Guiding Light Update Monday 10/17/05


Written By Elizabeth 
Pictures by Boo

Danny tells Cassie and Richard that he is sorry but that no one is leaving the hospital until they do a DNA test on him and can compare it to the baby’s. Marina says that Jeffrey can rush the tests but Danny says he wants an objective party to do them. Cassie again says that she has no food for Hope at the hospital and she needs to be fed. Danny says that they will find formula for her but that they are going to stay there until they determine if the baby is Danny’s or not. Cassie asks why Danny won’t let her hold Hope and Marina convinces him to at least let her hold the baby. She gives the baby to Cassie and Cassie comforts Hope saying, “mommy has her”. Marina has to excuse herself when her cell phone rings and Danny says that he is sorry but that she knows it is possible that the baby is his. Cassie tells him that she isn’t his, that she can’t be.

Michelle wonders why her rent-a-car isn’t’ available yet and the clerk tells her that it will be just a while for them to find it. Bill comes into the airport with Lewis’ new client and assures him that Lewis oil is still dedicated to the project although Billy is no longer working on it. The client is unsure and Bill explains that Billy’s reassignment was due to unforeseen circumstances but that they will still take good care of them. Their client says that they will have to and Bill tells him that someone will be coming to Venezuela to work with them in a couple of days. The client asks if it will be him and Bill says that it will either be him or someone who is just as enthusiastic as he is about the project. He sees them off and then spots Michelle and wonders what she is doing there. Michelle says that she is waiting for her rent a car but wonders what Bill is doing there and if she heard right that, he may be going to Venezuela. Bill says that he doesn’t know yet, he was just trying to get the client on the plane, but says that the way things are going right now he just may do it. Michelle says that Olivia must have mellowed out to follow him there. Bill tells her that Olivia has not mellowed out but that he never said she was going with him.

At Company, Olivia throws her purse onto the counter as Buzz comes in and asks what is wrong. She says that she is there looking for Bill and Buzz jokes that he hopes he isn’t eating somewhere else. He tells Olivia that he is her husband and just to call him but Olivia says that he probably wouldn’t’ take the call. Buzz asks what is up and she says that she did what she always does and went too far.

Reva finds Billy at the hospital and Billy asks her if Sandy took a turn for the worse. Reva says that no he is sleeping and Billy says that is what he was doing until she called him and woke him up. He asks what is up and she tells him that there is an AA meeting that starts in a little while that she thought he might want to go to. Billy tells her that she thought wrong and walks away.

Cassie tells Danny that she has to take her little girl home. Danny tells her that she isn’t her mother and she tells him not to say that since she is the only parent she has ever known. She says that making Hope feel safe and secure is the most important thing right now, unless Danny thinks that anyone else, Cassie, himself, or Michelle is more important. Danny says that isn’t what he means and Cassie asks him to let her take Hope home then and feed her before she gets upset. Jeffrey tells Danny to be patient since the DNA test will take some time and Danny tells him not to tell him to be patient. Jeffrey tells Danny that Cassie will do the right thing if it turns out to be Michelle’s baby and Danny tells Cassie that Jeffrey isn’t the one he doesn’t trust. He tells Cassie to go home and they leave with the baby. Marina comes back and Danny tells her he is going to find a Lab tech so that he can have the test done and Marina tells him he doesn’t have to. Danny wonders why and she tells him that that is what her phone call was about. The Police Department still has his DNA on record from his trial so they are going to run the test right away. She tells Danny that he will know if he is Hope’s father by the end of the day as Jeffrey comforts Danny and the baby outside of the hospital.

Buzz tells Olivia that she doesn’t have to tell him what she did and she tells him that she just wanted to help Bill and since someone was standing in her way, she reacted. Buzz makes a joke about her slicing them down and cutting them into pieces and she asks if he has been talking to her therapist. Buzz says that her overacting shouldn’t’ have been that bad since there is nothing wrong with aiming high and she tells him to talk to Bill. Buzz tells her that he doesn’t know what she did but that Bill can’t fault her for being herself. He compares her to a sleek, sexy sportscar and Olivia asks him if it is a slow day since he is giving her wine and flattering her. Buzz jokes that she scared them away with her mood and she jokes back that is was probably the food. Olivia says that it is really her and Buzz tells her to give him some time since he loves her and will come around. Olivia asks if she can get that in writing.

Billy tells Reva that if she wants him to go to an AA meeting that she needs to ask him up front so that he can say no. Reva tells him he needs the AA meeting and many more like it and he tells her to stop the mother henning. She tells him that she isn’t doing this for him but for Bill and asks Billy if he remembers about Bill, who is worried sick about him, or if he just doesn’t care about him.

