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By Leigh
Pictures by Boo

Outside the hospital, Marina and Coop arrive. Marina is there to tell Rick and Mel about Danny and Michelle. Marina isnít sure she can do this. Coop offers his support. She worries about how Robbie is going to take the news that neither of his parents will be coming home.

Michelle, Danny and Tony arrive at the airport to get tickets to go home. Danny and Tony wonder if Holly will show up. Michelle tells them that Holly had a strange connection with Sebastian and she guesses that Holly just wanted to say goodbye. Danny agrees that is something that needs to be done.

Holly is on the plane remembering Sebastian telling her how much she loves him. She thinks to herself that she was able to say good-bye to Roger, she can also say good-bye to him. Out loud she wishes Sebastian a good life. Sebastian surprises her by popping up in the seat behind her and telling her that he plans on having a wonderful life.

At the Hospital, Mel and Rick argue, Mel asks him why he didn't tell her he's not going on the sailing trip. She tells Rick that he's been out of touch ever since Phillip died, and that she can't be a part of the what are we going to do without Phillip club. Rick gets angry and walks away.

Marina tries to talk to Rick, and he walks away telling her he can't talk right now. Marina asks Coop if Rick already knows about Danny, they decide he couldn't possibly know yet. Marina goes inside to talk with Mel, and Lizzie walks up to Coop yapping that he didn't show up for work!

Marina tells Mel that she needs to talk to her and Rick. She tells Mel that Danny is dead.

At the airport, Danny tells Michelle he needs to talk to her. She asks Tony to leave them talk alone. She explains to Danny why she left and went there, she tells him that she was trying to find something and not just running away. Danny asks if she found what she was looking for, she tells him she thinks that she did. Danny tells her it's okay that she doesn't remember.

She tells him that she remembered when the two of them were in the villa. Michelle tells him that she knows they loved each other but she's not feeling love for him now, and she wishes she could remember but she's not sure if it would change anything. Danny tells her that he came all that way to save her not his wife, and that his wife was lost last year in the explosion. They hug and Michelle tells him she's sorry that she lost her.

Outside Towers, Harley and Gus rehash everything Ruth Karloff did from the day she was born. Gus tells her that he's sure she didn't kill Phillip. Beth is eavesdropping on their conversation when Rick comes up behind Beth, she asks him what he's doing and he tells her that that's his line. Rich wants to know what she's doing spying on Gus and Harley, Harley walks up to Beth and tells her if she's got something to ask her she should do so.

On the plane, Sebastian tries to talk Holly into staying with him. He tells her that the people in her old life haven't missed a beat while she was gone. Holly tells him he's insane after he tells her that she's glad she's there with him. Sebastian tells her that her life has been as empty as his, and that they belong together. Holly screams that he's imagining all of this. Sebastian tells her she's been sleep walking through her life until he woke her up.

Mel is very upset; she asks Marina if she's sure that Danny is dead. Mel doesn't know where to start; Robbie is brought to Mel from the daycare in the hospital.

Marina takes care of Robbie while Mel looks for Rick. Robbie immediately asks where his Daddy is.

At the airport, Tony thinks that Michelle is gong to tell him that it's over because Danny is back. Tony tells her that he doesn't regret anything and he's happy for her. Michelle stops him from leaving so she and Danny can be together, he tells her she should be with the guy she loves. She takes his face in her hands and tells him that she is, they hug. Danny watches from a distance. Tony is thrilled that he's the guy Michelle loves. She tells him that Danny and her are over and she felt that he should know first. Tony decides to talk to Danny, only when he looks for him he's gone.

Outside the hospital, Marina asks Coop for some money to buy Robbie a snack, when he doesn't have any Lizzie gives her some, and Marina gives Lizzie a very odd look. Coop tells Lizzie that Marina was surprised because she was nice to her. Coop tells Lizzie that Danny died.

Inside the hospital, Marina tells Coop that Robbie keeps asking where Danny is and she doesn't know what to tell him.

Lizzie tells Marina that she'll stay with Robbie because she's knows how to handle a kid without a father. Lizzie sits down and talks with Robbie, she shows him Roxie. Coop watches as Lizzie tells stories about her Dad to Robbie.

Harley confronts Beth, she tells Beth that she hopes she can be fair and give her the benefit of doubt. Beth tells Harley and Gus that she's been eavesdropping long enough. Rick stands quietly, and then tries to get her to leave. Gus tells them that Phillip is still getting what he wants because everyone is still at each other's throats.

Sebastian tells Holly that she can't go back to the life she had before. He tells her that they can take the next step and a fresh start; he opens the door to the plane and is hanging in the doorway. Holly yells for him to close the door! He tells her they can do whatever they want as long as they do it together. He tells her to take his hand and she'll never stop feeling alive.

Marina tells Coop she's going outside and leaves Coop with Lizzie and Robbie. He gives Robbie his snacks, Lizzie asks Robbie to hold Roxie for her. Lizzie's compassionate side surprises Coop. Lizzie asks and Coop tells her that it really doesn't get easier over time when you've lost a parent.

Gus takes Harley to where her house used to be. She notices a brand new mail box, and goes to destroy it. Gus tells her to open it; she pulls out an envelope addressed to her. Inside it's a deed to that piece of land in her name. Gus bought the land for her, she puts her hand over his mouth telling him to shut up and let her thank him.

Rick asks Beth why she's losing it over Harley. She starts to say that everything she did that night was all for Ö then stops herself. Rick questions what she did that night and she answers nothing. Rick tells her that she trusts him and asks her what it is. The two of them kiss, Mel walks in and sees them kissing. She turns and walks away with them not knowing she saw them kiss. Mel walks back in after their kiss is done, she tells Rick she needs to talk to him. Mel stares down Beth before she and Rick leave.

Harley is tickled about owning the piece of land. She thanks Gus again. Gus tells her that he's spoken with the contractor about rebuilding the house. He tells her that when all the legal stuff is over she'll have a house to move back in to. Gus has her close her eyes and imagine move-in day. Harley thanks him for always having so much faith in her.

At the hospital, Coop asks Lizzie if she doesn't have to get to work. She tells him that there are more important things than work and then tells him he's being docked in his pay for that afternoon. She takes Roxie, says goodbye to Robbie and Coop. Lizzie whispers to Roxie that it's all part of the game, Coop tells himself to keep his eye on the prize.

Marina cries, wishes on a star when Danny asks her what she was wishing for. She jumps into his arms.

Tony comes back to Michelle and tells her he couldn't find Danny. Tony tells her that when they get back home their family and friends aren't going to like that they're together. Michelle tells him they can work it out together.

Sebastian, tells Holly to tell him what she wants. She tells him that she wants to go home to Springfield. He kisses her, telling her that he loves her. She pushes him away from her and he falls from the plane.

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