Guiding Light Update Wednesday 10/19/05


Written By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Cassie goes out onto the farmhouse porch with a flashlight in hand. She calls out to someone in the dark, letting them know she knows that they are watching. A woman comes out of the shadows and flashes her badge. Cassie nods and tells the security guard that although Danny sent her that she can leave. “We’re not going anywhere.” She calls out before heading back inside.

Jeffery is singing to Hope while Cassie remains in the kitchen. She watches Jeffery with her daughter and has tears in her eyes.

At what appears to be the Bauer cabin, Michelle wonders how she can say goodbye to Danny. She realizes that the baby was her last chance at a life with him.

Danny is on the phone with a hotel looking for Michelle when Marina comes running in. Neither of them has had any luck in locating Michelle and tell one another as much. Shaking her head, Marina comments that she can’t imagine what it could be like for Michelle. Danny agrees and reminds his girlfriend that the sole reason Michelle left town was because she lost the baby. “This changes everything.” He mutters in front of a worried looking Marina.

Edmund is thrown in a jail cell at the police department. The whole time he is yelling about how innocent he is, and that Jeffery has set him up. From behind him, Alan welcomes him to the cell.

Outside of Company, Jonathan stares at the note Sandy received. He’s looking at it intently, clearly wondering what it means when Tammy literally runs into him. She begins to apologize before looking up, and seems shocked when she sees who it is.

Sandy looks perplexed at the sight of Ava. She smiles, and lets him know that she isn’t a figment of his imagination. “I’m real.” She tells him, smirking. Ava wonders if he truly thought he could hide from her for the rest of his life. Struggling to talk, Sandy admits that he knew he couldn’t. He quickly tells her that he’s not the same person and that he’s changed. He tries telling her that there is a woman who has changed him. Laughing, Ava lets him know that he might not be entitled to getting what he wants. Trying to reason with her Sandy asks her to head home. He promises that he will call her back as soon as possible. Again Ava smiles, and lets him know that Springfield is now her home. She also takes great pleasure in telling him that Jonathan is her new boss. Sandy looks extremely worried.

Tammy immediately becomes suspicious and wants to know what Jonathan is doing. He is sarcastic at first, and then when she mentions wanting to leave softens a bit. He asks how Sandy is doing, and she sees through his questions. “Why don’t you ask what you want to know – is Sandy coming home with me. “ Jonathan shakes his head, and Tammy begins to ramble on about how Sandy has her to take care of him. She makes it clear that she back together with him.

Inside the restaurant, Danny reminds Marina that she is the reason he now has a daughter. He looks thankful, and reminds her that no matter what happens that she will always be a part of Hope’s life. He looks into her eyes and sees that she looks worried about their future together. Danny realizes what he’s asked her to do and lets her know that she doesn’t have to help him find Michelle. Looking more determined than ever, Marina tells him that he has to think hard about where his ex wife would go to get away. After all, she tells him, you know Michelle better than anyone. Nodding, Danny tells her that there is one place she may be.

Alan pretends to shoot Edmund, and is clearly having to much fun being in the same cell with him. Edmund shakes his head and tells Alan, that he is innocent. Alan smiles and mentions that he’s stuck in the cell until he gets transferred back to the hospital. Edmund makes a snide comment and they both realize they have the same lawyer. Laughing, Alan remarks that perhaps they should have made a smarter choice as far as the lawyer is concerned. “Look where we ended up.” Alan comments.

Edmund agrees with Alan for once and explains that his biggest problem is Jeffery. He mentions how fixated O’Neill has been on Cassie and that he’s now getting what he wants – Edmund out of the picture. Shaking his head in disgust, Edmund vows to get Hope and Cassie back.

