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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/21/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Outside of Elizabeth & Company, Alexandra runs into Alan. Alan has Emma in his arms and listens as Alex goes on about how it is a good day as Phillip’s killer is now dead. She mentions that luckily now they can have some closure in regards to Phillip’s death. Alan disagrees and reminds Alex that Ruth was not the only person responsible for Phillip’s death.

Alex tries to hold Emma and he refuses to let her. Alex mentions the fact that Emma spent the night at the mansion and then wonders why Olivia wouldn’t pick her child up from daycare. She asks Alan if he’s even heard from Olivia and he tells her that he hasn’t. She thinks that it is odd and comments that although Olivia isn’t the best person, she is a very capable and loving mother. She mentions that she is a bit worried about Olivia. Alan grins and kisses Emma on the forehead.

Inside the lobby of the Beacon, Bill is pacing around. He is on his cell phone and calls Cassie. He asks her if Olivia has called her either last night or this morning. He proceeds to tell Cassie, over the phone, that Olivia never came home last night or this morning. He walks outside while telling Cassie that he has no idea where his wife is and that he is worried. He thanks Cassie and asks her to please call anyone that she can think of who may know where Olivia is. He tells her that he’s going to keep looking and walks away from the Beacon.

In Ravenwood, Olivia is strapped to a bed. She is writhing around in her sleep. She hears a voice calling out ‘mommy’ and in her dream wakes up. In her black and white dream, she gets out of bed and looks for Emma. She sees Alan who informs her that she will never see Emma again. He chokes her. He yells at her telling her that he will make her seem so insane that she will never raise her daughter. He throws her to the floor. When she gets up she sees Bill and asks for his help. He tells her that he can’t help her because she is crazy. He lets her know that he wants to get a divorce and as he walks towards Alan informs her that she will be deported after all. He pats Alan on the shoulder and walks out the door. Alan says goodbye to her as he closes her door. She throws herself towards the door screaming out. As she is screaming in her dream she wakes herself up. She continues to yell out for help. Rick is in the corridor and stops in front of what used to be Phillip’s old room. It looks as though he can hear someone yelling.

Outside of the Lewis house, Reva is on a ladder hanging holiday lights. She gets down and wonders if they’re straight. From behind her Tammy tells her aunt that she thinks they look ok. Reva smiles and is excited to see her niece. She gives her a big hug and then tells her that the lights have to be perfect as Marah and Shayne are coming home. Tammy doesn’t look excited and Reva notices. She wonders why she wouldn’t be happier to see her cousins. Tammy asks if Marah & Shayne know about her and JB. Reva tells her that it will be up to her to either tell them or not tell them. Tammy asks if her maid of honor dress is in the house and whether or not JB is around. She tells her aunt that she needs to try it on, but that if he’s around she can come back later. She tells her that JB isn’t around and that the dress is in the living room. Tammy heads inside alone. Reva smiles as she walks inside. Inside, Tammy grabs her dress off the back of the couch and moves it. As she is walking away from the couch we see JB in the background. He moves closer, with a smile on his face. Tammy turns her back as she holds the dress up and begins to change. JB watches.

Inside Elizabeth & Company, Marina and Danny sit next to one another at the bar. They are both on their cell phones and leaving a message for someone to call them back as soon as possible. They both hang up and Danny tells her that he was on the phone with the contact that got a hold of Ed before. She tells him that she was on the phone with Mel & Rick and that hopefully they will hear something. Danny drinks his coffee and thanks her for helping him track down Michelle. She mentions the fact that the restaurant isn’t that busy and she’s more than glad to help. He nods and looks at her.

In their cell, Michelle is surrounded by some vials while Tony lies on the bed. Sebastian comes to the bars and wonders if she is ready for him. She lets him know that she was up all night, but that the treatment is ready for him. Sebastian winces and looks like he is in a great deal of pain. He wonders what the treatment is and opens the cell door. She tells him that it is the best she could come up with in trying to remember her father’s research. He sits down and she walks over to him. She reminds him that it is not a cure, but that it should help him.

