Guiding Light Update Tuesday 11/1/05


Written By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At Outskirts, Jonathan is on the bar. Getting everyone’s attention, he yells out that he wants to toast Sandy and Tammy. Ava looks worried and tries to stop him, but he doesn’t want to hear it. He asks everyone to raise their glasses to toast the happy couple.

Jonathan mentions in his toast that for some time he and Sandy were best friends. He continues talking about how much has changed since the two of them were in Switzerland together. As he’s talking, Jeffery walks in and apologizes to Cassie for being late. Jonathan concludes his toast, mentioning how the happy couple deserves only the best. Before he’s completely finished with his toast, Tammy yells at him to stop. “There’s something I need to say to you.” She says, speaking up and directing her comments to her new fiancé.

Tammy mentions how happy she is that everyone is there with her to help celebrate their engagement. She continues on, and mentions that despite their tough year that she’s both ready and hopeful for the future. Smiling, she turns to Sandy and lets him know once more that she’s ready to be his wife. “Good toast.” Sandy replies and then raises his glass.

During the toast Edmund walks into the party dressed in a skeleton costume. He raises his mask long enough to look at Cassie. He grimaces as he sees Jeffery hug his ex wife.

Frank is on the phone at the police department with Gus standing beside him. When he gets off the phone, he mentions that Gus will be headed to Madison. “Let Mallet go. I’ll stay here.” Is his response to the boss. Frank clearly doesn’t want to argue with his brother in law and makes it clear that he’s the one in charge. Gus then meanders over to his desk in front of Alan’s cell.

Taunting his son, Alan mentions the tape of Harley and Mallet kissing. Grinning, he tells his son that it must really hurt to see his new bride kissing another man.

Alan reminds his son that he warned him before they got married that Harley wasn’t a good match for him. “Shut up. Shut up.” Gus yells at his father. Alan doesn’t drop the subject though and wonders what excuse Harley came up with to explain her lies. The look on his son’s face says it all; he never even mentioned it to his wife. Again, Gus warns his father to be quiet.

Mallet walks into Company and immediately over to Harley who is working at a corner table. They both mention how well she did at the shareholders meeting. Smiling, Harley thanks Mallet when he refers to her as ‘impressive.’ He also admits that when it comes to her that nothing surprises him.

Lizzie joins Coop inside Company, dressed to the nines. He looks shocked, and smiles at how beautiful she looks. When he asks if her dress is new she shrugs him off, and claims that she’s had it for a while. In her mind, she thinks back to Dean loaning her the money. She clearly knows that Coop wouldn’t approve and keeps quiet.

Billy approaches Ava who is tending the bar and asks her to do him a favor. He requests that she imply play a specific song on the stereo.

Lizzie and Coop walk into Tammy and Sandy’s engagement party. They give their congratulations to the happy couple.

Josh and Olivia are talking when a song plays over the speakers. He immediately looks past her, and stares straight at Reva. The two glance at one another lovingly, Josh approaches her. It’s apparently “Their” song and they begin dancing with one another.

Jeffery approaches Cassie who is wistfully staring at her daughter. He lets her know that he can tell she is still thinking about Hope. He hugs her close.

From afar Edmund watches the Jeffery and Cassie together.

Cassie forces a smile and tells Jeffery that she realizes Hope is with wonderful parents. Looking over at Tammy, she reminds Jeffery that she should be happy for the daughter she does have. Jeffery lets her know that she’s welcome to confide in him when she’s having a bad day. Cassie is staring off into space at the man dressed in the skeleton costume. She mentions how he’s not stopped staring at her since he’s walked in and tells Jeffery that he’s been giving her the creeps.

Sandy plays a song, and finds Tammy. He lets her know that he wants it to be ‘their’ song. Shortly after the couple begin dancing Jonathan pulls Ava onto the floor with him. He claims that he wants to share in Tammy and Sandy’s ‘joy.’

Josh looks at Reva, wondering is she wants to dance with him once more. Jeffery and Cassie are also in one another’s arms dancing.

Coop mentions Lizzie’s new job, and wonders why he hasn’t heard anything about it lately. She claims that she wants things to be a surprise and head off. Coop looks suspicious, but doesn’t say anything.

