Guiding Light Update Tuesday 10/18/05


Written By Jennie
Pictures by Boo

At Company, Jonathan is on the phone trying to find out information about Sandy. He gives the operator a story about being an alumnus and trying to locate his roommate, Sandy. He is told about a privacy policy and after getting smart with the person on the other line, is hung up on. Ava comes in and tells him he has great phone manners and he asks her what she wants. As Jonathan looks through the mail, she says some dinner and asks if he has found anything out on Tammy’s boyfriend. Jonathan says that he isn’t her boyfriend but her safety net, at least in Tammy’s eyes but he knows different. He tells Ava that there is nothing safe about Sandy and someone needs to show Tammy that.

Fallon, Sandy’s lawyer, tells Sandy that he doesn’t know where the note came from or what it means. Sandy tells him that it is his job to find stuff like that out and protect him. Fallon says that he has done the best the can and Sandy says that it isn’t good enough and he needs to know how the note got there so can protect Tammy. He tells Fallon that there is a lot at stake.

Tammy sees Jonathan and Ava through the window at Company and remembers back to her promise that if Sandy was safe she would never see Jonathan again. She tells herself that a promise is a promise and looks at Sandy’s engagement ring.

Reva chases Billy down and asks him to wait a minute and talk with her. She tells him that if he doesn’t want to go to an AA meeting to do something else to blow off steam. He tells her that she couldn’t’ stop him if he wanted to go and get drunk and she admits that she does know that. She tells him to “tear her apart” and make fun of her or something since that normally makes him feel better. Billy asks if they are going to keep doing this and Reva says until she is sure that he is back on his feet, yes. She tells him that his life is falling apart right now; Bill is leaving, he hasn’t spoken to Mindy in a while, he and Josh are barely talking, and his love life is a mess. Billy points out that her love life isn’t great either and Reva says she doesn’t want to talk about that either. She laughs and tells him that he needs to face the fact that she is all he has. He admits she is right and they hug.

Olivia tells Bill that she is glad that he is home and when Bill interrupts, she says that she needs to finish. She tells him that she knows he is angry but that all they need to do is concentrate on them for a while and lock everyone else out. He asks where Emma is and she tells him sleeping. She starts to tell him that she wanted to wait up to see him and Bill tells her that he needed to be with his father for a while. Olivia asks how he is and Bill laughs at her and tells her that it is funny that she is acting like she cares since if she really did she never would have slipped him that drink. Olivia apologizes again and Bill says that she is always like that, sorry but not sorry enough to change. Olivia tries to tell him that she is so much better when she is with him but he stops her and tells her that he is leaving and walks off.

Tammy stops Sandy’s nurse and asks if she could do her a favor.

Sandy tells Fallon that he spent a long time building his life and he isn’t about to lose what he has. He tells Fallon to go before Tammy sees him.

Outside of Sandy’s room, Tammy says that she said she was going to fight for him so here goes round 1.

Olivia asks him if he is really leaving and she says that it was only a little mistake. Bill is incredulous and Olivia admits it was more than a little mistake but can’t believe that he is actually leaving over it. He tells her that he has to go to Venezuela for the job that she got him and Olivia says that he doesn’t have to go alone, that she and Emma can go with him. He tells her that he needs a break and she asks if he means a break from her. She reminds him that after Phillip was killed and he told her that they could beat anything as long as they were together. Olivia tells him that she put faith in him and he was right and now he is leaving. Bill tells her that he would fight anyone for her but that the one thing he can’t fight is her. Olivia asks if they are separating and Bill says for her to call it what she wants, but all he knows is that he can’t do this right now. She tells him that she and Emma need him and he says that he used to think they had everything but that now he has to get away. He tells her that it isn’t about her anymore but it is about business and this is what she wanted. She begs him to stay and tells him that if he doesn’t she may not be waiting for him when he gets back.

Reva and Billy go into Company and Reva orders them some Margaritas. As Billy tells her that he loves her for it, she tells the bartender to make them virgins. Reva says that there are a couple of things that they can’t do anymore but says she can live with that because she has learned a few things. They are toasting to themselves when Josh comes in and asks what the hell they are doing and accuses Reva of encouraging him to drink. Reva explains that there is no alcohol and Josh apologizes but says that he is just trying to help. Billy tells him that even if he were drinking he wouldn’t want his help.

Ava says that the letters are Sandy’s and Jonathan yells at her to mind her own business. Ava remarks that he is such a drag to be around when he is not happy and he takes it out on everyone else. Jonathan tells her he only takes it out on whoever is around. She tells him to just leave Sandy alone and just to get Tammy to admit that she loves him back, and leaves Jonathan sitting at the table. Jonathan goes through his mail and looks for something incriminating. Fallon comes into Company and gets a take out order and Jonathan overhears him and realizes that he is talking about Sandy and goes to follow him.

