Guiding Light Update Tuesday 5/31/05



By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At the park, Blake drops Will off with Reva. She thanks Reva for helping her out and leaves, promising to be back as soon as she can. Reva smiles, not having a problem with spending time with her nephew and give him money to get some ice cream. She watches him from a distance as she phones Josh. They flirt on the phone and she wonders if he wants to join her at the park. He can’t as he’s at Company and getting some work done. She continues to tease him and then hangs us. Over at Company, Sebastian walks in just in time to talk with Josh. At the park, Nate watches as Reva tries to put suntan lotion on her back. He offers to help as she strains to reach her entire back.

Tammy appears at Jonathan’s door. He opens it half dressed and wonders what is going on. A woman comes up behind him half dressed asking if she can borrow his toothbrush. It is apparent that they spent the night together. Tammy seems annoyed and wonders if the girl is anyone special in his life. He seems unsure of her name, and is flippant about their night together. Tammy seems disgusted and is ready to leave. Suddenly he calls out to her, “Wait, you don’t have to leave. You say the word and I’ll kick her out.” He tells her.

Edmund is on the phone trying to find out information on Cassie. Dinah comes out of the shower in only a towel and he comments on her lack of clothing.

She doesn’t say anything and then proceeds to give him a massage, letting him know that he has to relax. He shrugs her off, annoyed by her advances. She thinks back to Cassie being kidnapped and informs him that Cassie is able to take care of herself.

In a prison cell, Cassie pleads with the guards to free her. She yells out and no one seems to want to help her.

Edmund orders Dinah to get dressed, quickly losing his patience with her. She drops her towel and he becomes even more agitated. Pouting, Dinah goes into the bathroom and comes out with a robe on. She suggests that he rub her back, as they can’t leave until they hear back from Cassie. He begins to lose his patience with her and it causes her to tell him what she thinks. She reminds him that she is capable of telling Cassie the truth about Will, and how Edmund was ‘helping’ her. Edmund doesn’t want to be threatened and warns her to stop what she is doing. She assures him that she wasn’t threatening and that he should realize that people can’t choose who they fall in love with. “I’m in love with Cassie.” He tells her, jogging her memory. She walks off after telling him that he chose to love her, and that Cassie will never love him back.

Tammy accuses Jonathan of being sleazy because he doesn’t care about the girl in his room. He is nonchalant, wondering if he’s ever pretended to be something he’s not. She becomes angry with him, not understanding how anyone can have sex without feelings. He can sense that something is wrong and wonders what is really going on. She informs him that she wanted help getting ready for her presentation with Josh. “I have to leave in a little while. I just thought I could practice my pitch on you.” She tells him. He’s confused and doesn’t understand why she would come to him of all people. Tammy admits to him that since he knows how to play people, she thought he was the best person. He smiles, telling her she’s right and the two head into Tammy’s room. She begins looking around for the proposal and he stops her. His first concern is what she is wearing.

Sebastian sits down with Josh, and tries to make small talk. Josh doesn’t buy it and demands to know what is going on. He wonders if it is finally time for Sebastian to call in the favor. Sebastian laughs, and wonders why Josh is so hesitant to trust him. He goes on to admit that now is the perfect time to go after Alan. Josh demands to know what it is that Sebastian wants. “Simple. I want you to be my buddy.” He tells Josh.

Nate sits down, offering to help Reva with her lotion. She rolls her eyes as he helps her. They joke around about his touch, and flirt a bit as well. As soon as he’s done with the lotion, she puts her jacket back on. Nate suggests that the two of them spend the day together, and rent a speedboat. Before she has a chance to answer, Will comes up to her with Italian ice. She explains that he is her nephew. While she’s talking to him, two men in suits come up to her. They introduce themselves as Agent Nixon and Agent Fox with Alonzo’s security team. “We’re here to take young William to see his mother.” They announce. Reva picks Will up and refuses their request.

Cassie continues yelling for someone to listen to her. She even takes her plate of food and throws it at the wall. A guard comes over to her cell and she grabs him. As he is pushing her off of his she grabs his cell phone off of his belt. He doesn’t notice and promises to see what he can do about her wanting to talk with Alonzo.

