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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

In the hotel room, Edmund rocks Will to sleep as Cassie watches the two of them together. She mentions how she doesn’t understand how she will ever be able to say goodbye to her son. Looking up at Edmund, she wonders what she would do without him by her side. He lets her know that she will never have to find out. There’s a knock at the door and they both assume its Alonzo. Edmund takes Will into the bedroom while Cassie answers the door. She is shocked to see Jeffery who has come to say goodbye. Edmund returns from the bedroom, not seeing Jeffery’s leave as a problem. His wife on the hand looks crushed. Jeffery proposes that he and Cassie talk for a bit and Edmund offer to leave, so that they can have some privacy. Jeffery immediately comments on how there isn’t room for him in her life.

Edmund stares off into space while standing in the hall alone. Dinah notices him, making sure he is ok. She brings up the fact that Jeffery is soon returning to Springfield. He tells her that this is something he knows, and that he is finally close to his wife. She gives him a strange look and reminds him that the only reason they are getting closer is because of his lies.

Cassie lets Jeffery know that she doesn’t know how to thank him. He looks at her strangely, reminding her that he wasn’t able to keep her with her child. She thanks him for being able to help her & Alonzo find a way to deal with one another amicably. She goes on to thank him for coming down to Springfield to help her, even when she confessed to him that she was thinking of running away. “I didn’t want to lose you then, and I still don’t.” He confesses.

At Elizabeth & Company, Olivia holds Bill’s hand while she stares into his eyes. She tells him how she is glad to have everything out in the open and she seems downright giddy. The conversation turns to Gus & Harley and she mentions how she truly hopes that they are ok. He looks surprised, but happy with his wife’s new mood. They kiss one another as Frank watches them through the window.

Outside, Frank makes a phone call to Smitty, one of his men. He lets him know that they have to find Harley before the feds do. When asked who he thinks killed Phillip, Frank looks back inside at Olivia. He tells Smitty that he has a few ideas of who it might be.

Gus and Harley are in the park alone and begin to discuss going to New York. They want to find out who their informant is. She wonders if perhaps it is all a ruse, to get them trapped. He shrugs, reminding her that they don’t have many options right about now. Gus then hands her a bag of clothes packed by Alexandra for her. For lack of any other options, she decides to change in front of him. He looks nervous and turns away slightly. Gus mentions that if he sees her naked that they won’t ever make it to New York and the two laugh. Harley finishes getting dressed and they discuss how they’re going to get to the big apple. All public transportation is out as well as their own vehicles, they don’t have many options. He suggests that perhaps they steal a car and she vehemently opposes that idea. Not knowing what to do, they both mention their hunger as they hear the sounds of an ice cream truck. Their faces light up and Gus heads off to get them some food. He kisses her before taking off, letting her know that everything will be ok.

Olivia suggests that they take some time away together to relax. They kiss as he lets her know that he doesn’t want anymore secrets. “If there’s a problem, you have to tell me.” He informs her. He goes on to tell her that he wants her to move back home. She agrees, glad that there is finally some trust between the two of them. They kiss once more as Frank comes in. He goes over to their table and sarcastically tells them that he hopes they are happy – while they can be.

Jeffery hands Cassie a drawing that Will had done and mentions that he saw the kid leave it lying around. He thought she might appreciate it. Cassie is truly touched and thanks him. Jeffery begins talking once more about not wanting to lose her. He mentions that in his opinion he already has lost her to Edmund and goes on to let her know that in his opinion she is making a mistake. He does clarify that it is most definitely her mistake to make. He gets ready to leave and she looks unsure of whether or not she wants to stop him.