Sandy’s nurse wheels him to the roof that is decorated with candles. He says he doesn’t understand and Tammy says that she thinks he does. She puts the ring on the table and tells him that he knows what that is also.

Josh tells him that he is sorry that he jumped to the wrong conclusions but that he doesn’t think that Billy is going to get back on the wagon. Billy tells Josh that he doesn’t care what he thinks and when Reva tries to intercede Josh tells her that she isn’t’ the best person to be helping. Reva asks what he means and Josh tells her that she needs to help herself before helping others. Reva and Billy have a good laugh and tell Josh to start his “church” somewhere else. Josh points out that Bill is getting his life together and says that he is going to do a great job on the Venezuela project. He says he has to leave to go take him to the airport right now. Reva says that they should all go and when Josh objects, Reva says that he one thing that hasn’t changed is that they are all family and need to stick together.

Sandy asks Tammy where she got the ring from and she answers that he had it with him the night of the accident and asks if he was going to propose that night. He admits he was and she says that she was going to say yes. She tells him that she would have said yes and meant it and they would have been so happy if that night juts would have gone the way it was supposed to.

Fallon is on the phone outside of Sandy’s room and tells whomever he is talking to that he is sorry to be calling so late but that he needs a document dusted. He also says he needs an id on the prints. Sandy’s nurse tells him that he needs to turn his cell phone off and Fallon leaves to go make the call. Jonathan watches from around the corner.

Bill tells Olivia that she is still playing games, even at a moment like this. Olivia swears it is not a game and Bill says that it is very interesting that she gave him an ultimatum. Olivia says that she is just trying to save their marriage and that they can’t do it if they are apart. Bill asks if she thinks he will stay if she threatens him and she tells him she can’t understand why he can’t see she is trying to fight for them. She admits she made a mistake and asks him to be honest with her on how long he was waiting for her to screw up so that he could leave. Bill tells her not to turn the tables and make this all about her since that is how they got into this mess in the first place. He asks her how many times he told her that she was all he needed and she says that those were just words. He points out that he even adopted Emma and that should have proven to her that he meant what he said. He asks her why that wasn’t good enough for her and she says that it is, but Bill says that it wasn’t. He says that maybe it was his fault for trying to change her since there is something about her that is so needy and that it just won’t stop and that is what broke them up. He tells her again that he can’t do this as a knock sounds at the door. Olivia begs him not to get it but Bill does and it is Josh, Reva, and Billy to send Bill off. Olivia says that this is just a kick since they got what they wanted and took her husband away from her.

Tammy tells Sandy about the promise that she made. Sandy says that he always tried to make her feel safe and Tammy says that he didn’t’ have to try. She tells him that she knows they have to work to get past what happened with Jonathan but that she promises they can. She tells him that she wants to be his wife and hopes that he still wants it too. Sandy says that he does want it and he believes her when she says that she wants to get past Jonathan. When Tammy asks what is holding him back he remembers back to telling Fallon that he needs to take care of things so that he doesn’t face criminal charges. Tammy asks Sandy to tell her that they can get past this, she says that she knows she can but can he? She asks him if he can ask her to marry him like he was going to do before the accident and Sandy says that he wishes he could. Tammy tells him to look at her and he can do it. Jonathan watches all of this from a corner of the rooftop.

Olivia yells that they need to get this party started since they are all getting what they wanted. Bill tries to get her to stop but she keeps going saying that they never wanted them together and wanted them to break up. She says that Reva has always held a grudge since what happened with her and Josh and Reva admits it. Josh wonders what is going on and when Reva says that Bill is leaving town says that Bill can fly back and forth whenever he wants. Reva points out that maybe he won’t want to. Bill thanks Josh for the offer for the ride but says that he is just going to take a cab so he can talk with Olivia. He tells Billy that he will call him later and they leave. Josh wonders what is going on and Reva says that she thinks it was Bill and Olivia splitting up. Josh says that he thought that they were fine and Reva says that things like this just happen. Billy says that it is a good question. Josh says he is going to get a bite to eat and if anyone wants to join him, he is buying. Billy says that he and Reva have plans and they leave Josh alone in the hall.

Olivia says that Bill has to admit that they enjoyed it since they wanted them apart from the beginning. Bill tells her not to do this since no one could have split them up except for Olivia’s insecurity. He says that Olivia always had someone else that she was putting in their way and in the end, there just wasn’t any room left over for him. Olivia tells him not to but then admits he is right. Emma comes out of her room yelling “Daddy”.

