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By Boo
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Spaulding Mansion:

Power is still out all over town. Gus sits in the front room with a flashlight and reads the note he got again, telling him to look somewhere else for Phillipís murder. He just doesnít know what to think about it. Alex comes in and tells him that she read the note and wonders what it means. Gus tells her that he is starting to believe the notes and that he isnít so sure anymore that Olivia is the killer. Alex wonders about the graphic on the envelope, it is a picture of two towers. Gus tells her that he isnít showing this to Alan and he doesnít want her to say anything about it either. Alex agrees that she wonít say anything to Alan. Gus tells her that he is going to take off to see Harley. Alex tells him to touch base with Alan first, so that Alan doesnít get suspicious. She saw him heading to the attic a bit earlier. Gus agrees and takes off in search of Alan.

In the attic, Alan walks slowly through a room to what looks like a doorbell on a wall next to a bookcase. Alan pushes the button and the bookcase slowly starts to open. We hear the storm outside rage on as Alan goes into the secret room. He has all kinds of pictures and belongings of Phillips all around the room. He opens a fold down desk to expose many more pictures and a couple of candles.

He lights the candles and picks up an envelope that has a pair of black gloves stuffed in it. He pours himself a drink and slowly takes the gloves out of the envelope and puts them on. There is blood all over the gloves.

He remembers the night that he shot Phillip. He looks at a picture of Phillip and tells him that he is sorry, but Phillip made him kill him. Phillip told him that he was taking the children and was going to leave Alan there all alone. Phillip knew better than anyone that Alan would do whatever he had to protect his family and their future. He crumbles the picture of Phillip out of anger. He then takes the bloody gloves off and smoothes the picture back out. He looks at all the other pictures he has gathered then looks through a picture album. He toasts Phillip and wishes him a happy birthday. Outside the main room, Gus has trouble with the flashlight staying on and messes with it before entering the room. He decides to give Harley a quick call on the cell first. He just wants to make sure she is okay. Harley tells him that Mel stitched her up, but doesnít tell him that she isnít where he left her. He tells her that he called her just because he can, because she is free. Harley thinks that is only temporary, but Gus promises her that it is forever. They exchange I love youís before Gus hangs up. He messes with the flashlight again and gets it to come back on. He sees the button on the wall, and pushes it out of curiosity. As the bookcase starts to slide open, Alan hears him coming. Gus pushes the bookcase all the way open and goes into the room. Alan pretends to be startled that Gus has found him. Just then, the power comes back on. Gus stashes the flashlight and then asks Alan where they are, what room they are in. Alan tells him that this is where he goes when he wants to talk to Phillip. Alan notices that the bloody gloves didnít get put up correctly and they are slightly sticking out from a corner of the desk. Alan asks if Gus knows how much he misses Phillip. Gus realizes that Alan is acting a bit weird and tells him that he does know. Alan raises his voice and tells him that he would have done anything to have Phillip here celebrating his birthday. Alan tells him that this family is in such pain. He then gets really angry when Gus tells him that their family isnít the only family in pain. He yells at his son that he canít stay loyal to the Spaulding family even for one night. He goes on about needing to have his whole family around him right now, his children, his sister he needs them all around him so he can protect them. Gus tells him that they need to get out of the attic and leads him out.

On the grounds somewhere, Olivia asks Harley if she has come back from the dead to frame her for murder. Harley asks what she is burying and starts to go through the envelopes.

