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Guiding Light Update Friday 12/17/04

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By Sarah
Pictures by Boo

Olivia asks Alan what’s going on and he tells her to make herself comfortable. Alan says this is the room where Phillip was confined and now it’s your turn. Olivia says “you can’t convince an entire staff to go along with this.” Alan says a few key people have been paid off to have her committed unless he gets what he wants. He wants his granddaughter, Emma.

Cassie is jogging in the snow and and arrives at the Beacon. Jonathan comes up behind her and starts massaging her shoulders. She believes that it’s Edmund. He says “right feeling, wrong guy.” Jonathan says these hands have been known to do some magic, just ask Tammy.

Josh and Reva arrive at the Beacon and see Billy. Josh asks if he is okay. Reva leaves to check her messages from the station. Josh tells Billy to bring it on and let’s have it. Billy tells Josh he’s in deep trouble.

Outside, Cassie yells at Jonathan to stay the hell away from her. Reva comes outside and hears Cassie.

At Cedars, Gus asks Harley “so you’ll have to die to save Buzz?” Harley says “yes.” Frank then arrives and goes inside to tell Buzz it’s time. Buzz is already hand cuffed and Frank tells Buzz he’s under arrest for the murder of Phillip Spaulding. He’ll be read his rights on the way to the station. Harley tells Buzz that everything will be okay as Buzz is taken to the police station.

She tells Gus she knows exactly what she has to do, and he has to help her. “Ruth” has to die and she can’t do this by herself.

Reva asks what is going on. Jonathan says she went psycho. Cassie says that your beloved son groped me. Reva wants the truth and Jonathan says I guess I was stupid for trying to help. He tells Cassie next time you get a shoulder cramp, I’ll be a million miles away. Cassie says she got a cramp from jogging. Jonathan says the cramp was so bad it looked like she was going to drop. Reva tells Jonathan you knew this wouldn’t be appreciated, and she asks if he is trying to mess with Cassie. She asks Jonathan for a minute alone with Cassie. Jonathan tells Cassie without him here, she can spin this into a sexual assault. Reva tells Jonathan most women don’t appreciate unsolicited massages. Jonathan smiles and says most women you hang out with then he leaves.

Cassie says now you are going to defend him but Reva says he was wrong. Cassie says it’s not the way he touched me but the sick pleasure he got out of it. Reva thinks she is thinking about Tammy as much as herself. Cassie says how can I not with his smug face. Reva says I’m trying to find a way to get through to my son and Cassie asks at what cost to her and her family. She wants to ask a request to prove what side Reva is on.

Billy asks Josh what if he knows something that could help get Buzz. Josh can’t understand why if he knows something, he won’t use it. Billy replies if I could, I would. Josh tells Billy he ran into that Ruth Carloff woman, and she seemed pretty guilty. Billy confesses Bill wants to adopt Emma. But Alan has his heart set for Emma as his own. Billy wants to fix things up with him and Bill. Josh tells Billy he has to do the right thing and he knows it.

Olivia tells Alan he has no claim to her little girl. Alan says did you think I was going to stand by and let Bill Lewis adopt her. Olivia is surprised about the news of Bill wanting to adopt Emma. Alan states he’s not going to allow it and she will never leave this room until she agrees to his terms.

Olivia tells Alan he is delusional and she pushes him to get out. Alan says Phillip would never allow Bill to adopt Emma. Olivia says she is a good mother and has been trying to give Emma a stable life. She says Lizzie was the threat and he should be happy that she found someone as caring and loving as Bill. Alan says that it will never happen. He says you will give me what I want or I will take it. Those are her choices and why fight it. Alan leaves as Olivia pounds on the door and yells.

Gus tells Harley he knows what she is thinking but he doesn’t think Buzz is guilty. Harley says it doesn’t matter since Buzz might not make it through a trial because his heart might give out. Harley says as far as we know Ruth did it. I did it. Harley believes Ruth has to go since it’s the only way to take the pressure off of Buzz. She says Ruth’s death has to be 100% convincing or it won’t work. She knows exactly how to set this up and they go outside. The next scene is only Harley and Gus talking, and Harley providing the details of her plan. The view is of Buzz arriving at the police station.

