Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/6/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Outside the judge’s chambers at the courthouse, Harley is talking to Gus. She tells him how much she appreciates all he has done for her. She lets him know that she has been trying to focus on her family and knowing that they are ok. He informs her that he has some ‘tricks up his sleeve.’ She smiles while he lets her know that he got another bail hearing. She tells him that he should move on with his life as he’s just wasting it waiting for her.

At Elizabeth & Company, Jonathan gets what appears to be breakfast. He looks down at a newspaper that happens to be sitting on the table next to him. Jonathan smiles and makes a comment to the waitress that Cassie & Edmund are his aunt and uncle. He then goes on about how everyone loves weddings as they’re so full of surprises.

Inside the barn, Tammy & Sandy, who are ready for the wedding, are talking. She tells him how she believes that her mother and Edmund truly deserve to be happy. He reminds her that she has the right to be happy too. She ignores his comment and tells him how excited she is that her mother is finally getting a ‘happy ending.’ He comments that this can give Tammy hope. She tells him that it simply gives her less to worry about if her mother is happy. Sandy grabs her hand and she pulls away.

Josh smiles from behind as Edmund fixes his suit repeatedly. He warns him to stop with the wedding jitters. He helps fix his tie and warns Edmund that as long as he’s good to Cassie the two of them will never have any problems. Edmund tells him that he simply wants the wedding to be over and for him to be married. Josh steps aside and tells him that soon enough it will be done with and they’ll be on their honeymoon. Edmund smiles and tells Josh that he’s looking forward to that. Reva comes rushing in looking for Josh. Edmund notices her and asks if everything is ok. She tells them both that Cassie has left. Edmund looks stunned.

In the park, Cassie is wandering around. She thinks back to the night she spent with Jonathan. She hears him remind her that she’s the one that invited him and thinks back to finding the video tape missing. Jeffery is sitting on a nearby bench and throws a paper with Cassie’s wedding announcement to the side. He thinks back to when he learned about Edmund attacking him in the barn. He looks up and sees Cassie. He goes over to her and has to repeat her name a few times before she will respond. He tells her that she’s freaking him out and wonders what is wrong. Without turning around or saying another word Cassie tells Jeffery that she can’t marry Edmund.

Outside the barn, Olivia and Bill walk up and comment on how great the place looks. She tells Bill that it is not about where you get married as long as you’re happy. She smiles and stares right at him. He wonders if she has any regrets about their wedding. He wonders if she would like the big wedding with the cake and whatnot. She informs him that she is happy with what they had. She goes on to tell him that she’s had the large wedding and it is simply an invitation for disaster. He kisses her and the two head inside.

Inside the barn, Tammy wonders if anyone called the Beacon and Edmund looks nervous. Bill & Olivia walk in and he asks what is going on. Josh tells his nephew that Cassie is missing. Olivia wonders why everyone is standing around and comments that they should all look for her. Josh interrupts, telling everyone that they should be looking for Jonathan or Dinah as opposed to Cassie. He goes on to say that he is pretty sure that one of them had something to do with Cassie missing. Bill tells them all that ‘my money is on Jonathan.’ Reva tells them all that Jonathan hasn’t been anywhere near the wedding and that he promised her that he would stay away. Tammy reminds Reva that she wasn’t so sure he’d actually listen to her before. Sandy agrees with Tammy and tells her that they can’t simply dismiss Jonathan. She walks over to Edmund and asks if he wants to call the police. He tells them all that they should go look for Cassie and that he will stay in the barn in case she comes back. Everyone leaves and Edmund stays behind.

Cassie tells Jeffery that her wedding day wasn’t supposed to be like this. She goes on to tell him that every time she looks at Edmund that she…and she can’t finish the sentence. Jeffery tells her that although he’s not an expert on the subject of romance that sometimes you need to let the little things go. She comments that she wishes she could, but that some things are impossible to let go of. She comments that she must look like an idiot sitting on a bench crying in her wedding dress.

Jeffery assures her that she doesn’t and goes on to explain that he understands how much she wanted to believe in and trust him. He adds in that he guesses that no one can truly change that much. Cassie looks confused and wonders who and what he is talking about. He turns to her and tells her that he’s obviously talking about Edmund. She informs him that it was she who did something unforgivable.