Olivia explains that she is burying evidence. Evidence that she was an idiot. They are all love letters that she wrote to Phillip before Emma was born when she still believed there was something there with her and Phillip. Harley believes that. Olivia tells her that the whole town is out to prove that she killed Phillip no matter what the truth is. Harley tells her that isnít true. Olivia doesnít believe her at all. She asks why shouldnít turn Harley in right now. Harley tells Olivia that they have a lot in common. The two of them had more reason than most to want Phillip dead. Olivia tells her that she still wants Phillip dead. She is surprised when Harley says she doesnít want Phillip dead anymore, she asks if it was a jailhouse conversion. She thinks that is nice, but she still wants the bastard dead. Harley tells her that she could run, but Olivia doesnít think she will get far with the blood showing on her shirt. Harley asks her point blank if she killed Phillip. Olivia tells her that even though the two of them gave him children, he still hated them. She admits that she thought about Phillip being dead many times, but she never wanted to kill him. Bill comes looking for Olivia and the two women hear him coming. Harley asks her what she is going to do. Olivia tells her there is only one way to find out. Bill finds Olivia and asks what she is doing out here in the storm like this.

Olivia tells him that she was out burying the garbage when she realizes that Harley has hidden. Bill tells her that Harley was killed and Olivia covers for Harley. She tells Bill that she wants to tell him something but not here. She wants to go someplace else. She tells him to forget about the letters to Phillip as the two of them leave.

A roadside diner:

Marina stops to make a call to Mel and apologize for not being able to get there. With the power out, the traffic is backed up badly so she decided to just pull over for a while. When she gets off the phone, she is surprised to see Lizzie there. The two go inside and Lizzie hollers out an order for two veggie burgers and a salad. Marina is a bit surprised that Lizzie remembers how she likes her salad. The two talk about how much they have been through in their young lives.

Lizzie comments that her family is so far from normal that she wouldnít know normal if it slapped her in the face. Marina thinks that Coop is pretty normal. Lizzie tells her that there is nothing going on between her and Coop and that her mother is just trying to protect Coop from her by taking her to Europe. Marina thinks that after all Lizzie has been through, she could use the break. Lizzie is curious as to how people without money take a break. Marina tells her that her family doesnít believe in taking breaks. Lizzie jokes that it is a good thing that Marina works for Lizzie then. Lizzie tells her that if she wants to talk about anything, she is there to listen. If she needs to cry or talk about Harley. Marina tells her that Harley is the last thing she wants to talk about tonight. The two enjoy their meal and are pleased when the power comes back on. Marina pays for the meal over Lizzieís objections. Marina tells her that she is going back to company to check on her dad and Buzz. Lizzie notes that Marina likes taking care of people. Before they say their goodbyes, Lizzie again tells Marina that she would be there for her if she ever needed someone to talk to. They wish each other safe driving and both take off.

Elizabeth & Company:

Marina runs by Danny when he stops her and asks if she is okay. She tells him that things are crazy right now and they havenít decided what they are going to tell the boys yet. Danny wants to do whatever he can to help but Marina quickly brushes him off telling him that she promised to help Mel with something. She will explain everything later. She runs off leaving Danny watching after her confused.

Inside, Buzz is playing with Zach and Jude when he sees Frank start to make a call. He rushes to him and begs him to give Harley a bit more time. Frank doesnít think that she is safe on the run at all. Danny comes in and overhears the conversation, but starts to leave telling them that he wasnít even here tonight. Buzz asks him to come in and help him keep Frank away from Harley.

Danny asks how Buzz is doing. Buzz tells him that he is fine, and explains why everyone else thinks that Harley is dead. Danny agrees that it will give her time to get away. Frank tells them that he talked to Rick and Rick has agreed to stall as long as he can before with the autopsy. He promised to do the bus driver first. Buzz is very thankful to his son for this. He asks Danny if he can have some privacy with Frank. Danny takes off to play with the kids. Harley looks in the window from outside with the hopes of seeing her childrenís faces. She sees Buzz talking to Frank. Buzz tells Frank that he knows this puts him in a bad position, but he is thankful. Frank tries to convince his father that it is better if he finds Harley instead of some trigger happy rookie. Danny joins them again and asks how Frank plans on looking for Harley. He points out that if Frank tells his men they are looking for Harley, then everyone will know that Harley is alive. All three agree that it is a good idea for Frank to put out an APB on Gus, since the two of them are probably together.

