Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/13/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Inside the Bauer kitchen, Danny is packing up Robbie’s toys. Marina arrives to hear Danny tell her that he and Robbie will be moving back into the Beacon. She tells him that she’s brought him some food. He thanks her for the food and tells her that Michelle is headed over to talk to Robbie. He explains that he and she need to sit down with Robbie and try and find a way to tell him that his parents aren’t going to be together. Marina tells him that she understands and that she will leave. He tells her that he will call her later and that he simply thinks he and Michelle need to discuss everything alone. Michelle and Tony walk in. Marina tells Danny that she understands and Michelle tells him that she doesn’t.

Holly is standing on the balcony at Towers and thinks back to her last moments with Sebastian. Blake comes out and gives her mother a hug, telling her how much she missed her. She wonders what happened and Holly asks her daughter about Ross & the kids. Blake wonders where Sebastian is and how the trip went. Holly tells her daughter that Sebastian won’t be coming back because he is dead.

Edmund comes out on the porch of the farmhouse with roses. He tells Cassie that she should marry him. She giggles and tells him that she already did. He wonders where she went and Cassie explains that she is sorry she missed him. She informs him that she went to the hospital to check on Reva. Edmund comments that he wishes Jonathan had fallen from a higher floor. He then goes on to say how Cassie is a much better person than he is. She reminds him not to put her on a pedestal. Edmund tells her that he has big plans for the two of them and explains that he wants to take her to their bedroom. He then holds up a videotape and says that perhaps they should watch the tape first. She wonders where he got it and he tells her that he found it outside. She grabs it out of his hand and tells him that they can’t watch it.

Inside Jonathan’s room, Reva asks her son if he slept with Cassie. She tells him that Cassie informed her that he drugged her. He reminds her that he wanted to talk to her first and that the only reason Cassie told her sister was to put her own ‘spin’ on it. Reva urges her son to tell her what happened. Jonathan tells his mother that another person who loved her was trying to get rid of him.

Danny tells Michelle that Robbie is going to ask why they’re not living together. He thinks that the will need to explain it. She wonders why, if he hasn’t said anything yet. He thinks that they need to talk to him together and Michelle tells him she’s not looking forward to it. She adds in that she doesn’t think she’s ever going to want to do it. Tony agrees to let Danny and Michelle have their space and offers Marina a ride. She tells him that she’s all set and he tells her that he’ll walk her to her car. The two leave. Danny yells to Robbie to see his mother. Robbie comes running out and clings to his father. When Danny asks if his son wants to kiss his mother hello he tells them that he doesn’t. Michelle looks very angry.

Blake wonders why Sebastian is dead. Holly tells Blake that he had the same disease that Roger had. Holly goes on to tell her daughter that they have to move on. Blake wonders if the disease is what killed him and wonders what happened. Holly asks her daughter if she wants to know everything that happened, including the part where he made her relive every horrible moment she spent on Santo Domingo with Roger. She adds in that he locked her into a cage and Blake tells her mother that she had no idea. Holly explains the disease to Blake and how he got worse each and every day. Blake wonders what Sebastian wanted and feels bad that she made her mother go alone. She adds in that she was stupid to have thought the emails she was getting w ere coming from her mother. Holly tells her daughter that she was not stupid, but vulnerable. She blames Sebastian for taking advantage of them at a time when they were ‘off’ after the death of Roger.

Cassie tells Edmund that she doesn’t want him to see the tape. He doesn’t seem to understand why. She tells him that she wants to see the tape first and he doesn’t understand why she needs to ‘screen’ their wedding reception video. Cassie seems relieved and Edmund asks her what she thought the tape was. She lies to him and tells him that Reva shot some footage of the bachlorette party and it got a bit crazy. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to see anything that will make him regret marrying her. He tells her that it will never happen. She tells him that she doesn’t doubt his love. He tells her that he has a surprise for her and brings out plane tickets. He tells her that he has everything arranged and that they will be going to Tahiti. She tells him that she needs this vacation. He makes a comment about how she might already be pregnant and she tells him she couldn’t be. She rushes out the door and tells him that she’ll be back later.