Edmund doesn’t think that Dinah will ever understand his relationship with his wife. She has him all figured out and reminds him that he’s with her only because he wants redemption. Though he doesn’t deny it, he also doesn’t see anything wrong with that being the initial reason for wanting to be with Cassie. Dinah goes on about how though that might be how he feels, it isn’t love. She mentions how regardless of what he has done or could do she would still love him. They move closer and it looks as though they might kiss. A phone rings and the pull apart. He leaps to get it and it is Cassie on the other end. He sounds worried and promises her that he’s on his way to help her.

Tammy doesn’t see anything wrong with what she’s wearing. He claims that it is too ‘Sunday School’ and reminds her that she’s going to be presenting her ideas to a bunch of men. Tammy doesn’t look like she trusts him and he clarifies that she doesn’t have to degrade herself but that she has to use all of her assets to her advantage. She looks frustrated and takes the high road, claiming that it shouldn’t matter what she looks like. Jonathan reminds her that regardless of what should & shouldn’t matter, looks do. He gets closer to her, which freaks her out and she asks him to leave. Apologizing he explains that he just wanted her to know how beautiful she really is. Tammy looks shocked.

Sebastian explains that he wants Josh to pretend to be his friend and reason that if people seem them together they might change their minds about him. Josh doesn’t know what to think and wonders how Alan will take the news that they are friends. He explains that he will lie to Alan, telling him that he’s trying to be close to his enemies. Blake walks in and apologizes for being late. Josh brings up the fact that her brother has finally called in his favor. She looks curious and wonders what he wants. She looks skeptical as Josh explains that Sebastian only wants a friend in Josh. Blake looks puzzled. Sebastian is still standing there as Josh asks Blake point blank if her brother only wants friendship from him.

Edmund runs to the cell, yelling at the guard to let his wife go free. She looks relieved to see him. The guards tell Edmund that they can’t let her go. When Cassie drops the cell phone out of her hand, this angers the guard. He ends up throwing Dinah and Edmund in the cell with Cassie.

Reva is mad and refuses to let the agents take Will away from her. Nate steps in, and reminds the agents that they shouldn’t push it with Reva. He threatens to create a mob if they don’t leave. The agents look mad and warn Reva that it isn’t over. She thanks Nate as soon as the two men have left. He asks her for the whole story as he seems a bit confused by everything. “It’s a long, complicated story.” She tells him and doesn’t really explain anything. She does however mention how she can’t understand why anyone would want to harm a child. He is understanding and hugs her as she thanks him again for being around when she needed him.

Sebastian defends her brother, claiming that if it’s all he said he wanted that he has to be telling the truth. “Do you trust him?” Josh asks her. She goes around the question only reminding Josh that Sebastian is her brother. Josh still doesn’t seem sold on the idea and Sebastian looks like he’s getting antsy. Josh decides to leave, telling them both that he will be in touch. Once he’s gone Sebastian looks angry. He sarcastically thanks his sister for the backup she gave him. She defends herself, claiming that she was put in the spot and didn’t know what to do. He warns her that if she does something like that again that she will be out of the plan.

Jonathan points at her in the mirror, telling her that she’s pretty. “Take the compliment.” He tells her. “It’s not often that I dish them out.” She demands to know why he thinks that way and he begins to explain that it is not just how she looks. He mentions how she listens and tries to understand people as attractive characteristics. He reminds her that for the meeting all she has to do is be herself. She looks worried and wonders how she can be herself around men. It clearly isn’t about the men that will be at the meeting and he picks up on it. He wonders if something is wrong with her relationship with Sandy. She tells him that everything is fine.

Dinah wants to see a lawyer and Edmund reminds her that in San Cristobel they don’t have to let prisoners do anything. The guard comes in, ready to take Dinah away. She doesn’t want to go and Edmund protects her. He refuse to let the guard go anywhere with her. She hugs Edmund, thankful that he is protecting her. Dinah worries that they will never get out of the prison cell and begins to hyperventilate as Cassie tries to calm her down. She assures her that they will be fine, but Dinah is still upset.

Reva continues to mention how angry it makes her when people hurt children. Again she thanks him for helping her out. He tells her that it’s not a problem and mentions that he thinks she would have been able to handle herself even without him around. She doesn’t seem so sure and then introduce Nate to Will. They joke around while Will eats his ice cream. He wonders if she has told her husband about their kiss and she claims it wasn’t a big deal. She becomes defensive and informs him that she simply didn’t have a chance to tell Josh yet. “Well now’s your chance.” He tells her as she turns around, shocked to see Josh standing there.