Danny has seen Harley outside and he goes out to talk to her leaving Frank and Buzz to discuss this further. He tells her that he knows that she wants to go in and see her boys, but she canít. He tells her that Frank and Buzz know that she is alive. She is shocked to hear this, but still wants to see her kids. Danny tells her that Frank is determined that the only way to keep her safe is to take her back to jail. Harley is upset to hear this and asks him to distract Frank and Buzz so she can grab her kids. Danny talks her out of that and tells her that he will do something for her if she will cooperate and stay hidden.

He goes inside and brings Zach and Jude outside to talk to them a bit, giving Harley a chance to see and hear her sons. Harley is so grateful to him for doing this for her. She cherishes these few minutes of seeing her babies.

Back inside, Bill and Olivia arrive. Bill tells her that he knew the place would be open and how upset he thinks the Coopers are right now. Olivia canít stand it anymore and tells him that Harley is alive. Bill is shocked to hear this and wonders why she didnít tell him before.

At the bar, Frank gets another call from Rick telling him that the secret is out, it will be all over the news within the hour that Harley is alive and on the run. Frank and Gus are both disappointed as they turn the news on. Sure enough, the announcement is already being read.

Back at Bill and Oliviaís table, she tells Bill that she didnít tell him earlier because she didnít want him running off with Harley to help her escape. She swears to him that she didnít kill Phillip and explains the reason she was trying to bury the letters from Phillip. She knows that she continually screws up her love life, and she doesnít want to do that again with him. Burying the letters was a way for her to bury her past. Bill is touched by all that Olivia says and promises her that he will be with her forever.

Danny brings the boys back in and tells them to draw the picture that they promised him. He returns to Harley and she thanks him for doing that for her. When he asks her what she is going to do now, she answers him by simply saying Ďruní.

When Danny goes back inside, Buzz asks him what he did with the boys. Danny just tells him that he took them outside to shoot the breeze for a little bit. Buzz thanks him. Frank is starting to go stir crazy. He canít stand it, he has to go find Harley. He promises Buzz he will not let Harley get hurt. Buzz goes outside and looks to the sky. He talks to Harley telling her to run and disappear. Marina has returned now and wonders who is going to disappear. Buzz tells her that he hopes Harley does. Marina thinks more like her father and wonders if it wouldnít be better for Harley to come back and do her time. Buzz tells her that now she will have more time to do since she escaped. Marina just wishes they could turn back the clock. Buzz agrees and they hug each other.

Back at the Spaulding Mansion:

Gus and Alan come back into the front room. Alan tells Gus that tonight was supposed to be a celebration of Phillips birthday. Gus realizes that this is really hard on Alan. Alex comes in to tell them that she heard on the news that Harley is alive. Alan pretends to be happy for his son and hugs him, saying that he feels like Gus already knew this. Gus thinks Alan was much happier when he thought Harley was dead. Alan offers Gus the use of all the Spaulding resources to help find Harley. Gus tells them that he needs to get a hold of Frank. Alex hugs Gus good bye and whispers to him that she left a bag in the hall for him. As Alex hugs him, Gus sees a shadow pass by the window. Gus grabs the bag and heads out. Alex wants to talk to Alan, but he wants to be left alone. Alex tells him she is going to bed.

As soon as Alex leaves the room, Alan gets on the phone and calls someone, telling them to hire every bounty hunter they know. He instructs the person to pay them three times what they would normally be paid. He wants Harley found dead or alive, and he isnít real picky about the Ďaliveí part.

Outside, Gus finds Harley and asks how she is doing. Harley assures him that she is fine. She was worried about him, so she came to see if things were okay. She tells him that she talked to Olivia and she doesnít think that Olivia does either. Gus shows her the envelope and note that he got and tells her he no longer believes it is Olivia either. They agree that whoever is behind the notes is the solution to the murder. Gus tells her that Alex also knows what is going on and that she provided him with some clothes for Harley. He vows to keep Harley safe and free until he can clear her name. The two of them go on the run together.

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