Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/12/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Gus is putting up photo on a board when Harley enters the room. She tells him that he’s one suspect shy, and shows him the police sketch of Ruth Karloff.

In the Bauer kitchen, Mel thinks back to when she saw her husband and Beth kissing at Towers. Rick comes in the room and remark on how good the coffee smells. Mel becomes standoffish and tells him he’d better drink it before it gets cold. She pulls away when he tries to kiss her.

At the farmhouse, Cassie is dropping things. There is a knock on the door and when she answers it she thinks she sees Jonathan. After the person asking her if she is ok numerous times she realizes that it isn’t him, but the newspaper boy. She looks at the paper and thinks that the headline is that of her and Jonathan’s affair. It turns out it is a story on Jonathan & his fall. Cassie looks shocked as she reads the story and thinks that the reason he was at Towers was to ‘ruin things.’ She thinks that she can still make Reva and Tammy understand and leaves a note for Edmund. She heads out the door.

In the hospital, Jonathan lays sleeping. He awakes when he sees Sandy standing over him. He tells him that he felt compelled to visit Jonathan in the hospital since he was considerate to do the same for him. He places his weight on Jonathan’s broken leg and you can see that Jonathan is in a tremendous amount of pain. Sandy smiles and then slaps his hand down hard on his broken leg again. Jonathan looks extremely angry.

Outside the room, Josh follows Reva around as she fills out paperwork. She reminds him that she doesn’t need him there. He tells her that if she feels he needs to be at the hospital then he does too. She continues to fill out paperwork and tells Josh that regardless of what Jonathan did he didn’t deserve this. Josh maintains that he never pushed Jonathan down the stairs. She refers to her son as a scared & helpless child who wants someone to love them. She tells her husband that she can’ apologize for his actions, but that he needs to be in her life. Josh informs her that he wouldn’t intentionally try and remove him from her life. Reva is exasperated and tells him that Jonathan falling down a flight of stairs would take care of it. She apologizes to Josh for losing her temper. Josh asks his wife flat out if she thinks he has it in him to throw her son down a flight of stairs. She tells him that a while ago she never would have entertained the thought. Josh wonders if she thinks he could now. She doesn’t answer and he thinks that it makes the answer more clear.

Harley tapes the picture of Ruth on the board while Gus tells her that Ruth doesn’t need to be on the witness board. Harley tells Gus that perhaps they can show the suspect board to witnesses that may have been near Company on the night that Phillip was murdered. Harley thinks that maybe they should re-question some of the witnesses. He tells her that he’s enjoying her new optimism. She comments that perhaps some of his confidence rubbed off on her and wonders where they should start. Gus looks at the board and points to Beth. Harley looks shocked. Gus reminds her of how weird Beth has been acting lately. Harley doesn’t think that Beth is capable of killing Phillip. Gus walks off and tells her that he needs to get ready for work. She smiles and stands in front of him, thanking him. She thanks him not only for everything he is doing to prove her innocent, but also for the deed to the house. She tells him that she felt hope and needs to thank him for it. He reminds her to hang onto that feeling and leaves for work.

Rick wonders if Mel is still mad at him for the ‘sailing trip.’ She shakes her head and tells him that she’s simply sick & tired of things being the way they are. She goes on to tell him that she’s tried to understand and be supportive, but that she’s had enough. Mel reminds him that grief is one thing but using it as a crutch for their marriage disintegrating is not ok. Rick apologizes to her and tells her that they should talk about something nice. He brings up the fact that Danny & Michelle are healthy and how lucky the family is. She turns to him and wonders if they’re supposed to accept the fact that Danny & Michelle aren’t going to be together, despite what they’ve been through with one another. Mel becomes emotional and wonders how two people that are so close can get so far apart. Rick tells her that this just isn’t about Michelle & Danny. There is a knock on the door and Rick answers it. Beth tells Rick that she needs to talk to him and it’s important. He tells her repeatedly that it is not a good time. She refuses to listen and tells him that she thought Mel would be gone. Mel comes to the door and tells Beth that although she’s not at work it is the perfect time. Beth looks completely shocked to see her.