Jonathan tells his mother that he should have realized she would only believe her sister. She reminds him that she’s still listening. He tells his mother that he went to her room and woke up with her. She wonders why Cassie would lie about it. He tells her that Cassie is still angry about what he did to Tammy and that she wanted to get rid of him. He tells her to think about it and challenges her to think about what would happen if he showed up at Cassie’s room unannounced. He reminds her that he would be arrested on the spot. Reva can’t fathom why her sister would invite him into her room. He asks her to hand him his jacket. She does and he pulls out the note that Cassie handed him at J.Farley’s after her bachlorette party. She reads the note and looks confused. She tells her son that Cassie would never invite her to his room. She wonders if he forged the note and he reminds his mother of how drunk Cassie was. He goes on to talk about how Cassie was dancing on the bar and gave him a ‘come and get me’ look. He explains that since he’s a guy he needed to find out if Cassie was for real. He tells her about Cassie’s sexy outfit. Reva doesn’t want to believe it. Jonathan tells his mother that he was confused until he realized it was a set up. He tells her that someone was supposed to walk through Cassie’s door and find him on top of her. Reva looks away and realizes that she is the one who was supposed to find them. She confesses to her son that there was a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door. She wonders why he didn’t leave and he tells her that he was drinking champagne. He confesses that he may have been tipsy so he put her to bed and then went to sleep himself. Reva wonders why Cassie told her neither of them were wearing any clothes. Jonathan tells his mother that he ‘messed with her’ because she deserved it. He tells her how Cassie went ballistic and adds in that he could have ruined her wedding day but he didn’t. He informs his mother about how Edmund showed up at her suite the next day and how he snuck out the back so Edmund wouldn’t know he was there. He tells his mother that if he wanted to cause trouble that it was the perfect opportunity. He challenges his mother to pick between him and Cassie.

Danny tells Robbie that it’s ok when he doesn’t want to hug Michelle. He tries to convince him its ok. Michelle tries to make him laugh. Robbie smiles and then she gives him a present. It is obvious that he is still hesitant around her. Danny comments to Michelle that they shouldn’t bring up the other stuff now. They agree that it is too much too soon. Michelle tries to convince Robbie to go to a museum with her to see dinosaurs. Marina comes inside because she left her keys and Robbie runs right over to her. He gives her a hug and shows her his new toy. Michelle tells her son that they should get going and he tells his mother that he wants to stay with Marina.

Reva walks to the entrance of the hospital where she runs into Josh. He wonders if she is ok and she comments that nothing has been ok since Jonathan came to town. She adds in that she doesn’t know what to do or who to believe anymore. He tells her that perhaps now it would be a good time for all of them to have some distance from one another. He adds in that maybe Jonathan should get full care nursing somewhere else. He promises that Jonathan will be comfortable. Reva tells him that so much has happened to her son and she’s sick of everyone trying to drive him out of her life. She explains that he needs his mother. He tells his wife that she needs to think of way to get past all of her guilt. He reminds her that she didn’t mean to cause him so much pain growing up. She turns to him and tells him that even though he didn’t mean to have the accident that cause Shayne pain, he still felt guilty. She tells Josh no to lecture her on feeling responsibility. She tells him that she will bring him home and that she needs him near her.

Cassie goes inside Jonathan’s room. He makes a comment about her giving him a sponge bath. She demands to know what happened the night before her wedding. She tells him that he has to tell her the truth.

Blake sits down with her mother as Ross arrives. He tells her how much he missed her. Ross wonders where Sebastian is and Blake informs him that he died because of the same thing that Roger died of. He apologizes telling her that he understands how she wanted to get to know her brother. While the two are talking Holly thinks back to when Sebastian originally put Holly in her cell. His words of her ‘betraying’ him echo in her ears. She remembers kissing him. She comes out of her trance and tells them both that since Sebastian is dead that they have to move on. She picks up Blake’s mimosa and is about to take a drink when Ross grabs it from her. She apologizes.

Danny thinks that perhaps they should all get together tomorrow. Marina takes off with Robbie into the other room. Marina apologizes to Michelle who waves it off as being ok. Danny tells Michelle that she can’t be mad at the kid since she has been gone for a long time. He tells Michelle that Robbie will come around but that it will take some time. Michelle comments that she may have thought a lot of things were going on while she was away, but that this wasn’t one of them. Tony gives Danny a look and the two head out the door. Danny watches them leave, while Michelle watches Danny, Robbie and Marin play through the window.

Josh tells his wife that he would never make her decide between him and her son. He tells her that he should bring him home and that he’ll arrange his schedule so that he doesn’t see much of him. Reva doesn’t think that solution is much better. He tells her that he needs her to realize that he is trying. He confesses that being around Jonathan has made him do some things he never thought possible. He adds that he doesn’t know what else he might be capable of if he continues to spend time around Jonathan.