Edmund doesn’t want to face the fact that he may have had a part in Cassie losing her son. He refuses to believe that he could have prevented Alonzo from taking his son. Dinah shrugs, wondering why he even bothered to help then. He’s very calm as he reasons with her. She still doesn’t buy his story, wondering if he truly grasps the enormity of the situation. He lets her know that he doesn’t appreciate what she is saying, and that despite what happens Cassie will never be able to forget the past. That is something he realizes. Dinah looks at him and reminds him that she doesn’t care what has happened in the past; Cassie will never be able to say that. “Edmund, you cannot keep denying who you are.” She reminds him. He doesn’t want to hear it and mentions that perhaps he is more than the mistakes he has made. She doesn’t want to hear it and pushes him, reminding him that one of his mistakes cost Cassie her youngest son. Cassie comes out into the hallway surprised to see him. He looks worried, unsure of what she has overheard. Obviously she didn’t hear anything and wonders if he took his walk. He smiles, letting her know that he ran into Dinah on the way out. Dinah mentions that she & Edmund felt the baby kick. Cassie looks stunned and not particularly happy. She is obviously upset and heads back inside to check on Will. Jeffery has made his way outside and comments to Dinah that she couldn’t have picked a better time to be mean to Cassie. She looks lost and lets him know that she wasn’t trying to make things worse, more trying to lift her mood. Jeffery’s mad and doesn’t buy her story one bit. Edmund interrupts the two of them, wondering when Jeffery’s plane leaves and offering to escort Dinah back to her room. Jeffery mentions that perhaps Dinah should return to Springfield with him in order to give Cassie & Edmund some time alone. Edmund looks shocked but agrees, thinking it is a good idea. Dinah looks upset that Edmund would so willingly send her away. AS she and Jeffery leave, she tells him that he has ruined everything.

Bill tries to reason with Frank, telling him that Olivia had nothing to do with Phillip’s murder. He doesn’t want to hear it and informs them both that the evidence & Gus both disagree. Olivia butts into the argument attempting to convince Frank that Gus no longer believes she is the innocent one. He doesn’t believe her, but has no way to verify what she is saying. He becomes mad when Bill mentions the fact that Harley is finally free. Frank reminds him that every second his sister is a free woman is one more second that she is a marked woman. Frank warns them one last time that they are no longer dealing with the police chief, but with Harley’s brother. Olivia becomes worried and Bill urges her not to freak out. He pays the bill and tells her that she needs to come with him right away. The two leave with one another.

Gus knocks on the door of the ice cream truck to get the vendor’s attention. He’s a young kid, listening to music through headphone. Gus orders his ice cream and he has to head to one of the back coolers to look for one of the things he ordered. While Gus is waiting, Harley comes up next to the truck. She’s in a good mood and playful nags him about ordering her the right thing. He shushes her, and demands that she get back into hiding. As they are talking a cop shows up at the ice cream stand. As Harley begins to walk away he stops her, claiming to know who she is. Nervously she turns around, wondering what he is talking about. She clearly thinks she has been caught. He tells her with a smile on his face that she’s the person who ordered that last one of his favorite ice cream. She immediately offers it to him, and mentions that out of respect for a police officer that she wants him to have it. He offers to buy her something else, but she & Gus quickly leave.

Olivia and Bill walk into an empty hotel room and she jokes about having a bigger bed at home. He reminds her that he wanted to talk to her without being interrupted more than anything else. Again he reminds her that they are in the relationship together and that he will be there for her. She smiles, letting him know that she believes him and doesn’t need any more convincing. She gets serious for a moment letting him know that she’s never had anyone that she could trust before, so that it might take some time. “I feel like there’s a whole world opening up for me. A world where anything is possible.” She tells him. He tells her that if anything is possible that he would like her to leave her job at Spaulding. She looks surprised.

Dinah whispers to Jeffery that if they head back to Springfield that Cassie & Edmund will only grow closer. “Wake up, Dinah” He tells her. “They are together and nothing is going to change that.” She doesn’t accept this, commenting that Cassie isn’t worthy of Edmund or his love. He laughs at her and lets her know that it is Edmund who doesn’t deserve Cassie. They leave together as he warns her that regardless of what she thinks she won’t be able to do anything about it tonight.