Blake doesn’t understand why her brother is so upset. He explains that it hurts that she doesn’t trust him and looks upset. She doesn’t buy it and reminds him that if he was so keen on having his sister trust him then he wouldn’t have kidnapped her mother. He blames it on being sick and she yells at him. “You remind me so much of dad with the hidden agendas.” She informs him.

Maintaining that he’s always been up front with her, he reminds her that she has to trust him – no questions asked. She doesn’t seem ok with it, and wonders if he realizes who he is dealing with. He insults her, calling her a mere housewife who is tied down to her family. She seems annoyed and reminds him that she is also Roger’s daughter. She refuses to be cut out of and warns him that if he wants to leave her out of the plan that she will go to Alan. He grabs her arm, wondering if she would dare do that to him. She challenges him to watch her and he seems intrigued. “Are you blackmailing me?” He asks. “I like to think of it as tough love.” She responds, smiling. He laughs, finally impressed with his sister. She reminds him that she’s willing to do whatever it takes, and wonders why Josh is so important to him. Sebastian tells her that he only lends credibility to him and assures her that there are no hidden agendas. They are finally on the same page and she has to run. They say goodbye to one another and she leaves.

Tammy assures him that things are great between her and Sandy. She almost sounds like she is convincing herself as she tells him that they are happier than ever. Jonathan warns her not to let anyone, whether it is himself or Sandy to change her into something she is not. She thanks him for the advice and he begins to leave. As he’s leaving she reminds him that he is better than one night stands with women whose name he doesn’t know. He leaves her room wondering why he should give himself credit when no one else does.

Dinah continues to freak out, telling them that it’s reminding her of the time she spent in the European jail. Cassie tries to calm her down to no avail. Edmund then tries. He hugs her, letting her know that things will be ok.

He assures her that he would never leave her behind and that he will take care of both her and the baby forever. She looks better as he gets her to lie down. Cassie watches son looking worried as Edmund calms Dinah down.

Reva hugs Josh, glad to see him. She immediately begins to tell him about the security unit from San Cristobel that tried to abduct Will and he becomes worried. She lets him know that things are fine and tells him that Nate helped her deal with them. He and Nate say hello to one another, their words dripping with sarcasm. Blake walks up to them just in time to hear about the men that Alonzo sent and becomes worried. Reva introduces Nate & Blake to one another. She says hello and then seems anxious to get going as the rest of the kids are waiting. Nate offer to walk her to her car in case Alonzo’s men are still around. They all say goodbye to one another as Josh & Reva stay behind. He is apologetic to Reva as he thinks that he should have been around for her. She assures Josh that things are fine, and reminds him that everything turned out ok. He mentions Nate and then wonders if his wife realizes that he wants her.

Jonathan offers to help Tammy with her presentation and she tells him that she is going to work on it in front of a mirror. “Besides, I think I might change.” She tells him and they smile at one another.

Nate walks Blake to the parking lot, and offers to make sure she gets to her car alright. She thanks him and lets him know she will be fine the rest of the way. As soon as he is gone, the agents come by and rip Will out of her arms. She yells after them, wanting someone to stop them and help her.

Cassie tells Edmund how good he is with Dinah and sounds almost accusatory. “She just needs reassurance.” He tells her and then assures Cassie that they will get through everything together. She hugs him, wondering if perhaps Dinah is losing perspective about her role in the baby’s life. Dinah watches on while laying down not looking happy. A guard comes to the cell door telling them that he has good news. “You’re out of here.” He says as he opens the door. He grabs Cassie and explains that she is the only one who can leave, Cassie and Edmund yell after one another, not wanting to be apart.

Reva wonders why Josh would think such a thing. He reminds her that as a man he knows when men are checking out women. He claims not to have a problem with it as she kisses him. He has to go and they agree to meet up later at home. As soon as Josh is gone, Reva picks up her cell phone to call Nate and thank him once more for helping her out.

Jonathan walks into his room which is now darkened and calls out to the woman who was in his bed earlier. He turns on a lamp and sees Nate sitting on his bed. “Hi son, long time no see.” Nate says to a shocked and angry Jonathan.

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