Doris, the DA shows up while Gus and Harley are talking. She tells him that she’s getting a feeling of déjà vu. Gus reminds her that she is there to serve the people and that both he & Harley are Springfield residents. He urges her to simply ‘do her job and leave it at that.’ The judge comes down the stairs, which are near where they are all standing. They all enter the judge’s chambers where he informs them that he usually doesn’t agree to a second bail hearing. He lets them know that these are special circumstances. He tells Gus to compel him for the bail plea. Gus goes on to the judge about how Harley is not a flight risk. He adds in that he is willing to put up her entire bail amount, rather than the standard 10%. He adds in that is he not only Harley’s lawyer, but a Spaulding as well. Gus begins to tell the judge that he’d like to speak on behalf of the entire Spaulding family when Alan walks in. He yells at his son that he’d better not dare to speak for all the Spaulding’s. Gus tells his father that he doesn’t belong at a bail hearing. The judge allows Alan to speak. Alan tells the judge that not only does the entire family disagree with Gus’s opinion of Harley, but that she kidnapped Phillip’s son, Zach earlier in the fall. He adds in that he thinks this makes her a greater flight risk. Gus tries to explain away the ‘kidnapping’ by telling everyone that she simply took her son on a vacation. Alan wonders what is to stop her from doing the same thing again. Gus tells the judge and Alan that he thinks that her family would stop her from leaving again. Alan makes a snide remark wondering if Harley even knows what the meaning of family is. He tells them all that he has welcomed her into his family more than once and challenges them all to ‘look at what she’s done to his family.’ Gus gets angry and tells his father that if anyone is to blame for what happened to Phillip that he should look in the mirror.

Reva runs into Elizabeth & Company and sees her son there. He wonders what she is doing when she is supposed to be at the wedding. He plays stupid and when Reva tells him that Cassie took off he comments that everyone must be worried. He tells her that he hasn’t seen her and that perhaps it is good that Cassie ‘finally wisened up.’ Reva looks confused and he explains that he can’t believe his mother truly wanted Cassie to marry Edmund. Reva lets him know that she doesn’t think that Edmund had anything to do with Cassie’s disappearance. She tells him that she thinks someone else had something to do with Cassie fleeing her own wedding. Jonathan becomes defensive and wonders why his own mother would accuse him of having something to do with Cassie leaving. Reva informs him that she defended him when no one else would. He wonders what everyone thinks he did. She tells him that she doesn’t know and wonders why he doesn’t seem surprised at the news of Cassie leaving.

Edmund is alone in the barn and has a drink when Olivia joins him. She assures him that they will find Cassie. He comments that they will only find her if she wants to be found. He goes on about how everyone assumes that Dinah or Jonathan had something to do with her leaving, but that they’re forgetting the most obvious reason of all – him. She won’t hear anything of and reminds Edmund that Cassie isn’t one to keep things bottled up. She lets him know that if Cassie had doubts about marrying him that she’s sure he would have heard them by now. He reminds her of the stone cold fact that she was there, at their wedding and then she up and left without saying a word. Tammy and Sandy return telling Edmund that they drove all the way to the end of Laurel Falls before they turned back. Tammy doesn’t understand and tells Edmund that her mother ‘isn’t usually like that.’ He agrees with her. Josh comes inside and tells Edmund that guests are beginning to arrive. He wonders what he should do. Edmund offers to go outside and talk to them when Olivia tells him to give it another 15 minutes. Everyone else agrees. Tammy reassures him that Cassie will be back. Edmund tries to put on a happy face and tells them that he realizes that. He thanks them all for everything. Josh takes Sandy outside to help him and Olivia follows. Tammy goes after them as well leaving Edmund alone in the barn. Outside, Bill sees Dinah and wonders what she is doing.

Jeffery tells Cassie that he can’t imagine her doing something that Edmund couldn’t forgive her for. He goes on to tell her that she’s one of the most honest people he knows and that no mistake could be that bad. She tells him that most people don’t make mistakes for the whole world to see. He thinks she is exaggerating when she tells him that the whole world will find out. He tells her that no one will care. She tells him that everyone will hate her even though she was trying to protect her family. He wonders if she is ‘blowing things out of proportion.’ She mentions that she thought she had things under control when he changed the rules on her. Jeffery wonders who the ‘he’ is. He asks her who hurt her.

The judge wonders if Gus would like to add anything to what Alan has just said. He tells them that not only would Harley never leave her family, and she wouldn’t jeopardize her family to commit murder. He reminds the judge that she ahs also spent her entire life serving the community. He tells them that this is a line she wouldn’t cross. Doris has her chance to speak. She tells the judge that although Gus’s plea is heartfelt that she can’t get it out of her head that the two were once engaged. She tells the judge that the state still opposes bail for Harley as they believe her to be a flight risk. Doris uses what Alan has said to back up the opinions of the DA’s office. The judge tells them that he’s heard enough and will be back shortly with his decision. They all begin to file out of the judge’s chambers when Harley turns to thanks Gus for what he said about her. Alan interrupts and tells Gus that although what he said about Harley was eloquent, it will not help her. He informs them that her fate has already been sealed. He brings up her children and tells her to think of them. Gus tells his father to be quiet. Harley tells him that he might as well say what he wants to now. Alan wonders why Harley would want to put her children through a murder trial. Gus informs his father that she doesn’t want to, but that she doesn’t have much of a choice. He tells Harley to confess and throw herself at the leniency of him and the courts. He warns her that if she doesn’t she will spend the rest of her life in a state prison.

