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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Inside Company, Reva wonders about her sister’s safety knowing that Alonzo tried to take Will. Josh is with her and hopes that his sister in law is working things out with Alonzo down in San Cristobel. Reva laments on how lucky she was that Nate was around when the palace agents showed up to take Will. This causes Josh to bring up the fact that Nate has the hots for his wife. He doesn’t push the issue; he only states that Nate obviously finds his wife attractive. Reva thinks back to the kiss she shared with Nate.

Nate wonders why his son isn’t happier to see him. He walks toward Jonathan who is looking frightened. He hugs him. “What are you doing here?” Asks a stunned Jonathan.

Sebastian rushes about the park when he sees a nervous looking Blake. He runs over to her, wondering what is going on. “I can’t get a hold of Josh & Reva, and they took Will.” She rambles on. He looks confused until she explains that Alonzo’s men took Cassie’s son. She begs him to help her. Sebastian picks up his phone and assures his sister that he will take care of it.

Edmund continues to call out after Cassie. Dinah doesn’t seem too worried and warns him that she’s most likely fine. She reminds him that they are the ones who are still locked up, not his beloved wife. She continues ranting telling Edmund that Cassie is most likely with Alonzo and that as soon as she finds out the truth that they will never be rescued. Edmund suddenly realizes that once Cassie finds out what he’s been doing that she will never forgive him. Dinah, who is beginning to have another panic attack orders Edmund to forget about Cassie and focus his efforts on getting them out of the cell alive.

The guard puts Cassie in what appears to be a hotel room. She’s still as confused as ever, not knowing what is going on. Suddenly Jeffery calls out to her from the corner of the room, offering his assistance. She rushes over to him and they hug one another. Cassie pulls away from Jeffery, confused as to what is going on. She reminds him of their last meeting and how he promised to stay out of her life. He tells her that he couldn’t stand idly by without helping, she thanks him. He lets her know that he has some more information and that she might not like it. She sits down as he tells her that Will is being transported to San Cristobel. She looks shocked & is adamant that it isn’t alright. She reminds Jeffery that together they need to stop Alonzo.

Dinah is pacing around in the cell when a guard appears. He tells them both that Cassie is fine and with Alonzo. He leaves and Edmund becomes enraged, wanting to see his wife. Dinah yells at Edmund, mad that he’s focusing all his energy on Cassie.

She reminds him once more that he should be more concerned with their welfare. He assures her that he will get them out and she begins to rant. She informs him that she has no idea what it is like to be locked in a prison cell and forgotten. Again, she yells that Cassie doesn’t care about them. She begins to cry, upset and telling him that no one will ever come for them. She realizes how alone she is and accuses him of only caring for her because of the baby. He orders her to stop getting so upset.

Tammy has changed and thinks back to earlier when Jonathan told her she was beautiful. She smiles in the mirror as someone knocks on the door. Thinking it is Jonathan she opens it, talking to him. Instead, Sandy is standing in the doorway. He wonders who it was she was expecting. She shrugs him off, claiming that she wasn’t expecting anyone. He doesn’t seem to believe her.

Nate explains that he wanted to find out where his son was and that it wasn’t hard. Jonathan looks both stunned and nervous at seeing his father. He admits that he came to Springfield to confront his mother and Nate becomes angry. He reminds Jonathan that Reva is only related by blood, he doesn’t understand why Jonathan wouldn’t want to share his new life with his ‘dear old dad.’ He becomes defensive and reminds Nate that he gave him the entirety of his trust fund and that since he’s working he will be able to send more. Nate doesn’t seem satisfied with this and kisses Jonathan’s hand. He reminds him that he is the only person who ever cared for him. “I always did the best I could for you.” He reminds Jonathan. He nods, looking too frightened to disagree with Nate. Nate rubs it in once more that Reva turned her back on her son. He begins to cry as Nate brings up Tammy and the destruction his son caused her. Jonathan suddenly stops crying and warns his father to leave Tammy out of whatever scheme he has cooked up.

Tammy lies to Sandy telling him she wasn’t expecting anyone. When he presses her she mentions the Lewis meeting and explains that she was rehearsing for that. He moves closer to her and mentions that he didn’t want to talk about work. The two kiss one another.

