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Ice cream truck:

Harley and Gus make out on the floor of the truck and talk about fantasies. Harley fantasizes about being free and being with him forever. Gus promises that he will make that fantasy come true. Just as they are really getting into the making out, a bell starts ringing. They try to ignore it, but it is pretty annoying. Finally, Gus goes to the window while Harley hides. The paper boy is there on his bicycle wanting his regular ice cream bar. Gus tells him that they are closed, but the kid doesn’t care. Harley sneaks the ice cream to Gus and Gus gives it to the kid. In payment, he hands Gus a newspaper telling him that is how he always pays. Gus sees that the headline announces that an anonymous bounty has been placed on Harley’s head. Without showing Harley the paper, he quickly tells her that they need to get on the move and get to New York. Harley convinces him that he should start looking for Phillip’s murderer at the Spaulding Mansion where he received the letters instead of starting in New York where they came from. He tells her that he is going to the Spaulding mansion to get the security tapes so they can see who has been leaving these letters. Harley offers to go to Harley’s Angels office to get a DVD player. Gus very firmly tells her to stay put and he will be back shortly. As soon as he leaves, Harley grabs a hat and takes off too.

Spaulding mansion attic:

Alan calls to check if there have been any bites on the bounty he offered. He is pleased with the answer and tells the person to call him when they get close. He then goes into his private room and opens the desk. When he sees the bloody gloves again, he remembers the night he shot Phillip. He decides that it isn’t safe to keep the gloves in his own home anymore and puts them in a briefcase. Just as he is leaving the room, he gets a phone call. The caller tells him something that is very upsetting to him. This can’t be happening right now, not tonight. He sets the briefcase down and takes off.

The park:

Frank finds Danny and tells him that he wants to talk to him about his daughter. He tells Danny that Harley used to bring his stuff here when she was mad at him and bury his stuff. Then she would put little rocks around it so she could find it later and bring his stuff back to him when she wasn’t mad anymore. The problem was that she could never find her way back. Danny tells him that Harley will find her way back this time. Frank knows that is true because he is going to find her. That is the point he is trying to make. He is going to be so busy finding Harley, that he won’t have the patience or the strength to keep Danny away from Marina, so he will just have to trust Danny with Marina. Danny is surprised that Frank isn’t telling him to stay away from Marina. He admits that Marina means a lot to him and he will tell her that as soon as she allows him to get within five feet of her. Frank asks if they aren’t speaking. Danny explains that Marina thinks that he needs time to work out his thoughts about Michelle. He doesn’t like it, but he is going along with it. Frank tells him not to let Marina down, and takes off. Danny daydreams that Marina comes to him and tells him that she wants to be with him.

Elizabeth & Company:

Lizzie sets at a table with Roxie writing a note. Only one other customer is in the place. Marina comments to Coop that the place is really busy.

She tells him that it will be great while Lizzie is gone. Coop is surprised that Lizzie is turning the restaurant back over to them while she is gone. Lizzie finishes the letter, after deciding how to sign it, and places it under her plate. She then walks over to Marina and Coop and announces that she is done and he should clean up her plate. She tells them that her plans have changed and she will be leaving for Switzerland tonight. Coop is upset to hear this and goes to clean her table, telling her to say hello to the cuckoo clocks for him. Lizzie tells Marina that she will see her around Thanksgiving and heads out. Marina gets a call from Danny. She is happy to hear from him, but still plays it cool and quickly gets off the phone with him. She finds Coop still sitting at Lizzie’s table and asks if he is taking a break. He shows her Lizzie’s letter. Marina starts to make fun of the letter and comments on the strange way she signed it. When Coop gets a little short with her, she realizes that he really does like Lizzie and will miss her. She encourages him to go out there and catch Lizzie and tell her how he feels. Coop thinks it is too late for that, but Marina convinces him that he should act on his feelings before she leaves and he looses his chance forever. She admits that she wishes she could be with Danny and not wasting time, but she really believes that Danny needs his space right now. Coop is finally convinced to go after Lizzie. Marina daydreams that Danny comes in and takes her serving tray from her, telling her that her shift is over before he kisses her. Frank sees that she is about to drop her tray and takes it from her, yanking her out of her daydream. She gets back to work as the restaurant has gotten busy now. She comes out of the kitchen with another tray full of plates to find Danny standing there. He takes the tray from her. She pinches him to make sure it really is him and she isn’t daydreaming again. She admits that she has missed him. Danny is pleased to hear that because he misses her too. She tells him that she can’t talk right now though, as she is really busy. Danny can see that and tells her that he will call her later. She agrees that she would like that. Danny takes off as Marina goes to Frank and asks him to go outside and find Coop. Things have really picked up and the restaurant is getting very busy. She needs Coop’s help. Frank takes off to find Coop.