Reva looks at Josh with disbelief and confesses that she doesn’t think he lured Jonathan to the stairs in order to push him down them. He wonders if she thinks it was a ‘crime of convenience.’ She looks down and pours herself a cup of coffee. He tells her that he’s not hearing that she believes it was an accident. Reva gets mad and wonders if it was accident when Josh planted his wallet in Jonathan’s bag, or when he threw Jonathan across the living room. Josh tells her that those instances were different. She asks him to deny the fact that he hates her son. He tries to remind her of all the horrible things Jonathan did. He goes so far as to say that if he didn’t see the x-ray of his leg he might not even believe that Jonathan truly broke his leg. Reva makes a snide remark and walks away. Josh wonders why everyone can see how troubled he is except for her. She reminds Josh that when Jonathan moved in Josh was supposed to give him a chance. Josh confesses that he only agreed to let him move in so that he could prove Jonathan was up to no good. Reva looks hurt. She can’t believe that her husband had his mind made up against her son from the start. She looks at Josh and wonders how he can dare call Jonathan a liar. She reminds him that while she was trying to help her son all Josh was doing was looking for ways to get rid of him. She tells her husband that she should have known by the way he looked at Jonathan. She confesses that she thinks he is upset that Jonathan wasn’t hurt worse and walks away.

Inside Jonathan’s room, Sandy continues to put his weight on Jonathan’s bad leg. Jonathan comments that Sandy must have put on some weight over the Holidays. Sandy comments, while smiling, how the funny thing about pain is that you can cause so much of it without feeling anything yourself. He continues to press on Jonathan’s leg and tells him that he didn’t feel anything. He wonders if that is how Jonathan felt while hurting Tammy, Cassie and Reva. Sandy accuses Jonathan of not having a heart. Jonathan accuses Sandy of being all heart. Sandy goes on telling Jonathan that the whole family is way too good for him. He adds in that there is nothing Jonathan can do to hurt them anymore. Jonathan tells Sandy that it’s not over yet.

At the entrance to the hospital, Cassie debates going inside. She thinks back to when she awoke to find Jonathan next to her in bed. While she’s staring into space Tammy comes up next to her and wonders what she is doing there. Cassie comments that she came to simply see Jonathan. Tammy tells her mother that she was there when he got hurt. Cassie starts freaking out that her daughter was spending time with Jonathan. Tammy explains that she was at the bottom of the stairs when she heard voices. She tells her mother about seeing Jonathan & Josh arguing and then seeing Jonathan fall. She remarks on how painful the fall looked. Cassie tells her daughter that she’d better not be feeling sorry for Jonathan because he will hurt her if she lets him. She warns her to stay away from Jonathan.

Sandy tells Jonathan that the family will always stick together. Sandy goes on to tell Jonathan that he will make Tammy forget that he even touched her. He continues to put weight on Jonathan’s leg and tells him that he needs to face the fact that he’s nothing like his family.

Josh follows Reva and tells her that he never meant to stand in her way. She adds in that he was playing her. She turns, looking more mad than ever and tells Josh that he was playing her. She reminds him of how she confessed her fear and hopes for Jonathan to him and all he was interested in was watching him fall. Josh tells her that he simply thought Jonathan would falter sooner or later. He tells her that he was trying to get through to her. She wonders, sarcastically if she was being too stubborn. He admits that she was being stubborn and that he’s learned that he can’t change what’s in her heart. She tells him that he’s made her feel like a fool and walks away. He follows her and comments that perhaps she is a fool for thinking that Jonathan had any good in him. He tells her to look at what Jonathan has done to them. She walks away.