Tony and Holly watch from the cell as Michelle informs him that as soon as the treatment enters his bloodstream he should feel better. She gets the syringe ready to inject him and he stops her just as she is ready to poke him with it. He grabs her hand and tells her that he knows what she is doing. He comments that he knows she is trying to kill him and demands to know what is in the syringe. He hands the syringe off to Marco and wonders what else she is hiding from him. He grabs her and finds her gold coin. Tony yells at Sebastian to keep his hands off of her. He takes her coin and lets her know that he will ‘hold onto it for a while.’ Holly yells at Sebastian to calm down and he turns his rage to her. He wonders if she was also in on trying to kill him. Michelle tells him that the shot was going to help him. Holly demands that he put Michelle back into the cell and tells him that she then wants to talk to him. He opens the door; Holly comes out as Michelle runs in. Holly walks over to Sebastian and asks him what it is that she can to do convince him that they are not conspiring against him. He tells her that she cannot be trusted. She tells him that she doesn’t understand why he can’t try to trust the one person who could help him. He wonders who he is supposed to ‘take it out on’ and she tells him that he should take it out on her.

Danny wonders if Marina would tell him if she thought he was being stupid in regards to the whole Michelle situation. She tells him that she would. She wonders why he is asking and he tells her that he’s unsure of what he is even doing. He begins talking about the phone call from Michelle as though what he is doing is irrational. Marina tries to help by pointing out the inconsistencies. She tells him that she’d be more than happy to talk him out of trying to figure out what’s going on if she thought he was ‘pining away.’ He tells her that he needs to make sure she’s ok; she reminds him that he doesn’t need to explain it to her. She adds in that if his gut is telling him that something is wrong that he needs to follow it. He decides that he wants to call Rick back and check in again. Marina comments that if she doesn’t get Alan and Alex some more coffee that she probably won’t get ‘Employee of the Month.’ Danny laughs as Marina gets up to give out more coffee. Alan is commenting to Alex as he’s reading in the paper that Ruth’s next of kin has yet to be notified. Alex wonders who Ruth really was. Marina walks over to the table and Alan requests the check. Marina makes a sarcastic comment wondering why Alan doesn’t like the new changes at Company. Alex informs her that once Lizzie gets her ‘footing’ Company will run just fine. Marina asks Alan if he’s disappointed that Ruth was the killer instead of her grandfather. Alex butts in and tells Marina that what she’s saying isn’t true.

She makes it clear that she was talking to Alan and not his sister. He tells her that he only wanted justice. Marina goes on to remind Alan that Phillip was the way he was because he held grudges. She goes on to tell him that she thinks Phillip being dead is horrible because he had children & people who loved him. She adds in that thinking that you’re better than everyone else eventually catches up with you. Alan demands his check. She walks off and passes by Danny. He tells her to remind him to never get on her bad side. Alex mentions to Alan that Marina wasn’t entirely wrong. She tells her brother that they need to move on. He looks at her with disbelief and tells her that from where he is that there are still about 12 more people responsible for Phillip’s suffering. He tells her that they will all be punished in time.

Olivia struggles to get free from her restraints. She manages to get loose from one of the arm cuffs. Outside of her room, Rick stands in front of the door. He is staring at it, as though in a trance. A nurse comes along and asks if he is ok. He tells her that he is fine and that he was simply thinking of an old friend. He point to the door and asks what the ‘deal is’ with the patient in there. The nurse tells him that the patient was admitted last night with delusions. She speculates that the woman is a paranoid schizophrenic. She informs him that they are still running tests. He comments that it sounds like everything is under control, leaves some files for another doctor and tells her to call him if they have any trouble. The nurse gets her tray of pills ready and heads into Olivia’s room. As she unlocks the door Olivia slips back into her restraints. The nurse walks in and tells Olivia that she thinks that she will need more than a simple sedative. She mentions that perhaps she will need electrotherapy, the same thing that Phillip needed.

