Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/2/05


Written By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Sandy is leaving Josh’s apartment as Olivia arrives. She waltzes into her ex-husbands room and announces that she has a great new idea for the Japanese project. He looks up at her from his work in amazement and comments on her ability to multi-task. He lets her know that he doesn’t understand how she always accomplishes so much. Olivia flashes a smile, and tells him how much his compliments mean to her.

Olivia compliments Josh on the fact that he’s clearly been working so hard. He laughs as there is a knock on the door. Josh asks her to answer it and she does. Reva is standing at the door and looks surprised at Olivia. There’s an odd silence between the three of them until Josh urges Reva to take a look at his most recent project. She smiles, and mentions how much she enjoyed their time together at Tammy and Sandy’s engagement party. Josh’s cell phone rings and he answers it immediately.

Josh places his hand over the cell phone, and mentions that he would love to talk to Reva some more, but that he has to take the call. Reva nods and he heads out onto the terrace with his phone. Once he’s gone, Reva turns to Olivia and comments on how much time she’s been spending with Josh as of late. Olivia nods, and tells her that her time with Josh has proven to be very satisfying. She even goes on to say how wonderful she thinks it is that Reva and Josh can still maintain their friendship through everything. It’s clear that she’s simply trying to goad Reva. She even begins making the bed as Josh walks in. He assures his ex wife that she doesn’t need to clean up after him. “I can’t help myself.” Olivia tells him before excusing herself. Reva is fuming, and once she’s alone with Josh mentions that she’s there to say goodbye to him.

Josh reminds Reva that he thought they actually made progress at the party, if only a little bit. He wants to know the real reason she wants to break it off. Reva likens their relationship to a house, and mentions that at this point it’s merely too old to be fixed or repaired. Josh makes it perfectly clear that he most definitely doesn’t want to end their relationship, though he does think it needs some major work.

Reva shakes her head and mentions that their relationship is no longer worth fighting for, especially if he’s already started something new with Olivia. Josh looks momentarily confused, and then explains that the only thing he and Olivia have been working on is business. He assures her that despite what may have happened between them that their marriage can be fixed. As he tells her that he believes in them, he kisses her.

Cassie walks into Outskirts and calls out Billy’s name. Jonathan pops up from underneath the bar and mentions that his uncle won’t be around for a bit. She looks upset, and mentions that she merely wanted to ask him for some help due to a problem at the Beacon. Looking genuine, Jonathan offers his help. She tells him that there is a shortage of champagne at the Beacon due to a function. She would like to buy a case or two from Billy. Smiling, he tells her that he’s half owner of the bar and offers her as many cases as she would like. Cassie looks surprised, and thanks him. She seems even more stunned when he offers to give it to her for free. Jonathan casually mentions the wedding, asking her if she thinks Sandy and Tammy will truly be happy.

Cassie seems thrown by Jonathan’s question, and assures him that Sandy will make her daughter extremely happy. He nods, and mentions that he only wants what is best for his cousin. As Cassie is walking out, Dinah walks in. She’s overheard the conversation and asks Jonathan what is going on.

Jonathan jokes that he’s become a boy scout and Dinah begins to seriously wonder what is going on in town. She fixes herself a drink as she mentions that she too is changing. He looks at her confused and she informs him that she’s vowed to stay away from self pity as well as getting obsessed with both people and things. Jonathan looks impressed as she mentions that she has to set positive goals for herself. He laughs and comments that he believes that she’s changing about as much as she believes that he is. Not listening to him, Dinah reminds him that she has to get back to her no strings attached policy. As she’s talking to him, she walks up behind him and kisses his neck. It’s very clear that she wants to get back together with him. He doesn’t answer right away and it seems that Dinah has figured out on her own what is going on. “You’re in love.” She accuses him.

Dinah wonders when Jonathan began to fall in love. She’s almost taunting him at this point, and is asking him all sorts of questions about who the lucky girl is. He informs her that it’s none of her business and looks annoyed. She doesn’t take the hint and continues to pry. Dinah eventually figures out that he’s in love with a ‘taken’ woman. Shaking her head, she tells him that falling in love is never a good thing, especially with someone who’s already dating someone else.