Harley continues to add things to the suspect board when Jeffery walks up behind her. He remarks on the company she’s keeping (in regards to the people on the board) and she turns around. She remarks that she never even heard him come in. Jeffery tells her he is looking for Gus and Harley mentions that he can wait around. Jeffery doesn’t think so and admits that he is her prosecutor. He tells her that any contact that they have will need to be done through her attorney. He apologizes and she tells him that perhaps if the wedding to Gus had just occurred that none of this would have happened. He admits to her that he doesn’t have an axe to grind with her, but that he won’t shy away from the truth either. She tells him that she needs to ask him something. She tells him that she’s counting in him to be honest and wonders how bad it is looking for her. He informs her that she might not want to know the answer to that.

Mel invites Beth in and wonders if the two of them need to be alone. She offers Beth a cup of coffee and tells them to go on as if she weren’t there. Rick tries to get rid of Beth and Mel tells her to stay. She wonders what Beth was going to say, and adds in that she and Rick have no secrets. Rick tells Beth that he and Mel were in the middle of something. Mel turns to Beth and Rick and tells the two of them that Beth is in the middle of something – their marriage. She admits to them both that she saw them kissing last night and reminds them that there are no secrets in her marriage. Rick and Beth look stunned.

Cassie urges Tammy to go home. She tells her mother that she is there to support Reva. Cassie continues to ask Tammy to go home. She tells Tammy that she will make sure Jonathan is ok as well. Tammy looks confused and wonders why. They are interrupted by Josh storming out of the hospital. Cassie asks about Reva and he tells them that she is inside with the patient.

Inside Jonathan’s room, Sandy removes the pressure from Jonathan’s leg just in time. Reva looks shocked to see Sandy there. He gives her a big hug and tells her that he was just leaving. She wonders how he is doing. He asks her to talk to him about Cassie. He sees Cassie standing outside of his room. He confesses to her that there is something that she needs to know about her sister. Cassie watches on as Jonathan and Reva talk. Jonathan apologizes to Reva for everything that is happening between her and Josh. He tells Reva that Josh wasn’t entirely wrong for thinking that he would be a problem for Cassie’s wedding. She wonders what that means. He tells her that something happened the night before Cassie’s wedding that she won’t be happy about.

Jeffery tells Harley that he can’t say anything more to her unless her attorney is there. She tells him that she understands and wonders how everything happened. She confesses to Jeffery that everything she thought about herself shifted when she became Ruth. He tells her that it is typical of an undercover case and that people have to be careful before they ‘become’ the person they are impersonating. She tells him that it sounds like he understands what she is going through. He tells her that sometimes you can get in so deep that it affects everything you do. Gus walks in and tells Jeffery that he hopes he isn’t jeopardizing his case by talking to Harley without him present. Jeffery tells him that he actually came to see Gus. He tells Gus that they need to talk about a deal.

Rick wonders why Mel hasn’t said anything earlier if she saw the kiss. She wonders why he never said anything to her. Beth walks over to the both of them and takes full blame for the kiss. Mel reminds her that Rick wasn’t moving away from the kiss. Beth tells Mel that she hasn’t been herself and was looking for comfort. Beth apologizes to Mel for being inappropriate. She admits that she has been at a loss since Phillip died. Mel tries to understand. Beth tells them that she wanted to apologize so that it didn’t affect her friendship with either of them. Rick tells her that its fine as it will never happen again. Beth leaves. Rick tells Mel that she was wonderful with Beth. She tells him that she understands Beth, but that it is him she can’t figure out. She walks away.

Cassie stands by the door to Jonathan’s room. She moves over to the nurse’s station and tells someone there that a doctor needs to speak with Reva. She asks the nurse to go in and have her come out. She does so, and Reva goes outside. Reva sees Cassie and tells her that she needs to see the doctor before she can see Cassie. Cassie admits that it was she who paged Reva. Cassie grabs her sister’s arm and tells her that she needs to listen.