Cassie demands that Jonathan give her back the tape from the night before the wedding. Jonathan tells her nonchalantly that she is full of accusations. He reminds her that he is in the hospital and she tells him she can’t believe that he got into bed with her. She admits that she did it to get rid of him. She goes on to tell him that she wants her sister to see what everyone else sees. She demands that he give her the tape. He claims that he never shot the tape. Reva walks in just as Cassie is telling Jonathan that she wished he would have died when he fell down the stairs. She yells at Cassie to leave Jonathan alone.

Holly gets defensive about taking the wrong drink. Ross & Blake assure her that it is ok. Ross commends her on how well she is doing. Holly tells them that she’s anxious to get back to her family and work. She adds in that nothing that happened to her will affect her if she doesn’t let it. Blake thinks that her mother needs closure. She thinks that perhaps they should go to recover Sebastian’s body in Santo Domingo so that they can have a proper memorial for him. Holly informs her daughter that neither of them will ever be going back to Santo Domingo again.

Marina reminds Danny that she still hasn’t heard about what happened after he found Michelle. He tells her that there was nothing to tell. He adds in that it is obvious that Michelle loves Tony. He admits that he thought it would affect him more than it did. He tells her that he’s getting on with his life and that he’s free. Marina offers to leave and Danny grabs her hand. He urges to stay.

Reva tells her sister that she shouldn’t be in his room. Jonathan tells his mother that he told Cassie the truth and she claims he hasn’t told her anything. She calls him a liar with multiple personalities and begins to go off on why Reva can’t see what he really is. Reva cuts her off and tells her that it’s quite enough. Reva tells Cassie that she was planning on calling her. She goes on to tell her sister what Jonathan told her about Cassie passing out and him putting her to bed. Jonathan tells Cassie that she’s safe. Cassie doesn’t seem to believe it and Reva explains that Jonathan wanted her to think that something happened. Cassie wonders how she can believe him. Lillian comes in and tells them that she needs to take Jonathan away for one last x-ray before he can be released. He tells her that his mother needs him and Reva assures him that it’s ok. Before he leaves he tells Cassie that he doesn’t hate her and understands why she did what she did. Reva confronts Cassie with the note that she gave Jonathan. She tells her sister that she can explain, but Reva keeps on talking. She wonders why her sister would make her son think she wanted to seduce him. Cassie tells her that she had a plan. Reva tells her that she realizes that the plan was to drive Jonathan out of her life. Reva wants to know why and Cassie tells her sister that she wanted Reva to see her son for what he truly was. She tells her sister that she wanted to protect her. Reva gets angry and tells Cassie that Jonathan is her child. Reva reminds Cassie that there is a part of her and Richard in him. Cassie tells Reva that she wants him gone and that she’s not going to apologize for it. She informs Reva that the note she wrote to him does not excuse what happened to her. She maintains that Jonathan drugged her and that she still doesn’t know what happened between them. Reva reminds her sister that she had too much to drink that night and that she saw it. Cassie tries to tell her sister that she was faking at the bar. Reva doesn’t buy her story. Reva admits that Jonathan’s sense of morality is skewed but that she played on that. Cassie tells her sister that the only thing that she did wrong was underestimate how vile he truly is.

Danny tells Marina that he’s going to start looking at houses the next day. She tells him that it’s odd how you think you know what you want and then you find something unexpected that you like better. He tells her that he agrees with her 100% and looks at her.

At the lighthouse, Michelle tells Tony how she found her life in Santo Domingo so much easier. Tony tells her that he was the happiest he’d ever been while he was there because he was with her. He kisses her.

Holly makes Blake promise that she won’t go to Santo Domingo. Blake promises. Holly tells them that she has to get going back to work and leaves. Blake tells Ross that she thinks her mother is keeping something from them and that she plans on finding out what that is.

Cassie reminds Reva that if Jonathan was a decent person he would have walked away. Reva tells Cassie that Jonathan acted the way she would have thought he would. She reminds Cassie that she is the one who acted irrationally and should have known better. Reva wonders where Cassie would stop in order to tear her and Jonathan apart. Cassie accuses Jonathan of being the worst thing to happen to the family. Lillian comes in to get Jonathan’s chart and picks something up off of the floor. She hands it to Reva and we see that it is a videotape. Cassie begs Reva to give it to her. Reva wonders if it has something to do with the night she spent with Jonathan. Jonathan comes in and tells his mother that she can’t watch the tape.

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