Jonathan is still upset and begs his father to forget about Tammy. He gets angry at his son for deciding what he does and doesn’t want. Nate threatens Jonathan again, offering to go after Reva himself if he can’t handle it. Worried & upset Jonathan assures his father that he will get revenge, but that he wants to do it his own way. Nate smiles and hugs his son, claiming that he is proud of him. Jonathan begins to sob.

Reva hopes that Josh will listen to her fully; she mentions the out of town clients and reminds him that Outskirts has ‘a lot of atmosphere.’ He is resistant to the idea, wanting her to keep her own place to herself. She seems a bit confused and maintains that she never needed a place of her own. He’s serious and refused to bring his clients there. He doesn’t want to go to ‘her bar’ simply because she feels bad about wanting something of her own. She looks shocked that he can sense she’s feeling guilty about something and once more tries to convince him to come to Outskirts. Again he refuses, telling her that he’s giving her what she wanted to begin with – her independence. He refuses to give in despite her numerous pleading and announces “Outskirts is your turf. What happens there stays there. Lewis Construction, my turf. Deal?” She looks stunned at his stubbornness about this and when he offers to shake on it, she pulls him closer instead. The two kiss and as they pull away Josh looks baffled. He wonders why she would give him a ‘kiss off’ and she claims she didn’t. Hugging him she lets him know that she’s distracted and that’s all. They assure one another that they both miss each other and that their jobs won’t get in the way of their life together. Josh walks out and mentions to her as he is leaving that he too has a new friend.

Dinah continues crying. She doesn’t think she can take being locked up much more. Edmund consoles her, giving her his coat and urging her to think of happier times. Together they pretend that they are back at the masquerade ball, they even dance with one another. He tells her how beautiful she is and she seems to be calming down. Suddenly she grabs her stomach. “Oh, Edmund, the baby.” She mutters while holding her stomach.

Cassie wonders how Jeffery is so sure that her son is fine. He admits that he heard from Alonzo that Will is fine. He reminds her that none of them would let anything happen to her son. He looks at her, telling her that she needs to face the facts. He reminds her that she is not biologically related to Will and that Alonzo has that on his side. He convinces her that she has to show Alonzo what a good person and mother she is. “Remind him of why he allowed you to raise him in the first place. “ He tells her.

Sebastian assures Blake that Will is fine. He tells her that he’s on his way to see his father and seems ok with this. Blake continues to freak out, not thinking that this is an ok situation to be in. Her brother, on the other hand doesn’t understand how this is a bad situation. She becomes mad and he reminds her that there is nothing he can do. Plus, Will is safe he reminds her. She seems to calm down a bit when she hears that Cassie is waiting for him. Sebastian hugs her, letting her know that everything is going to be fine. She smiles, glad to have him with her.

Reva looks worried that her husband is going to be spending time with Roger’s son. She warns him that he won’t be able to trust Sebastian and he lets her know that it is something he’s already aware of. Josh’s phone rings and Sebastian is on the other end. He wants to spend time with Josh in the afternoon and he agrees. After getting off the phone he assures Reva that he knows the score when it comes to Sebastian. He leaves, reminding her that they are supposed to be able to pick their own friends.

Nate mentions to his son that he understands how one could get attached to Reva, wanting to like her. He then reminds Jonathan that she still walked away from him as a child. He gets mad when Jonathan mentions that since he’s gotten to know her a bit he’s realized how complicated things have been for her as well. Nate grabs his son and throws him against the wall when he hears that Jonathan no longer despises his mother.

In the next room, Sandy and Tammy hear odd sounds coming from Jonathan’s room. She comments that he has a new girl and doesn’t want to think about what they are doing.

Back in Jonathan’s room, Nate yells at his son calling him disappointing and gutless. He finally yells back at his dad, claiming that he no longer knows him. Nate pushes his son, screaming that the only person who loves Jonathan is him. “No!” Jonathan bellows out defiantly.

Tammy looks worried towards the wall. Both she and Sandy agree that Jonathan isn’t in his room with a girl and wonder what is going on.

Nate pretends to understand that he wants his mother’s affection. He even likens Jonathan to himself, claiming that both of their mother’s left them and that it’s too late for the two of them. He tosses his son on the bed and then puts him in a headlock. He thanks his son for getting the job at Lewis, claiming it was a smart move. Mad, Jonathan shouts that he is done with his father.

