Guiding Light Update Friday 11/4/05


Written By Lorrie
Pictures by Boo

Today was the premiere of   Nicole Forrester as Cassie Layne.  

Josh is with Cassie in the parking garage of the Beacon, asking if she is alright. He joins her in her car.

Buzz is at Company lighting candles due to the blackout. Reva then joins him, complaining about having to walk 10 blocks. “This whole town is out of juice-- a lot like my marriage.”

Danny calls the front desk of the hotel to find out when the power will be back on. He lights candles in the room. Hope wakes up, and he assures her that her daddy is there.

Marina and Michelle are trapped in the elevator, and both check their cell phones for signals, but there is none. Michelle remembers being trapped in the elevator as a kid with Jenna Bradshaw. She then questions where Marina was going to and thanks her for letting Danny spend time with Hope and her. Marina gets on the offensive at this remark, claiming that her relationship with Danny is strong.

 Harley and Dinah start their way down the stairs in the dark at Spaulding Enterprises.  Dinah suggests going upstairs and waiting in Harley’s office.  

Tammy’s at the bridal shop, calling out to anyone who’s there; Jonathan hides near the doorway. She wonders how long it will take to find the veil and starts to light candles.  She wants a handsome prince to come and rescue her. She stands by the mirror with a candle, asking the mirror who is fairest of all.  Jonathan then reveals himself from the shadows.

Alan meets with Edmund on a dark street. Alan tells him their plan is working beautifully. Edmund is not happy because Josh got to Cassie before he could.  Alan calms him down, telling him he will get another opportunity . He calls the black-out a man made eclipse.

 Cassie sits with Josh in her car.  She worries about Tammy, but Josh calms her worries. He asks why she is crying, and she confesses that she is stuck in her mind. Josh realizes this is because of Hope. She feels  a mix of emotions now that Hope is not hers. Josh agrees with that feeling, the ache, and assures her that it will go away. Cassie asks Josh if Reva knows how lucky she is, and Josh feels that she does.

Reva has a drink, and talks to Buzz who inquires about the status of her marriage; if they are still on the outs. She informs him that she’s not sure if she wants them together, and that she is upset about Olivia hanging around Josh. This news surprises Buzz, he assumed that Olivia was still married to Bill. Reva informs him that Olivia’s marriage is on hold, which makes the men of Springfield fair game for Olivia. Buzz assumes that they are closer now but Reva feels like she was saying goodbye to Josh.

Marina informs Michelle that and Danny consider having kids together; taking one step at a time. Michelle is surprised. She states that she still loves Danny, a heart stopping love.

Back at Spaulding, Dinah and Harley continue down the stairs they discuss how Dinah carried a baby  for Cassie, faking a pregnancy, and the miscarriage. Harley is sorry that Dinah went through this alone,  but informs her that she should have told someone about it.  Dinah then loses her footing on the stairs.

Jonathan admires Tammy’s wedding dress, and she asks what he’s doing there. Jonathan says he does not trust the front desk clerk at the Beacon. He asks if she was cold, and she confesses that she was afraid of the dark when she was young. Tammy asks for help getting out of the room which she is locked in.  He finally gets the door open and comes in to join her.

Buzz and Reva both drink at Company,. Reva asks if she should pretend to be happy.  He tells her no to that. She worries that Josh assumes that after their night together they will get back together.

Cassie asks Josh if him and Reva are getting back together. He shares they had improvement between them, and that the Reva he was with earlier is the Reva he wants to be with.

Reva  shares with Buzz that she thinks that Josh wants her to be a grown up version of someone she can’t be, and that it is hard on him.

Josh hopes that his patience will pay off. Cassie states that Reva is one of a kind. Josh compares Cassie’s life being wrapped around Hope to the way his life is wrapped around Reva. Cassie thinks that Reva is going through a rebellion.

Reva tells Buzz that she’s not going through a rebellion. She does not want a boring life.

