Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/5/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Through the bars of her cell at the villa, Michelle tries to cover Danny up with a blanket in an attempt to make him feel better. She holds his hand and tries to get him to wake up. She talks to him about Robbie and how he views his father as a hero. Suddenly, his eyes flutter open and he thinks he is dead. She tells him that he is alive.

Inside the barn at the farmhouse, Cassie & Edmund’s wedding planner is walking around wondering what it is that he’s forgotten. He realizes eventually that it is the bride that is missing. Reva, who is standing nearby tells him not to worry. Josh tells his wife that he’s a bit worried to about her not being here already. Reva smiles and tells Josh that since Cassie had a bit too much to drink the night before that she ‘caved in on the Edmund thing.’ Josh smiles and tells Reva he’s glad that Cassie started her honeymoon a little early. Reva jokes that the only other thing that is possible is that she’s in bed with another man.

Inside Cassie’s suite, clothes are strewn about on the floor. Cassie is lying in bed with someone who is covered up by a blanket. She turns to him and hugs him with a smile on her face.

Edmund walks into the lobby of the Beacon looking determined. He sees Dinah on the couch and then turns to the concierge. He asks where Cassie is and tells him that he got a call demanding he show up at the Beacon immediately. Dinah stands up and tells Edmund that as far as she knows Cassie is ok. She admits that she is the one who called him. Edmund looks annoyed and reminds her that he has no time for games on his wedding day. She tells him that there is something that he needs to know before he walks down the aisle.

Cassie slowly wakes up and grabs her head, wondering what she did the night before. She hugs the person next to her again and mentions that it is bad luck to see her before the wedding. She asks him to ‘give her some more bad luck’ and Jonathan’s head pops out from under the covers. He calls her insatiable and asks her if she ‘wants to go again.’ Cassie looks completely shocked that Jonathan is in her bed.

Michelle talks to Danny, who is sitting up with his back to the wall. Michelle tells him how after she heard the plane crash that she never thought she would see him alive again. She goes on to explain to him that Sebastian lied to her and told her that Danny was dead. Danny accuses Sebastian of having someone mess with his plane, and wonders where Sebastian is. She tells him that he left with Holly and urges him to leave. He refuses telling her that he did not come as far as he did to leave her now. She tries to explain what Sebastian could do if he finds Danny, but he won’t listen and declines leaving. She explains how violent he is and tells Danny that she doesn’t want to loose him. Danny looks at her and asks ‘why.’ At first she doesn’t seem to understand the question and then Danny clarifies and wonders why she wouldn’t want to loose him. He tells her that he didn’t know his life was that important to her.

At the Farmhouse, Tammy and Sandy are on the front porch. Sandy has his hand inside the house through a window and Tammy is laughing at him. She jokes with him that she though he was a ‘master criminal.’ He tells her that it wasn’t him who forgot his key. She looks around and lets him know that she thought either her mother or Edmund would already be at the farmhouse. Sandy finally gets the window open and goes in first. He then opens the door for her. She laughs at him as he goes through the open window head first. She tells him that she always has fun with him and he smiles that he’s helped to ‘get through to her.’ She looks at him and tells him that the old adage must be true, ‘that love at wedding must be contagious.’ She puts her hand on his head and tells him that he feels warm. He does the same to her and it looks as though they might share a kiss.

Reva tells Josh that he needs to calm down when it comes to Cassie & Edmund showing up. Reva notices that Josh is jumpy and then promises him that Jonathan won’t show up. She reminds him of the many people who made it known to him that he was not invited. Josh tells her that her son isn’t always the best at following directions. She looks at him and tells Josh that although Jonathan made it seem like it wasn’t a big deal that as a mother she could tell it bothered him. Josh informs her that he’s not going to feel guilty. Reva lashes out and tells him that she just wants her son to feel accepted and as though he’s a part of the family. She admits that she knows it will take some time for everyone to forgive. Josh looks at her and quietly tells her that it will definitely take a long time. He walks off.

At the barn entrance, Jeffery walks in and looks around. He thinks back to the night of the fire and trying to get the generator started. Reva interrupts his thoughts and asks him to tell Josh to ‘ease up.’ He repeats what Reva says and she giggles about it. She tells Jeffery that she wants someone to reassure Josh that nothing will spoil Cassie’s big day.