Tammy says that she knows that he loves her and Sandy says that it was no big secret. He tells her that he does still love her and that she is his home. He goes on that he knows that he can protect her and save hr from anything. She asks if that means it is a yes when Sandy’s phone rings. She tells him not to answer it but he says he has been waiting for this call. Fallon starts to tell him that the nurse who gave him the note wasn’t the same one who it was given to so he is trying to track down who left it. He is starting to tell Sandy more when Jonathan takes his phone away from him and hangs it up. Fallon asks if he knows Jonathan and Jon says no but that they have an old friend in common.

Tammy tells Sandy to call him back and Sandy says that he never should have answered it in the first place. Tammy says that she still doesn’t know what he is thinking since he hasn’t answered her question or asked her to marry him yet. He tells her that he will soon and says that just like she is asking him to trust her, he needs her to trust him. Tammy asks when and Sandy says soon and tells her that he will hold onto the ring until that point. Tammy asks if she can ask him a question and when Sandy says sure she asks if Jonathan is still what is holding him back. Sandy’s nurse comes at that point in time and asks her to take him back to his room.

Jonathan says that he knows where he knows him from since he used to come and visit Sandy in Switzerland at boarding school. Fallon tries to leave and Jonathan grabs him and tells him he better answer his questions or else Fallon will need the doctors and nurses at the hospital.

Sandy calls Fallon back and tells him that he needs to know what he knows about that note.

Jonathan asks again how Fallon knows Sandy and Fallon admits that he is a son of a friend. Jonathan threatens to bite his face if he doesn’t tell him and Fallon admits that some stuff he is required to keep confidential. He admits that he is Sandy’s lawyer and Jonathan wonders why he needs a lawyer. Fallon tells him that it is because he is the executor of his parent’s estate and he is in charge of Sandy’s money. Jonathan wonders what the big deal is since Sandy having money doesn’t mean much and asks what else is going on. Fallon says that that is all he is at liberty to say. Fallon escapes and takes off as Tammy comes outside. He notices that she has no ring on and when she says no asks her if that is not what she wanted. Tammy escapes from him and goes into the hospital and Jonathan finds the note, which Fallon dropped.

Bill picks up Emma and calls her his princess. Olivia asks why she is awake and Bill says that he is glad so that he can give her kisses and hugs. He tells her that he has to take a trip but that he is going to miss her and send her presents. Olivia tries not to show that she is upset and tells Emma that they will do girly things till Daddy comes home. Emma tells Bill that she will miss him and he says he will miss her too and Emma goes back to bed. Bill thanks Olivia for making saying goodbye to Emma easier. Olivia says that Bill promised to call Emma every day and Bill says that he will. She asks if they will take when he calls and he says that they will have to see. He tells her that she knows how to reach him and Bill says that is everything. She says not everything and tells Bill that she loves him, he admits that he loves her too and says that they will have something special when he gets back. She tells him that he will miss her and things will be great for them. They kiss goodbye and Bill grabs his bags and leaves. Olivia breaks down after he goes.

Reva pulls Billy to the roof and tells him that she feels like getting high, up so she can see the stars. She wonders if they will see Bill’s plane flying by and remembers when they used to do this when Josh was away at college. Billy says that it is nice to know that some things don’t change. She puts her head on Billy’s shoulders and they look at the stars together.

Josh knocks on Olivia’s door and says that he is looking for Bill. She tells him that he is already gone and Josh realizes that he is by seeing her crying. Josh says that he is sorry and Olivia tells him to join the club. Josh goes to leave and Olivia asks if he can stay with her just for a little while.

Billy and Reva look at the stars and Billy admits that he misses him already. Reva admits that there is a lot of that going around.

At the airport, Bill looks at his ticket and says out loud that he promises Emma he will be back really. He promises his dad that he will make this work for him and promises Olivia that he will be back since it is home and you can’t stay away from home forever. He gets on the plane to Venezuela.

Josh asks if she is sure she wants company and Olivia says that she knows she doesn’t have a right to ask but with Bill gone and Emma asleep, she just would like some company. She says that they can watch a game or order pizza or anything. Josh says that a game sounds good and pizza sounds even better and comes inside. Olivia looks at the picture of her and Bill.

Sandy looks at the ring as Tammy comes in to say goodnight. He smiles and says good night and hugs and kisses her goodbye. She tells him to dream about her and he tells her that he always does. She tells him she will see him there then and leaves.

Jonathan looks at the note and wonders who found Sandy and who is looking for him.

A woman says Hello and Sandy tells Tammy he thought she was leaving. It is Ava though, and she says that she isn’t Tammy. He asks how she found him and she says that when you want something bad enough you find away. She asks him if he honestly thought that he could hide from her forever.

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