Jeffery looks up and sees Cassie coming into the living room. He explains that he was trying to get her to fall asleep and she nods. Cassie still has tears in her eyes, and can’t believe that she isn’t Hope’s mother. She quickly wipes away her tears, and tells Jeffery about the security guard outside. She can’t believe that Danny would think she would leave with the baby. Jeffery hugs her, and reminds her that he too is just worried about the welfare of his baby. He also goes on to mention that they could easily slip out the back door with Hope. “We could be miles away before anyone would even know.” He tells her looking very serious. Cassie looks like she can’t believe what she is hearing, and says so. “Who cares about DNA? Who cares about who Hope is? What we need to care about is what's best for her and what's best for us. “Jeffery replies.

Tammy tells Jonathan that what they have between them isn’t what is important. She is clear, that right now she wants to be with Sandy because she feels she belongs with him. Of course Jonathan disagrees and accuses her of trying to be noble. He reminds her that they live in a small town, and that they will run into one another. Tammy takes a no nonsense attitude and informs him that if they’re having trouble when they bump into one another that they will just have to establish some ground rules. Jonathan scoffs at that idea, obviously thinking that it won’t work. Exasperated, Tammy tells him that she will be able to handle it. She heads inside to pick up some food, leaving him alone. Looking determined, Jonathan tells himself that he’s not going anywhere.

Cassie can’t believe what she is hearing, and checks to see if Jeffery is being serious or not. He assures her that he would do anything for her and Hope. Soon after though, he reminds her that if she were to leave that she would also have to think about her other children. Seeing that she is confused, he tells her that perhaps they could keep Hope legally. Warning her that fighting Danny for custody could get hairy, he remains hopeful. Cassie doesn’t want to think about it all, and tells him that she wants to get some fresh air. He agrees and the two take off.

Alan reminds Edmund that he was once like him. “You're damned if you do, you're damned if you don’t. But I always say "do." Alan offers up. Edmund stares off into space and reiterates how he is willing to do anything in the world for Cassie. He turns back to Alan and asks for his help just as Rick appears. Rick laughs at the two men together, and compares them to one celled organisms. Suddenly, his cell phone rings. Danny is on the other end wondering if there is any chance that Michelle could be at the Bauer Cabin. He mentions the cabin aloud, and Alan hears. Turning to Edmund, Alan tells him that he had better get to the cabin before Danny does.
Back at Company, Danny swigs back the last of his drink and tells Marina that they should get going. He clearly wants her to come with him to the cabin. Shaking her head, and looking sad Marina lets him know that this is a trip he needs to take on his own. She uses the excuse that she has to work and he sees right through it. He does look understanding though, and agrees that perhaps this is a trip better taken alone. Before leaving the two kiss one another fully on the lips.

Sandy warns Ava that Jonathan is bed news, but she doesn’t want to listen. She mentions how nice he has been to her, and even refers to Sandy as “Xander.” Sandy shakes his head and lets Ava know that she can’t give Jonathan any information. Tammy comes strolling in with a bag full of food. She mentions the burgers and fries before she even realizes that the two of them aren’t alone. She looks surprised when she sees Ava, and is obviously curious what she is doing in Sandy’s room.

Ava comes up with some story about seeing Sandy in the hall and wanting to make sure he was ok. The entire time she is talking Sandy looks uncomfortable. Smiling, she invites both Sandy and Tammy to stop by Outskirts for a drink when he is released from the hospital. After mentioning the bar, Ava decides that she should get going and leaves.

Alone in the room, Tammy mentions how friendly Ava is and seems to think that the girl is genuinely nice. Sandy on the other hand doesn’t hide the fact that he disagrees. He asks Tammy to promise him that she will stay away from Ava, and Outskirts. He reasons that he simply has a bad feeling about it. Tammy agrees, wanting to please him and only looks slightly weirded out by it. She changes the subject, and tells him that she got a room for him at the Beacon for when he leaves the hospital. He smiles wondering why she went to all that trouble, and looks even more shocked when she tells him that the room she has for him is with her.

Jonathan is standing by himself in Company when Ava walks in. She immediately approaches him and demands to know what he is doing there.