Edmund heads toward the front desk with Dinah following close behind him. She tries to explain to him that she wanted to wish him the best. He looks like he’s expecting something else and asks what it is that he ‘needed to know.’ She tells him that regardless of how she may feel about Cassie that she does want him to be truly happy. Dinah looks almost sincere as she’s telling Edmund this. She adds in that he was her first friend when she came to Springfield and that she wants to be the same to him. He dismisses her and lets her know that she can think whatever she wants. He begins to walk off and she stops him. She reminds him of the secrets that they share of one another. She lets him know that those secrets will always be theirs and that she does want the best for him. He turns and thanks her for the well wishes. He adds in that he hopes to be wishing her well on her wedding day, when she finds the person that she truly loves. She nods and thanks him. Dinah smiles and tells Edmund that if she were the bride she would want to ‘have’ her fiancé one last time before the vows. She goes to explain that unlike him & Cassie she is all about instant gratification and has no will power. She tells him to have a great day and heads out the back door. Edmund smiles and it looks as though he may have gotten an idea.

Cassie shies away from Jonathan, covers herself in the sheet and leaves the bed. She looks at Jonathan with pure disgust on her face. She tells him that she’s going to call security and he tells her that she should call Edmund while she’s at it. She picks up the phone, begins dialing and then hangs up. She tells herself that this wasn’t supposed to happen. She wonders where Reva was, and Jonathan tells her that it was a good ting his mother didn’t show as she would have spoiled all the fun. Cassie wonders why she can’t remember anything. She looks down and sees a wine glass. She accuses Jonathan of drugging her and he sarcastically tells her that not only did he drug her, but that he also stole the key to her room and that’s how he got in. She looks at him as though she may be sick and orders him to get out of her room. He tells her exactly what she did and how she undressed him. She refuses to believe that she did the things he says she did. He stands up, picks up his pants and shows her the invitation she gave him with her handwriting. He reminds her that it was she who poured the wine and that she then began stripping ‘like an old pro.’ She tells him to get out of her room before she kills him. He tells her that her passion last night ‘killed’ him. She walks into the bathroom and leaves him alone. He picks up the video camera and removes the tape.

Michelle looks at Danny and tells him that he was important to her because he’s the father of her son as well as the fact that they share many years together even if she doesn’t remember the majority of them. He tells her that it’s not really the best answer to his question. She explains that they don’t have much time to talk and tells him that he needs to leave. He repeats to her that he’s not going to go anywhere. She wonders why he risked his life to come save her. He tells her that it is because he remembers the years they’ve shared together along with the fact that she is Robbie’s mother. He explains that regardless of what has happened between them that he would never leave her in a situation like this. He begins to stand to his feet and we hear Holly cry out. She is being dragged down the stairs into the villa by Sebastian. She is obviously glad that Danny is alive and hugs him.

Sebastian looks less than thrilled to see Danny. The two talk about the plane’s problems. It is apparent that Sebastian did tamper with the mechanics. He congratulates Danny on making it this far and pulls a gun on him. He tells Danny to say goodbye to Michelle. Holly gasps.

Just as Tammy and Sandy are about to kiss a horn honks outside. Tammy rushes to the window and notices that it is the flower delivery man. She begins to stress over the fact that she’s not in her gown yet and tells Sandy that he needs to go change as well. He jokes with Tammy that since the wedding is in a barn that he thinks the dress code should change. She explains to him that the barn means a great deal to everyone in the family. She likens the barn to their family, still standing after everything that has happened to it. She goes on talking about having the wedding in the barn being drastically different from her last wedding which was in a palace. She comments that it seems as though what her mother wants with Edmund is so much more ‘real.’ The two talk about how different people want different things. Tammy laments that she wants something like a wedding in a barn, something genuine. She tells him that she knows a good thing when she sees it and he leans in to kiss her. They stop just short and she reminds him that he needs to get dressed. She worries whether or not he’s going to wear a suit. He assures her that he won’t let her down and she tells him that he is the one thing she has been able to count on lately. She rushes off into the other room to get dressed.

Jeffery doesn’t understand why anyone would want to ruin Cassie’s big day. Before Josh has a chance to name who would want to put a damper on the day Reva butts in and reminds him that there will be no reason to worry. Josh exchanges a ‘look’ with Jeffery and then decides to go check on Edmund. Reva wonders what is bothering Jeffery. He tells her that they’ve always been on the level with one another. He goes on about how Cassie deserves happiness, but that he has his doubts about Edmund. She tells him that although Edmund isn’t who she would have chosen for her sister she’s hoping that this relationship (Cassie & Edmund) will start wrong and end right. He thinks that perhaps Cassie deserves something better than that. Reva tells Jeffery that if he cares about her sister that he needs to put aside his doubts and let her have her day. She tells him that if this is what she wants then she should get it.

