Guiding Light Update Thursday 11/3/05


Written By Lorrie
Pictures by Boo 

Today was the last day of Laura Wright as Cassie Layne

Tammy and Jonathan are outside Outskirts, she realizes she lost her engagement ring and Jonathan offers to find it for her. After the ring is found she defends her marrying Sandy. Jonathan agrees that he wants her to be happy and that he would only break her heart, she defends his behavior and leaves confused.

Harley is at Spaulding Enterprises the place is deserted due to a staff outing, she is leaving a message for Gus who is out of town. She rationalizes the video that Gus saw
of her kissing Mallet refers to him as part of her past.

Alan is out of his cell and awaiting transfer to another jail, he then harasses Mallet about his relationship with Harley and the fact that Gus is out of town. Mallet responds by snapping back at him. After Mallet leaves the cop on duty thanks Alan for the horse and that the kids loved it (assuming that Alan paid him off).

Reva and Josh are shown at the Beacon Hotel after making love, josh comments that the old Reva is back “The woman who stole my Oklahoma heart and made me a better man”.
He receives a call from Tammy and the two of them talk about Tammy and Sandy while she helps him with his tie. Before he leaves he asks Reva to stay there till he returns.

Cassie is upstairs at the Beacon with the wedding coordinator, stating that she wants a dreamlike wedding that will take the guests away from reality and their troubles.

Edmund calls Alan from the parking garage at the Beacon asking about the money, Alan assures him that the money has been delivered. Edmund is planning on taking Cassie with him.

In their suite, Danny and Marina prepare for a night with Hope without Michelle. She expresses worry about not fitting into the family and he tells her that he loves her and gives her a kiss. Michelle is in the hallway with Hope and runs into Cassie, she offers to let Cassie hold Hope, she declines this offer stating that it is too painful.

Dinah is brought to the police station and informed by Mallet that the judge wants her to get a job. Mallet suggests she work for Harley. At this time Alan interrupts, suggesting that he get a favor from her as she does owe him for his help in prison. Mallet informs them he lost a game of Rock Paper Scissors. Dinah is upset that he is using her parole status to see his ex wife. He then tries to pressure her into going to see Harley, Dinah protests “If you touch me or manhandle me one more time, you may wake up one morning missing a very essential body part.”

Harley is visited at work by Zach who has returned from pumpkin picking, he then gives her the key to the tree house stating that Gus may be there. He then asks why Gus left and Harley explains that Gus will return soon and that she will always be there for him.

Cassie asks some questions about Hope but then leaves before she gets any answers; Michelle then delivers Hope to Danny and Marina. Michelle and Danny reminisce
about when Robby was little and leave Marina out of their conversation. Michelle then leaves to go downstairs.

Tammy arrives at the Beacon and meets her Cassie and Josh to plan the wedding. She then asks Josh to give her away at the wedding and he accepts. She then reminisces about when Josh had taken her to a dance. Cassie and Josh give her marriage advice and while they are talking Tammy realizes that Jonathan still has her engagement ring, she makes an excuse about seeing the bridal consultant for a dress fitting and leaves, once in the hallway she calls Jonathan telling him to drop the ring off at the front desk of the Beacon.

Just as Harley is saying goodbye to Zach, Mallet and Dinah arrive to discuss a job opportunity, soon after Mallet leaves them alone. Dinah gives Harley a reason not to hire her and Harley takes it.

Josh has flowers delivered to the hotel room and when they arrive it’s discovered that Reva is gone he later leaves a phone message to the empty room, stating that he has to go check up on Cassie before returning.

Tammy is at her dress fitting looking beautiful in her town, the sales clerk excuses herself to go get the veil across the street leaving Tammy alone. Tammy remembers Jonathan’s kiss at her engagement party. She gives herself a talk telling herself that she is doing the right thing and not to care about Jonathan.

Marina receives a phone call from Mallet informing her that it’s her turn to do traffic control so she is forced to leave Danny and Hope. Michelle decides to head back upstairs and is stuck in the elevator with Marina when the blackout occurs.

Back at Spaulding, Dinah and Harley wait for the elevator when the blackout hits. They are both upset with Mallet.

Cassie is in her car in the parking garage at the Beacon, Edmund can be seen lurking in the shadows watching her. She has a daydream about Hope grown up and helping her plan her wedding this brings tears to Cassie’s eyes. The lights then go out and she hears a knock on her window.

At the Bridal Shop, Jonathan arrives with the ring and sees Tammy in her gown. She sees him just as the lights go out.

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