Rick helps Alan out of the cell, ready to check his vitals one last time. Alan claims that he feels pressure on his chest, and Rick ignores it. He claims that Alan is most likely making it all up. As Alan falls forward, everyone rushes toward him to help, even Edmund. He slyly swipes the cell phone from Rick and nods at Alan.

Edmund heads over to the far corner of the cell and uses the phone. In a fake Southern accent, he calls Danny and tells him that he is calling from the Beacon. He mentions that there is a woman there by the name of Michelle in room 444, and that she is asking for him.

Back at Company, Danny rushes out to be with Michelle just as Cassie and Jeffery arrive. Marina watches on as he leaves.

Edmund picks up the cell one more time, and this time phones the security station at the Beacon. “I don’t mean to alarm you, but I believe you have a serious problem.” He tells the guard.

Inside the Beacon, Danny stands outside of room number 444. He calls in wanting to get Michelle’s attention when she doesn’t answer the door. Not knowing what to do next he busts the door in. He sees a blonde woman sleeping in the bed and tries to wake her up. She jumps out of bed screaming, and Danny realizes that he’s made a mistake. Just then a security guard comes in; demanding to know what is going on.

Marina turns to Jeffery and Cassie and informs them both that Danny was headed off to tell Michelle the truth. She looks at them once, still looking concerned as her phone rings. It is clearly work and she tells Jeffery and Cassie that she has to go before running off.

Jeffery and Cassie are alone once more and he turns to her, wondering if she truly believes that Danny and Michelle should raise Hope. Sighing, she tells him that they are amazing parents to Robbie, and that they are her biological parents. He continues to pressure her, reminding her of Danny’s past and that they have to think of what is best for Hope. Jeffery reminds her that when it comes down to it that they’re fighting for Hope, and only Hope.

Edmund continues to rant and rave in his cell when a police officer comes over to him and announces that his bail has been posted. Looking shocked, he wonders who would have that amount of money. Edmund looks shocked when Alan nods at him, and informs him that he was the one who posted the money.

Edmund thanks Alan, who makes it clear that he expects help in return. Edmund nods and lets him know that he will be at Alan’s side as soon as he takes care of Michelle. Rick watches the two of them, unable to hear what they are talking about and jokes that the two make a lovely couple.

Sandy looks into Tammy’s eyes and lets her know that he appreciates the offer, but that he doesn’t think he should stay with her. He’s clearly still upset about seeing her with Jonathan. She refuses to take no for an answer and reminds him of when he took care of her. She tells him that she merely wants to do the same for him. She continues to pleas with him, and reminds him that they can still take things slow, but that they have to be with one another to make that happen. Slowly, Sandy warms up to the idea. He agrees to stay with her, and she heads off to make sure things are ready for his arrival the next day.

Once Tammy is out of the room Sandy picks up his phone and calls Fallon. He notifies his lawyer that Ava is in town and that he needs to take care of it.

Ava demands to know what is going on with Jonathan. He has the note he took from Fallon in his hand, and quickly puts it away. She tells him very forcefully that he has to keep Sandy away from Tammy. Jonathan looks confused and wonders why Ava is so hell bent on keeping the love birds apart. Looking nervous she tells him that she simply got the idea that perhaps Sandy was too good to be true, and she doesn’t want Tammy getting hurt. “I’ve been hurt before and I don’t want the same thing to happen to her.” She tells him. Jonathan accepts it, and wonders how he is supposed to keep Tammy and Sandy apart, especially when they love one another. Ava slyly suggests that perhaps Jonathan should focus his energy on finding out what it is that Sandy is hiding.

Danny tries explaining to the security guard what happened and even urges him to call the front desk. The guard obliges only to find out that no one at the desk ever called him. Danny realizes he was set up just in time to see Marina bust in with gun. “Hold it. Police.” She tells them.

Out of jail, Edmund comments to himself that it seems to be a perfect night for a drive. Sarcastically, he mentions that he’s headed out to ‘the cabin to see my good friend Michelle.’

At the cabin, Michelle talks to herself. She mentions that if she could have anything in the world that it would be Danny.

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