Michelle tells Bill that Billy won’t continue to drink since he knows it was a mistake. Bill points out that once you start you can’t stop. He tells her that he knows the hell he went through to get himself sober and that Olivia didn’t care when she chose to play her insecure games just to get him a job. He says that he may just give her what she wants and take the job and leave for Venezuela. Michelle asks if he would take it that far and Bill says that maybe, although he would miss Emma and even Olivia, he may do it. He then says that he doesn’t know if he could leave his father in the state he is in. He asks Michelle that since she knows him better than anyone to make the decision for him and she laughs saying that she runs from her own problems. He says that she came back and she explains that it was only to drop Robbie off and that she is leaving again. Bill says that he hopes once she has time to think it will bring her back to Springfield and she says she doubts it since she lost any chance with Danny when she lost the baby, since she still thinks it could have been his. They say at least they have each other and Michelle says that she is going to check on her car before they get too sappy. Bill tells her to think about not skipping town and she says that it isn’t going to happen.

Danny looks through the mail and Marina asks if there is anything important. Danny says no but flashes back to Michelle saying that if the baby had lived and had been his, she would have stayed and fought for him. Marina asks him if he is okay and he says yes, just that he hates that she keeps getting in the middle of the drama of his life. She says that she is where she wants to be and he says that she deserves better. She says that she knew there were risks and he asks her why she is so calm about all of this. Marina asks if it would help if she flipped out and he tells her that she is right. Danny checks for a message again but tells himself that they said that they would call when they found something out. Marina assures him that it won’t be long.

Jeffrey tells Cassie that the problem is that she needs Hope to be her daughter. Cassie asks why it is a problem to want the life that she has been waiting for the past 9 months. She asks why it is a problem that she wants to see her grow up. Jeffrey tells her not to do this to herself and Cassie asks if she shouldn’t’ want what ever other mother wants. Jeffrey tells her that he would never ask her to give up her dreams and Cassie tells her that she needs things like Christmas’ and Birthdays and everything that comes with raising Hope. She leaves to change her diaper and Jeffrey puts in a call to someone saying that he needs a favor that can’t wait.

Outside of Company, Billy tells Reva that Bill is a big boy and can take care of himself. Reva asks him if he is hearing himself and claims that he is in denial and that is one more sign that he is an alcoholic. She tells him that she had to kick Bill out the door because he was so worried and the only reason that he left was because she promised to take care of him. She tells him that Bill has many other things to worry about like taking care of Emma and handling Olivia. He agrees with her on that point and she begs him to make things easier by getting help before it is too late. She asks if he will do that or just become a burden on the people who love him the most. He tells her to watch herself and she tells him that she knows what she is going to do and asks him if he knows the same. Bill comes up at this moment and asks what is going on. Billy says nothing since he has somewhere else he has to be and then says he is going to go to the AA meeting. He asks Bill if he will walk him across to the meeting and Bill says not a problem. He tanks Reva and leaves with his dad.

Olivia sees Bill from the window and runs outside to catch him. Reva stops her and tells her that she isn’t needed where he is going. Olivia tells her that she isn’t going to keep her from being with him and Reva says to watch her.

Cassie comes out and says that Hope is down for a nap, she finds Jeffrey with a woman named Candy who is holding a big box. Candy leaves and Jeffrey tells her that Candy did him a big favor and since Cassie wanted normal things for kids, there is nothing more normal than a party. He opens the box to reveal party supplies and Cassie says that she isn’t in the mood for a party. Jeffrey calls her a party pooper and says that the party isn’t for her but for Hope. He tells her that it is a birthday, Christmas, new years party all rolled into one for her and threatens that the great Jeffardo will make an appearance if she isn’t careful. He asks her what she thinks and she tells him that she thinks she loves him and kisses him.

Michelle starts to make a call on the cell phone as Danny runs up behind her. She asks how he knew and he says that Bill told him. He tells her not to be mad at him and she says that she is because he always thinks that he knows what is best for her. Danny asks if she wasn’t going to get in touch with her and she says that she was just passing through. She says she has to keep moving and thinking and tells him that nothing makes sense if she has to give him up. He tells her not to and when Michelle asks what he is talking about he tells her that he broke every speed limit to get there to stop her from leaving again. She asks about Marina and he says that everything has changed; yet, nothing has changed. The clerk telling her that they located her car and she is ready to go wherever she is going brings Michelle out of her daydream.

A song about a last goodbye starts to play in the background as the camera shows Marina and Danny beginning to make love, Cassie and Richard partying with Hope. The phone starts to ring and interrupts Danny and Marina. Danny gets the results and he verifys that they are conclusive.

Olivia asks Reva what she is going to do to keep her from her husband. Olivia starts to leave again and Reva tells her to leave him alone since he is with his father for a while and they need time together. She reminds her that Billy started drinking again but then says that she knows that but maybe she just doesn’t care because it furthered Bill’s career. Olivia resents that remark and Reva notices that she touched a nerve. Olivia tells Reva not to get in-between her and Bill or she will be sorry. Reva tells her to remind her to be afraid next time and Olivia storms off saying that she will find them herself.

