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Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/30/04

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By Leigh
Pictures by Boo

In her jail cell Harley sees the headlines of her arrest in the newspaper. Frank shows up dragging two people and puts them into the cell with her.

When they remove their hoods she sees that it's Coop and Buzz, they yell Happy New Year.

Sitting outside at a picnic table, Dinah pours herself a cup of champagne, and makes a toast to Cassie. She talks to herself, saying that things might heat up after RJ tells Cassie what Edmund did to Jeffrey.

At the farm, RJ tells Cassie he doesn't want Edmund to be his Daddy if he does bad things. Cassie tells him that when they get married in the barn they'll have new good memories instead of the bad ones. Reva and Josh show up with Mrs. Chitwood, Mrs. Chitwood is there to baby-sit RJ, Reva and Josh take Edmund and Cassie out to celebrate before the wedding. RJ plays with two dolls, pretending one is Edmund with a shovel, and the other is Jeffrey. He says, "bam, bam, fire fire."

At the Beacon, Tammy is startled by JB, who is in her room. She tells him to get out, but he continues to talk to her. Jonathan tells her that he's trying to clean up his act, and he can't change what happened in the past but he can fix things in the future.

Jeffrey shows up at the farm, Mrs. Chitwood tells him he just missed Cassie and Edmund. Jeffrey feels out Mrs. Chitwood to see if the wedding has been called off like Dinah told him it had. He then sits down to talk with RJ, who is still playing with the dolls. RJ asks Jeffrey if it hurt when Uncle Edmund hit him with the shovel.

Outside Company, Billy sees Harris. Billy asks what he's doing there and Harris tells him he ran out of money. Billy shows him the newspaper headlines that show Harley has been arrested for the very thing he's blackmailing Billy for! Harris admits that he never made it to Phillip that night.

Harley tells Frank he needs to get them out of her cell or he'll get into trouble. Frank says he's brought them in on an I.D.K.--An illegal discharge of kazoos! They start playing "Auld Lang Sine," on the kazoos. She tells Frank to be serious, and that they need to get out of there. Buzz starts to gasp and pretend he has heart pain. Harley immediately gets concerned; when Buzz tells her she's breaking his heart!

In Tammy's room at the Beacon, JB tells her that he's told her he was sorry and he'd tell her again if it would help. JB tells her she should blame it on his rough upbringing, and Tammy snaps back that her days in foster care weren't easy. Jonathan says maybe that's why they connected, but Tammy said she never really knew the real Jonathan so there wasn't a connection.

Cassie and Reva are outside Tammy's door. Cassie is looking for her keys.

At the farm, Jeffrey is talking with RJ. He asks him if he makes up these stories when he plays with the toys. RJ tells him that he didn't make it up.

RJ says that he was there and didn't remember it in the beginning but now he does. Jeffrey tells him that he's left this go and RJ should do the same. He tells him not to think about it anymore. He steps outside and makes a cell call, "We need to see each other."

Harley asks Frank about Zach and Jude, if they're okay. Frank tells her that they miss her but they are strong kids just like her.

Buzz wants to tell them that they can count the days till she gets home, but Harley gets very upset because she doesn't want them to have false hope. She doesn't want to add a promise she can't keep to her list. She tells them that she deserves to be in prison for what she's done. Buzz grabs her and tells her to stop talking like that.

At the farm, Jeffrey grabs Dinah, grabs her again and makes her look holding the shovel in his hand he tells her he's going to ask her just once, did Edmund hit him with the shovel and start the fire. She tells him that it was Edmund, but tells Jeffrey that he cannot tell anyone because all the blame will fall to her.

Outside Company, Josh tells Edmund that it was Reva's idea that they go out, but it was a good one because he owes Edmund. Josh tells him that when Reva had to have her surgery Edmund was a big help, and that meant a lot to Josh. So Josh offers to buy him a drink and they head into Company.

Inside Company, Billy rushes Harris out, telling him that they're done forever. Billy looks to Edmund and Josh and tells them he's been waiting for them. Josh tells Edmund to have a seat and questions Billy about Harris. Billy tells him that nothing's going on with Harris, Josh tells him he's going to chase him down and Billy stops him.

At the Beacon in Tammy's room, Tammy tells JB that if all he cared about was getting even with Reva he would of left by now, and that she thinks he doesn't want to be alone anymore. He tells her that maybe he just couldn't get her out of his head.

Outside Tammy's room, Cassie tells Reva she'll meet her at Farley's so she can spend some time alone with Tammy.

Inside, Jonathan tells Tammy that she can't deny their connection. Jonathan slowly moves closer to Tammy then kisses her. Cassie enters the room as their kissing, she yells, "Get away from her!" Cassie grabbed JB and pushed him away from Tammy. Jonathan leaves but only after offering up a few wise cracks. Tammy tells Cassie that she's fine and she can handle JB.

Cassie wants to call Danny and have his mob friends take care of Jonathan.

At Company, Josh continues to question Billy about Harris. Billy explains that Phillip found out about him trying to have Olivia deported and was blackmailing him; so he hired Harris to rough him up, not kill him. But since Ruth Karloff's confession what should he do, because obviously his guy didn't do it. Edmund summons them back to the table. Edmund asks Josh to be his best man.

In Harley's cell, Coop breaks out a bottle of champagne and plastic champagne glasses. Coop, Frank, and finally Buzz each make a toast to Harley.

At Company, Joshua agrees to be Edmund's best man. He tells him that he knows people do change, and he always puts his money on the guy who is willing to take on that challenge.

Cassie grabs the phone saying she's going to call the police. Tammy takes it and hangs it back up. Tammy tells Cassie that she would of taken care of JB all on her own had Cassie not stopped her. Tammy tells her to calm down and Cassie agrees but makes her promise that she'll be extremely careful when it comes to Jonathan. They get their things together and leave the room.

Dinah wants to know what Jeffrey is going to do. Jeffrey figures out when it was that Edmund actually hit him with the shovel. He tells Dinah that Cassie can't know anything about this or she wouldn't be marrying Edmund. Dinah tells Jeffrey that this could be good for him, since he's been itching to have Cassie for a long time.

At the jail, Frank, Coop, and Buzz say goodbye to Harley. They all look through the bars at her and she tells them to just go. As they walk away, she calls Happy New Year to them. She looks sad and rests her head against the bars.

Dinah, alone in the barn, pulls a rose from a vase, she says, "how perfect, how Cassie," she throws the rose down to the ground and mashes it with her foot.

At J. Farley's, Reva tells Cassie and Tammy that they are the first ones there. Cassie excuses herself to step outside and call Edmund. While outside her mind goes back to her conversation with Tammy and seeing she and JB kissing. When she opens her eyes, she looks up and sees JB standing there smiling at her.

At Company, Billy, Josh, and Edmund are telling jokes. Edmund steps outside to call Cassie. He's dialing her when Jeffrey appears behind him and asks, "having trouble?" Edmund tells him none so far, and that he doesn't want anything from Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells him that we don't always get what we want. Edmund tells him there's nothing he can do to ruin his evening.

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