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Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/23/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Marina and Danny are on a private plane that Danny is flying. Marina says she told Frank that she went skiing with a friend. Danny doesn’t want her to lie to her family and will put her on the next flight to Springfield when they reach Santo Domingo. Marina refuses saying that she doesn’t want to miss all the fun. She searches for some snacks and finds a gun. She says “Merry Christmas.”

Michelle is still in the locked room and is pounding on the door and yelling. Maureen appears and asks what all the yelling is about.

Sebastian asks if this is pity and Holly says no. Sebastian caresses her face and says he’s wanted Holly from the moment he laid eyes on her but never dreamed she’d want him. She says he understands her. Sebastian asks Holly to be his salvation and she kisses him.

Josh and Reva arrive outside of the Beacon and see a sign for the Spaulding Christmas party. He suggests they go somewhere else.

Reva is wondering if Josh was trying to avoid her meatloaf. Josh first says he can tolerate her meatloaf and Reva is not happy with his answer. Josh says he loves her meatloaf and asks what is wrong with her. Reva tells him about the phone call about Jonathan  renting a tux. Josh wonders if Jonathan  is going to crash Cassie and Edmund’s wedding and try and ruin it. Cassie comes out wondering what they are doing outside.

In the Lewis living room, Jonathan  is recalling the conversation with Cassie about trying to put their problems behind them and sees her put his wedding gift in the garbage can. Jonathan  picks up the wedding gift and says “tossed in the trash. What else is new?”

Back inside of the Beacon, Gus is also looking at the Spaulding party sign that shows a photo of the entire family, including Phillip. He relives the conversation with Harley about her doing what she had to do to save her father and that she might be the real killer. Beth tells Gus that Phillip hated that picture of himself and didn’t like big parties either. Gus suggests they leave and get a drink but she says he is CEO of Spaulding Enterprises and it might not be that bad since Phillip’s murder has been solved and people can move on. Beth says she is trying to move on and asks if Gus is too. She says Gus hasn’t gotten any relief from Ruth Karloff confession and asks why. Gus replies because he started to get to know her. Beth wonders if Gus thinks that Ruth didn’t really do it and the real killer is still out there walking around free.

Frank is outside of Elizabeth & Company thinking about his realization that Ruth is really Harley. He goes into Company and Harley asks where is his Christmas spirit and then hugs him.

Harley wants to create the perfect Christmas for Zack and Jude since they’ve been through so much the past few months. Frank says you can’t pretend that none of this happened, and Phillip’s death has changed a lot peoples lives for forever. She says the investigation is closed, and they can move on. Harley asks if Frank is having trouble letting go. Frank believes Ruth Karloff would have been alive if he hadn’t scared her to death on the bridge. Harley says that Ruth would have jumped anyway, and she wasn’t so innocent. Frank believes Phillip’s life was worth something and someone has to pay for his death. Harley says someone has paid and tells him he has to put this out of his mind. Frank replies he can’t do that.

Reva asks Josh not to tell Cassie about Jonathan renting a tux. Cassie approaches and asks don’t tell Cassie about what? Reva covers and says it’s about her wedding gift. Josh says “big surprise, yeah.” Cassie says that she needs to talk to Reva about Christmas. Reva says “no. Do not do this to me.” Cassie says she can’t come to their house on Christmas and hopes they can understand. Josh says he can understand but Reva is disappointed. She asks about Marah and Shayne. Cassie says they can come to the farm and see her tomorrow night. Reva says that she hates this. Cassie says that Reva has an obligation to be with Jonathan. Reva replies it’s more than an obligation. Cassie says he ripped the family apart and that won’t be changing anytime soon. Reva wants to know what she can do so they can spend some time at Christmas. Cassie asks her not to invite Jonathan. Reva says “how can you ask me that?” Josh tells Reva that she asked her sister what she could do, and Cassie answered. He tells Reva that it’s up to her now and that she can’t have it all anymore.

The phone rings and Jonathan  answers with an English accent saying “Lewis Central.” It’s Marah. Jonathan  says hey sis. He asks her what is up and that they are flying home for Christmas tomorrow. Jonathan says they have a lot of catching up to do.

Michelle says mom. Maureen is happy that she remembers her. Michelle wants to remember more about Maureen because she feels safe and warm when she remembers her.

