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By Leigh
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Olivia meets Bill and Emma at the Beacon and shows Bill an article in the paper about how successful their company Slingshot Enterprises has been. Bill gives her an invitation from Alan to a cocktail party.

At the Spaulding mansion, Alexandra tries to get Beth to pick an island for the family to vacation together. Beth tells her she doubts with their schedules that it'll actually happen. Alan tells them that he's invited Olivia to come for drinks and she's bringing Emma. He tells Alex to stick around for a fireworks display she'll never forget.

At Gus's place, he examines evidence about Phillip's murder. He asks Harley to have some hope, and she questions if their teamwork is a good idea.

In JB's room at the hospital, JB tries to tell Reva that she shouldn't watch the tape and that it's a bad idea. Cassie falls for his trap insisting that Reva watch it to see the terrible things that JB did to her. JB asks Reva that if he gives his word to her that he didn't take advantage of Cassie would she believe him. Cassie grabs the tape and puts it into the video machine.

At the Beacon, Olivia invites Bill to go with her to see Alan. She tells Bill that she wants to show Alan just how good Slingshot Enterprises is doing, and that they need to show him they're not afraid of him. She tells Bill that she's out of Ravenwood, he's adopting Emma, and Phillip's murder is all on Harley now. As she's telling him that Buzz is behind her and gets angry, he asks Olivia if she's okay with Harley going down for Phillip's murder. Buzz tells her that Harley doesn't deserve this. 

Beth gets annoyed with Alan and walks out of the room. Alan follows after her and asks if she is all right. She tells him that it's the stress lately. She stares at a picture of Phillip and Lizzie almost in a daze. 

At Gus's place, Harley tells Gus that maybe they should each try different avenues in investigating Phillip's murder. He asks what she has in mind, but Harley tells him she'll let him know if it works out. Gus tells her he's going to call Beth because she's been acting so strange and he thinks she might know something. Gus tells Harley that Beth is protecting someone and her conscience won't let her keep doing that.

Beth, alone in the hallway at Spaulding now holds the picture of Phillip and Lizzie.

Olivia and Bill arrive at Alan's and Alan fixes them a drink. Alexandra holds and talks to Emma. Alan tells Olivia about a trust fund that he's set up for Emma. He tells Bill that he never expected their marriage to last, and Slingshot Enterprises might go under, so he needs to make sure that Emma's future is secure. Alan offers to have Emma watch a child appropriate television show and when Olivia declines he turns on the TV in the room they're in. It's a tape of a show called "Unsolvable Mystery's." Olivia is dumbfounded. The tape depicts Harley as Ruth Karloff, with Bill and Olivia as coconspirators in Phillip's Murder.

Harley goes to see Buzz at Company and asks him to help her recreate what happened the night of Phillip's murder. She tells Buzz that she'll play herself and he should play the part of Phillip.

Beth starts yelling at the maid to take the dress she wore the night of Phillip's death to the charity box like she asked before. Gus walks in and sees Beth tearing into the maid. Beth tells Gus that it brings back horrible memories for her and that it was Phillip's favorite. He almost forces Beth to go out with him and have a drink he tells her to loosen up.

At the hospital, Reva watches the tape of Jonathan and Cassie in her suite. Cassie tries to tell Reva when she was drugged and points out that she's slurring; Reva tells her it looks like she's the one who is seducing him and she was drunk. In the tape JB is telling Cassie that she doesn't look good, lays her down and covers her up. Then JB puts his clothing back on, and lying down beside her. Jonathan acts as though he is disgusted and asks Reva to turn it off. Cassie gets nuts saying over and over again that that's not how it happened. Reva tells her that she can't have it both ways and it looks to her like something happened before the tape ran out and it was all Cassie's doing. Reva recaps what she thinks happened; Cassie sent the note, and lured Jonathan to her room. Reva tells her that she believes what she sees. Cassie starts yelling at Reva that JB is evil and that he hates Reva. Reva tells her that if she loves her the way she says she does she should leave her son alone.

At the Beacon, Beth tells Gus that it's been tough on Lizzie since Phillip died and she feels like she's failed her. She cries because she can't do anything for Lizzie, and spills her drink. Beth starts to cry and tells Gus that she recently spilled wine on another dress. Gus jokes telling her that she should switch to white wine, then questions her about the dress she's having the maid take to Charity.

At Company, Harley feeds Buzz the words that she's remember so he can pretend to be Phillip, and then she adds her part of what she remembers.

 Alan is playing the tape of "Unsolvable Mystery's." The recreation of Phillip's murder has Alex's mouth hanging wide open as she holds Emma. The tape includes Olivia and Bill participating in the murder as accomplices. Olivia turns off the television and barks at Alan about the charming picture he's painted for his granddaughter. Olivia tells him that she knows this is his attempt to stop Emma's adoption. Olivia takes Emma from Alex and gets ready to leave. Alex tells Alan that he's tarnishing Phillip's memory. As Olivia is leaving Alan tells her that he's not through with her yet.

At the Beacon, Gus excuses himself from the table telling Beth he'll be right back.

At Company, in Harley's attempt to recreate the murder she pulls a gun out and puts it on the bar, Buzz freaks telling her that she shouldn't have a gun! She tells Buzz phrase by phrase what to say till she finally has the gun aimed right at him. She asks him what would he want more than anything else in the world at that point. Harley's phone rings, it's Gus telling her he needs a favor. He tells Harley that he thinks Beth may have been the murderer and sends Harley to get the dress that Beth had the maid put into the charity box. Harley quickly leaves Company to go look for the dress.

 At the hospital, Reva tells Cassie that she's trying to give Jonathan the same second chances that she gave to Cassie when she first came to town. Reva tells her that they should just stay clear of each other for a while. When Reva walks out, JB tells Cassie that she should make sure she's got all her ducks in a row before she messes with momma bear and her cub. He tells Cassie that he knows this it is eating her up and to put her mind at ease he tells her that they didn't do anything. She asks why she should believe him and he tells her that she'll never really know and it'll eat at her and haunt her dreams. JB leaves telling her that now she knows what it's like to be setup. JB rolls out to Reva and tells her he didn't want her to ever see that tape and she asks him why he kept it. She tells him that he's far from innocent and that he's her son, she'll stick by him but he shouldn't make her regret it.

Alan tells Olivia that Bill is a liar and he's not the man for Olivia and not suitable for Emma. Alan threatens her that unless she dumps Bill he'll be pulling these stunts for a long time.

Beth tells Gus that she's leaving, Gus panics and gets her to sit back down to talk with him. He begins to make small talk to give Harley time to locate the dress.

Harley is at the charity box-clothing drop; she reaches inside hoping that it's only clothing inside. She pulls out the blue dress, she is thrilled, when she turns around and is shocked by someone.

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