Bill is telling Billy that he can’t believe that he missed the meeting. Billy says that there will be another one and Bill says he wanted him to go to this one to get back on track. Billy tells him that he isn’t his sponsor and that it isn’t his job to get Billy back on the wagon. Bill says that he isn’t going to let one night after 13 years of sobriety ruin it all for him even if it wasn’t his fault. Billy says that it was his fault since he drank the alcohol and then kept ordering drinks. Billy says that he wants to talk about the Venezuelan project and Bill admits he was thinking about going there to take care of the project. Billy thinks it is a great idea and Bill says that he can’t go now, Bill asks if it is because of Olivia and when Bill says she isn’t who he is thinking about Billy tells him that this is his opportunity and he needs to take it. Bill says that it should have been his project and Billy says that he blew the chance so that Bill should take it now. He tells Bill that he would hate if he was the reason that he didn’t make his mark on the world and he asks Bill if he trusts him enough to get on with his own life.

Cassie and Jeffrey have silly party hats on and Cassie thanks him for the party since she really needed it. Jeffrey says that the celebration is not over and once Hope wakes up they can go to the zoo. Cassie says that she can’t believe how positive and paternal he is being. Jeffrey says that they inspire him and he and Cassie start to kiss as Danny and Marina knock on the door. Jeffrey answers it and Danny says that he has the test results. Danny says he hasn’t opened them yet since he thought it was something that they should do together.

Cassie wonders how they got the tests back so fast and Danny explains that his DNA was on file already. Danny says that he could have opened them and called but he thought that this was the best way to do it. Cassie says that there is no good way to do this and Danny agrees but thought that they should find out the truth together. Cassie says to open the test since she already knows the truth and she wants to get them over with so she can go back to being a mom. Jeffrey opens the test results and finds that Danny and Hope share 25 of 25 markers meaning that there is no doubt that he is Hope’s father. Marina is shocked and Danny tells Cassie that Hope is his daughter. Cassie begs Danny not to take Hope away from her tonight.

Olivia comes to their apartment looking for Bill. She looks in the mirror and tells herself to get it together. Picking up a picture of the two of them she wipes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

Bill says that he is sure that Reva will do everything she can to keep Billy in the program and he assures Bill that Reva will keep him in line. Bill agrees to go and Billy celebrates. Billy says that he will do a better job than he would and Bill says that he will just think of what Billy would do. Billy also says that since Olivia will be down there she will put in her two cents. Bill avoids that subject and Billy tells him that it will be a whole new world for him. Bill wants to make sure that Billy will be okay and Billy assures him he will be. Billy starts looking around and when Bill asks what he is looking for he jokes that he is looking for some alcohol to celebrate with. Bill says not to joke about that but Billy says if he can’t joke at this stage then he is dead. They say that they will miss each other and Billy says he is going to go and find another meeting. They hug and Billy leaves the hospital. Reva comes in and asks where Billy is and Bill tells her that he went to track down a meeting. Reva says that is good for everyone and says that although this has been awful for so many people it worked out well for Olivia. Bill tells her not to worry about Olivia and Reva says she will if she finds out that he is behind Billy drinking again. Bill says that she won’t be too happy since he is leaving for Venezuela. Reva wonders for how long and Bill says he doesn’t know but asks Reva to take care of his dad. She hugs him and he tells her goodbye.

Billy comes back and Reva wonders why since he was supposed to be looking for a meeting. Billy says that is just what he told Bill to get him to go. He says he needs time and says he told Bill what he needed to hear. Reva tells him that it isn’t the point and Billy lies back that it is the point. He says that he can wake up the next day and give up booze if he has to. Reva wants to know what he means “if he has too” and deducts that Billy has no plan to get sober. She says he needs the kind of strong support that the meetings get and Billy says he knows what he needs that is strong and leaves.

Bill comes home and finds Olivia. She tells him she wants to work on their marriage and get back to where they were and Bill asks where were they. Olivia says that she knows that he is mad at her but that they can work on it and do anything as long as they are together. She hugs Bill and he looks over her shoulder.

Cassie says that it must be a mistake and that although she saw a lot of numbers on the paper she doesn’t know what they mean. Danny says that it means that Marina was right, that Edmund drugged Michelle and stole her baby and gave it to Cassie. Cassie starts to back away from Danny saying that Hope needs to finish eating and she sometimes won’t eat when there are too many people around and she is over stimulated. Danny tells Cassie he hates what he is doing but she says then why is he taking her away from the only mother she ever knew. Danny says that Hope can not stay there and Jeffrey asks if she can stay just for now since he is going to have to find Michelle anyway. Danny agrees just until he finds Michelle and he and Marina leave. Cassie breaks down and Jeffrey comforts her. Outside Marina tells Danny that what he just did was amazing. Danny says he has to go and find Michelle and Marina agrees although it hurts her. Marina says that she has to tell her and she will be so happy and Danny takes her hand.

Michelle opens the door to a building and asks herself how she is going to do this.

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