Bill runs into his aunt outside of her house. She seems surprised to see him and he immediately asks if Jonathan is around. She asks if everything is ok, and he tells her that Olivia never came home. He mentions that perhaps Jonathan might know where she is. Reva wonders if perhaps she just left. Bill, who looks exhausted, tells his aunt that he ‘doesn’t want to do this.’ She wonders where Emma is and he tells her that he assumed she was with Olivia. Reva brings up the idea that Olivia left town and Bill dismisses her. He asks her to have Jonathan call him and leaves. Inside, Tammy tries on the dress. She can’t get the zipper all the way up. JB watches and moves closer. He stands behind her and tries to help her with the dress. She turns around and he tells her that he aims to please. She wonders why he is there and how long he has been watching her. He ignores her questions and asks if it is the dress for her mothers wedding.

Tammy gives JB a sarcastic answer and he tells her that she can’t wear the dress to the wedding. She looks at him confused and he tells her that if she wears the dress that no one will look at her mother because they will be too busy looking at her. He asks if she needs an escort to the wedding. She tells him that he’s not invited and he reminds her that if he were her guest he could be invited. Tammy informs him that no one wants him at the wedding. He wonders if that is completely true and asks if she really doesn’t want him there. She wonders why he would want to be somewhere that no one would want him. He tells her that it is the holiday season, a time for new beginnings. He informs her that he and Reva are trying to work things out. Outside, Reva is straightening the wreath on the front door when Sandy shows up. He has a present in his arm and she comments that her front stoop is being to resemble Grand Central Station. He hands her a gift and tells her that it is hers. She tells him that he didn’t have to do anything. Inside, Jonathan asks if there is anyway that she could not hate him so much. She asks him what the second reason for wanting to go to the wedding is. He looks her in the eyes and tells her that she is.

Outside of the restaurant, Danny follows Rick. He tells Rick that he made some more phone calls. Rick tells him that he emailed his father again as well. Danny wonders if he made too much out of Michelle’s phone call and Rick tells him he isn’t. He goes on telling Danny that it makes no sense why she would be trying to call her father. He wonders if Danny knows Sebastian and asks if he knew that he got admitted to Cedars. He mentions to Danny that he was asking a lot of questions about Michelle and then his father. Danny tells Rick that he also came to the lighthouse asking about Ed. They wonder why Sebastian would want to know where Ed is. Danny wonders if it has anything to do with his father, Roger. Rick comments that if it does it is nothing but trouble. Rick looks at his watch and tells Danny he has to run. He tells him that he will call him as soon as he hears something and leaves.

Back in the cell, Tony makes sure Michelle is ok. She assures him that she is and comments that Sebastian is really loosing control. Tony mentions that he doesn’t think he was completely there before he got sick. She confesses to Tony that she was trying to stabilize him and calm him down until Danny could help. She stops short and Tony assures her that it is ok for her to finish the sentence. She thinks that perhaps her phone call would work to signal Danny to the trouble. He tells her that he hopes it will, but that it will be impossible for Danny to even find them. He tells her that he needs to go. She wonders if perhaps Danny is too angry at her to even care what happens. He assures her that Danny cares about her. He comments that if Sebastian lets him go, he could get o Ed. She reminds him that Sebastian is doing anything but thinking straight. Outside of the cell, Sebastian is rambling on about his options. He knows that if he lets Michelle or Tony leave that they will bring back the police along with Ed and if he doesn’t let them go that he is dead. Holly tries to calm him down. He tells her that he doesn’t know who to trust. She tells him that he can’t hurt anyone because they want to help him. She reminds him that she came back to try and help him. He wonders if she came back to watch him die. She assures him that she wants to help him. He tells her that he has something for her, to help her remember him when he dies. Michelle remarks to Tony that Sebastian is getting weaker by the minute. He doesn’t understand what her point is. She shows him a syringe and tells him that it will make it easier for them to inject him with the syringe. She tells him that it is something that will not help Sebastian feels better, but help them escape.

