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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

The show opens with Olivia and Bill in Ravenwood. Bill is acting like he’s crazy in a comical way. Olivia tells him he’s enjoying this way too much. Bill says he may be crazy enough to get locked up in there, but not without a backup plan.

Alan approaches Billy at Company and is surprised that Billy defends Olivia. Alan says Olivia will ruin Bill’s life if she hasn’t already.

Jeffrey approaches Edmund outside of Company and remarks about Edmund's drinking. Edmund says that Jeffrey can’t bring him down tonight. Jeffrey relives his conversation with Dinah about what happened in the barn.

Jonathan approaches Cassie outside of JFarleys and asks if she’s excited about the wedding. Cassie warns Jon to stay away from Tammy. Jon tells her to chill, he’s not there to talk about Tammy, just to shoot pool. He asks if she knows how hot she looks. He tells her she looks like a virgin and she knows how virgins turn him on.

Back at Ravenwood, Bill convinces a nurse to let Olivia call her daughter. Bill calls Billy instead who promises to get both of them out. Sandy approaches Billy at Company with a present for Edmund. A thank you for his help with the play Edmund helped with. Billy grabs the idea that Sandy can help him find props and costumes and promises Sandy he’ll make things easier for him with the Lewis family if he helps him.

Edmund tells Jeffrey that Cassie knows about his misdeeds and is marrying him anyway. Jeffrey alludes to the barn burning and Edmund becomes uncomfortable.

Tammy and Reva discuss Jonathon. Reva admits she doesn’t know what Jon wants. Tammy just wants him kept away from the wedding because Cassie deserves a perfect wedding.

Cassie threatens Jonathan over Tammy. Jon asks Cassie why would he want a child when he can have a real woman. He then offers Cassie one final fling. Some one on one fun. He comments that he and Tammy are getting closer again and that he and Cassie could be real close. Cassie escapes him and enters the bar. She acts as if nothing’s happened and Reva orders drinks for them. Tammy says again that she wants tomorrow to be perfect.

Reva grabs a camcorder to record the party for Harley and Blake since they’re not there. Mel is there. Cassie then opens presents. Tammy gives her a photo album with blank pages at the back for wedding photos. Blake’s gift is a sexy black teddy which Cassie models as Jonathon comes in the door.

Alan says he wants everyone to see him with Emma. A lawyer tells him the he can’t prove Olivia abandoned Emma. Alan says he want to prove that Olivia is unfit. Alan gets a call informing him that Bill is also checked in at Ravenwood. He thinks this will make Olivia look worse.

Jeffrey tells Edmund he’d go easy because he’ll need his wits tomorrow. Edmund then runs into Dinah.

Jon says he didn’t know the bachlorette party was there. Reva says he did. He then gives Reva a Christmas present. It’s a necklace like the one he gave her when he was little. Reva is touched by the present.

Cassie gets mad about Reva falling for Jonathan’s ploy. Cassie is upset because she doesn’t feel that either Reva or Tammy can see Jon for what he really is. Cassie tells Mel how upset she is and needs a way to show Tammy and Reva what Jonathan is really like.

Mel goes to get a menu for herself and Cassie another tequila and Cassie makes eyes at Jonathan while he plays pool.

Bill and Olivia are told to sit down so they can watch the evening’s entertainment. A magic show starring Harlan the Magnificent. This is really Billy who asks for volunteers and chooses Bill and Olivia. He promises to make them disappear.

Edmund tells Dinah he’s not drunk and that nothing’s wrong. He asks why everyone is concerned about his sobriety. Edmund recants that Jeffrey was talking about the fire and he thought for a moment that Jeffrey knew he hit him with the shovel. Edmund says that if Cassie found out, there’d be no wedding. He tells Dinah that she’s the only one who knows and if she tells she has no idea what would happen to her.

Back at the bar, Cassie is watering her drinks while appearing drunk. She then gets on a table to make a toast to her last night of freedom. All the while, she’s making eyes at Jonathan and quoting things he said to her in her toast. She makes Tammy think that she's drunk and the party's over. She then decides she needs a nap before she finished doing things that need to be done before the wedding.

After Tammy leaves, meeting Sandy outside, Cassie convinces Reva to come to her room at 12:15 to make sure she’s awake and doing what needs to be done. Reva believes she’ll meet up with Edmund but promises to go to her room and check on her.

Billy gets Bill and Olivia into the magic box just before the lights mysteriously go out. Sandy comes in as a handyman, announcing that he’ll have the lights working shortly. Billy then lets Bill and Olivia out of the back of the box. Mission accomplished.

Jeffrey and Dinah are now together and Dinah asks why Jeffrey didn’t tell Edmund what he knew. Jeffrey says because he didn’t know that Edmund was really guilty until he talked to him. Dinah asks what he’s going to do. He says he doesn’t know.

Olivia and Bill arrive at Company to Alan’s surprise. Olivia gets Emma while Alan’s lawyer says there’s nothing he can do. Olivia says a paperwork mix-up got her locked up at Ravenwood and that everything is fine now. Olivia tells Bill they’re going to kill Alan with kindness.

Cassie sends a note to Jonathan by the bartender.

Dinah is surprised that Jeffrey won’t tell Cassie about Edmund. Cassie says Jeffrey is afraid that Cassie won’t believe Jeffrey and will question his motives. Dinah says she won’t tell Cassie. If Jeffrey wants her told, he’ll have to do it.

Reva tells Edmund that Cassie loves her and he should call her. Cassie wants to stay apart for the night even though Edmund wants to be with her.

Jonathan gets the note from Cassie which says to meet her at her room at the Beacon at midnight.

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