Cassie comes out of her bathroom in a robe and demands to know why Jonathan is still there. He tells her to calm down and explains that he is leaving. He tells her not to be embarrassed and that every bride deserves one last ‘bad experience.’ She tells him that nothing happened. He thanks her for the good time and she wonders what he did to her. He tells her that he did everything she wanted more than once. She calls him ‘sick & twisted’ and begins to hit him. He yells at her and tells her to save her energy for the walk down the aisle. He tells her that he’s nothing if not discreet and goes on to tell her that what happened between them will stay between them. Suddenly there is a knock on the door followed by Edmund’s voice. He tells her that he wants to forget the superstition and that he has to see her. Inside, Cassie looks frightened and looks at Jonathan. Jonathan is smiling and standing by the door. Edmund calls inside to make sure that everything is ok when she doesn’t respond right away. She calls out to him and tells him that he’s not supposed to see her before the big day. He tells her that he thinks it would be romantic and when she refuses asks for at least one kiss before he leaves. With tears in her eyes, Cassie motions to Jonathan to leave. Jonathan tells her that she will make a beautiful bride and leaves through a back door.

Edmund is still standing at the doorway trying to figure out what is going on. She opens the door and he wonders if everything is ok. He wants tot come in and she refuses. She gives him one kiss and before he leaves she tells him that she loves him. She informs him that ‘no matter what happens that she loves him.’ He looks at her and wonders what happened. She tells him that she was trying to prove a point and fix things. He jokes that it worked because he wants her now more than ever. She goes on to explain that sometimes she jumps into things without thinking. She adds in that she thought she had it all planned out and that Reva was supposed to show up. Edmund tells her that he’s sorry that the girl’s night didn’t work out. He wonders if she still wants to marry him. She tells him that she does and he encourages her to go back to ‘her thoughts.’ He tells her that the next time he sees her that he will be putting a ring on her finger. He explains how much he loves her and kisses her hand goodbye. He goes on to tell her that he loves her and leaves. Cassie closes the door sobbing. She turns around and sees the video recorder. She opens it and finds that the tape is gone. Cassie falls to her knees.

Reva is looking out the barn door and wonders if what she is seeing is a cop. Josh looks out and tells her it is. He admits to hiring him to patrol the grounds. She can’t believe that he’s done that and wonders if he will have Jonathan arrested if he shows up. Josh explains that Reva will have nothing to worry about if her son is true to his word.

Jonathan comes down the stairs at the Beacon and sees Dinah sitting on the couch. She looks up at him and wishes him a good morning. She then invites him to have a drink with her and he accepts. He wonders what they are drinking to and she tells him that he should know. Edmund comes down the stairs, gives a slip of paper to the man at the front desk and tells him to make sure that the limo is waiting for Cassie when she comes down the stairs. Edmund leaves and Dinah doesn’t understand why he is so happy. Jonathan explains to Dinah that the woman that Edmund is marrying is beautiful and sexy. She asks him what happened upstairs at the Beacon. He tells her that he assumes that Edmund saw his bride before the wedding, which can only mean bad luck. She wonders what game he is playing. He tells her that he’s playing the same game she is; only he plans on winning.

Holly tries to tell Sebastian that his wanting to kill Danny is the disease talking, and not him. He tells her, while still pointing a gun at Danny that he no longer knows who he is. He explains that he never invited Danny and that he needs to go. Michelle tells Sebastian that he came alone, which means that Tony is in Africa. Sebastian doesn’t want to hear anything of it and claims that Danny is simply trying to be Michelle’s hero. The phone rings and Holly pleads with Sebastian to answer it. He yells that he doesn’t care about it. Holly rushes to get the phone and we hear Tony on the other end. He says that he is at Ed’s and although he is not there that he’s found what Sebastian needs. Sebastian doesn’t move and is still holding the gun to Danny. Tony wonders if anyone is on the other end of the line. Sebastian lowers the gun to answer the phone. He turns to Danny and wonders where Tony is. Danny assures him that Tony is in Africa, although Sebastian doesn’t believe it. Holly tells Sebastian that they can’t loose this phone connection as it could be the last chance. Holly talks to Tony and tells him that they’re here. He’s curious as to how Michelle is. She screams from inside the cell that she’s fine. Danny looks at her with a hurt look. Michelle mentions Danny and Tony seems surprised that he made it. Sebastian grabs the phone and asks where he is. Tony tells Sebastian that Ed is in the jungle, but that he’s at his place. He goes on to repeat to Sebastian that he found the research. Sebastian doesn’t seem to think that it’s going to do any good since Tony isn’t a doctor. Holly comes up with the idea that Michelle can piece the information together as she was her father’s assistant. Tony begins to read the information and Holly sighs that she’s glad it is almost over. Sebastian reminds her that it will be over one way or another.