Alex reminds Alan that Phillip’s children are all that they have left of him. She tells him that the best thing that they can do to honor his memory is to focus on the future. He tells her that his son would also want those who harmed him to be punished. Just then Bill walks in and Alan remarks that Bill is a good example of someone Phillip would want ‘punished.’

Bill walks over to the table and wonders what Alan is doing with Emma. Alan sarcastically tells him that he’s having breakfast. Bill demands to know where Olivia is and tells him to cut the bull. Alex looks shocked that Bill hasn’t heard from his wife either. Alan tells Bill that the daycare center called him when Olivia did not pick Emma up last night. Bill obviously doesn’t believe Alan and lets him know it. He tells Alan that he is the one who is supposed to be called in case of an emergency since he is her husband. He wonders why Alan didn’t call him and asks why Alan wouldn’t be more concerned about Olivia’s whereabouts. Alan plays stupid and asks Bill where he is going with his line of ‘questioning.’ Bill demands to know where Olivia is.

Olivia tells the nurse that she can’t do shock therapy on her. The nurse informs her that they can ‘do whatever they deem necessary.’ She reminds Olivia that she signed herself in for care. Olivia tells the nurse that she didn’t and then it appears as though she is beginning to doubt herself. She wonders if perhaps she did after she took the sedative. She tells the nurse she is hot and begins crying. As the nurse bends over to check Olivia’s forehead she grabs the nurse and pulls her onto the bed. Olivia tells her that they won’t be shocking her. The nurse overpowers her and calls in another orderly. She asks the other person to hold Olivia down while she medicates her. The nurse hands her a pill to take or threatens to medicate her with a syringe. She opts for the pill and tries to ‘fake’ taking it. The nurse sees through her act and makes Olivia swallow the pill. The nurse leaves and Olivia pulls a cell phone from underneath her.

Reva looks at her gift and Sandy tries to get her to open it. She tells him that she wants to put it under the tree and open it at Christmas. He mentions that it is nothing big and that he simply saw it over the summer and thought she would like it. She is surprised that he’s had her gift for so long. He mentions that he was pumped up about Christmas. She apologizes to him for not being able to be with him on Christmas and wonders what his plans are. He tells her that it will depend on what Tammy is doing. He explains that if she will be alone on Christmas that he will spend it with her and if not he’ll figure something out. Reva grins and comments that he and Tammy are getting close. Inside, JB tells Tammy that they used to get along so well. He tells her that if she hadn’t found out that they were cousins then nothing would have changed. He questions if her feeling have truly changed for him. She tells him that they did the moment she found out they were related. She is appalled that he can even ask her such a question. She reminds him of what happened and he tells her that his mother was the last thing he was thinking about while he was in bed with her. He grabs her arm and she tells him to leave her alone. He draws her closer and she punches him. She runs upstairs and tells him to never touch her again.

Sebastian hands Holly a box. She opens it to find all of Roger’s gold coins inside. She tells him that she can’t accept them and he tells her that she must. He reminds her that Roger told him that they lead to his legacy and that he won’t be able to find it. She tells him to remain positive and he tells her that he doesn’t know how to avoid getting sicker. She tells him that he needs to take the shot that Michelle prepared. She convinces him that it will slow the disease down. She asks him to send one of them to go get the cure. She offers to do it and he refuses to let her go.

He tells her that he needs her. She hugs him and tells him that he needs Michelle for her medical skill which only leaves Tony. He tells her that he knows Michelle has poison in the syringe. She assures him that Michelle doesn’t want to hurt him. He asks her to swear to him that if he takes the medicine that nothing bad will happen to him. She swears to him and he tells her that he can’t ‘go’ like he is. She promises to stay by his side. She tells him that he is making the right decision. Holly runs over to the cell and informs Michelle that Sebastian is willing to let her help him.