Josh tells Cassie he hopes Reva will give them another chance; he is trying to convince her that a plan  is a good thing.

Reva does not want a plan. Buzz informs her that even a guy as patient as Josh will eventually give up, and that she might be sorry for her actions now; Reva is not sure about that. Frank then arrives asking them if they are alright, he informs them that the whole town is blacked out, and that Alan has escaped  jail, and a car spun out of control and ran into a tree. Reva worries that the car belongs to Josh.

Cassie feels that now she can make plans with her life. She admits she went crazy planning Hope’s life. Josh tells her that she will always love Hope, but to be careful with her feelings, and make Hope a part of her life. He suggests she call  Danny. Josh gets out of the car to check for a phone signal; Cassie follows his lead. He then lifts her and places her on top of the car sitting to make her phone call.

Michelle tells Marina that Danny is not really in love with her. Marina tells Michelle that she’s addicted to the drama of all that happened between her and Danny. The two get into an argument about Danny wanting to do things differently. Michelle states that Danny just wanted a break from her.

Harley knocks Dinah down trying to catch her; accusing her of not listening. Dinah then starts talking about Harley’s choice of husbands, and why she keeps picking the wrong men. Harley defends herself stating that she has learned from her mistakes. She has found someone who will stand by her side no matter what.  Dinah brings up Mallet, and Blake’s book. Harley tells her its all Blake’s imagination.

Dinah asks if Harley thought differently about Mallet in prison since he was the only man around.

Harley admits she did think about it, but did not act on that thought.  “ His personality is toxic and he has this thing about always being right” said Dinah. Harley thinks that’s part of his charm; Dinah accuses he of still being attracted to him. Harley informs Dinah they are just friends, and then shows off her wedding ring. Dinah is happy being by herself without a man.

Jonathan and Tammy stare at each other for a few moments, Tammy breaks the silence by stating she needs to get out of the dress. Jonathan informs her he wants to see the dress since he will not be at the wedding. Tammy then worries about all the wedding details that need done, including the vows.  Jonathan suggests saying her vows out loud, and to practice on him.

Danny talks to Cassie on the phone while with Hope. The call ends and Cassie tells Josh he was right.  Josh then receives a call from Reva. She asks if he's alright, and he tells her his location. She tells him that she is at Company. He says he will meet her there when the power comes back on.

Reva declares to Buzz that she will always love Josh.

Michelle informs Marina that if their love was true then she could not stop it. The power returns to the elevator. She tries to convince Marina to go find another guy, and that she’s going after Danny still.

Alan continues his talk with Edmund in the street.  He assures him he will get to Cassie and then leaves. He tells him to finish what he started.

Tammy gets worried, so Jonathan calms her fears by having her pretend he is Sandy. She then says  her vows.  Jonathan then gives his own vows to her. Tammy stops him, and tells him to leave. He refuses to leave without her.

Cassie thanks Josh for helping her out, and she decides to start helping plan Tammy’s wedding.

Dinah and Harley share a laugh as they continue down the stairs. Dinah then reminisces about when Alan Michael, Harley and her climbed the water tower.  Harley remembers that Dinah used to be her best friend.

Danny calls the front desk once the power has returns. Michelle arrives at the room.

Marina is on the street talking on her phone. A car comes toward her with lights and horn blaring.

Tammy tries to push Jonathan out the door, but he picks her up and carries her out.

A stranger comes to see if Marina is alright; she assures him she is, and she then whips out her badge, saying he is under arrest.

Danny asks what Marina and Michelle talked about in the elevator. Michelle answers with a kiss.

Josh arrives at  Company, but Reva has left. Buzz warns him to be careful.

Harley and Dinah reach the first floor just as the power returns. Harley decides to hire Dinah for the job. Dinah claims she will help and protect Harley.

Frank returns to the police station as the lights come on, Alan is back in his cell.

Cassie arrives at the bridal shop to find no one there.  Edmund watches her from the window.

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