Jonathan makes a toast to ‘signs which appear out of nowhere such as do not disturb.’ He smiles and tells Dinah that he originally thought that a maid put it on the door, but that when he came down the stairs on saw her he realized how it got there. He smiles and explains that he understands how she wanted him and Cassie to ‘do their thang.’ Jonathan tells Dinah that he did her a favor by crawling away because if Edmund had found he & Cassie together he would have been angry at the messenger. Dinah doesn’t understand why he’s willing to allow the wedding to go off without a hitch. He tells her that the way he looks at it that they deserve one another, he also goes on to tell her that he doesn’t think that they will make it down the aisle. He explains that Cassie is loaded down with so much guilt that she is a walking time bomb. Jonathan tells her that they simply have to sit back and wait for the explosion. Dinah tells him that she knows what she wants out of everything, but that he wants something completely different. She comments that he must have it out for his mother.

At the barn, Edmund burst in to make sure that someone has the rings. Josh speaks up and lets him know that it is taken care of. Edmund wonders if everything is ok and Josh reassures him that everything is fine. Josh tells Edmund that he needs to slow down and breathe. Edmund notices that Jeffery is at the wedding early and thanks him for being there. They agree that they both want the same thing, for Cassie to be happy. Jeffery is a bit standoffish and tells Edmund that he knows he wants her to be happy. Josh comes over and pulls Edmund away from Jeffery, telling him that the wedding coordinator needed to speak with him. Jeffery looks around the barn and takes off.

Inside the farmhouse, Cassie is dressed in her wedding gown. She wanders around looking for her earrings, obviously shaken. She wonders how she could be so stupid. She falls to the ground and then hears Reva’s voice. Reva walks in and sees her on the ground. She wonders what is wrong and Cassie simply hugs her.

Sebastian wonders when Michelle will be done. She is in the cell with Danny mixing vials. Sebastian warns them that it had better work as the island is like a fortress. He reminds them that no on leaves without his say. He reminds them that if he is to die there, they will as well.

Reva begs her sister to tell her what happened. Cassie simply tells Reva that she can’t find her earrings from San Cristobel. Reva tells her not to worry as they will find something. Cassie goes on about how great Edmund has been. She wonders what would happen if she were to disappoint him. She explains that he treats her as though she is better than everyone else, and tells her sister that she’s not. Reva tells Cassie that she can tell that there is more to this than a pair or earring. Cassie wonders why she didn’t show up last night. Reva looks confused and tells her that she did show up and that she left when she saw the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door. Cassie can’t believe it. She stands up and comments that it all makes sense now. Reva wonders if her sister was waiting for her and she tells Reva that she wasn’t. Cassie begins to freak out and wonders what she is doing getting married. Reva offers her sister a glass of wine to calm her nerves. She refuses. Reva assures her sister that there will be no unwanted guests at the wedding either. Cassie thinks back to when she found the tape in the recorder missing. Reva hugs her sister, runs out of the room and tells her she will be back right away. Cassie looks at herself in the mirror and says that she knows what she has to do. Jeffery walks in and sees Cassie standing there. He thinks back to what Reva said about doing what is right if he cares about Cassie. He mutters that Edmund had better make her happy.

Jonathan tells Dinah that she’s wrong and that she knows nothing about him. Dinah explains that she doesn’t think she is wrong. She goes on telling Jonathan that she can tell it meant nothing to sleep with Cassie or Tammy and that he only cares about hurting those close to his mother. Dinah explains that she ‘invented’ what he is doing. He tells her that she needs to accept the fact that he did her a favor and that she owes him one. Dinah goes on telling Jonathan that when everything falls apart that the only person that Cassie will be able to blame will be herself. They toast to true love.

Edmund wanders around the barn and wonders where Ross & Cassie are. Josh tells Edmund that everything is taken care of. Edmund tells Josh, Tammy & Sandy that he can’t shake the feeling that something is going terribly wrong.

Inside the house, Reva wanders around looking for Cassie. She doesn’t find her, but sees the veil lying at the door. She walks out the door and calls out to her sister.

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