Jonathan holds the video tape in his hand while he smiles.

Gus tells Jeffery that Harley won’t plea and that there will be no deals. He also remarks about how unethical it is for Jeffery to be speaking to Harley without her attorney. Jeffery tells them that he’s simply trying to be fair. He comments that is unusual that he’s getting an ethic lecture from Gus. He tells Jeffery that there is nothing for Harley to confess because she didn’t kill Phillip. He tells O’Neill that he will be speaking for Harley and that there are plenty of people with motive. Jeffery comments that if Harley changes her mind that they know where to find him. Jeffery leaves. Gus tells her not to shush him or talk to the DA without him. He reminds her that she is innocent and that they have plenty of people left to talk to.

Tammy looks at Jonathan through the window and he calls to her. She walks in and he thanks her for spending time with him the night before. She walks away and Josh walks in. He wonders why Jonathan is looking for company. He urges Josh to have a seat, and Josh tells him that he is ‘on to him.’ Jonathan tells Josh that he hopes he hasn’t caused any problems for Josh. Josh wonders what it is that he wants.

In front of the hospital entrance, Cassie tells Reva that Jonathan came to her room the night before the wedding. She begins talking fast and telling Reva that she never meant to get in over her head. Reva urges her to slow down and start from the beginning. Cassie tells Reva that after the party at J.Farley’s the night before the wedding that Jonathan came to her room. She tells her that the wedding was meant to go right. Reva doesn’t understand. Cassie tells Reva that she thinks Jonathan drugged her. Reva doesn’t understand why he would do that. Cassie tells her sister that she woke up the next morning and Jonathan was in bed with her. Reva looks stunned. Reva tells Cassie that she doesn’t know what she’s saying. Cassie tells her sister that she’s right as she doesn’t know how far it went. Cassie claims that she needs to know how far Jonathan took it. Cassie claims that she has no idea what happened just that she and he woke up naked. She admits that is why she left from the wedding. Reva tells Cassie that she doesn’t know what to say. Cassie reminds Reva that she’s been taking a lot of fertility drugs and that she has to know what happened. She tells Reva that Jonathan won’t tell her anything. Reva begins to cry. Cassie begs her sister to find out what happened for her.

Rick tells Mel that something happened the night Phillip died with Beth. He tells his wife that it is so bad that she barely wants to talk to Rick about it. She wonders why he’s telling her all of this. He claims that he wants to tell his wife about the event that led up to this kiss. He apologizes for kissing Beth back. He tells her that he will stay away from Beth if it is getting in the way of their marriage. She tells him not to stay away from Beth because she doesn’t want him to make a promise that he can’t keep.

In the study at the Spaulding Mansion, Beth sits on the couch. She shakes as she tries to have a drink of tea. The phone rings and Gus calls her. He informs her that he’s heading back to the house and wonders if she wants anything. She tells him that she’s not interested in food or seeing anyone. He wonders what is wrong and she tells him that she’s not interested in hearing about the night of Phillip’s murder. She yells and hang up on him Gus thinks that she’s acting weird and claims that he will talk to her about the murder whether she wants to or not. He turns to Harley and comments on how she’s been acting weird. He adds in that the more he thinks about it the more it looks as though she has something to hide. Harley warns him to take it easy on her.

Beth calls a servant into the room, wondering where a dress that Phillip liked on her went. Herta tells Beth that she sent it to the dry cleaners as it had a dark stain like wine or blood on it. Beth tells her that it was wine and orders her to donate it when it comes back. When Herta wonders why she wants to get rid of it Beth become angrier and yells at her.

Reva walks into her son’s room and asks to speak to him alone. Josh goes outside and tells them that he will be outside. Reva tells Jonathan that she talked to Cassie. She wants to know what he was doing in bed with her. He tells her that if she got Cassie’s version then that’s fine but that they both have different versions of the same story. He offers to tell his mother what truly happened.

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