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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/29/04

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By Boo
Pictures by Boo

Elizabeth & Company:

Gus comes in to find Frank alone. He asks where everyone is. Frank tells him that they have the new owner to thank for it. He tells Gus that Buzz hasn’t come down yet. Gus asks if they are there for the same reason. When Frank confirms that, Gus concludes that Buzz doesn’t know. Alan walks in about the same time as Buzz and they both overhear the last comment. Buzz asks what he doesn’t know.

Alan tells him that Gus and Frank are trying to figure out how to tell him that Harley has been arrested for Phillip’s murder. Buzz is furious to hear this and goes off on Frank and Gus. Alan keeps putting his two cents in while Gus tries to keep him quiet and calm Buzz down at the same time. Gus and Frank finally get Buzz to understand that Harley was actually Ruth Karloff and she staged the confession to help him. Buzz finally calms down a bit and lets that soak in as he sits at a table. Alan then starts in on Frank and threatens Frank not to try to protect his sister or Alan will take his job away from him again. Buzz gets riled up again listening to Alan and finally has enough of it.

He rushes Alan and the two start to wrestle. Jeffrey walks in just as this happens and he helps Gus and Frank pull the two apart. Once they finally get the two pulled apart, Gus is able to convince Alan to leave. Frank gets Buzz to sit down. Buzz yells at Gus now. He thinks it is all Gus’ fault. Gus explains to him that Harley came up with this all on her own. He didn’t even know about it until she was way in over her head with it. He tells Buzz that he knows Harley is innocent and swears that he will find the real killer. Frank asks for some time alone with his father and Gus leaves.

Outside, Gus sits on a bench and tries to relax when Alan approaches him. Alan tells Gus that it is time he change sides here. Gus tells him that he is on Phillip’s side. He knows that Harley didn’t kill him and he is going to find the real killer. Gus tells Alan that he should have stayed by Harley’s side through this whole thing. He should have left Spaulding Enterprises and walked away and stuck by his girls side. Alan asks if Harley has given any sign that she wants him back. Gus admits that she hasn’t. Alan tells him that Harley paraded around town for months pretending to be Ruth Karloff. She used Gus, she used all of them. Gus tells Alan that if there is one thing he knows, it is police work. He knows how to sift through the evidence and come out with the truth.

Alan agrees that Gus knows police work, but thinks he knows nothing about family loyalty. Gus is hurt to hear Alan say that. After everything Gus did to protect Alex, and everything that he lost because of that. Alan tells him that he should never walk away from family. Gus announces that he is not going to walk away from ‘his’ family and goes back into Elizabeth & Company.

Back inside Buzz worries that he was too hard on Gus. Frank tells him that Gus understands. Buzz asks Frank for a favor. Frank tells him anything. Buzz wants Frank to get Harley out of this. He suggests that Frank make some of the evidence disappear. Frank gets a little angry at this suggestion. He wants to help Harley out too, but it has to be legal. Gus walks back into the building but stays in the shadows listening. Buzz tells Frank that he thought that was what he would say. That is why Frank is a cop and Buzz is just tired. He is tired of people treating him like he will have a heart attack at the sign of any bad news. He is tired of being helpless and angry at the same time. He is tired of being tired. Mostly he is tired of Phillip still reaching out from the grave and hurting his family. He yells at Phillip to leave his family alone and let Harley live her life.

The Beacon:

Jeffrey stops to chat with the maid as Jonathan listens behind a curtain in the hall. The maid tells Jeffrey that Cassie has moved back into the motel for the night. Jeffrey walks away with the maid under his arm looking for more gossip. Jonathan approaches the maids cart and almost gets his hands on the key to Cassie’s room when the maid catches him. He makes up an excuse that his friend in room 420 needs more soap and takes off with the soap in hand.

Dress shop:

Tammy is trying on her dress again for the last fitting. She remembers Jonathan coming in and asking if she needs help with the dress. Sandy walks in and asks the same thing, startling Tammy.

She is relieved to see that it is Sandy and not Jonathan again. Sandy tells her how pretty she looks in the dress and asks if she wants to go skating with him. She doesn’t think the dress would be the right thing to wear. Jokingly Sandy grabs her hand and twirls her around saying that the dress would be perfect for skating. Cassie comes in to see this and isn’t real happy to see Sandy there with her daughter. The seamstress comes in to get Tammy for the fitting. Tammy tells Cassie not to make Sandy leave and goes off with the seamstress. Cassie tells Sandy that she had plans to spend the day with her daughter. Sandy says it is cool, and starts to leave. Cassie remarks that he will see Tammy later. She knows that Tammy is living at Sandy’s apartment now.

Sandy tells her that he agrees that Tammy should be at home right now, but as long as she refuses to do that he thinks his place is a better alternative than some of the other places. He won’t apologize for that. He wishes her a good day and leaves. When Tammy comes back in, she is upset that Cassie made Sandy leave. She tells Cassie that she can’t make Sandy go away for good, he is going to be her date for the wedding. She shocks Cassie by telling her that she could find a replacement, maybe J.B. can go with her. The two of them argue a bit about Tammy being with Sandy now. Tammy tells her mother all that Sandy has done for her and what a great guy he has been. She tells her that Sandy and her are just friends for now. Cassie wonders what the ‘for now’ means. Tammy tells her that she doesn’t know if she will ever want to be with a man again. Cassie tells her that will change and promises that things will get better. Tammy gets upset when Cassie tells her about the conversation with Jonathan and asks if it is true that Tammy is softening up to Jonathan again. Cassie tries to reach out to her and let her know that she loves her, but Tammy still holds back quite a bit. She tells her mother that she doesn’t want to talk about Sandy or J.B. anymore and changes the subject to talk about the hem on the dress. She goes to the back to change. When she comes back out she reports that the dress will be ready first thing in the morning. Cassie hands Tammy a key to the suite at the Beacon and asks her to spend the night with her there. Tammy refuses at first, thinking that Cassie is just trying to get her away from Sandy. Cassie explains that she just wants to have one night with her daughter. They can watch movies, order room service and laugh. Tammy if finally persuaded and agrees to spend the night with her mother. Cassie has to go to the farm to pick up a few things, and Tammy needs to get some stuff from Sandy’s place. They agree to meet at the Beacon. Cassie tells her one last ‘mother’ thing before she leaves. She thinks that Tammy is not going to get over all that has happened to her as quickly as Tammy things and that tonight will be a big night for them both.