Dean pulls Lizzie aside in the hallway. She assures shim that she will be able to pay him back, and he smiles. Quickly, he reminds her that he expects interest to be paid as well. She doesn’t take him seriously and assures him that he will have his money.

Dean walks away as Ava is approaching them. Ava looks twice at Dean, and then sees Lizzie. Immediately becoming worried, she inquires as to whether or not Lizzie borrowed money from the loan shark. Before heading back to Coop she assures Ava that she has things under control.

Harley mentions to Mallet that the head of her public relations department quit. She makes it clear that it is imperative that she find a replacement as soon as possible. AC sits down with her, and informs her that he knows the perfect person for her to hire. Harley’s interest is piqued, and he mentions all of the good qualities in the candidate. “Who is she?” Harley asks, clearly impressed by what she has heard so far. She looks completely floored however, when he informs her that Dinah Marler is the woman he had in mind. Continuing to look at him in disbelief, she mentions the many ‘issues’ Dinah has. Harley also accuses him of sleeping with Dinah. Mallet shakes his head and tells her that he will ‘play’ her for Dinah’s interview.

Harley laughs at Mallet’s idea and reminds him that the last time they settled a dispute this way that he lost big time. He smiles at her and the two being playing ‘rock, paper, scissors.’ Harley winds and the two are laughing with one another when Gus walks in. Harley immediately says hello to her husband and he’s noticeably annoyed at the fact that Mallet is there.

Gus looks between Mallet and his wife. He notes that the two of them seem to be doing anything but working. Laughing, Harley begins to tell her husband about their game despite the fact that he is noticeably uninterested. Mallet sees that the two have some talking to do, and leaves.

Harley kisses her husband hello and wonders how his day is going. He mentions phone calls from tabloid reporters, and she blows him off. She laughs about Blake’s fictional world, and Gus stops her. He flat out asks her if anything whatsoever happened between her and Mallet while she was a prisoner. She lies, telling him that absolutely nothing happened. Gus closes his eyes, and once more asks if they even kissed. “No.” Harley tells him sounding a bit annoyed. He sighs and mentions that he saw a video of her and Mallet. “How do you explain that?” He challenges her.

Harley is thrown for a loop, and wonders what video he possibly could have seen. He admits that it was Beth who showed him some surveillance footage, and she instantly is upset about the DVD. Gus reminds her that the video isn’t the problem, the main issues is her leis to him. Harley looks upset and apologizes. She begins to explain that she merely didn’t want to hurt him. She goes on to mention how she thought her life was over while at Valesburg, despite his support. “There was lots of fear.” She tells him and also mentions that there was an attraction as well. She goes on to tell him that though they kissed all it did was cement her belief that Gus was the one for her. Gus looks dejected, and asks his wife again is she and Mallet slept together. She tells him that she didn’t and then suggests that they get away for a while.

Josh notices that Reva is dancing funny, and wonders how her back is. She assures him that she is fine, and reiterates what the doctor has told her. Josh pulls her closer, and asks to make sure that its ok with her. Smiling at him, she assures him that things are fine.

Billy approaches Olivia and asks her to dance with him. She looks wary as she warns her that he’s the only Lewis left for her. Billy mentions the infamous night that he fell off the wagon when she looks at him oddly. “I think it’s time you confessed what you did to me.” He tells her. She looks confused and reminds her that he was the one who took the drink. Billy nods, admitting that he knows he messed up. He merely wants her to take credit for the role she played in his return to alcoholism. She doesn’t bat an eye, and he warns her that once he’s sober again that he will get even with her.

Sandy and Tammy are dancing when he mentions the future that they have together. As he’s talking, she lets him know that she will be right back before rushing out.

The man in the skeletal costume continues to stare at Cassie. She seems to have had enough and waltzes over to him, determined to find out who it is behind the mask.
On the docks, Tammy stands alone sitting out into space. Edmund appears behind her and apologizes for scaring her. Stunned, she reminds him that the police are looking for him. He moves closer to her, and asks her not to turn him in. Quickly, turning the subject to her, he takes a moment to congratulate her on her engagement. Tammy continues to stare at him hard, and lets him know that she won’t be played. She informs him that she knows the only reason he’s still in town is because of her mother. “Some things can’t be undone ever.” She warns Edmund. “Some times it’s too late.” He shakes his head, and tells her that he won’t ever believe that things are over for him and Cassie. He reminds her that for a long time that Cassie was his entire life.

