Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/4/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Inside Sebastian’s villa on Santo Domingo, Michelle pleads with Sebastian from inside her cell. Sebastian looks like he’s getting sicker and sicker. She reminds him that Danny could be dying this very minute. With no hesitation or remorse whatsoever Sebastian informs them that whoever was in the plane is already dead. He reminds them that they heard the crash and that no one could have survived it. Holly tells him that it is possible that he could still be alive and need their help. She pleads with him to try and do something. He informs Holly that he let go of the staff and that it’s impossible. Michelle begs him to let her go looking for Danny. He reminds her that her job is to keep him alive until Tony comes back with the cure. He yells at them to forget Danny. Holly requests that she be able to go try and find Danny. He reminds her that he can never trust her again after what she did to him. Holly tells him that it is unlike him to let an innocent person simply die. He decides to go out and look for Danny himself. Holly wonders what will happen if Sebastian doesn’t make it back. He looks at them and tells them that they’d better pray as he is their only hope as well as Danny’s only prayer. He turns and leaves the two of them locked in the cell together.

Outside of the Beacon, Dinah is leaving a message for Jeffery. She tells him that she understands how he is freaked out by the tough decision that he has to make. She tells him that she doesn’t want to drink alone and that he needs to call her. She hangs up and sees her father walking towards her. She wonders what he is doing at the Beacon alone so late at night. He tells her that Blake wanted to go to bed early and is about to tell her why he’s there when he suddenly stops short. He asks if she is ok and she tells him that she’s not, but it’s nothing that a martini can’t fix. He tells her that he wanted to talk to her with Cassie & Edmund’s upcoming wedding. Before he has a chance to say anything more she tells him that there is nothing to be worried about. She heads inside and as he is about to follow her Reva comes up behind Ross. She asks him if he has a moment. He turns around and the two make small talk about Cassie’s bachelorette party and Blake not being able to be there. Reva tells Ross that despite them having a good time they did have someone who crashed the party. Ross turns toward the door which Dinah just entered. Reva tells him that it wasn’t Dinah, but Jonathan. She goes on to tell him that she does want to keep both Dinah & Jonathan away from the wedding. She tells him that she doesn’t want either of them to spoil the day for Cassie. Reva goes on to tell him that she’s willing to keep Jonathan away from the wedding and hopes that he is willing to keep Dinah away. HE nods in agreement.

Inside the lobby of the Beacon, Dinah is standing around playing with her cell phone. She walks over to the front desk and sees a framed photo of Edmund & Cassie with ‘congratulations’ written underneath. She turns the photo over, so that no one can see it. Suddenly Jonathan comes out of the entrance to Olivia’s bar, blows a noisemaker and grabs a bottle of wine off of a waiter’s tray while yelling out “Happy New Year.” Jonathan heads upstairs and when he is stopped by the waiter Jonathan tells him that the wine is for the owner. Dinah turns around, obviously hearing the recent exchange. She looks shocked, and wonders ‘if life could really be that good.’ She looks like she’s rushing out the door.

Inside Cassie’s room, her phone rings. Reva is on the other end and tells her sister that she was checking that she’s still awake. Cassie tells Reva that she’s up and still wants the company. She tells Cassie that she wanted to make sure that Edmund hadn’t shown up and informs her sister that she’s downstairs and will be up shortly. She tells Reva that seeing Edmund is bad luck and once she comes upstairs that she will keep the champagne flowing. Reva protests and reminds Cassie that a hung over bride is not a pretty site. Cassie assures her sister that she is ok. She hangs up the phone and says that she only hopes she has everything under control. She looks at herself in the mirror and we can see that she’s wearing black lingerie. She tells herself that she hates what she is going to do, but that she has to do it in order t show her sister what a monster Jonathan is.

Inside Elizabeth & Company, a frazzled looking Beth walks in and picks up a menu. When she turns around she notices Rick sitting by himself towards the back.

