go on pretending and that it’s eating her up inside. Alan wonders what she is trying to say. She goes on to tell him that she thought she could keep it all inside, but that she can’t. She tells him that she has a confession to make.

Jonathan wonders why Dinah wants Edmund to know about his less than perfect wife. She wonders why he chickened out and he tells her that the night was fairly boring. Dinah doesn’t seem to want to believe him and he tells her that the night was boring regardless of what everyone else seems to think. Dinah reminds him that the fact that he spent the night alone with Cassie before her wedding is enough to make Edmund flip. Jonathan tells her that he doesn’t care whether or not everyone finds out or not. He tells her that he’s already gotten what he wanted out of the situation.

Olivia tells Bill that Alan will pay for making her life difficult when Bill reminds her that he’s not going anywhere. Bill looks at his wife with a great idea. He thinks that they should use the adoption as a bargaining chip so that Alan thinks Olivia is ‘sticking it to her husband.’ Olivia thinks that it’s a great idea.

Gus goes on and on about how they can try and find gun shot residue on the dress. He tells Harley about a sophisticated lab in DC and that they will be able to find anything. Harley tells him that she’s simply tired of fighting. He reminds her of how close Beth was to confessing and thinks that perhaps Beth might talk to Harley.

Alan wonders if Beth is telling him everything and she says she is. She can’t believe how difficult it must be for him as she can barely believe it. He tells her that he’s not angry with her, but relieved that she came to him. She goes on about how hard it was for her to go to him. Alan tells her that as much as he loves his son that she is like family to him as well. He makes her promise him that she will not telling anyone what she has just told him. He tells her that he will protect her as long as she does exactly what he tells her to.

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