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By Leigh
Pictures by Boo

Alone in the cell, Danny tell Michelle she had a memory not a dream and asks her of other memories she might have had. Tony runs in and he and Michelle hug through the bars. Holly by his side, Sebastian aims his gun at Tony.

At the Beacon, Reva thanks Jeffrey for being there and performing Cassie and Edmund's wedding ceremony. Just as she's asking Jeffrey how he knew to be at the barn Dinah arrives. Dinah starts talking to Reva about Cassie, like she didn't get married! She even tells Reva that the wedding wasn't meant to be. Reva tells her that she needs to mark this date down as an anniversary because they did get married. Dinah looks stunned; Jeffrey pours her a glass of champagne.

Outside the barn, Cassie is very emotional. She tells Edmund how wonderful he is and how sorry she is for putting him through so much. Edmund tells her that they should put all that behind them and he turns to go inside. Cassie can't get the images of Jonathan in bed with her and the missing film from the video camera out of her head. He takes her by the arm and she stops, telling him that she can't, that she needs to tell him something.

In the stairwell of the Beacon, Joshua shoves Jonathan up the stairs. Josh tells him that he's got no rights and he wants him gone. JB answers back, "if only wishing made it so." Josh tells him that he's a cancer to Reva and the town. Tammy is watching them from the bottom of the stairs. There's a struggle and JB falls down the stairs. With JB at her feet, Tammy asks Josh, "What did you do?"

Holly stops Tony from going after Sebastian who is holding his gun on Tony. Danny, Michelle and Holly tell Sebastian to take his cure. He makes a toast to hope, happiness, and health before chugging the medication that Michelle made for him. Immediately he starts yelling that nothing is happening, he yells at Michelle, asking her if she switched the formula! Sebastian yells that everyone's going to pay for this.

Josh runs down the stairs, he checks Jonathan and tells Tammy that he's breathing. Tammy asks Josh why he pushed him down the stairs. He tells her that he didn't. JB wakes and tells Josh to get away from him and that his leg is broken. Tammy offers to go along to the hospital, and JB thanks her saying he'll feel safer if she's around.

At the Beacon, Reva offers Dinah details of the wedding. She tells Dinah that Jeffrey performed the ceremony. Reva asks again how Dinah knew that Cassie hadn't shown up in the first place. Dinah tells Reva that Cassie will return all the presents because the marriage will never last.

Edmund picks Cassie up and carries her across the threshold at the farm. When they get inside the house is decorated. She asks him if he wants to know why she almost walked out, and he tells her No, that nothing good can come from it. She tells him he needs to know the truth and that she loves him too much not to tell him.

Michelle tells Sebastian that the medication is not going to kick in all at once and questions if he's feeling any different. Sebastian still aiming the gun at them passes out. Tony opens the cell and Michelle goes to aid Sebastian. Tony tells them to get out of there that he's going to make sure that Sebastian never hurts anyone again.

Cassie attempts again to explain to Edmund why she didn't show up at the wedding. She tells him that her commitment to the people she loves blinds her to things. Edmund stops her again, telling her she's done nothing wrong and he knows everything he needs to know.

In the barn, Dinah lurks around talking out loud to Hart. She opens a bottle of champagne and says that this is where she and Hart were to be married, but Cassie ruined everything. She sings here comes the bride with a lot to hide. She says, "This is pathetic." Dinah cries, saying that this should be hers. She starts freaking out and tearing down the decorations.

At the farm, Cassie and Edmund are in a passionate moment when she hears something outside and sends Edmund to investigate.

At the hospital, JB asks Tammy to stay with him while Lillian talks to Josh outside his room. Josh tells Lillian that JB slipped and fell down the stairs. Tammy comes out of JB's room and Josh offers to take her home, but she tells him she feels like she should stay. Right after Josh leaves, telling Tammy he's going to call Reva. Reva walks up to Tammy who is standing in the hall outside JB's room. Tammy tells her that the doctor is in with him now. Reva thinks it's Josh that was hurt, but Tammy tells her that Josh is fine, it was JB who got hut.

Sebastian wakes while Tony is aiming the gun at him. Sebastian tells Tony that the two of them are very much alike in their willingness to kill. Tony grabs him and tells him that only this time he lost! Michelle yells at Tony to stop.

Dinah is still tearing the decorations apart in the barn when a hand covers her mouth and pulls her through a back door. Cassie and Edmund walk in and see the mess. Jeffrey comes through the back door with a wheel barrel telling them he's cleaning up at Reva's insistence. They tell Jeffrey that he should stop, he agrees saying he's going to take his last wheel barrel full out. Outside, Jeffrey pulls a gagged and handcuffed Dinah out of the wheel barrel.

At the hospital, Reva asks Tammy what happened and how bad JB is hurt. Tammy tells Reva that JB was at the Beacon when Josh saw him. Tammy tells her that it looked like JB was going back to the party and then stopped saying she didn't want to get Josh in trouble. Josh comes back and asks Tammy to go and check if Reva can see JB. Reva asks Josh if he pushed her son down the stairs. Josh tells her that JB is a genius. That somehow he knew that she'd be asking him that question--which he played it perfectly. Josh tells her that no matter how he answers that question JB will win.

Lillian tells Tammy that JB is sleepy from the painkiller. When Tammy says that she should let him rest JB grabs her hand.

Tony goes to check on the plane and calls the others to hurry because it's ready. Holly stands back telling the others that she has some unfinished business. They tell her to hurry that they'll hold the plane. Sebastian tells Holly that he knew she would never leave him.

Dinah asks Jeffrey to remove the cuffs, he tells her he could have her arrested. Jeffrey tells Dinah that Cassie and Edmund love each other and that he's not going to tell Cassie what Edmund did to him. He tells Dinah that the two of them will never know love like that because they're permanently broken and they've seen too much.

Back inside at the farm, Edmund tells Cassie that he wants to pick up where they left off. Edmund tells her that he'll never say another bad thing against Jeffrey. Cassie tells him that Jeffrey listened to a nervous bride and reminded her how much she loves Edmund. Edmund says that noting in the world will come between them. He undresses her and they make love.

At the hospital, Tammy tells JB that he provoked Josh and that he's not completely innocent. JB brings up Alfred, and that he used to say that he was always asking for it.

Josh tells Reva that he didn't push JB down the stairs. He tells her that JB did it to himself and asks Reva to trust him. Tammy comes out of JB's room and tells Reva that he wants to see her.

In JB's room, he tells Reva not to blame Josh. That it was not all his fault, and he didn't know what he was doing.

Sebastian tells Holly to let the others go back and that the two of them can be so much more. Holly tells him that her unfinished business is to say goodbye to him and that she never wants to see him again. She thanks him for helping her end this sick dance she's had with her memories and regrets. Sebastian cries and begs her to forgive him, he tells her he can't live without her. Holly tells him that he used her to cheat death and she forgives him for it but she's taking her life back.

Reva tells JB that both Josh and Tammy gave their versions of what happened. JB tells her that he doesn't blame Josh because he brings out the worst in everyone except for her. Reva tells him that she's sorry that so many people want him out of her life. Reva tells him that he should sleep and when he wakes up she'll be there. JB turns his head, opens his eyes slightly and stares at Josh, then smirks before closing his eyes again.

At the farm, Edmund and Cassie sleep by the fireplace. Cassie dreams that she's holding a baby girl and telling Edmund that she was conceived around their wedding. She asks him, "isn't she beautiful?" Jonathan pops up beside her and says, "She has my eyes!" Cassie wakes from her bad dream and Edmund comforts her.

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