Guiding Light Update Friday 1/7/05



By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Michelle and Danny are in the cell and Michelle is mixing the cure. Sebastian asks if Michelle is stalling but Holly says that she is trying to save his life. Michelle says she’s done and gives Sebastian the medicine. She tells him to drink up, and that it could either cure him or kill him. Sebastian draws his gun and tells Danny he has to take his first.

Harley and Gus arrive at Towers. Gus asks Harley how does free air feels and says that she will never be going back to jail. Harley sees some gifts on the table and realizes they are for Cassie’s wedding. Ross and Blake come in and tell them that the wedding didn’t happen and that since Cassie never showed up, Edmund sent everyone home. Harley asks if the year could have had a worse start.

Josh grabs Jonathan and asks what he did to his mother. He asks Reva if Jonathan hurt her. Jonathan asks why Josh always assumes the worst and says that maybe he walked in on a conversation between a mother and her son. Josh releases Jonathan and Reva says that it’s okay. Josh says that it is not okay since it was supposed to be a special day for Cassie and Edmund. Reva says that Jonathan had nothing to do with the wedding being called off.

She tells Josh she can’t take it anymore or beat it into his head that Jonathan is here and they are trying to work through this, and if Josh doesn’t want to be a part of that? Reva throws up her hands to leave and Josh asks where she is going. She says she is going to try to find Cassie and save her world from flying apart. Jonathan tells Josh nice play. Josh tells Jonathan if he did something, he’s going to find out what it was. .

Cassie asks Edmund if he still wants to get married. He asks “right now?” She says right now. He replies “lets get married” and they hug. Cassie tells Edmund there is something he should know Edmund says that he doesn’t need to know anything and that she is here now and that’s all he needs to know. He explains Ross has left and there is no one to marry them. Cassie says that there is nothing more that she wants than to marry him right now. They hug again. Jeffrey comes into the barn and offers to marry them. Cassie and Edmund have surprised looks on their faces.

Cassie says “you would really marry us?” Jeffrey says that after everything the three of us have been through together? He says I can deal with it if you can. Edmund tells Jeffrey it’s very kind of him. Jeffrey explains who am I to stand in the way of true love, and they have happiness flowing out of their ears. Cassie thanks Jeffrey. Jeffrey says all we need is a Bible and Cassie says she has one inside. He goes inside of the farmhouse to get the Bible. Edmund thanks Jeffrey again and Jeffrey leaves. Cassie apologizes to Edmund for almost ruining this day for them. Edmund says that we are getting married, and he couldn’t have asked for anything more. Cassie says how about honesty. She asks if he isn’t dying to know why she ran away.

Jonathan enters Elizabeth & Company and tells Sandy get them when they are needy. Sandy tells Jonathan he really should go. Jonathan eggs Sandy on to a fight. Tammy asks him not to. Sandy says Tammy has had enough drama. Jonathan asks that Sandy must have made an impression but how did he do it without getting her clothes off. Sandy is ready to fight, but Tammy comes between them. Tammy wants to talk to Jonathan. Sandy reluctantly agrees. Jonathan tells Tammy did he mention how good she looks today. Tammy says that he was gloating about her mom’s wedding. Jonathan wonders how his father Richard would feel. Tammy says he doesn’t know anything about Richard and Edmund has changed and loves her mom. She says some people can’t change, some things you can’t make up for, and maybe Jonathan is getting what he deserves. Jonathan says “yeah, every day. But no one gets what they deserve anyway. It doesn’t mean you should stop trying.”

Edmund doesn’t care why she ran away and just wants her to marry her. Cassie asks if that is enough for him and he says that it is. Edmund says people are asking what Cassie is doing. The virtuous Cassie marrying the black prince of San Cristobel, the man without a heart. Edmund says that she saw everything and yet here she is and he doesn’t question why she ran away but rather why she is here. Cassie says they are wasting time and wonders where Jeffrey is. Edmund suggests they wait. Cassie explains she doesn’t want to wait because she is afraid she won’t spend the rest of her life with him. Edmund says that that is never going to happen and they kiss.

Michelle tells Sebastian to take the medicine. Sebastian insists that Danny take it first. Michelle tells Sebastian that Danny isn’t sick and they don’t know how he’ll react to it. Sebastian points his gun, and Holly tells him to put the gun away. She tells Sebastian to take the medicine and stop putting them through this insanity. Danny agrees to take it and tells Michelle to be quiet. He tells Sebastian if he’s going to be his lab rat, he wants something in return. To let Michelle and Holly go. Sebastian says that he’s got himself a deal. Michelle says “no”, and she swallows the medicine. They all look at Michelle as she collapses in Danny’s arms.