She walks over to him and says hello. He stands up and apologizes for not returning any of her phone calls. He makes it sound like she has called him many, many times. She assures him that it’s ok and that she understands. He urges her to sit down and she wonders if he is ok. He flaps the newspaper he is holding around and tells her that the news about Harley’s arrest has simply been upsetting. She agrees with him that it has been upsetting, especially with all the media coverage. He points to the headline on the newspaper and calls the author of the story an idiot. Beth looks shocked and wonders if he thinks she killed Phillip. He looks shocked and tells her that he can’t believe she’s even asking the question. She tells him that it is because in the end, there is nothing she wouldn’t have done to get her children back. Rick looks at her with disbelief.

Michelle asks Holly to tell her the truth about Danny straight up. She wants to know about she and Danny when they were together as she still can’t remember. Michelle sounds as though she could start crying at any moment. Holly tells Michelle that in the beginning of their relationship that Danny fought everyone to keep her alive, including his mother. She tells her that it was after they got married that they fell in love and stayed in love. Michelle wishes that she could remember. She tells Holly that she thinks that if she could remember what it used to be like that things would be different. She goes on to say that she thinks that they would be putting their family back together instead of her hurting Danny by being with his cousin. Holly looks at Michelle and tells her that unfortunately we can’t choose who we love. Michelle says that she truly did want to love Danny despite having hurt him. She wonders how she can live with herself if he dies trying to save her.

Inside the lobby of the Beacon, Ross and Reva are at the coffee bar. The two are having a drink and Reva wonders when they both got to be so boring. Ross doesn’t think that it is so bad and she agrees with him. Reva wonders if their children are payback for their youthful indiscretions. Ross comments that all Dinah wants is love, although she’s not sure how to get it. Reva tells him that he spoke just like a guilty parent. Ross wonders if he’s talking to another guilty parent. She tells him that sometimes she thinks she’s broken through, but that she’s always waiting for the other show to drop. She admits that he is trying, but that she has a gut feeling that he’s going to show up at the wedding. She goes on to tell Ross that she wants Cassie’s wedding to be perfect for her. Ross reminds Reva that it is understandable that she wants Jonathan there. Reva smiles and tells him that she does kind of want him there. She wonders what is wrong with her. He tells her that there is nothing wrong with her or wanting everyone she loves to simply get along. He reminds her that there was once a time when no one held out much hope for either one of them. He guesses that perhaps one day Dinah & Jonathan may be sitting having cocoa together talking about their youthful mistakes. Reva looks at Ross with a straight face and tells him that the thought of their children sitting together is a terrifying one. Ross laughs.

Jonathan knocks on the door to Cassie’s room, complete with wine bottle & glasses in hand. We can see that Dinah is just around the corner watching him.

Inside her room, Cassie positions a camcorder underneath some presents so that it will get a good view of the room. She looks towards the door as she hears someone knock on it. She tells him that she is coming, gives herself a pep talk and opens the door. She tells him that it is a surprise to see him. Jonathan pulls out the note she wrote him and asks if the invitation was real or not. Cassie, pretending to be drunk looks at the note, confirms it is her handwriting and tells him that it must be real. He wonders if she’s going to invite him in, and we see Dinah witnessing the whole exchange. Cassie ‘warns’ him that she can get into trouble after she’s been drinking and he tells her that it’s a good thing that he’s brought the wine. He walks in and they close the door. Dinah walks over to the door and tries to listen in. She calls Cassie a ‘slut’ and wonders what she did to deserve all the good luck. Dinah grabs the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign off of the room next to Cassie’s and places it on her door. Dinah leaves.

Rick wonders how Beth can think that Harley killed Phillip. She informs him that under the right circumstances that anyone can kill. She goes on to tell him that she understands how he doesn’t want to think of Harley negatively, but that he should never underestimate the power of a desperate mother. She reminds him of everything that Phillip took from Harley. He looks at her and tells her that he’s stunned because he thought that she was friends with Harley. She tries to explain to him that it’s not about whom she’s friends with, but accepting what is and moving on. Rick wonders if he’s supposed to look at what is happening and ignore it. She reminds him of how happy they were when they found out that Ruth had killed Phillip and how they were glad to have some closure. She tells him that nothing has changed. Rick tells her that he refuses to believe that Harley killed Phillip and that despite what he put her through that all she ever wanted to do was to stand by her family. Beth tells him that sometimes standing by your family means doing something that you never thought you could do. Beth decides to change the subject. Rick asks Beth how long she thinks she can keep running. Beth looks at him worried. You can tell that she wonders what he knows.