Maureen says Im not an angel and never was. She says that my heart was always in the right place, and she did a lot of silly things. Maureen says that Im not better than you. Michelle replies she is selfish for the way she treated Danny, Tony, and Robbie. Maureen has this feeling that Michelle is going to show the world what she is really made of. She tells Michelle to be brave and that she loves her. Michelle tells Maureen she loves her too. Maureen leaves.

Holly tells Sebastian they shouldn’t be doing this. Sebastian wants to look at her and tells Holly she is so beautiful. He kisses her hand and stares into her eyes. Holly asks him to lie down with her. They kiss again, and Sebastian begins kissing her neck. Holly looks away (as if she is acting.)

Sebastian begins to undo the buttons on Holly’s blouse. She stops him. He asks her if she wants him to stop and that she is cold. Holly says before we go any further, she wants him to release Michelle. Sebastian gets up and looks suspicious.

Gus thanks Beth for hanging out with him because it makes him feel good and asks Beth if she is okay. Beth asks if Gus doubts that Ruth Karloff is the killer because she has no doubts. Beth feels in a strange way, she relates to her.

She says shes not talking about the outside, but the inside. Someone else who feels scared and powerless. Beth says she is glad that its no one they knew well and feels that Gus should move on too.

Harley tells Frank she is going to have to teach someone to have a little Christmas spirit. To start focusing on the things they don’t have, but the things they do have. They talk about their childhood Christmases. Frank says they didn’t have much. Harley replies they had each other. They talk about going to Egan’s department store and the big silver star on the top of the tree and it was message from Buzz from heaven and that he’d always be with them. Frank continues about when Harley was trying to grab for a real star in the sky and then fell. That is how she got the scar on her arm. He says every time I look at that scar (he touches the scar on Harley’s arm), I remember how I failed you. Harley says I was out of control and was always doing things I shouldn’t and Frank says she still does. Harley says ‘tis the season to be jolly not maudlin. Frank tells Harley he will always be here for her no matter what happens. He doesn’t want Harley to doubt for one second how much he loves her. Harley says whatever life throws at them, they’ll deal with it together like they always have. Frank says there is something he needs to tell her. There is a knock at the door, and Harley leaves because it’s Zack.

Sebastian tells Holly she had him going there for awhile and that she actually cared. Holly wants to stay of her own free will and asks for Michelle to be released again. Sebastian says “look around you, you have no free will. You and Michelle are at my mercy until I say so.”

Danny and Marina have arrived in Santo Domingo. Marina comes to Dannys room, and he offers her a drink. She says she loves the island. He asks how she could since its dark. She says its romantic and exotic. He says maybe, one day they can go to a place like this when there is no mission to accomplish and Marina says shed like that.

Danny says, me too. They are about to kiss when there is a knock on the door and Danny takes out his gun. Its a bellhop. He tells Danny someone else with the name with Santos was in the hotel a while back and asks if there is any relation. Danny pulls out some cash and asks the bellhop to tell him everything he remembers about this person.

Cassie asks Josh if she should go outside. Josh says Reva wanted time, and they should give her some time. Cassie wonders if she was too harsh about Jonathan. Josh thinks Reva needed to hear it. He talks about the pact he and Edmund made as they have a common goal to protect her and Reva and to make sure Jonathan doesn’t come to the wedding.

Outside of the Beacon, Jonathan arrives and tells Reva she just got a call at the house from Marah. She asks if he spoke to her. Jonathan told Marah he’s give Reva the message ASAP. Marah and Shane won’t be coming for Christmas after all. Jonathan says “bummer huh?” Reva has sadness in her eyes.

Danny asks if the other hotel guest was a woman. Danny shows the bellhop photos of Michelle and Tony, and he confirms they were Senor and Senora Santos and they were on their honeymoon and seemed very much in love.

Reva says she just spoke with Marah and that she was so excited about coming. She says that Shane was supposed to meet Marah in Paris and fly home together. Reva says he was coming and now he’s not and that it doesn’t make any sense. Jonathan asks if she thinks he said something to make them cancel. She says you keep lying to me. Jonathan asks what he lied about. Reva tells him about the tux rental. He says he ordered the tux rental because he thought he’d be invited to the wedding. Reva laughs and says “oh really.” He claims he ordered the tux because he wanted to look nice and forgot to cancel the tux when he was uninvited to the wedding. Reva doesn’t buy it. Jonathan asks Reva why he’d want to go to a place where he’s not wanted. Reva says to cause trouble and to rub their noses in it. She says as much as you hate us, you need us. Jonathan says she needs his forgiveness and not to hold her breath.