Jonathan tells his mother that he had a feeling that the wedding wouldn’t happen. Reva jumps down his throat and wonders if he knows something he isn’t telling her. He tells her that he is simply a ‘good judge of character.’ He accuses her of being suspicious of him. She tells him that she wants to believe him. She reminds him that they’re just learning to trust one another and that they need to be honest with one another. He tells her that he thinks Cassie may have wisened up at the last second. He tells her that someone like Edmund cannot change. She tells him that she understands why he would think that way. She informs him that Edmund is different with Cassie. The two mention how Edmund wanted to kill Jonathan as a child. Reva informs him that she will never forget or forgive what Edmund did then. She also adds in that he has changed. Jonathan claims that once again they’re right back to where they started. Tammy & Sandy come in the restaurant and Tammy tells Reva that she needs to speak with her. Jonathan apologizes to Tammy about her mother’s wedding. Sandy defends Tammy and tells Jonathan not to speak to her. Jonathan leaves and Reva follows. Sandy checks to make sure Tammy is ok.

Outside of Elizabeth & Company, Reva tells her son that she does believe him. He thanks her. Reva is in tears and tells him that she’s worried sick about Cassie. He tells her that perhaps Cassie & Edmund weren’t as solid as they would have liked to believe. He adds in that everyone has their secrets and perhaps the two of them had theirs.

Dinah wonders if Bill is responsible for Cassie leaving. She tells him that she had nothing to do with it and explains that she only wanted to see if they would actually make it down the aisle. Bill doesn’t buy her story and she gets mad that he would think otherwise. She compares Bill to their mother and tells him that she thought Cassie would ‘screw the wedding up.’ She informs him that perhaps Edmund will need her and that she wanted to be there for him as he’s her friend. He tells his sister that Edmund isn’t her friend. Bill can’t believe that he stuck up for his sister. She smiles and tells him that she loved the fact that he did that. He reminds her that she has no right to be at the wedding and she disagrees. She tells him that she should be there because she loves Edmund.

Inside the barn, Edmund walks around. He thinks back to Cassie telling him how much she needed him.

Jeffery tries to convince Cassie to tell him who hurt her. He tries to make her feel safe and tells her that he wants to help her. Jeffery wonders if perhaps she would prefer to talk to a woman and she tells him that ‘it’s not like that.’ She tells him that she did something stupid and screwed up. He tells her that the real Cassie is a smart, strong woman who deserves someone to take care of her. She tells him that she doesn’t deserve the love of someone. She continues to berate herself. Suddenly, Jeffery stands up and tells her that he can’t stand here and listen to this anymore. She looks shocked and wonders what he means. He tells her that Edmund doesn’t deserve her.

Alan tells Harley that she has a decision to make, but that she has to decide now. She declines his offer. He turns his attention to Gus and tells his son that he doesn’t want to be enemies. He adds in that unless things change that it is probably where they will end up. Alan pleas with his son to come to his senses. Alan leaves. Gus turns to Harley and tells her that he has come to his senses. She tells him that he can’t throw his family away for her. She understands how much they mean to him and brings up the fact that he gave ‘them’ up for his family before. He agrees and tells her that he’s not going to make the same mistake twice.

Alan is outside the chambers on his phone. He tells the person on the other end of the line that he “wants it ready tomorrow.”

The judge comes back, letting them all know he has made his decision. Everyone heads back in the chambers.

In the lobby of the Beacon, Olivia runs into someone who identifies her as one of the owners of the hotel. She tells Olivia that she is guest and then gives Olivia condolences on the death of Emma’s father. She refers to Phillip’s death as a “sad situation.” Olivia looks confused and you can tell that her interest is piqued when the stranger brings up Emma. Olivia tries to find out more information about the guest when Josh walks in. He wonders if she has seen either Cassie or Jonathan. Olivia reminds Josh of everything that Jonathan has gone through and tells him to give the kid some slack. He laughs at that thought. Josh tells Olivia that she’s reminding him of Reva. Josh lets her know that he has Jonathan all figured out. Olivia wonders what will happen if he’s wrong. He simply tells her that he will apologize.

