Guiding Light Update Thursday 10/20/05


Written By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo 

Harley is on her cell phone inside of Company when Gus arrives. She is barking out orders left and right over the cell as Gus tentatively approaches his wife. He asks what is going on with her, and she takes a break long enough to kiss him. Telling him that she’s working on getting the board to change their minds about a hostile bid takeover, she hugs him. As they are talking, she realizes that despite her protests she has changed a bit. Harley hangs up on her assistant and turns her full attention to Gus. They are passionately kissing when Mallet walks in. Gus sees his partner and shoos him out, mentioning that they can catch up with one another later, at the police station.

Mallet walks out of the restaurant, muttering to himself that watching Harley and Gus together is worse than suffering from a gunshot wound. He’s not paying attention to where he is going and accidentally runs straight into Dinah. She hits him hard on the chest, wondering why the police ever decided to realize Edmund from jail.

Back inside the restaurant, Gus tries to reassure his wife that there are plenty of employees at Spaulding who like working for her. He seems confident in her abilities to run the company. Harley laments that she merely wished there was someone on the inside that she could trust.

Beth waltzes into the police station and demands that Frank let her see Alan. He jokes around with her about their marriage, and finally relents.

In his cell, Alan has his back turned when Beth approaches, but he instantly knows it is her. “I can smell your perfume.” He explains as he turns around to face his wife. Flashing the business section of the newspaper at him, she lets him know that things aren’t going well. She elaborates by telling him that unfortunately Spaulding isn’t flourishing under Harley’s control. Instead of looking disappointed, Alan smiles. He tells his wife that he’s read the paper and is excited about what seems to be going on at the company.

Marina sits with Danny at the station. He pleads with her to help him and reminds Marina that someone must have set him up. “You were with me when I got the phone call.” He reminds her, still clearly worried about Michelle’s safety. “You’ve got to help me get out of here.” Danny begs of his girlfriend. Marina looks conflicted, and unsure of what to do when Frank comes over.

Frank makes it extremely clear that neither his daughter nor Danny are headed anywhere.

Edmund walks into the Bauer cabin, and sees Michelle all alone. He surprises her, and he too feigns a surprise at seeing her there. Edmund claims that he though he would be alone. He continues talking and lets her know that Rick gave him permission to use the place. He sees the confusion on Michelle’s face, and explains that after Cassie left him for Jeffery that he developed a bit of a problem with prescription painkillers. Michelle still looks uneasy, and mentions that she wanted to be left alone in the cabin to think things out on her own.

The tea kettle in the kitchen begins to whistle and Michelle asks Edmund to go get it. He nods, wanting to help, and rushes off. Seizing the moment, Michelle picks up the phone and makes a call.

Danny pleads with Frank to let him go. The chief doesn’t want to hear any of it, and reminds Danny that he broke the law when he assaulted the security guard. He then turns his attention to his daughter and warns her that she’s already on probation. Looking at her father, Marina tells him that she truly does care for Danny, and that she only wanted to help him find Michelle. Frank looks like he can’t believe what he is hearing, and for once there is silence between them. That silence is broken by the ringing of Danny’s cell phone. Frank warns the two of them not to answer it, but again Marina goes against orders. Fumbling through his belongings, she picks up the phone. “Hello, hello, hello?” She says as there appears to be no one on the other end of the line.

Marina looks stunned and tells both Frank and Danny that there was no one on the other end of the line. Frank is still shocked that his daughter disobeyed a direct order from a superior officer. Frank tries to interrupt and stick up for his girlfriend, but Marina warns him to stay out of it. Looking defiant, she makes it clear that this is something she and her father have to hash out.

Frank begins to lecture his daughter on the importance of remaining impartial in cases. Marina doesn’t talk back to her father, but respectfully disagrees with him. She mentions that her biggest thing is trying to be a cop without holding personal grudges. It is clear that she is aiming this comment directly at her father. He looks at her, his eyes softening, and lets her know that as a father he sees her being selfless and loves her for it. Marina again begs him to let Danny leave in order to find Michelle.

Danny jumps into the conversation once more and makes it clear that if his leaving will affect Marina’s career in any way that he wants to stay. Frank looks at the two of them and only mutters that Danny had better return to the station as soon as he finds Michelle. Looking ecstatic, Danny thanks Frank and kisses Marina. He informs her that he will call her as soon as he can, and then takes off to find his ex wife.