Outside Elizabeth & Company:

Beth finds Lizzie and shows her the brochures of the places they are going to be visiting. She is very excited about this trip and plans on doing a lot of shopping. Lizzie still isn’t very enthused but Beth promises that they will have a good time. Lizzie half-heartedly agrees with her. Alan comes up to them yelling that they are not going anywhere. Lizzie and Beth are both taken by surprise at the way Alan is acting. He goes on and on about not wanting to loose all of his family. Beth tells him that she is going on this trip and she is taking Lizzie and James with her. Alan refuses to let them go and won’t listen to anything Beth or Lizzie tries to say. When Beth tells him that she has already asked the maid to start packing some of the things from the attic, Alan quickly tells them that he has to get back to the house for now, but they will talk about this later. He rushes off. He has to get back to the attic before the maid finds his secret room. Beth and Lizzie both comment on Alan’s strange behavior. Beth tells Lizzie not to worry about anything, they are still going on the trip. She is going to go and talk to Alan and nothing is going to change their plans. Beth takes off to find Alan. Lizzie talks to Roxy and tells her that maybe Roxy will find a new love in Switzerland. Coop comes out looking for her.

He asks her why she signed the letter to him ‘your employer’. Lizzie tells him she didn’t know how to sign it because she doesn’t know what she is to him. Coop tells her that she is obnoxious. Lizzie tells him that she will just not sign any postcard that she sends him and that should fix the problem. The two of them start to bicker back and forth when the paperboy rides by and throws the paper, hitting Coop. He yells after the boy before picking up the paper. When he sees the headlines announcing the bounty on Harley, he tells Lizzie that her grandfather has just killed his sister. Lizzie gets defensive about him jumping to conclusions that it is Alan that is offering the money. The two begin to argue again, with Lizzie telling him that she just won’t send him a postcard at all before she storms off. Coop puts the paper on the table so that he can read the story. Frank comes out looking for him. He tells Coop that they need his help in the restaurant. When Coop doesn’t really pay attention to him, Frank assumes that he is distracted because of Lizzie leaving town. Frank is shocked beyond words when Coop shoves the paper at him so that he can see the headlines.

Harley’s Angels:

Harley finds the key that they always hid outside and lets herself into her old office. She sits at her desk and goes through her old day planner remembering making the notes about taking Zack to the dentist and play dates. It seems like another lifetime to her. She pulls back from the memories and starts to gather the DVD player and the fake IDs she is there to pick up. She quickly gathers all that she is there to get and starts to head out when a security guard stops her.

He is holding her at gunpoint. He is very young and inexperienced. Lucky for Harley, he doesn’t recognize her and asks her for ID. She quickly hands him one of the business cards from her pocket. When the guard reads that the card belongs to an Alexandra Spaulding, Harley goes with that and claims to be Alex. The guard admits that he has never seen any of the Spauldings because he is new to town, but he has heard a lot about them. He knows they are very rich and he wonders why she would be here stealing things from the office. Harley tells him that she isn’t stealing anything, some of these things have been donated to an auction she is holding for the PTA. She tells him that she is sure that he aspires to be a police officer and since she is very good friends with Frank, he wouldn’t want to mess up his chances. The guard finally relaxes and believes her. He offers to help her carry the things outside to wait on her driver that will be there soon to pick her up. Once he carries the things out, Harley puts her sunglasses and hat back on and starts to take off. She runs right into Lizzie. Harley is too shocked to move as Lizzie takes her glasses off and is just as shocked to be face to face with Harley.

Spaulding mansion attic:

Alan comes back to his secret room to find Gus there. Alan is very happy to see that Gus is home and not out trying to protect Harley. Gus has seen the briefcase and thinks that the money he is offering for Harley’s bounty is in the suitcase. After a bit of playing word games with Alan, he tells his father that he knows exactly what is in the case and what it is for. Alan is a bit stunned, but surprises Gus when he admits to being the one that offered the bounty. The two argue loudly with Gus demanding that his father call the bounty hunters off. Gus tells him that he doesn’t really care about his family, he just wants to control them. He controls them so much that he is losing all of them. Alan sees the gun that he used to kill Phillip.

He grabs the gun and holds it behind his back, listening to the things that Gus is saying. Gus tells him that he is not giving up on Harley because he doesn’t want to live his life without love. Alan tells him that he may not get that chance. Gus picks up the briefcase and tells his father that he is taking the money that Alan was going to use to pay the bounty. In fact, since it feels so light, Gus wonders if they are all big bills. He decides to open the briefcase and see for himself just how much Alan is willing to pay to have Harley killed. When he starts to open the case, Alan screams at him not to do that.

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