Jonathan jokes around with Dinah, who’s taken a real interest in hi love life. He mentions that sometimes it is better to have something to love, rather than nothing at all.

Olivia walks into Outskirts, yelling into her phone. She’s on the phone trying to get a hold of Bill once more, with no luck. Jonathan is behind the bar, and looks at her sympathetically. He informs her that he heard things weren’t going well between the two of the, and apologizes. “Sometimes you just have to get on with things.” She explains. “Besides, I’m making plans.”

At the farmhouse, Tammy is on the phone with Marina. She’s describing her dream wedding and fantasizing about it at the same time. In her daydream though Jonathan is waiting for her at the end of the alter, as opposed to Sandy. She is clearly freaked out by this, and gets off the phone quickly.

Tammy returns to the living room just in time to see her mother has returned and is now l crying while looking at Bridal magazines. She immediately becomes worried for Cassie, and asks what is going on. She tells her daughter, while wiping away the tears, that she is merely happy for her daughter. She does on to mention how she’s so glad that Tammy has a way of influencing people in such a positive way. While they’re talking, she even mentions that Tammy has had a positive effect on Jonathan of all people. She looks confused as Cassie confesses to her daughter that she thinks Jonathan truly wants her to be happy.

Tammy demands to know how and why her mother would say such a thing. Cassie mentions the problem they had at the Beacon, and how helpful Jonathan was. She begins preparing some food and says to her daughter, “He seemed to genuinely care.” Tammy seems dazed, and sticks up for her cousin. She reminds her mother that he had a horrible upbringing. Cassie nods, and then reminds her that no matter what it is still hard to think about Jonathan without going back to what he did to hurt Tammy. She continues to ramble on, calling her daughter a ‘beacon of hope’ who never changed.

Tammy looks nervous. She’s not sure if she can live up to all their expectations of her, and confesses to her mother about the promise she made to God while Sandy was hospitalized. Cassie looks worried, but before she has a chance to ask her daughter anything more Sandy walks into the farmhouse with Reverend Ruthledge. Wiping her eyes, she assures her mother that she is fine. She walks over to Sandy and hugs him.

Cassie leaves the kids alone with the Reverend and promises to meet up with Tammy later. Together Sandy and his fiancée sit down with the minister and tell him that they are ready to begin.

The reverend asks the couple to tell them why they love one another so much, and want to get married at such a young age. They both gush about one another’s good qualities and assure him that they’re ready for the commitment. Tammy begins to speak about how important this wedding is for her family, and mentions that it is the theoretical light at the end of a dark year. Looking concerned, the minister tells them both that they shouldn’t feel pressured into getting married to please their families. “People should get married when they simply can’t live without one another.” He tells them. Tammy glances at Sandy, and then assures Reverend Ruthledge that she feels that way about Sandy.

Cassie finds Jeffery waiting for her at her room inside the Beacon. He has an elaborate spread of all her favorite foods out, and romantically tells her that he wanted to make her trek to the Beacon worthwhile. He goes on to explain to her that he wants her merely to feel better. Cassie smiles, and then goes over to a corner of the room where there is a large trunk. She mentions that she came here to go through it. There may be something inside from her wedding that Tammy would want to borrow. Cassie opens the trunk and finds it filled with mementos of her life with Richard. She’s clearly taken back by it all and looks stunned.

Cassie closes the trunk quickly and Jeffery takes the time to remind her that she doesn’t need to hide anything from him. He encourages her to go through everything. Again, she opens the trunk and removes her wedding photo. “I just feel like I’m one big raw nerve.” She tells him, sobbing. He nods, letting her know that he understands, and doesn’t want to make it tougher on her. He even offers to walk Tammy down the aisle, if she wants. Cassie looks appreciative, but mentions that Josh is slated for the job. She realizes that she’s a mess and heads into the bathroom to clean up.

Jeffery stares at the photo of Cassie and Richard. He laments that once more he’s going to have to put himself in Prince Richard’s shoes.

As a song plays there is a montage of the following images. At the farmhouse, Sandy and Tammy kiss one another. Olivia tries calling Bill once more. Jonathan stares into space, apparently thinking about Tammy. Jeffery stares at the photo of Cassie and Richard. Josh and Reva hug one another and kiss.

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