Marina thanks her father for allowing Danny to leave. He lightly tells her that regardless of what he allowed to happen that she still disobeyed a direct order. He goes on to mention how easy it is for people to break the rules. “None of this is easy.” She tells him. “I’m just trying to get through this as best I can.”

Alan and Beth watch what is happening between Danny and Marina. He laughs at the sight of another Cooper losing control of a situation. Beth snaps his attention back to Harley and the family company. Looking devious, Alan tells his wife that he’s got things under control. He mentions that he had someone create fake documents regarding the pharmaceutical division. He mentions that Beth has the job of sharing those papers with Harley. Beth finally realizes what he is up to, and understands. Alan’s goal is to get Harley in trouble with the SEC. Alan urges his wife to make sure Harley has the papers in hand, so that she can use the incorrect numbers for the big board meeting. Then she can be charged with inflating profits. Happy at what she has just learned, Beth leaves the station on a mission to destroy Harley.

Harley mentions to Gus that being a cop was much easier. “A suspect refuses to comply, and I break his arm.” She tells him jokingly. Despite her best efforts to make light of the situation, it is apparent that she is frustrated with the new job. Gus sympathizes with his new wife, and likens being a CEO to the job of being a cop. ‘Both jobs cause you to exploit the weaknesses of those coming at you.’ He tells her confident that she can do the job. She nods as he tells her that the big thing is that right now she needs to find someone to help her on the inside. Harley agrees, but is unsure of whom at Spaulding she can trust.

Dinah doesn’t understand what Mallet was thinking when he released Edmund from jail. She goes on and on about the evil side of Edmund and even likens him to Hannibal Lector. Mallet assures her that despite what she may think that Edmund will not get to her. She throws herself towards him and they hug one another. Dinah uses the opportunity to take Mallet’s gun from his side holster. AC immediately picks up on this and warns her that she had better return his firearm.

Gus says goodbye to his wife, and walks outside just in time to see Dinah and Mallet together. He nods at the two of them and stops only briefly when Mallet requests that his partner punches him in at the police station. Gus jokes with Mallet about being a rule breaker, but ultimately agrees to it. Gus leaves and Dinah immediately wonders why Mallet didn’t bust her about the gun in front of his partner. “You’re going to need some help.” He tells her, and she looks grateful. She assures him that if given the chance that she will handle Edmund on her own. As the two are talking, a strange man approaches them. He introduces himself as Wendell, Dinah’s probation officer.

Wendell thanks Mallet for holding Dinah and mentions that he is finally ready to bring the elusive Ms. Marler in. AC lets the probation officer know that apparently things got a bit confused along the way. “She’s my go to girl. And I want her to be up until the hearing.” He tells the probation officer very matter of factly. He assure Wendell that he will get Dinah anywhere it is that she is required to be.

Harley tells the person on the other end of the phone line that she will be into the office as soon as she can be. Just as she’s getting ready to leave Beth comes into Company. She drops a large stack of folders in front of a surprised Harley. Beth goes on to mention that she has more paperwork for Harley in her car, and begins to sit down and go over the papers with the CEO.

Sitting down at a table with Beth, Harley continues to pour over the numbers for the pharmaceutical division. Beth mentions that luckily, the numbers, despite what the board seems to think looks promising. Harley doesn’t seem entirely sure of why Beth is helping her. Reluctantly Beth admits that there are many things about the new Spaulding CEO that she despises. She also admits that in the end she hopes to see Lizzie as the CEO of Spaulding. “However, helping you is the lesser of all evils. That’s the way this family works.” Beth tells Harley, convinced that she’s won her trust.

Back at the cabin, Michelle slowly realizes that someone has cut the phone off. She turns around and sees that Edmund has ripped the phone from the wall jack. She looks even more confused, and wonders why he would do such a thing. Edmund comes up with the excuse that she too is going through withdrawal similar to his. He explains that he didn’t want her to give in to temptation. Michelle looks like she doesn’t fully believe him, but thanks him anyway.

They both comment on the sky outside, and that there appears to be a storm headed their way. Edmund’s face lights up and he mentions that the two of them should head out for a drive to see the ‘dramatic sky’ before the rain begins. Michelle looks uneasy, but agrees to the drive anyhow. He heads out to pull the car around.

