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Guiding Light Update Monday 12/27/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Amanda

Marina is looking at blueprints when Danny comes into the room. He tells her that no one has seen or heard of Michelle or Tony so he’s going to show some photos around to see if anyone has seen them and to see what they can find out. Marina wishes they had more to go on.

Tony is trying to make arrangements to fly off the island as soon as possible. The hotel manager mentions that Danny is a private pilot and calls him to see if he can help while

Sebastian is on the phone stating Michelle’s husband, Danny Santos, is in Santo Domingo and that he’ll try to get to them. He tells them to make sure he doesn’t then throws a vase against the wall in frustration.

Michelle tells Holly that Sebastian is getting crazier and crazier. Holly says you would be too if you were fighting for your life and losing. Michelle tells Holly she’s on his side and is locked in with the enemy.

On the Spaulding patio, Lizzie tells Coop that Roxy is the smartest dog. Coop says she is smarter than her owner. Lizzie is thinking of changing the name of the restaurant to Roxy & Company. Coop says she is the boss. Lizzie tells Coop it was sweet of him to get Roxy a gift. They both are talking to themselves about how well their plans are working. Coop tells Lizzie she doesn’t need mistletoe to kiss him. Lizzie says fighting is all we do because we like each other. Coop says anything is possible (he says to himself except for that.) They both say to themselves “it’s working.”

Alan is pouring Beth a glass of brandy in the Spaulding dining room. She is recounting the decorations on the tree and picks out Phillip’s favorite ornament and the history behind it. Beth is in tears and asks if Alan dreams about Phillip. Alan doesn’t dream about Phillip, but Beth does every night. Beth confesses they are not good dreams. They are nightmares.

In Elizabeth & Company, Gus and Harley are on the ladder still kissing. She says she wants to make sure she’s not dreaming. Gus says if she is, he doesn’t want her to wake up. They continue to kiss. Frank is watching Gus and Harley through the window and gets a call from Jeffrey, who Frank promises to bring in Phillip’s murderer tonight.

Danny is on the phone and says he is a licensed pilot but isn’t interested. Tony tries to speak with Danny but he hangs up. Tony grabs the manager and demands he take him to the pilot because the woman he loves will die tonight if he doesn’t get off the island. He says the pilot is his only hope.

Michelle is banging on the door and calling out for Sebastian. Sebastian raises the door. She says she wants to help him and give him a shot. Sebastian says no as for all he knows, she’ll shoot him up with drain cleaner. He says women are concerned with their self serving agendas. Michelle confesses that is funny coming from such a generous guy like him. Holly says he’s talking about me. She tells Sebastian he fought for so long and wonders why he is giving up now. Sebastian confesses he has nothing to hold onto. Holly says he should hold onto her.

Alan asks Beth about her dreams and says she didn’t betray Phillip. Beth continues to cry and says Phillip was the love of her life. Alan asks if she is all right.

She says she is tired. Beth leaves to get some fresh air, and Alan follows her. They walk outside onto the patio to see Coop almost kissing Lizzie. Alan tells Coop not to even think about it. Lizzie explains they were just leaving. Alan says the Coopers have caused their family enough trouble already. Coop offers to go and pickup Roxy at the restaurant. Coop leaves. Alan tells Lizzie her father wouldn’t like this. Beth intercedes and says maybe that’s why it’s okay. She says maybe Lizzie will be the one to put a stop to the mess this family has made.

Buzz comes out of the restaurant to talk with Frank. Frank is trying to give Gus and Harley some space. Frank doesn’t think it’s going to be a promising new year. Buzz reminds Frank of all the good fortunes and tells him it’s going to be a better year. He tells Frank to get over it. The family is together and everything is fine. Zach comes out (holding Roxy) as Buzz says they are going to the park to make a snowman. He asks Frank to go, but he has other things to do. Frank and Zach share “I love you’s.”

Gus is still kissing Harley, and he helps her off the ladder. She says they can’t do this. Gus asks why. Harley says this is insane after all that has happened all the pain, hurt, and nightmare with their families. Gus replies he doesn't remember any of that and asks her to come on, please. Harley says she wants to. Gus kisses Harley as Frank watches on from outside.

Marina changes into a floral halter dress. (She looks very nice.) Danny is wondering how anyone will help him when they’ll be staring at Marina. He has been writing down the addresses of the nearby hotels. Danny asks how she feels about ditching her family for Christmas. She says she called Frank, and he doesn’t appear to be worried about her. Danny says because he thinks she is skiing with a friend. There is a knock on the door. Tony comes into the room and tells Danny he needs his help and has no idea what they’ve been through. Danny punches Tony and knocks him to the ground.

