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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/22/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Frank is at the station watching the Ruth video tape over and over when Gus brings in a file about Ruth. Frank says he sees a desperate woman and that officially, the case is closed. Harley and Buzz arrive at Elizabeth and Co. Harley says it’s over and he’s free. When she says she would have done anything to free him, Buzz asks what she’s done.

Danny is at the Beacon and asking Blake about Sebastian. He says that Sebastian was asking him questions about Michelle and Ed and he is starting to get worried. Danny tells Blake he believes she is lying to him and has been for a long time.

Michelle starts to inject the concoction into Sebastian. Tony and Holly are watching and Holly yells for Michelle to stop. Michelle says Holly is worried about the dosage. Holly says she wants more testing. Tony says Michelle knows what she’s doing. Sebastian tells Marco to inject Tony instead.

Blake tells Danny that she doesn’t understand what he wants and that he is scaring her. Danny tells her about the call from Michelle and his prior conversation with Sebastian. Danny tells her that this isn’t about him longing for Michelle and that he won’t back off until Blake tells him what she’s hiding. Ross arrives and says he wants to hear her answer too.

Sebastian says he doesn’t like being a lab rat as Michelle yells, “wait.” Sebastian asks what was in the syringe. Michelle admits it was a tranquilizer. Sebastian is angry and Tony warns him against hurting Michelle.

Harley assures Buzz that he hasn’t done anything wrong but Buzz doesn’t believe her. Maria and Coop hug Buzz then Lizzie says the reunion is over and they have a business to run. Marina tells Lizzie that Harley and Coop are happy that their dad is alive and well and to give them a minute. Lizzie says her father is dead and she has a lifetime to be sad about it.

Coop tells Marina that so far his plan is working while Lizzie tells Roxie the dog that Coop will convince the Coopers that she isn’t all bad. Then she complains that no one made coffee. Marina says she has the night off and will be helping Danny with something as Frank and Gus arrive.

Harley asks why Gus is with Frank. He says he brought Frank a file about Ruth. He says Frank is fine and she is fine and he is fine. Buzz wants to speak to Harley and Frank outside because he has some questions. He says he has a confession about what happened to Phillip.

Danny begs Blake to tell him what she knows for Robbie’s sake. Ross says Sebastian left with Holly in tow and wanted Blake to go with them but he wouldn’t let her. They were searching for something to do with Roger Thorpe. Danny doesn’t understand what Michelle would have to do with this and senses she is in trouble. Blake confirms Michelle went with Sebastian and that Roger left something for Maureen. She mentions that Michelle didn’t run off to be with Tony if that makes Danny feel any better. Danny replies it doesn’t.

Tony wants to go and find Ed and get the cure. He feels Sebastian has to take the chance. Holly tells Sebastian he has no other options. Tony says he won’t let anything happen to Michelle. Sebastian finally agrees and activates the bars to come up. Sebastian pulls Holly out of the cell, and Marco pushes Michelle back in. He tells Marco to seal them off. A big cement wall comes down. Holly has a shocked look on her face. Sebastian says, “it’s just you and me now baby!”

Coop tells Lizzie that people love the pink shirts. Lizzie believes Coop can carry the color off. He offers to make Lizzie a peach mango drink. She tells Coop he’s the greatest and Coop says no, you are the greatest. Coop leaves. Lizzie tells Roxie that she has Coop wrapped around her little finger, and they are making Phillip proud.

Buzz confesses he saw Phillip that evening and they argued about the children. Gus is outside too. He says I came back because he and Phillip couldn’t speak till 9 pm. Phillip picked up the gun, and Buzz tried to grab the gun but couldn’t get it away from him. Buzz states when he left Phillip was alive. He says anything I would have said would have made him look like a suspect and knew Alex had been there and Buzz didn’t want to implicate her or anyone else. Frank says it’s all over and hugs Buzz. Harley hugs Buzz too. Frank and Buzz go back inside. Gus asks if Harley heard what he said. Harley doesn’t know what to believe anymore. She says after everything I did, and he was innocent all along. Harley says I did what I had to do to save my father’s life. Gus replies the real killer owes them one. Harley says we are back to theory one that I’m the real killer.

Holly says she’s starting to think it’s easier for Sebastian to lie down and die than hope. Sebastian replies he’s doing what it takes to survive. He believes Michelle was trying to hurt him. Holly confesses she is afraid. Sebastian says welcome to the real world. She states I know you. I had the real world at home with Blake and the kids. He asks if Holly was happy. Holly believes he’s trying to punish everyone for getting a raw deal. Sebastian tells Holly he saved her and asks why she did that.

Tony hopes Holly is trying to talk some sense into Sebastian. Michelle doesn’t think Holly knows what side she is on. She bangs on the wall to get out.

Michelle is worried about not seeing Robbie for Christmas and fears he’ll think she abandoned him. Tony talks about the memory she had of her mother that showed her warmth and love and believes Robbie feels the same way. He says your mother is always your mother and when someone is touched by Michelle, they don’t forget it. Tony kisses Michelle and they hug.

Danny asks Blake where Sebastian took Michelle and Holly. She says they flew to Miami and boarded a chartered yacht. Danny asks how Tony got there. Blake thinks he just followed Michelle. Danny is surprised as he thought Tony and Michelle ran off together. Blake says we don’t know that Sebastian has done anything wrong. Ross tells Blake to wake up and people lives could be in trouble. Ross asks Blake for info. She is guessing they went to Santa Domingo. Blake says we don’t know if he is doing them any harm. Ross asks Blake she doesn’t know right? She doesn’t answer. Danny says that is what is worrying him and leaves.

Lizzie asks Coop why he is being so nice to her. Coop says it’s not easy to lose a mother or father and wants to help. He offers to listen if she ever wants to talk. Lizzie confesses it’s very sweet of him. Coop tells himself she’s a sucker. Lizzie tells herself that Coop is a sap.