As soon as he is gone, Michelle rifles through his bags. She wants to know the real reason for Edmund’s surprise trip to the cabin. She is shocked when she finds court papers in his bag that mention Edmund was arrested, as well as jailed on kidnapping charges. She quickly puts the papers away as Edmund walks in. He immediately goes on about how beautiful the leaves are on the other side of the lake. In an attempt to buy more time, Michelle wonders what they’re going to do outside with no one around. “Enjoy being where no one can get to us.” Edmund replies with a glint of malice in his eyes.

Edmund sees that Michelle is trying to stall for time by pretending to pack them an ‘emergency bag.’ He lets her know that they won’t be gone long, and thus don’t need any supplies. He’s clearly ready to leave, and again Michelle tries to stall him. This time she tells him that she doesn’t like how wet the roads look. She remains defiant and tells him that she’s changed her mind about the drive. Edmund shushes her, and tells her that he knows the truth. She is on to him.

Danny’s car is stuck in the mud, and he is understandably frustrated beyond belief. He yells, wondering why everything has to be done the hard way in his life.

Alan sits in his cell, and across the way is Gus at his desk. In an attempt to antagonize his son, Alan begins reading passages from Blake’s book. He very loudly reads a passage involving ‘Marley and Hammer.’ Gus approaches his father and mentions that he’d love to confiscate all of the books from the cell.

Gus reminds his father once more that he could make Alan’s life very miserable. He also casually mentions the news about Harley and Spaulding. Alan doesn’t seem worried at all and tells his son that he actually thinks Harley is doing a good job running things at Spaulding Enterprises.

Harley looks over the papers in front of her and seems confident that the company seems to be doing ok. Beth agrees, and as the two are talking Harley’s phone rings. This time Gus is on the other end, though Harley plays it off as though it were business related.

“I think you’re being played.” He tells her immediately after she picks up. Harley nods, and informs him that she too picked up on that fact. Before hanging up Gus again warns his new wife to watch her back. She reassures him that she is fine, and hangs up. Turning to Beth, she thanks her for the help and claims that she has to get back to work for a meeting. Harley does go on to promise that she will call Beth if she has any problems.

Outside the restaurant, Harley wonders who it is that she can truly trust at Spaulding.

With Dinah’s parole officer gone, she turns to Mallet wondering what is going to happen to her now. He tells her that although he doesn’t trust her that he hopes she is worth saving. He warns Dinah once more not to miss her hearing. He also makes it clear that he is the one who needs to deal wit Edmund.

Back in the cabin, Edmund moves toward Michelle and lets her know that he’s sick of playing games. He realizes that she knows he has been lying to her. Michelle looks scared, and tells him that she’s sorry for giving him the wrong impression. It is painfully obvious though that she is simply backpedaling. “Stop the act.” He tells her. She offers to help him, despite his lies. Again he tells her to stop. Michelle immediately jumps to the conclusion that he must have done something to hurt Cassie. This angers him, and he begins to yell.

The two of them continue to argue with one another about their pasts. Eventually Edmund makes it clear that the one thing standing in the way of his reconciliation with Cassie is Michelle. She looks terrified.

Harley is standing outside of Company in a new disguise. She thinks that perhaps someone at Spaulding will give her answers if they don’t know who she is. Mallet walks by casually and immediately recognizes it as her. She looks frustrated that her disguise isn’t working well.

At the police station Beth visits with her husband once more. She lets him know that she has things taken care of as far as Harley is concerned. Gus walks by and joke about the two of them having a conjugal visit.

In another section of the station house, Frank lets his daughter know that he understand she cares deeply about Danny. He goes on to tell her that although she may love him that their relationship should be so much work all of the time. Marina listens to her father, and then tells him that she has to get home before Danny comes back.

Danny walks into an empty cabin and calls out looking for Michelle. He notices that the lights are on and again calls out for her. Shortly after Danny gets there, Michelle stumbles in looking frazzled. She looks frantic and is trying to explain to him what is going on. In his own effort to get the news out about their baby, he doesn’t listen to her. With tears in his eyes, he gets down on his knees, with his back to the door and tells Michelle that there is something he needs to tell her.

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