Michelle is preparing a syringe for Sebastian and tells him he won’t regret this. Sebastian says I guess we’ll find out. He asks if Michelle has anyone to live for. She says I have a son. Sebastian asks about her husband, Danny. He asks if she was going to say Tony. Michelle says people say Danny and I were meant to be together, but she can’t remember, and probably never will. Sebastian says then there is poor Danny who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for someone who doesn’t even love him. Michelle inquires what that’s supposed to mean. Sebastian tells her to give him the injection.

Back inside of the dining room, Alan is against Lizzie being involved with Coop and wants her to set her sights much higher. Beth tells Alan not to be such a snob. Lizzie asks if she has a say in this. Beth and Alan say no. Beth asks if he wants Lizzie to pick up the hate where Phillip left off. She wants better for Lizzie and to love and be loved in ways Phillip never could. Alan says he wants the same thing. Beth says only on his terms. She wants Lizzie to be the best she can be and not the way Phillip was at the end because she’s glad that person is not coming back. Alan and Lizzie are shocked. Beth is really starting to lose it and tells Lizzie she didn’t mean. She leaves to check on James. Alan tells Lizzie that Christmas has been hard on everyone, but she doesn’t have to turn to Coop. Lizzie confesses she doesn’t like Coop and it’s strictly business. She talks about her plan for getting close to Coop so that his family will stop fighting her on every executive decision. Alan offers help if Lizzie ever needs it as they have to pull together because they have a lot of enemies. Lizzie tells Alan they’ll crush them and make Phillip proud.

Zach is holding Roxy and tells him how happy Lizzie is that he’s been found. Lizzie calls Coop, and Coop tells her the dog is in Zach’s arms, and they are just going to take him for a walk. Lizzie says she’ll meet them there. Coop asks if Buzz will cover for him tomorrow night as both he and Lizzie will be off. He says they might go out to a movie. Buzz says “on a date?” Buzz tells Coop to do him a favor and find another girl. Buzz and Zach leave, and Coop is happy that he bought it.

Gus wants to turn down the lights and turn up the music and pick up where they left off on Thanksgiving night. Harley asks how can they forget Phillip’s murderer might be out there and in his arms right now. Gus tells Harley “my girl is not a murderer.” He kisses Harley and tells her he doesn’t want this to end. Frank comes into the restaurant.

Harley tells Frank she thought he left. Frank is reluctant to speak and says “I’m arresting you for the murder of Phillip Spaulding.” Gus and Harley have shocked look on their faces.

Danny tells Tony to get up, and Tony wonders what that is for. He accuses Tony of taking advantage of Michelle when she was trying to put her life back together. Danny tells Tony he encouraged Michelle to abandon her son. Tony yells that that is not what happened and asks what Marina is doing here. Danny wants to know where Michelle is. Tony explains she is with Holly and Sebastian is holding them hostage. They are on an island south of here. Tony tells Danny he can’t go by himself. He left to find Ed Bauer to get the cure for the disease that Sebastian has and that he needs to get off the island tonight. Danny says he found Ed once, and he’ll find him again. He very firmly tells Tony from now on, they are going to do things his way.

Michelle tells Holly that Sebastian is hiding something and that he is talking about Danny. Sebastian calls out for Holly. He admits he is feeling better. His headache is gone. Holly tells him he seems more relaxed. Sebastian talks about the first time he ever saw Holly. She says that would be at Towers when he told her that Roger was dead. He says it was long before that, and he wanted Holly from that moment.

At the park, Lizzie and Roxy are reunited. Coop says Zach was taking care of him. Lizzie explains she’s lucky to have Zach as a brother. Zach is looking for his snowman. Buzz says the snow melted fast. Buzz talks about the snowman Zach and Phillip built a few years ago. Buzz says Phillip knows he did it. Zach and Buzz hug, and Zach tells his granddad he loves him. Buzz promises they’ll build a bigger snowman and his dad will know he did it. They hug and share I love you’s again. Buzz tells Zach to go and get Roxy. Alan arrives and tells Buzz it was a touching speech considering how he felt about Phillip. Little Emma is with Alan. Buzz tells Alan as a father, he can’t imagine what he’s going through, but it’s time to move life along since the murderer has been caught. Alan says it will never be over for him.

Beth is calling Rick and leaves him a message asking for them to meet. She has something to tell him about Phillip and her.