Outside of Elizabeth & Company, Reva sits at a table. She tells her son that it makes her incredibly sad to know how he sees the world. He tells her that most people are hypocrites. He uses Alfred & Marissa as examples and explains that his lifestyle of getting hurt is all he knows. Reva cries and tells him that not everyone is like that. He informs her that he wasn’t looking for an apology, but that he was simply telling her what he knew. He changes the subject and asks his mother why she thinks that Cassie bailed. He mentions that he thought they told one another everything. Reva continues crying. Jonathan mentions that their closeness is probably over now. Reva looks up and wonders why. He tells her that it’s pretty obvious, and that it is because of him.

Bill informs his sister that she can’t be in love with Edmund as he is marrying Cassie. Dinah makes a snide comment about not being to sure of the wedding. Bill grabs his sister and tells her that she’s scaring him. She goes on about how liberating it is to finally be able to open up to someone about her true feelings. He tries to explain to her that not only does he not like her, but that he will never love her. She tells him that Edmund is not only the type of man she wants, but the type she needs. As she talks about him she smiles. He wonders why she would go after someone who is unavailable and uninterested. He refers to the situation as one similar to the one with Hart. She wants to go inside the barn and talk to Edmund. He tells his sister that he doesn’t want her to get hurt. She tells him that she doesn’t care if she gets rejected that it will be nothing new. She finally decides that perhaps her brother is right and agrees not to talk to Edmund. Bill has a sigh of relief and offers to drive her wherever she is going. She informs him that she will talk to Edmund later and that she has her own vehicle there. Bill watches as she walks away and then leaves himself.

Cassie tells Jeffery that she is the one who doesn’t deserve Edmund. He wonders how she could say something like that after all he did to her. She tells him that Edmund isn’t perfect, but at least he’s real.

Inside the barn, Edmund is walking away when he feels a hand on his arm. He turns around expecting it to be Cassie only to find Dinah standing there.

Cassie tells Jeffery about a dark period in her life where she thought she would never smile again. She explains that all of a sudden there was Edmund, and although he seemed both right and wrong for her he was there. She tells him that Edmund at least made her feel and helped give her another chance at life. She blames herself for screwing things up. Jeffery tells her that although he doesn’t like Edmund if they truly love one another it will work out. He tells her that regardless of what happened Edmund will forgive her. He reminds her that Edmund loves her and what they have already gone through together. He tells her that Edmund is devoted to her and that she needs to go to him and tell him the truth. She tells him that she can’t tell him the truth about what happened. He offers to take her to Edmund. She tells him that she wants to go home, but that she can’t. She tells him that she can’t look at Edmund and handle the way he looks into her eyes. Jeffery explains to her that she never meant to hurt him. He urges her to tell him the truth and she tells him that she’s scared.

Edmund wonders what Dinah is doing at the barn. He accuses her of engineering Cassie’s disappearance. She confesses to snooping around but tells him that Cassie was gone by the time she got there. She tells him that she truly does want him to be happy. He tells her that he tried to change, but that in the end his past mistakes apparently got to be too much. He comments that he didn’t really change all that much and recalls the fire in the barn. Dinah tries to stick up for Edmund and he reminds her that he hit Jeffery from behind. She tries to explain that he was going after Cassie and he tells her to stop. Edmund gets angry and tell her to leave. She lets him know that if he needs anything to let her know. He goes off on her letting her know that even if he did need anything that he wouldn’t need it from her. She leaves.

Bill arrives at the Beacon and the same stranger that approached Olivia earlier goes to Bill. She wonders what a good restaurant would be to eat at where she could see the whole town. She invites him to join her for lunch and he tells her that he’s married. She then wonders what his wife is like. Olivia comes out from the bar and the stranger sees her. She suddenly tells Bill that she has to go and leaves. Olivia wonders what the woman wanted and what she asked Bill. He tells her that he thought she was hitting on him until she started asking questions about her. Olivia tells him that she was asking about Phillip earlier.

The judge tells everyone that he changed his position in regard to bail and that he’s decided to grant it at 1 million. Gus thanks the judge and he & Harley walk out. She thanks him and then tells him that she has the problem of not having a million dollars. Alan comes out of the judge’s chambers and tells her to enjoy her freedom while it lasts. He reminds her that it won’t last forever. He walks away and Gus tells her not to worry about him. The two leave together.

Jonathan tells Reva that Cassie will never forgive him for what he did to Tammy. She informs him that there is nothing harder than forgiving someone who has hurt your child. He accuses Cassie of being willing to do anything to get rid of him. He decides to leave so that she can look for her sister. He tells her that if she needs him that he will be here for her. He goes to hug her when Josh pulls him away from Reva.

Edmund begins to blow the candles out in the barn. He sits down, obviously hurt. Cassie appears in the barn and tells him that she is sorry. She tells him that she loves him. Jeffery watches from the door as Cassie wonders if Edmund still wants to get married. He hugs her and tells her that he does.

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