In the cell, Michelle is pacing around and wonders where Sebastian is. Holly tells her that it hasn’t been that long; it only feels that was because they are locked up. Michelle worries about Sebastian ‘dropping’ while he’s out looking for Danny.

Suddenly, Sebastian shows up and thanks Michelle sarcastically for her concern over his health. She demands to know whether or not he found Danny. He tells her that he found the plane and that no one could have saved him. He tells her that he’s sorry to inform her that he’s dead.

Ross wonders if Reva would like another drink and she tells him that she can’t as she is supposed to join Cassie upstairs. She takes a rain check and Ross thanks her for the ‘reap what you sow’ reunion. The two part ways. As Reva is headed upstairs Dinah is headed down them. Reva stops her and wonders what she is doing ‘lurking’ around the Beacon. Reva reminds Dinah of Blake’s restraining order and tells her that she hopes she was hanging around Ross & Blake’s suite. Dinah assures Reva she wasn’t and Reva wonders if she was bothering Cassie. Dinah tells Reva, that just for once she would like to go through her day without hearing Cassie’s name. She tries to leave and Reva stops her.

Inside Cassie’s room, Jonathan walks around and almost finds the hidden video camera as Cassie tries to open the bottle of wine. Cassie drops the corkscrew and blames it on being tipsy; she hands it to Jonathan and asks him to do it for her. He comments on her lingerie and she lets him know that she got it at her party earlier. She goes on to tell him that she thought he was only interested in the young & innocent such as Tammy. Jonathan turns away ad then walks toward Cassie. He informs her that he didn’t come to her room to talk about Tammy. He tries to kiss her and then tells her that he guesses he should leave. As he opens the door she mentions that she should have realized his come on in the alley was all talk. He shuts the door and walks toward Cassie. He tells her that she is the one who looks scared. She drops her robe and tells her that she thought this (motions to her body) is what he wanted. He informs her that what she wants is the real question. She invites him to join the party to find out. He grabs her and kisses her. She pulls away and he wonders if that isn’t what she had in mind. She steps back tells him that she will be right back and not to go anywhere. She goes into the bathroom to gain her composure, she wonders how much longer it will be before Reva shows up.

In the main part of the bedroom, Jonathan runs across Cassie’s video recorder. He turns it off and comments that Cassie plays dirtier than he thought.

Beth wonders what Rick is accusing her of something. Rick looks confused and Beth explains that he just accused her of running. She goes on the defensive and tells him that if anyone is running it is him. He looks shocked and she reminds him of his ‘plan’ to sail around the world. She laughs and tells him that she even got him something. She hands him a wrapped gift and tells him that she thought it would help his dream come true. Rick looks confused.

Michelle tells Sebastian that she will kill him and that he will pay for Danny’s death. Holly tries to calm Michelle down and tells her that there is no sense in exacting revenge on Danny’s death. Michelle wonders if Danny is really even dead as Sebastian has only lied to them the whole time. Sebastian points out that Danny wouldn’t be dead if Michelle had simply done what he had asked to begin with. Holly tells Sebastian that Michelle will need to see that Danny is dead with her own eyes. He refuses to let her go, claiming that she will likely run away. Holly then begs for her to be able to go check the crash site out. She promises Sebastian that she will not run away. She tells him that if he wants help from Michelle that he’s got to let her do this. He tells her that she won’t like what she sees. He opens the cell and lets Holly out. The two walk off and leave Michelle alone in the cell. Michelle begs for the news about Danny to not be true. She has a flashback of kissing Danny.

Dinah wonders if Reva is Cassie’s new ‘watchdog.’ She offers to let Reva walk her home if that would make her feel better. Reva makes the snide comment that the only thing that would make her feel better is if her home was a prison. She goes on to tell Dinah that she doesn’t want her ruining Cassie’s wedding. Dinah tells Reva that she doesn’t need to worry about her and then asks if she truly knows where Jonathan is.