There is a knock on the door and in walks Alonzo. He says hello to Cassie and the first words out of her mouth are “Will is my son.” He lets her know that he is just as much his son as hers. Jeffery leaves, letting the two of them talk things over. Cassie is upset and doesn’t understand why Alonzo would have Will taken from his home. He admits that he didn’t want to do that, but he had no other choice. He tells her that Will is safe and having fun. He goes on to tell her that his son is the heir to the throne and belongs in San Cristobel. He also reminds her that although he thought Will would be ok with Cassie & Richard he doesn’t want any child of his to call Edmund ‘father.’ She reminds him that there is more to being a parent than genetics and he agrees. Though he reminds her that she always knew she would one day have to give him up. Will walks in and runs to his mother. She hugs him close.

Edmund automatically yells for a doctor. Dinah stops him, telling him that what she can feel is a good thin. She pulls his hand toward her and places it on her stomach. They both become ecstatic at feeling the baby kick for the first time. She thanks him for being there to share in the experience with her.

Josh and Sebastian are hanging out together in the park. They seem to be getting along well.

Nate is mad at his son for challenging him. Jonathan warns his father that he is no longer the young child that used to be beaten. He continues to try and intimidate his son, despite Jonathan’s best efforts to stand up to him. He even tries to order Nate to leave. Suddenly, Tammy knocks on the door and calls out to Jonathan through it. She wonders if everything is ok and sounds worried. Through the door he tells her that he’s fine but she doesn’t believe him. He opens the door a crack, and demands to know what she wants. Troubled, she looks around wondering what is going on. He accuses her of wanting to get back in his life and bed and even raise his voice to her. Sandy comes by, telling Jonathan that he needs to calm down. Wanting to push Tammy away to protect her from his father, Jonathan yells at Sandy to keep his girlfriend in check. “Leave her alone, before you regret it.” Orders Sandy. Jonathan slams the door in their faces. On the way out, Tammy & Sandy run into Reva in the hall. She has heard everything and can’t believe what her son has done. Reva knocks on her son’s door demanding to know why he has to be so cruel. He defends himself informing her that it’s not what it looks like. “I think someone needs to know some sense into you.” She tells him.

Tammy is upset, wondering why she even bothers with Jonathan. When Sandy tries to comfort her she tells him that one thing she has learned is that some people are beyond saving.

She tells Jonathan that he has no right to go out of his way to be mean to her niece. He yells back at her, bringing up the past and the fact that he’s had to deal with being hurt plenty. He picks up a lamp while enraged and it looks like he’s going to throw it. Across the room, Reva picks up an ashtray and smashes it on the ground. He looks confused and she lets him know that she too knows how to destroy thing.

Sebastian’s phone ring and he tells Josh that he needs to go. Apparently, Blake needs him. He leaves and they set up a time to meet the next day. Josh turns around with his back to the entrance and hears someone coming back through the entry way. Thinking it is Sebastian, he comments on whether or not he should be with Blake. Instead, Nate answers. He asks Josh for a beer.

Edmund and Dinah are sitting together talking about being parents. She mentions someday wanting him or someone like him to be the father or her child. He laughs and seems enthralled with her. He lets her know that she is very lovable and moves closer to her. He stares at her and it looks as though they might kiss. Abruptly, a guard interrupts them telling them that it is time to leave.

Jeffery comes back into the room to hear Alonzo tell Cassie that Will will always be her son. In tears, Cassie tells her son that there is something they need to talk about.

Reva reminds her son that it is ok to be passionate, but that there is no reason for him to go out of his way to torture his cousin. He doesn’t want to hear what she has to say and Reva finally realizes there might be a problem. She demands to know what is going on and he refuses to tell her. She decides to leave and lets him know that she’s not walking out on him. She reminds him that she only had to make that mistake once.

Josh comments to Nate that he missed Reva and seems genuinely shocked to see him. Nate attempts to make peace with Josh by making it clear that he knows Reva is happily married.

Cassie tells her son that he’s going to be spending lots of time with his father in San Cristobel. Alonzo pipes in informing Will that he will also be able to go home whenever he wants. The two adults smile at one another, glad to have come to an agreement. Alonzo offers to take Will for a walk and promises to be back soon. As Alonzo & Will leave, Edmund & Dinah rush into the room. Edmund hugs his wife immediately. While hugging him her eyes are fixed on Jeffery.

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