Edmund offers to try and get Cassie another day with her son and she refuses, letting him know that she will never be ok with having to give him up. Will comes out from his nap and Cassie sits down to talk with him. She reassures him that although he will be living with his father that she and his family will be down to visit often. Edmund helps out, telling him that they will even get RJ to make video tapes to send to his brother. Alonzo knocks on the door and Edmund answers it. He walks in, wondering if everything is set. He plays with his son for a little bit before deciding to leave.

Cassie kisses her son goodbye and begins to cry as Will & Alonzo leave. Edmund comforts her as she sobs. He too, looks like he is near tears.

Gus and Harley can’t believe how lucky they were. Harley finally agrees with him that they have to get out of town at all costs. She begins to feel sorry for herself, wondering how she ever got to this place in her life. Gus reminds her of all that is good in her life. She’s now free, with him and he then reminds her of some happier times with her children. Her spirits begins to lift and they hug one another.

They are near the ice cream truck again when the vendor comes out yelling. He’s upset and sick of his job, wanting to do something new. Gus sees the opportunity and offers to buy the truck, telling the guy that he and his friend had always wanted to own one. He pulls out his wallet, counts the money and offers the kid $597. The guy gladly takes it and leaves. Gus and Harley look at one another, not believing how lucky that they are. They walk inside; glad to finally have a place to be alone with one another.

Olivia doesn’t understand why Bill is so adamant about her leaving Spaulding. She clearly doesn’t want to and he begins his campaign to change her mind. He reminds her that while at Spaulding she doesn’t get the recognition that she deserves and that she will always be second fiddle to Alan. She looks like she is enjoying his pitch less and less every minute. He makes his final plea. “Here’s the deal. You quit Spaulding and I will quit Lewis.” He offers. She doesn’t believe what she is hearing and reminds him that his family won’t be happy to hear this news. He reminds her that they have their own company and lets her know that he understands the sacrifice he is asking her to make. He does however; remind her that he thinks it is in her best interest. She kisses him and they lay down together on the bed.

Cassie is upset, not knowing how she will deal with the children. Edmund lets her know that he will be there, by her side every step of the way. She thanks him, letting him know that no one could have worked harder to keep Will with her than he did. He lets her know that he wants to help her take away some of the pain and be there for her. They kiss one another and begin to make love.

Olivia and Bill are on the bed and begin to make love.

Gus & Harley kiss one another, falling to the floor inside the truck in an embrace.

Cassie stops Edmund, mentioning how upset she is about Will & Dinah. He assures her that she has nothing to worry about, especially with Dinah on a plane. She looks shocked, wondering what is going on. He reassures her that she is with Jeffery and Cassie can’t believe that he did this without consulting her. She’s upset and yells at him. She calls Dinah a ‘whack job’ and is uncertain what she will do with no one watching her. She begins packing and lets Edmund know that they have to head back to Springfield as soon as possible. He isn’t so sure that her outburst is only about Dinah & the baby.

At Elizabeth & Company, Dinah and Jeffery are sitting down together. She mentions how close she has gotten with Edmund and he cuts her off. He doesn’t want to hear it and lets her know that Cassie & Edmund will always be together. With a smile on her face, Dinah lets him know that once more Edmund might have screwed it up. He looks confused and curious, wondering what she is talking about. He’s not sure whether or not to trust her as she confesses once more that Edmund has done something horrible.

Olivia thanks Bill for the incredible offer. He looks worried wondering what the bottom line is. She conceded that he could be right about quitting for her well being and adds in that it wouldn’t be easy for her. She reminds him that quitting isn’t something she does well. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.” He tells her. She looks like she truly trusts him and thanks him for being on her side. She promises him that she will give his idea some thought before making any decision. They kiss one another and fall back on the bed.

Harley and Gus talk to each other about how they are one another’s fantasies. They begin kissing once more.

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