Edmund approaches Tammy, and she backs away quickly. She yells at him that she’s fine, and asks him to stay away from her. He keeps his distance as Tammy wonders how he could do such a horrible thing as steal someone else’s child. Sadly, he reminds her that like Cassie he grew attached to Hope. As the two are talking Sandy comes by. He sees Edmund and wonders what is going on. “We’re just talking.” Edmund says sadly to Sandy who looks concerned. When Sandy threatens to call the cops, Edmund leaves as soon as possible. . Obviously not wanting to cause trouble, Edmund leaves after wishing the two of congratulations once more.

Back at the party, Cassie pulls the mask off the costumed man, only to reveal a stranger underneath. She immediately apologizes and turns to Jeffery. She whispers to him that she seriously believed that Edmund was behind the mask. He pulls her closer, and counsels her to calm down a bit. AS the two are talking, Jonathan walks by. She pulls away from Jeffery and thanks Jonathan for giving Sandy and Tammy a lovely party. “I just want what’s best for the both of them.” He tells her before walking off.

At the police station, Mallet runs into Frank. He mentions his confrontation with Dinah’s parole office, and flashes a report at Frank. He then wonders if the chief has any idea how to help find Dinah a job. “Dinah Marler is not your problem.” Frank warns AC before leaving.

Alan watches from his cell and immediately asks Mallet how Harley is doing. He tries to shirk him off, but Alan mentions there is a tape that will prove Mallet and Harley were intimate in prison. Mallet shrugs it all off, doing a good job of concealing his anger.

Cassie and Jeffery run across Tammy and Sandy. They wonder what is doing on until Sandy explained that they ran into Edmund. “He wanted to congratulate me, and tell me that he still loves you. “ Tammy explains to her mother. Cassie apologizes for the actions of her ex husband and reminds them all that the future will be much better.

Reva asks Josh how Bill is doing in South America. He assures her that their nephew is doing fine. She casually mentions that perhaps he is better off without Olivia, and Josh doesn’t seem to appreciate the comment. In fact, he excuses himself and heads over to see what is going on at the bar with Billy and Olivia. Reva takes the opportunity to dance with Jonathan for a bit.

Billy continues to accuse Olivia of switching the drinks as Josh approaches them. Olivia reminds her father in law that he was the one who took the drink. Josh comes over, wondering why his brother is so quick to blame everyone but himself for his drinking problem. It’s clear whose side of the argument it he agrees with.

Ava approaches Jonathan, wondering where the happy couple (Sandy and Tammy) are. He casually mentions that he doesn’t know and she goes off on him. She claims not to understand what it going on and seems confused by his actions the past few days. He reminds her that if two people are truly meant to be with one another that they will find a way.

Gus tells Harley that he can’t be with her. He mentions that he’s got to go to Wisconsin for work. As he’s telling her this, he snidely mentions that Mallet will still be in town. He seems distant, and despite her best efforts to reassure him that they’re ok, he still seems mad. Gus leaves, promising to call her soon.

Alan continues to taunt Mallet about hiss kiss with Harley. Trying to ignore him, Mallet agrees to let Alan use the phone.

Olivia mentions to Josh that she an idea that may help them with the Japanese project. He seems eager to hear her ideas. However, when she mentions that they should get started ASAP. Josh glances at Reva once more, and heads over to say goodbye to her before leaving. He promises to call her as he’s exiting the party.

Jeffery looks around the docks for Edmund and finds nothing. When he returns, Cassie mentions how much she loves him. The two kiss one another.

On the phone, Alan calls Edmund to make sure that their plan is still in the works. He is assured that everything is in place before hanging up.

As Sandy and Tammy are leaving Outskirts, he pulls Ava aside and thanks her for all she’s done to make this night possible. She tells him that she merely wants him to be happy. Sandy then catches up with Tammy. Together the two thank Jonathan for the party.

Alone, Ava and Jonathan watch as Sandy and Tammy leave. He assures her that everything will work out as it should.

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