Cassie and Edmund are kissing and Jeffrey comes in and tells them to save it for the honeymoon. Jeffrey says that he has the family Bible. Cassie explains we don’t have a family Bible. Jeffrey has RJ’s popup Bible and will keep it turned over so nothing pops up. Edmund says that they don’t have rings. He finds two yellow garden hose washers. Cassie feels they are perfect, and as she holds her bouquet, the ceremony begins. Jeffrey struggles and says that they can dispense with the dearly beloved stuff since no one else is there. He knows neither of them are going into this lightly. Jeffrey mentions something he feels should be in every ceremony. Simple forgiveness. Reva, family and friends start to enter quietly. Jeffrey suggests they recite their own vows and say how they feel. Edmund thanks Cassie for saving him and for bringing light into his dark world and giving him humanity. He says that she gave him the chance to love her and her children. Because of Cassie, Tammy, RJ, and Will, he finally has a life and something to look forward to when he wakes up in the morning. When she didn’t show up earlier, he wasn’t really surprised. Edmund thanks Cassie for coming back, and he is determined to make that the smartest decision she’s ever made. Cassie apologizes for running away. She wanted to be the one person who didn’t let him down and made him feel safe. She never felt safe growing up even when she was grown up she was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, but he wraps his love around her like a warm blanket and makes her feel safe and loves and accepts her for who she is. He’s a wonderful father and loves her life with him and their days and nights with their family. Cassie hopes she is enough for him. And she wants to spend every day for the rest of their lives making him happy. Jeffrey asks if Cassie will take Edmund. She says I do. Replies “of course I do” as Edmund puts the ring on his finger. Jeffrey asks Edmund. He says forsaking all other, he does and slips the ring on Cassie’s finger. Jeffrey pronounces them husband and wife.

Edmund kisses Cassie as family and friends clap and cheer in the back ground. Jeffrey says that I give you Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Winslow. Gus and Harley come in last as family and friends hug, kiss and congratulate Edmund and Cassie.

Outside of the barn, Gus tells Harley to get in there and is sure Cassie would love to see her. Harley says this is Cassie’s big day and nothing should spoil your wedding day. Harley says that is enough. She saw her best friend get married, and they should go. Gus and Harley leave.

Josh apologizes to Reva as she says she knows. He says that it is hard for him. She replies that she knows. Reva says that it isn’t easy for her or Jonathan. Josh replies “I know.” Reva says what Jeffrey said is true about forgiveness and that she forgiveness Josh, but he has to give it a shot too. Josh smiles and says okay, I forgive you and that he’ll try. Reva says that maybe she can get Josh to swear to that on Jeffrey’s Bible and Josh replies don’t push it. Reva smiles and says she’ll push him in the hay. Josh says that “bring it on.” They lean in to kiss.

Tammy hugs Cassie and says she loves her. Josh gives Edmund and Cassie their real rings. Edmund puts a diamond wedding ring on Cassie’s finger and kisses her hand. RJ presents Cassie with Edmund’s ring. Cassie puts it on Edmund’s finger. They kiss. Reva suggests everyone head over to Towers for the reception.. Cassie goes over to Jeffrey thanks and hugs him. Jeffrey says that it was his pleasure and meant what he said about forgiveness. Cassie says some things are easier to ask for than others. She kisses Jeffrey on the cheek, and she and Edmund leave. Edmund waves goodbye to Jeffrey who looked sad.

Holly tells Sebastian to look at what he’s done and she slaps him. He says he didn’t force her to drink it. Holly says who’s island is this, who has the gun and brought us here. Holy says that she had a life, and had everything in order and together. She thought the curse was finally broken and wonders if he knows what he’s done to her and everyone. Holly tells Sebastian that he tortured her. He asks about her hypocrisy and that she wanted to be here. She could have escaped but she came back. Holly say sit was to save your miserable life. Sebastian says you can’t fathom going back to that life. Holly turns her back on him.

Danny tries to revive Michelle as her heart is beating, and she is breathing. He says we’ve been here before. She came back to him before, and she can do it now. Michelle begins to wake up as Danny asks if she can hear him. Sebastian and Holly go into the cell and Sebastian asks if she is conscious. Michelle says “Danny?” He tells her to take it easy. Michelle asks how long she was out. Sebastian asks if she is okay. Holly says what do you care. Sebastian asks where is the rest of the medicine. Danny gets angry and tells him to stay away from Michelle and to choke on the medicine. Holly and Sebastian walk out of the cell as he lowers the bars.

Holly asks what he is waiting for but Sebastian doesn’t know. Michelle says it was so weird like she was having a dream. She says her head feels like a lead brick. Michelle says that she saw images like everything was out of her reach, and she was floating. And she kept hearing Danny’s voice. Danny asks what she saw. Michelle says that she saw him.

At Towers, Reva wants to propose a toast to happiness and how something so simply can be so difficult to find sometimes. She says but it is here tonight, bouncing off the walls, and hopes they can grab onto it and spread it around a little. She toasts to Cassie and says that she loves her very much and that she and Edmund are really good together. Reva laughs and says she can’t believe she is saying this. To love, life and to you. They all say cheers and some click glasses. Cassie and Edmund kiss.

