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Guiding Light Update Friday 12/24/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

A theme was used for today's show. The adage of the butterfly flapping it's wings and the effects being felt all over was put to wonderful use in today's episode.

At Elizabeth & Company, Harley gives Zach a Christmas present from Phillip, a live butterfly since Ross found a Christmas list that Phillip had made. Zach lets the butterfly out of it's cage and it flies away. In trying to catch it, the star on the tree is broken. Harley promises Zach that she'll get another star because she told Zach that was Phillip watching over him. Harley goes to the Beacon and enlists Bill’s help in making a star out of tin can. In the process, Bill cuts his hand and a doctor is called to mend his wound. Harley sees a star on one of the trees in the lobby and in an attempt to get the star down from the top, she knocks over the tree. Cassie arrives and tells Harley she knows where she can get a star.

Things are tense at the Lewis house with Josh and Reva missing their kids.

Jonathan plays the “Grinch” with his snake on top of his Santa hat. Reva gives Jonathan his own stocking which he proudly hangs on the mantle. Later, Cassie and Harley arrive, and Cassie asks if Reva has an extra star but Reva only has an angel. Harley leaves to continue her search as Josh and Jonathon leave to give the sisters some time alone.

Bill asks Ross for his help in freeing Olivia from Ravenwood and Ross says he’ll speak to Alan. The doctor tells Bill that he’ll require a tetanus shot, but he’s on his way to see a patient at Ravenwood. Bill eagerly agrees to go and the doctor helps Bill get into Olivia’s room, and they share their dream of how they would have spend Christmas.

They kiss and fall to the floor.

Ross arrives at the Spaulding mansion and tries to plead Bill’s case with Alan to free Olivia from Ravenwood. Ross states Bill has the mayor on his side. Ross then asks for Gus’s help to reason with Alan. Lizzie arrives and says that Roxy is missing. Coop also arrives with a gift for Roxy, and Lizzie, Coop, and Gus leave to search for the dog.

In the park, Josh and Jonathan meet up with Tammy and Edmund. Josh suggests that Edmund and Tammy go to the house and see Cassie and Reva. Jon says he’s going to J. Farley’s. He leaves and Tammy is impressed with Jon’s gesture.

At the Lewis house, Josh and Reva, Cassie and Tammy with Edmund on the piano, sing “O Holly Night” while Jonathan watches through the outside window with tears in his eyes. Tammy sees Jonathon peeking through the window. Josh and Reva seem happy at that moment.

Gus finds Roxy at Elizabeth & Company. Harley arrives back at the restaurant. A star is located attached to Roxy.

In the process of hanging the star on the tree, Gus and Harley share a very long and passionate kiss on a ladder while Buzz addresses the audience about Christmas and love and troubles being suspended for the season.

The show ends with a crawl of the production and some of the actors of the show.

On a personal note, this was a wonderful episode and I hope each of you enjoy it as much as I did.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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