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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/28/04

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By Leigh
Pictures by Boo

Dinah and Jeffrey meet for a prearranged breakfast date. Dinah immediately starts asking him about picking out baby names.

Edmund and Cassie are out for a walk. She remembers she has an appointment for her wedding dress, Edmund tells her he'll drive her, Cassie agrees but tells him he cannot come in and see the dress before their wedding.

At Reva's house, she calls Blake and invites her to Cassie's bacholorette party. Jonathan overhears her, makes a wise crack about it being fun. Reva tells him that it's only for women.

At the hotel in Santo Domingo, Marina tries to stall Tony from going after Danny. She even tries to put some moves on him to no avail. Tony gets angry and asks, "where the hell is Danny?"

Sebastian questions why Tony hasn't returned yet. Holly and Michelle, locked in the cell, tell him he'll be back. Sebastian again brings up Danny, and Michelle wants to know why. He asks her if she really thinks Danny could stay away from her.

In the plane, Danny is radioing the tower and requesting clearance for takeoff. He says to himself, "I'm coming for you Michelle."

Cassie tells Edmund that she doesn't want to bring up Dinah or Jonathan again. Edmund tells her that he's seen Jonathan and that Jonathan believes Tammy is warming up to him. Cassie hopes to God that she doesn't feel drawn to him. Edmund tells her it's not going to happen. He tells Cassie that Jonathan won't get near Tammy or their wedding. They decide they'll meet after her dress appointment for, in Edmund's words, "one last romp."

Dinah tells Jeffrey that she's not pregnant. She tells him that she's had a change of heart where babies are concerned. She'd like to first fall in love, get married, and then have a baby.

Jonathan tells Reva that he's trying to patch things up with Cassie, and that he gave her a wedding gift. Reva tells him that he shouldn't try so hard, and let her handle her family.

Jeffrey gets a cell phone call. He says, he knows the kid, and how much damage did the fire do.

In the hotel, Marina admits that Danny asked her to keep Tony there. Tony tells her he doesn't have time and he needs to find Danny. Marina grabs his shoe, Tony tells her that there's no way that'll stop him. He questions her about her reasons for flying all the way there with Danny. She questioned why Tony came all that way for Michelle.

In the cell, Michelle yells at Sebastian. She wants him to tell her if Danny is coming there. Michelle tells Sebastian that he deserves to die. He tells her if he does he's taking her and her two lover boys along. Holly keeps trying to smooth things over and calm Sebastian down.

In the plane, Danny remembers conversations he had with Michelle about her memory loss. He begins to have engine problems, quickly he calls to the tower, and he calls "Mayday!" He gives his approximate location, telling them that he doesn't know who long he can keep the plane in the air.

Sebastian is in pain and complains that his head feels like it's on fire. He keeps tormenting Michelle about Danny. Holly yells at him to stop. She begs him to open the cell so they can have contact. When he opens the cell Michelle rushes out after him, he grabbed her and got her in a chokehold. He tells Michelle that now she's sealed her fate.

Jeffrey finds Reva and Jonathan having dinner. He tells Jonathan that his parents house burned down. Jonathan acts as though it was a terrible thing! Jeffrey tells Reva that he's going to take Jonathan to the station for questioning. Reva tells him that Jonathan was with her the entire time they were on the island.

Cassie is shocked to see Dinah at the dress shop, trying on a wedding dress. Cassie thinks she's lost her mind and asks Dinah if she's stalking her. Dinah tells her that she's not pregnant and that she may have already met a man who is exactly like her.

At Reva's, Jeffrey continues to question Jonathan and her about there trip to his parents house. Reva tells him about the vagrant that was at the house when they arrived and that he was smoking. When Jeffrey leaves, Jonathan says to Reva, "have we bonded or what?"

Sebastian is holding Michelle, he tells Holly to go to his desk and get his gun from the drawer. Michelle tells Holly not to listen to him.

Tony tells Marina that Sebastian intends to kill anyone that shows up on the island without his cure. Marina is very upset because she didn't think that Sebastian would kill anyone.

Sebastian tells Holly to do as he says. Get the gun! Michelle asks Holly why she's listening to him. Sebastian tells her it's because the two of them were meant to be together.

Tony asks Marina if Danny didn't go to find Ed, she answers not exactly.

On the plane, Danny calls Tony's answering machine to leave a message for Robbie. In the message he tells Robbie that he loves him and that Robbie is the best thing that's ever happened to him.

Dinah imagines that Edmund has come to see her. He tells her how beautiful she is and the dance. Edmund does show up looking for Cassie. Edmund wants to know what she's up to. He asks Dinah, "you can't even let her have this, can you?"

At the park, Cassie runs into Jeffrey. She asks him if he's coming to the wedding and that she sent him an invitation. He claimed to have a stack of mail he's not gone through. Cassie told him that the barn has been rebuilt and that's where the wedding will be held. She said the reason they're having the wedding there is to replace the bad memories of the fire with new good ones.

Reva tells Jonathan that she believed he didn't start his parents house on fire when she stuck up for him against Jeffrey. Jonathan thanked her for looking out for him. Jonathan told her he'd pretend he didn't see that Cassie's bachlorette party is going to be held at J. Farley's.

Danny calls Marina from the plane. He tells her he doesn't have a lot of time because he's lost an engine.

Sebastian is still trying to get Holly to give him the gun. Michelle hears the noise of a plane in trouble, Sebastian tells her he thinks it's her husband.

Instead of giving Sebastian the gun, Holly points it at him.

Dinah overhears Reva on the phone talking about Cassie's party. She makes a wise crack about not needing a stripper because Cassie already is one. Reva lets it slip that the wedding ceremony will be held at the barn, where Dinah and Heart were to be married.

Cassie tells Edmund that she and Tammy are staying at the Beacon if he wants to call he can but no stopping by. The next time they see each other she tells him should be at the wedding.

Danny asks Marina to look after Robbie then speaks with Tony. He tells Tony that there are names in his bag he used to locate Ed in the past and that now he'll have to find him. Danny asks him to play the message he left for Robbie at the right time. Danny tells him to, "save our girl," and the phone goes dead.

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