Inside the bathroom, Cassie convinces herself to hold on until Reva gets there. Outside in the main part of the suite, Jonathan turns the camera back on and places it on a lower table where it will film the bed. He knocks on the bathroom door and Cassie emerges. Jonathan wonders if Edmund still turns Cassie on, or if he lost his sex appeal when he lost his ‘bad boy image.’ Jonathan begins to kiss her neck as she looks at the clock and sees that it is 12:25.

In the lobby, Reva informs Dinah that Jonathan may have his problems but that he doesn’t want to hurt Cassie. She reminds Dinah that it’s her who likes to hurt Cassie. She warns Dinah that if she takes one step towards the wedding that she will be sorry. Dinah laughs off Reva and then tells Reva that she won’t go anywhere near the barn. She adds in that if anything bad happens at the wedding that it will be Cassie’s own doing.

Jonathan comments that Cassie was never squeaky clean herself. She wonders if that is the turn on for him, that she used to be a stripper. He tells her that it is more the mother-daughter conquest that appeals to him. She tells him that it is only weak men that prey on the innocent like Tammy. She tells him that she is different and that he can’t handle him. He lets her know that he thinks he can.

Reva tells Dinah good night and reminds her to stay away from the wedding. As Reva is about to head upstairs Dinah stops her.

Cassie challenges Jonathan to make a decision about whether or not he can handle her. He tells her that he won’t be leaving her room until he gets what he came for. She wonders what that is and he tells her he first wants a drink. She tells him that she likes trouble and wants one. He goes over to the wine bottle and while her back is turned fingers some powered drug.

Dinah tells Reva that she is right about one thing and that when she first came to Springfield she wanted to hurt Cassie. She confesses that when she first came here she did something that could ruin Cassie’s wedding. Reva looks shocked.

It appears as though Jonathan slipped the drug into Cassie’s drink as he slips the vial back into his pocket with less in it than what originally appeared. He toasts Cassie and the two of them share a drink.

Rick opens his gift and finds a captain’s hat. He looks pleased and she tells him that she got it for his trip around the world. He wonders if sailors truly wear hats like it. He puts the hat on her head and tells her its becoming on her. He thanks her and then informs her that with everything going on he has to put the trip on the back burner. She assures him that Harley’s family will take care of her. He reminds her that she is a good friend & the mother of his son and he can’t leave her in a situation like she’s in. He tells her that Harley needs her support. She reminds him that time is running out, and that’s what Phillip’s death should have taught them. He tells her that they need to find the person who truly killed Phillip. She tells him that they need to close the door on the case before anyone else gets hurt.

Cassie downs her bottle of wine and then looks at it funny. She comments that it tasted really good. She wavers around a bit and then wonders where Reva is. He wonders why she invited Reva here and she confesses to him that Reva was supposed to spend the night with her. She looks at the clock and it looks blurry to her. He tells her that he’s going to stay with her tonight and she turns around. Everything is blurry, but she thinks that she sees Edmund. She tells him that she’s not supposed to see him until tomorrow. Jonathan tells her that he couldn’t stay away. Cassie tells Jonathan/Edmund that she almost did a dumb thing and to show Reva that Jonathan is a monster. She leans into Jonathan, still thinking he is Edmund and tells him that she feels funny. He turns the camera on and then picks her up. She tells him that she’s happy he’s here. He tells her that perhaps she had too many drinks at her party. She admits to him that she did, but sees nothing wrong with having a little fun before her wedding. He tells her that perhaps she should go to bed. She tells him that they should ‘do it.’ He tells her that he doesn’t think they should do anything and she tells him that they should. She pulls him on top of her on the bed and tells him that she knows he wants it as badly as she does. We see that the camera is still filming them.

Downstairs, Dinah admits to Reva that she knew Edmund was going to be at the Beacon the night before his wedding. Reva asks if Edmund is still there and she tells Reva she’s not sure. She admits that after leaving some papers off for Jeffery she heard Cassie either leaving a message or talking to Edmund. Reva accuse Dinah of spying on Cassie. Dinah tells her that she didn’t mean any harm and that she called Edmund telling him that there was an emergency at the hotel. Reva wonders if Edmund is upstairs and Dinah tells her that she’s guessing he is. Dinah tells Reva that it’s the complete story and that she feels better after confessing. She begins to walk away and Reva stops her. Ross walks out of Olivia’s Bar and wonders what is going on. Reva tells Ross that Dinah already has ‘her hands dirty’ in regards to the wedding. Reva goes upstairs to check on Cassie and leaves Ross with Dinah. She promises her father that she’s done nothing wrong.