Reva mentions that Tammy and Sandy have spent a lot of time together. He promises her that he won’t let anything happen to her. She smiles and tells him that at least now she knows where Tammy has been staying. He tells her that he can’t answer her question but clarifies that when and if he ever has house guest he always lets them have the bed while he takes the couch. He informs her so that she doesn’t think her niece is getting taken advantage of and she tells him she never even thought that. She wonders if the day he pushed her away was because of a certain houseguest. He tells her that he did have company on that particular day. She smiles and thanks him. He tells her that he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Tammy. Reva mentions that Tammy is inside and wonders if he wants to come in with her to see if she needs any help with her wedding dress. He declines and Reva heads inside. Reva walks inside and sees Jonathan sitting on the couch. Reva demands to know where Tammy is and he just smiles. Tammy comes down the stairs, grabs her things and leaves. Reva wonders if everything is ok, and she ignores her aunt and runs out. Tammy runs into Sandy who asks how it went with the dress. Reva demands to know what happened and Jonathan tells his mother that he guesses he ‘still gets to her.’

Bill demands to know what happened to Olivia and threatens to take Emma away until Olivia comes back. Alan points out that if Bill ‘kidnaps’ Emma that it will only make his case for custody that much stronger when Olivia comes back. He urges Bill to take his granddaughter away and tells him that he’s sure Olivia wouldn’t be happy to hear about it if and when she does return. Alex tells Bill that Emma is in good hands and tells her to simply find his wife. Bill walks out. Alex wonders what her brother did with Olivia. Alan evades the question and changes the subject.

As Bill is leaving the restaurant he receives a phone call. Olivia is on the other end and almost ready to pass out. She tells him that she is in Ravenwood and had her committed. She passes out and he rushes off.

Father Ray meets with Danny at Elizabeth and Company. Danny wonders when the last time it was that he heard from Tony. He tells Danny that he hasn’t. Danny looks worried and Father Ray tells him that he’s beginning to wonder what is up. Danny looks alarmed.

Holly tells Michelle that she got Sebastian to take the shot by assuring Sebastian that Michelle wasn’t going to do anything to harm him. She wonders exactly what is in the shot and Michelle lies to Holly telling her that there are vitamins. Holly sees through her lie and demands to know exactly what is in it. She realizes that they are trying to kill Sebastian and looks to Tony. He tells the two women to quiet down as Sebastian is watching them. Michelle whispers wondering why Holly cares what even happens to Sebastian.

Sandy wonders if Tammy’s dress even fit, she tells him that it did and mentions that the dress is one of Marah’s designs. He tells her that he’s sure she looked beautiful in it. He helps her with her coat and she mentions that he can always make her smile. She asks him if he has a tux and asks if he will be her escort to the wedding. He tells her that he will.

Reva yells at Jonathan and wonders if he realizes how much he’s hurt Tammy. He goes to leave and the phone rings. Someone calls and talks to Reva on the phone. She asks what the tuxedo fitting is for and the person on the other ends tells her that it was supposed to be for his aunt’s wedding. She assures them that she will give him the message. She hangs up looking angry.

Bill goes to Ravenwood and is calling out his wife’s name. He knocks repeatedly on several doors until an orderly asks him to stop. He gets to her door and she calls out to him. Bill demands to be let inside and tries taking the keys from the guard. The orderly picks him up and carries him away while Bill yells to Olivia that he will be back.

Father Ray mentions that Tony has never been away this long without being in contact. He mentions the things that Tony has missed. Father Ray wonders what they can do about their situation and Danny assures him that he will take care of it. Marina joins Danny and wonders what he is going to do. Danny tells Marina that although he doesn’t know how to get a hold of Sebastian but that he can get a hold of Blake, his sister.

Holly tells them that she cares because he is another human being. Michelle tells Holly that it is a simple tranquilizer inside the syringe. Holly reminds her that it could kill him, as he is so weak.

Michelle doesn’t seem to care and tells Holly that ‘accidents happen.’ Tony tells her that it boils down to the fact that it’s has to be an ‘us or them’ mentality. Holly agrees to go along with it as long as she gives him the very least that she can. Michelle gets out of the cell and prepares to give him the syringe. They all look at one another. Holly yells out ‘no.’

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