Gus tells Frank this is crazy and that it was Ruth Karloff who killed Phillip. Frank tells Harley he is sorry. Gus reminds Frank that he closed the case and this is his sister and not to go down this road. Harley says he knows about Ruth and asks how. He mentions the scar and it’s the same scar Ruth Karloff had on the bridge on her tape. Frank says there is no Ruth Karloff and that Harley is Ruth. Gus asks how he can do this. Frank says because I’m a cop, the chief of police, and a man is dead. He says he has to know if Harley shot Phillip. She replies “I don’t know.”

Tony tells Danny he’s not letting him go. Danny says you won’t just fly into Africa and find Ed sitting around a campfire in the middle of a jungle. Tony tells Danny he was there, and he won’t be able to get them out of there. Danny asks how could Tony have let this happen. Tony yells he tried to protect Michelle.

Marina drags Danny out of the room. Danny tells her has to go and get Michelle and can’t trust anything Tony says. He has to fly down there himself. Danny wants Marina to stay and convince Tony that he went to get Ed.

Sebastian says the first time he saw Holly was a year ago in Springfield when he was looking for Roger, and he went to Holly’s office and followed her to the park. He says she was so beautiful and has never seen anyone so beautiful. Sebastian wanted to introduce himself, but was afraid he’d scare her. So, he just watched her. Sebastian wonders if their lives would had been different if he had introduced himself. Holly says he needs to ask himself where he wants to be right now. Sebastian says it was that night in the park that she touched him with her light, and he can feel it now even though she has hurt him. Sebastian says that is the only reason he needs to fight and live.

Coop asks Lizzie if she has any plans for tomorrow night. She says she has to work. He is wondering if they could hang out. (Lizzie tells herself she’d rather have a root canal.) Lizzie says it sounds good. Coop tells Lizzie that Buzz isn’t in to covering for them. Lizzie says she’ll play boss lady. Lizzie approaches Buzz and Alan and says they have an announcement. Coop says they are going out tomorrow night. Alan and Buzz state in unison “on a date?” Lizzie says on their first date and tells Buzz he’ll take care of Elizabeth & Company. Coop will pick her up in a bulldozer. Alan and Buzz are not pleased.

Beth frantically calls Rick and gets his voice mail again. She listens to her previous message and erases it. Beth sits alone in the dining room.

Frank is wondering why Harley created Ruth and went undercover without telling him. She says Ruth was device to get into Spaulding so she could shut them down to size. Harley says things started to get out of hand, and then she couldn’t stop being Ruth. Frank tells witness saw her coming out of Company the night of the murder, and she didn’t come forward. Harley was hoping the real killer would come forward. She talks about protecting Buzz and she was in the position to help Buzz and Frank couldn’t. Frank asks “do you know how bad this makes you look?” Gus tries to stop Harley from talking. She tells him to leave, but Gus refuses. Harley talks about the night Phillip was murdered. She says Phillip had a gun, they struggled, and she hit her head. Frank asks about he bloody handkerchief. Harley says he cut his hand breaking in. Frank says Ruth sent Phillip a threatening letter. Harley says I was there to plant the letter to make Ruth look guilty. Gus replies that doesn’t mean she killed him. Frank is desperate for more information to knock down the evidence against her. She says she doesn’t remember anything. Gus says I’ll give you what you need. He just wants more time. Harley says time is up. Frank and Harley confess I love you’s. She says give me your cuffs. Frank hands Harley the handcuffs, and she puts them on her wrists as Gus watches on. Frank has tears in his eyes.

Marina tells Danny that Tony will go ballistic. Marina doesn’t want Danny going alone. He says it’s the only way to get Michelle off the island. She tells Danny to go. He says he hopes she knows how glad he is that she is here. Danny kisses Marina good-bye and leaves. Marina goes back into the room and tells Tony that Danny went to find Ed alone. Tony replies that Danny always wants to be the hero for Michelle.

Holly returns to the sealed room. Michelle asks what Sebastian said about Danny. Holly replies he didn’t say anything. Sebastian is on the phone and asks if they are sure Danny is heading this way and hopes he has a very safe flight.

Alan tells Emma how happy he is she is with him and it’s where she belongs as Beth arrives at the park. She says it reminds her of Central Park and the time she spent with Phillip. Alan thinks they were strong this Christmas because of the children and have to continue to be strong for Lizzie and James. He believes Beth is going to have to help Emma as well. Beth doesn’t think she has that much fight left in her. Alan believes Beth will do anything to protect her children and Beth agrees.

Gus tells Harley this is wrong. She says it isn’t and maybe she killed Phillip. She wants to know the truth. Frank wants to leave, and Harley asks him not to tell Buzz before they have to. Harley thanks Gus for trying to protect her. Gus promises they’ll find out who shot Phillip as he touches Harley’s face. Harley has tears in her eyes. As Harley and Frank leave, they look at Gus from outside of the restaurant.

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