Gus asks Beth if she is all right because she seems edgy and upset. Gus explains he’s not 100% certain that Ruth Karloff killed Phillip. Beth wants him to accept the confession for the gift that it is. Beth says the suspicion was ripping the family apart, and they finally have some closure. She gets the feeling that Gus is not going to let this rest and says it’s better for all of us that Ruth Karloff is the killer and to move on.

Frank asks Harley what happened to them. How did their lives get so turned upside down and Phillip dead. Harley replies it’s her fault. After Gus broke her heart, she became obsessed and did stuff she’d never do. She says if I had to do it again, she’d walk away. Frank asks if there is anything she wants to tell him and that he’ll understand. Harley confesses she misses Gus. She says last Christmas, I thought that this Christmas we’d be a family. Harley says that there are all those moments with him. She says anyway and asks Frank if he notices anything different about the tree. Harley says she got rid of the ugly spaceship that Danny and Marina put up and put on a star Harley says that she told Zack the same thing Frank told her as a child about Buzz. That Phillip is shining down on him. She hopes Phillip is at peace and that she did the right thing. Frank asks what did she do and pleads to let him help her.

Reva asks Jonathan if he thinks she enjoys her doubting him all the time. Josh comes out, and Jonathan goes inside to see what Olivia is up to. Reva tells Josh that Jonathan spoke to Marah and that she and Shane are not coming home for Christmas. Josh asks what Jonathan said to make Marah not want to come. Reva says she can’t make Jonathan leave the house for Christmas. Josh replies she can, but she won’t. Reva thinks they’ll find another way to spend Christmas with Cassie and her family. They’ll go out to the farm or something and asks Josh if he understands?

Jonathan asks Cassie how is Tammy and that he feels bad about their misunderstanding. Cassie tells him not to even say her name. Jonathan admits it was a bit more than a misunderstanding and thinks they can get past it. Cassie doesn’t think so. Jonathan says Tammy is already softening up and he feels he can regain her trust. He thinks they can all be a family one day and that Tammy and he will be close again. Jonathan smiles and walks away as Cassie has a look of hatred on her face.

Marina is confused that Michelle and Tony were there and happy. She asks about Sebastian. Danny says he is sorry and that this is not what he expected. Marina thinks that there might be a gap and that Sebastian came on the bellhop’s day off and Michelle and Tony get separated. Danny says he has to make sure Michelle is safe and that whatever is going on, he has to find her.

Sebastian pushes Holly back in the sealed room with Michelle as she yells she was trying to help him. Michelle asks what is wrong with Holly and that they could have over powered him. Holly tells Michelle that Sebastian is stronger than she thinks he is. Michelle tells Holly that Sebastian is not the only one with psychological problems. Holly wants all of them to get out in one piece. Michelle says Sebastian is getting more irrational and angry by the day, and she has to make up her mind what side she is on and if she wants to live or not.

The bellhop calls Sebastian and says Danny Santos is at the hotel and is looking for him.

Harley wants all the talk about Phillip in the past and wants to concentrate on the present, at least until after Christmas. She asks Frank if he’d like to take a break from all the depressing stuff and Frank agrees. Harley wants to concentrate on having the best Christmas ever for the kids. Then after Christmas, they can let reality rear it’s ugly head again. Frank says he can do that. They’ll keep reality at bay until after Christmas and only think positive thoughts. Harley says when the world comes crashing in, they’ll have the strength to tackle it. Frank says that he has to go. Harley was hoping he’d help her wrap presents. Frank says he’ll never desert her and will always be there for her no matter what. He kisses Harley goodbye and leaves. Harley sees a card addressed to Gus and picks up the phone to call him.

Gus answers the phone and asks Harley? Harley doesn’t respond. Beth says you see? You and Harley don’t stand a chance if you don’t let this go. She says that he needs to move on. Gus says he’s going to make one more round being the happy CEO and then he’s jumping on the bus. He walks away.

Harley is alone in restaurant as Frank watches her from outside. He makes a call and says he has another suspect in the Phillip Spaulding murder case and will bring them in after Christmas.

Beth looks at the photo of the Spaulding family on the billboard and stares intently at Phillip. She knocks the sign down in anger and walks away.

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