In Santo Domingo, Holly tells Sebastian that she thinks they should already be at the crash site by now. Sebastian tells her that he may have lost the trail in the dark. He tells her that he feels disoriented. She feels his forehead and realizes that he’s burning up. She offers to go get some water, and he refuses to let her go. He tells her that she needs to face the facts, that they’re at the end. Holly reminds him not to give up as Tony is returning with the cure. He wonders if it will truly happen and she tells him that she believes it will. He confesses that he thinks it may be too late. He tells her that he thinks that she has never stopped caring. He wonders if she feels that they belong together. He tells her that he needs to know that she cares for him. She admits that she does and smiles at him. He tells her that he knew it all along. She tries to get him to think about the plane and Danny and he doesn’t want to. He begs her to use his time left with her. He tells her that he doesn’t even have to go back to the villa and that they can go somewhere together. He admits that if she is with him that he can deal with dying. He asks her if she loves him.

At the villa, Michelle is alone in the cell when she hears someone coming down the stairs. She calls out and wonders who is out there. She grabs a book to use as protection and suddenly sees Danny. He falls to his feet in front of the cell. She can’t believe that he is alive.

Rick wonders who Beth thinks is going to get hurt. She looks as though she is getting ready to leave the restaurant and is standing by the bar with her bags in hand. She tells him that it could be any of them. She warns him to live while he can. She tells him to go on his trip while he has the chance. He wonders what her dreams are and she tells him that she has to go. He can’t believe that she is going to leave just as they ‘are getting somewhere.’ He urges her to stay so that they can continue talking. She tells him that she will call him soon and that she hopes things will work out with Harley for his & Jude’s sake.

He follows her as she leaves the restaurant. He begs her not to leave and she goes anyway.

Dinah tells her father that Reva hates him, whether or not she did anything. He wonders what his daughter did to ‘help promote true love.’ She confesses to her father that Reva was bothering her and that she preyed on her worst fears. She tells her father that it is not her fault that Reva ‘bought it.’ Ross sighs and wonders why she can’t let Cassie’s family get through the wedding in peace. She reminds her father that she didn’t do anything and then tells him that she wants to go home. He informs her that she has to make things right with Reva first. He tells her to catch Reva before she gets to Cassie’s suite. She tells him that if the wedding goes bad it won’t be because of her. She heads upstairs to apologize to Reva in order to appease her father.

Holly tells Sebastian that she cares for him, and that she doesn’t want him to die. He promises her that if she goes away with him that he will love her and try to make up for all the hurt he caused her. She tells him that she can’t do that while Danny might be dying and while Michelle is in the cell. He wonders if she blames him for the plane crash and Danny’s death. She pushes him to tell her where the plane is and he informs her that he’s going back to the villa to ‘finish things once and for all.’ Holly accuses him of lying about Danny. He wonders if she is coming with him or not. She tells him that he is selfish and cruel. He accuses her of the same thing and wonders where her love for him is.

He grabs her and tells her that she will die with him. She pushes him and then smashes him on the head. She runs off. Sebastian lies on the ground yelling after her. He tells her that he will never let her go and that there is no way off of the island.

In the villa, Danny stands up and wonders where Sebastian is. She tells him that he and Holly went looking for the plane. He stumbles around and looks for something to open the cell with.

He can barely raise his arm and when he does falls to the ground. She pleads with him to ‘stay with her.’

On the bed in her suite, Cassie continues to seduce Jonathan because she thinks he is Edmund. He tells her that she’s going to hate herself in the morning and she won’t as long as they don’t tell anyone. He tells her no and she tells him yes.

In the hallway, Reva comes up on Cassie’s door and sees the ‘Do not disturb’ sign. She smiles and thinks that Edmund is in the room with her sister. She leaves, whispering to Cassie to ‘have fun.’ Dinah watches from the end of the hallway as Reva walks away.

Inside her suite, Cassie and Jonathan continue to make love.

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