Sandy tells Reva nice work. Reva says she is mushy at weddings. Sandy says that she is mushy at everything. He thanks her. Sandy says that he should have pushed her away but she didn’t. He has tears in his eyes and isn’t sure what he did to deserve her. She came him a second chance. They hug, and Reva says you know I love you. She looks at Tammy. Reva says that with all that mushy stuff comes some strings and responsibility and wants Tammy to move on with her life, and see her move back with Cassie, and go back to school. But if she lives with Sandy, he will have to take care of her. Tammy smiles as Sandy looks at her and replies “absolutely.”

Edmund says we are married and you are my wife. He can’t believe it. Cassie says that it a beautiful day. Edmund asks if Cassie is as happy as Reva said. Cassie replies happier, she trusts Edmund with her life. He says good and follow me. Edmund asks why she is stopping. Cassie says we just got here. He says they will understand, trust me. Cassie and Edmund leave.

Josh, Blake and Ross are having a conversation and Blake tells Josh his wife is a sap. Ross mentions look who’s talking as she was sobbing so loudly that he thought she was going to blow everyone’s cover. Blake claims it was allergies. She mentions they just had their first anniversary and aren’t exactly newlyweds. Ross kisses Blake’s head and tells her they will always be newlyweds as long as they don’t let things get in the way. Josh sees Jonathan enter the restaurant and excuses himself and says there is something he has to do.

At Elizabeth & Company, Gus says he is sorry about Cassie and Edmund’s wedding and them having to leave. Harley says everyone wants their jail bird friend at their wedding. Gus tells her to stop that stuff. He says if Cassie is a real friend, she would understand and let her make her own decision. Harley says that a bride shouldn’t have to worry about anything. She tells Gus to shut up as she knows what he is thinking. Harley was thinking of their wedding and doesn’t want to think about it anymore as it’s ancient history. She says that you are responsible for tearing up our lives, but I may have killed her son’s father. Gus argues that Harley didn’t do it. She says that you don’t know, and he only wishes it was true. Harley says look at the odds. Gus talks about being a Cubs fan and standing at an altar and praying for something that might never happen.

Gus tells Harley it’s me. He is here, and has always been here, and always will be. Gus explains who else do you know who would wish so hard for something to go away. He will do more than just wish. Harley thanks him, and they snuggle closely to kiss, touch their lips together, but don’t actually kiss.

Gus and Harley pull back from touching their lips together. Harley is smiling. He says he’s going to be her lawyer and doesn’t trust anyone else with her life. Their relationship is that he is the lawyer, and she is the client, and that is the way it’s got to be. This is strictly professional from here out. Harley approaches, and he stops her. Harley asks if Gus can be that way with her. He says he has to because her life depends on it. Someone watches them from outside the restaurant.

Michele says we were in a hot air balloon drinking champagne. Danny says that wasn’t a dream, but a memory, and it really happened a few years ago. He talks about taking her on a hot air balloon ride. Danny asks if that was the first memory of them. Michelle shakes her head no. Tony rushes in yelling for Michelle. He looks through the bars at Danny and Michelle in the cell.

Edmund apologizes for taking Cassie away from the reception. He kisses the side of Cassie’s face softly and slowly. They dance close with their foreheads touching as Edmund kisses her again on the forehead. He says “I love you my wife. I love you with all my soul.” Cassie replies “I love you too, my husband.” The hug.

Josh asks Jonathan what he is is doing here. Jonathan asks if this is round two. Josh says if that’s the way you want it, sure.

Jonathan tells Josh he wants him to get off his back. Josh explains he’s not going to cause trouble and ruin anyone’s good time. Jonathan tells Josh to lay off. Josh grabs Jonathan and escorts him into the stairwell. Tammy follows them. Josh is very forceful with Jonathan and pushes him up the stairs stating he’s getting tired of Jonathan. They get up to the first flight landing, and Josh pushes Jonathan against the wall. He asks Josh what is his problem. Josh replies “you.” He says you are my problem, and Jonathan may think he has Reva in his hip pocket but not him. Josh claims he’s been onto Jonathan from the start. Jonathan thinks he has a right to be here like everyone else. Josh doesn’t think he has any rights whatsoever, and he’s not going to sit around and wait for the other shoe to drop. Jonathan replies “on your head.” Josh continues to push Jonathan up to the next flight of stairs where they reach the landing and Jonathan tells him thank God for people like Josh. Josh replies he wants Jonathan gone. Jonathan grabs Josh and says that “if only wishing made it so.” Josh grabs Jonathan and pushes him against the wall and tells him he’s a cancer to Reva and this town. Jonathan says that they should get Reva up here and see what she has to say. Josh tells him nothing will be that easy for him again as Tammy enters the stairwell. Jonathan sees Tammy at the bottom of the stairs and tells Josh he is trying to make a life for himself. Jonathan tells Josh he is tired of abusive bullies pushing him around and tells Josh to get out of his way. Tammy continues to watch and listen. Jonathan pushes Josh and they turn. Jonathan's back is now facing the stairs. Josh tells Jonathan not to play that game with him. Jonathan appears to put his hand on Josh’s chest.

There is a struggle and Jonathan falls backwards down two flights of stairs. Josh looks terrified. He lands right next to Tammy and falls right into the wall and appears to be unconscious. Tammy and Josh are both shocked.

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