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Guiding Light Update Monday 12/20/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

The show opens with Friday’s closing. These are very short scenes.

Ruth is at the bridge as Frank approaches yelling “freeze.” Frank fires a warning shot as Ruth falls off the bridge just as Frank and Gus get there.

Dinah is reading her horoscope. “You’re destined to get what you want.” She makes an appointment with a doctor.

Edmund is speaking to someone on the phone about Jonathan. Cassie approaches because she is seeing a doctor. She tells him he doesn’t have to stay for the appointment.

Jonathan arrives at Josh and Reva’s with the gift he gave Cassie. He sees the wedding invitation and smashes the present.

Billy is with Buzz at the station. Billy says he knows that Buzz didn’t kill Phillip. Jeffrey arrives and Billy says he needs to say something. Gus is frantic and Frank says he only fired a warning shot. Gus says “do you know what you’ve done, Frank?” Gus says “she’s gone.”

Dinah is now at the hospital begging a nurse to let her see the doctor. Dinah uses Ross’ influence to try to get an appointment. Cassie approaches and asks Dinah what her problem is.

Cassie asks if Dinah is pregnant. Cassie asks if it’s Jeffrey. Dinah say it is. Dinah asks what about Cassie. Cassie asks if Jeffrey knows and she thought they were over. Dinah says some goodbye’s take longer than others.

Jeffrey tells Billy he’s all ears. Billy tells Jeffrey that Buzz didn’t do it. Jeffrey says all the evidence points to Buzz. He asks if Billy is saying Buzz was framed. Billy says the picture is out of focus. He says a man can be pushed too far and things just happen. Jeffrey agrees that Buzz was pushed too far but that he’s not allowed to push back with a gun. A policeman interrupts and Jeffrey leaves. Buzz tells Billy to go home and asks what Phillip had on Billy. Billy admits he was trying to take Cross Creek and that Phillip found out about Billy trying to have Olivia deported.

Frank asks Gus if he can see anything. Frank yells for Ruth. Gus says they need lights to find Ruth. Gus leans over the bridge and Harley speaks to him. She tells him he has to help her pull this off. Gus is furious.

Cassie goes to see the doctor as Dinah knits. Dinah daydreams about Edmund and Cassie telling the doctor they want a baby and the doctor telling them that Cassie has the eggs of a 90 year old woman. He says unlike his star patient Dinah, who has four babies. Vanessa, Hart, Dinah, and Ross. Cassie and Edmund are in shock. Dinah hopes this doesn’t make Cassie feel inadequate. Edmund is salivating over the babies and Dinah.

Jonathan starts to rip the invitation but doesn’t. He starts to leave but Edmund is at the door. Edmund pushes his way in and tells Jonathan to sit. Edmund says that Jonathan burned down his parents house.

Billy says he couldn’t leave Buzz hanging. Billy tells Buzz that it wasn’t him and then Jeffrey interrupts. He says Ruth fell off the bridge and that if she was running, Buzz may have a break.

Harley asks Gus to act like he didn’t see her. Gus leads Frank in the wrong direction in the search. Gus says he thinks Ruth is dead.

Frank and Gus say this doesn’t make any sense. An officer finds a tape player of Ruth talking. Ruth admits to killing Phillip and says she can no longer live with herself. She says that now she must die too. She says an innocent man has been arrested for her crime and the only way she can make amends is to... Then you hear Frank yelling and the shooting. Frank regretfully says he killed her.

The doctor tells Cassie they’re on the right track and to keep taking her meds. Cassie then wishes Dinah luck if she’s pregnant. Dinah says it kills Cassie to think that Dinah is pregnant. Cassie says “whatever” and Dinah calls Cassie a slut to her back. The doctor agrees to see Dinah.

Jonathan asks Edmund if he thinks he burned his parents house. Edmund says he knows he did because a PI was watching them. Jonathan asks if Edmund always has family members followed and Edmund says only if they are a threat. Jonathan says he must be a threat because Edmund tried to kill him. Edmund tells Jonathan to hate him all he wants but he won’t let that hate touch Cassie or her children. Jonathan says “to late,” he’s already touched Tammy.

Edmund is livid, grabs Jonathan and then lets him go. He says they are going to make a deal. Jonathan will stay away from the wedding and in return Edmund will forget about the fire. Jonathan asks if he is that far away, how will he take a match to the place. Edmund tells Jonathan he isn’t stupid enough to get himself in trouble. Edmund says he respects Jonathan because he’s smart and that he reminds Edmund of himself. Edmund says revenge use to drive him but he’s found a better life and Jonathan can find. He’d like to give Jonathan a chance. Jonathan wants to know why everyone wants to analyze him and that everyone thinks he cares. Jonathan says he’s not going to the wedding and wasn’t planning to. Jonathan show Edmund to the door. Edmund finds the wedding gift and takes it with him.

Dinah waits for her results and prays that she’s pregnant.

Frank is organizing a search and Gus says she’s gone. Frank says that doesn’t mean she’s dead. Frank is insistent about a search. Jeffrey asks about the tape. Frank tells Jeffrey what’s on the tape. Gus reiterates that he believes Ruth killed Phillip. Frank takes Buzz’s cuffs off and tells Buzz he messed up for not believing in him. Buzz tells him he did his job. Harley arrives.

Jonathan rents a tux on the phone for the wedding.

Cassie and Edmund are kissing at the Beacon. Cassie tells Edmund that Dinah is pregnant. Edmund asks if it’s Jeffrey's. Edmund tells Cassie they are going to have it all.

Dinah asks if it’s too early to ask if it’s a boy or a girl but the nurse tells her she’s not pregnant. Dinah is devastated.

Harley is surprised that Ruth is dead. Buzz says it’s sad about Ruth. She stayed with him when he was sick. Harley says she knew things would work out for Buzz as Gus looks on. Jeffrey asks Billy what he wanted. Billy says it was to tell Jeffrey that they had the wrong guy. Frank is upset and blames himself for being reckless. Gus tries to reason with him. Harley tells Gus that “they did it.” Gus says he was nervous and he tried to warn Harley. Harley says she just wants to take Buzz home and thanks Gus. She asks Gus to come to Company to celebrate. Gus stays behind and looks at Phillip’s picture. An officer places a bag of evidence on the desk. Frank decides to search for Ruth’s family as Harley hugs Buzz.

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