Harley asks Gus how does he know that she didn’t shoot Phillip; his brother. Frank comes out saying he has to get back to the station since he hasn’t been able to locate Ruth Carloff’s family. He hopes Gus and his family can find peace now that they know Ruth was the murderer. Frank leaves, and Gus tells Harley he’d love for them to have a little peace. Harley agrees as Gus goes back inside of the restaurant.

Blake thanks Ross for joining her. Ross says he seems to have lost his holiday spirit. Blake replies that people were asking about him. Ross wonders if people were asking about Holly. Blake apologizes and says he was right about everything. She was wrong to trust Sebastian. Ross replies she trusted her heart. Ross believes Sebastian took advantage of Blake’s love for Roger. Blake thinks Ross should have told her “I told you so.” Ross is glad he didn’t let her go with Sebastian. Blake says you would be worse than Danny and would be calling out for the National Guard. She puts her hands on Ross’ face. Blake confesses she had a bad feeling about Sebastian, but she didn’t want to lose her brother. She worries that Sebastian may have done something to Holly or Michelle. Ross states we’ll find them. Ross and Blake hug.

Holly tells Sebastian she can’t live with herself if she let him die. She says I didn’t hurt you when I had the chance and is not lying now. Holly believes Tony could go and find Ed to get the cure. She asks Sebastian what choice does he have. Sebastian calls out for Marco. Sebastian states he’s releasing Tony. He’s not doing it for himself. He’s doing it for Holly. Sebastian tells Holly he likes the way she sees him when she looks right into him. When she’s looking at a person who is not all bad and that moment is everything.

Danny meets up with Marina outside of Elizabeth & Company and tells her she looks great. He confesses Michelle didn’t run off with Tony and explains what really happened. Marina feels terrible about what she’s been saying about Michelle. She asks what this means for Danny. Marina wonders if Danny and Michelle still have a chance together.

Buzz asks Harley what is going on with Gus and that he’s a good guy. Harley replies he’s all right. Gus hopes the cloud they call Gus has a silver lining. Harley says the only good thing that has come out of this mess is that her family is back together. Buzz tells Harley she is a magnificent woman, and he’s lucky to have her. They hug. Harley has a flashback of Gus finding blood on her hands after Phillip’s murder. Back at the station, Frank watches Ruth’s video tape again. He asks himself “what is that?”

Sebastian is caressing Holly’s cheek, and she removes his hand. Holly says “no.” She can’t be what he wants her to be. Sebastian asks why. Holly tells Sebastian she’s not flattered by him. He says when I found Roger, he needed to confess so much and unburden so much.

Sebastian says that is what I got. His burden, sorrows and obsessions. Holly says not the same as love. Sebastian says he gave me you...in pictures, memories and stories. He says he wants to hold onto Holly so tightly and never let go. Holly asks if he ever learned about holding sand. That you hold more sand with an open hand. He says maybe I hold on so tightly because he’s afraid to let go and fall. He is crying and saying he’s afraid to die. Holly asks why he doesn’t try to live. He states I’ve tried to live so desperately he’s had no life. Sebastian tells Holly she’s it. Holly confesses she’s not afraid of him. Sebastian asks Holly not to say or do anything unless she means it. Holly doesn’t know what that means. They stare intently at each other. Holly leans in and gently kisses Sebastian. The kiss grows stronger.

Danny doesn’t know what this means for him Michelle and says truthfully he doesn’t care as he’s moved on. But she’s in trouble, and he has to help her. Danny says until then, everything else will have to take a back seat. Marina wants to help. Danny says no. Marina says she is offering since danger is her middle name. She states he is friend and needs a partner. Danny asks why. Marina asks why not? Danny says that’s as good of reason as any and agrees he could use a partner.

Marco tells Tony that Sebastian will allow him to find Ed Bauer and tells them to say their good-byes. Marco leaves. Michelle says this is not goodbye but see you later. They kiss and hug. Marco returns and says it’s time to go. Tony tells Michelle he’ll be back and leaves.

Lizzie is looking at the Christmas tree, and Coop asks what is up. Lizzie says my dad is dead, and I’m still stuck here running this greasy spoon. Coop says no one will blame you if you get rid of the greasy spoon and that she doesn’t need it. Coop asks if she can be honest. She confesses she’s been thinking about it. Her cell phone rings as Coop smiles. Lizzie tells Alex she wishes she could see this as it’s so cool and thinks she will have Coop eating out of her hand by the end of the year. Lizzie states she is having too much fun owning the restaurant.

Outside Harley tells Gus he doesn’t have to hang around. He says he came for a cup of coffee and wants to make sure Harley doesn’t do anything crazy. Gus tells Harley she’s not a killer. Harley asks why it matters so much to Gus. He replies she has a new life with her family and children. Harley asks if the truth shouldn’t matter. Gus says he’ll go and find out what really happened to prove she is innocent. Harley says I may not have shot Phillip but she is far from innocent. She thanks Gus for everything and says if she doesn’t see him, Merry Christmas. Gus replies Merry Christmas and leaves. Harley has a sad and frustrated look on her face.

Frank continues too look at the video tape. Buzz tells Harley to go after Gus. She says I’m so mixed up. Harley confesses she sometimes feels so close to Gus and then far away. Buzz tells her to follow her heart. Frank looks closely at the video tape and says “it can’t be. It just can’t be.” Harley tells Buzz she is trying. Frank falls into his chair and takes a close up shot of Ruth’s arm. Harley and Buzz hug. Frank brings the shot into better focus. There is a close up shot of Harley’s arm that discloses a scar. Frank is looking at the same scar on Ruth and says “oh my God, Harley. No!”

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