The farm:

Edmond notices R.J. playing with a fire truck and asks him if that is his favorite Christmas presents. R.J. tells him that it reminds him of the night of the fire. Edmund agrees with him that night was a scary night for all of them. Tomorrow they are going to make good memories in the barn though. He then tells them that he wants to ask them a question. He tells R.J. to sit on the couch while he goes to get Will. When he returns, he sits Will on the couch and discovers that Will is playing with Cassie’s master key for The Beacon. He takes it away from him and lays it in a bowl on the table. He tells R.J. and Will that he wants their permission to marry Cassie. R.J. is a bit confused and asks if Cassie didn’t already say yes. Edmund explains that Cassie did already say yes, but he wants their permission too. He promises to be the best daddy they could ever want.

R.J. happily gives Edmund the double thumbs up. Jonathan comes in with his present for the happy couple and introduces himself to R.J. and Will. He tells them that he is their cousin and would like to spend some time with them. Edmund quickly tells the boys that he wants them to go and watch their favorite DVD, but R.J. says he would prefer to go and play outside. Edmund tells him to be sure and put on his gloves and jacket and not to go too far from the house. R.J. takes off to play outside while Edmund takes Will to the other room and get him settled with the DVD. While he is gone, Jonathan sits on the couch to wait and can’t believe his luck when he finds the master key to The Beacon laying on the couch. He quickly puts it in his pocket just before

Edmund comes back into the room. He is furious with Jonathan for being there. Edmund angrily shoves him towards the door and tells him to get out. He tells him that when he told him to stay away from the wedding, he meant that he should also stay away from his kids and his home. Jonathan reminds him that all of that, ‘his’ kids, ‘his’ home used to all be his fathers. Now Edmund is going to be marrying Cassie, who also used to be Jonathan’s father.

Jonathan also reminds him that when Edmund came to Reva’s house uninvited, Jonathan treated him much differently. Edmund needs to learn some manners. Edmund tells Jonathan that he is just like Edmund used to be. He thinks he wants revenge on all those that he hates. Edmund can see that Jonathan doesn’t really hate Cassie or Edmund or Reva half as much as he hates himself. As long as Jonathan hates himself, he will always be miserable and alone. This leaves Jonathan speechless and he leaves.

In the barn, Dinah goes in and sees how pretty the barn is decorated for the wedding. She remembers the night of the fire. Then she cries thinking that Cassie always gets everything she wants and Dinah always loses. R.J. comes in and asks what Dinah is doing in the barn. Dinah asks what he is doing. She sits on the steps with him and notices his fire truck. He tells her that it reminds him of the night of the fire. Dinah agrees with him that it was a scary night, but points out that everyone came out of the fire unhurt and so it is okay. R.J. tells her that he remembers that night all the time and he dreams about it too. Dinah misunderstands and thinks that he is telling her that he remembers seeing Edmund hit Jeffrey with the shovel. By the time she realizes that isn’t what he is talking about, it is too late and she has said too much. Now she has to explain to him everything that happened that night. R.J. is now upset and wonders if Edmund hates Jeffrey. Dinah tells him that when he is grown up, his mother will tell him all about it. For now, she wants him to promise to forget their whole conversation and forget that she was even there. Like they used to when she was his invisible friend. R.J. agrees to do this, but is clearly shaken up by the conversation. Cassie tells him that it is getting cold outside and he needs to go back inside. R.J. takes off as Dinah says: “First the fire, now the explosion.”

Outside Elizabeth and Company:

Dinah runs into Jeffrey and tells him that she has heard a rumor that the wedding has been called off.

The Farm:

Cassie has come home to get a few things. She tells Edmund that she is going to spend the night at the Beacon with Tammy. Edmund understands but wants to have a toast with her before she goes. As Cassie starts to search for the master key, Edmund goes to get some cider for the two of them. Cassie searches all over for the key, but doesn’t find it. R.J. comes back in from playing outside and Cassie greats him with a hug. She can tell that he is upset. He tells her he has been thinking about the fire. Cassie understands that thinking about them all being trapped in the fire is scary. A confused R.J. tells her that he thought daddies were supposed to be nice. They aren’t supposed to hurt people.

The Beacon:

Jonathan again finds his favorite curtain for ease dropping when he sees Tammy and Sandy come out of Cassie’s room. Tammy thanks Sandy for bringing her here and tells him it will be awhile before Cassie shows up. The two of them decide to go to the kitchen to grab something to eat. Once they are gone, Jonathan lets himself into the room with the master key. He starts to go through Tammy’s bags and finds a pair of her underwear. He pulls them out and jumps onto the bed. In the hallway, Tammy and Sandy have returned from the kitchen and she thanks him again. She tells him that she doesn’t tell him enough how much she appreciates him. Sandy offers to wait with her but she thinks it best that he not be there when Cassie returns. She gives him a friendly kiss on the cheek and he takes off. Tammy is shocked to see Jonathan in her room.

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