The handcuffs are removed, and Buzz is finger printed and his photo is taken. Frank takes Buzz’s belongings and has him sign a receipt as Harley narrates in the background her plan. The key is in the confession. If Ruth flat out admits she killed Phillip, and everyone buys it, Buzz will be off the hook. Ruth will be tracked down and thrown in prison to rot. It’s totally plausible. Gus says you want to fake your own death? Harley states we go out to the old Williams Bridge. Ruth video tapes her confession. They rig it to make it look like she jumped. A sound of a splash is heard on the tape. Ruth is so strong they’d never find the body. They have to make sure the tape is in the right hands; namely Frank’s. Buzz will then be released. Harley says it’s fast, it’s simple, and foolproof. She asks what Gus thinks. Gus says I think you are totally losing it, and says he can’t help her with something like this.

Josh asks how he can help. Billy says he can’t and it’s something he has to do. He has to make a decision. Many lives are getting ruined. Then he asks if they learned something from the whole Maryanne mess. Josh replies he hopes so. Billy leaves as Josh heads into Olivia’s bar.

Reva runs into Billy leaving at the door. She tells Jonathan that they have to talk. Jonathan says to wheel out a chalk board and he’ll write he won’t massage Cassie’s shoulders 1000 times. Reva is losing patience. He says go ahead and take your sister’s side. Reva says Cassie and I weren’t talking about your so called massage. She would like him to disappear the day of her wedding. Jonathan asks if she told Cassie to go to hell. Reva says she told Cassie she was right.

Frank is helping Buzz rub off the ink on his hands. An officer asks Frank how he wants to deal with the situation. Frank says you do your job, and I’ll do mine.

Gus says he won’t help Harley. Harley says she can’t do this without him. Gus says she’s lost every bit of common sense. He doesn’t want Buzz going to prison. Harley states then help me with this. Gus says not like this. He mentions some flaws in her plan. Gus fears a rookie cop could come nose-to-nose with a suspected killer and they don’t think, they get nervous, and they could shoot her. He asks if that is part of her master plan to get killed. Gus states it’s like asking him to put the gun in the rookie’s hand and pull the trigger. He can’t say yes to something like that.

Harley says to Gus “so you won’t help me.” Gus replies “that’s it.” His cell phone rings. He tells Harley let’s go. It was Frank, and Buzz needs his lawyer. Harley tells Gus he should go. Gus thinks Buzz would want Harley there. She says I can’t do this and that her kids need her. Gus asks if she will be at the boarding house. Harley tells Gus he should go. He confesses he doesn’t want to lose Harley to a bullet or a jail house. He says he cares and worries about her. Gus asks Harley to think about what she’s doing. Harley goes inside of the hospital.

Outside of the Beacon, Josh asks Cassie how was her run. She says it was great in the beginning and asks if he saw Reva. Josh states she’s inside talking to Jonathan and it looks pretty intense. He thought three was a crowd. Cassie asks if he thinks she’s a jerk. She explains she asked Reva to not let Jonathan come to her wedding. Josh asks what she said. Cassie states Reva said she understood. Josh tells Cassie not to worry about it and that Reva just needs some time, and she’ll understand. Josh says he’s always tried to control people, his kids and his crazy wife. He believes eventually, Reva will understand and see Jonathan for who he is. Josh tells Cassie she didn’t do anything wrong except she should have let him tell Jonathan he couldn’t come to her wedding.

Reva says the bottom line, it is Cassie’s wedding, and it’s her call. Jonathan asks if she is afraid he’s going to ruin it. Reva wishes Cassie would wait till spring or summer, until things might be better. Things are still raw between Jonathan and Cassie, and he’s not making things any easier. Reva hopes things will improve with time and effort.

Jonathan asks if she thinks there is hope for him. Reva states she asked him to move in with her and Josh because she wants him to have the life he deserves. Jonathan laughs and says that could be taken as a threat. Reva asks if they have a understanding. Jonathan says you go to the wedding with Josh, Marah and Shayne and every other member of the family except me. He says your sister is marrying the guy who wanted me dead from birth. Reva says Edmund has changed. Jonathan says that is the company line and isn’t sure Reva buys it. Jonathan tells Reva to bring him a hunk of the wedding cake and walks away.

Olivia tries get out and yells at the door that Alan is enjoying this. Olivia says to herself if I could just go back to that night and redo what I did. Alan walks in and tells Olivia to continue and asks what she was about to say. Olivia says I didn’t kill him. She states I wish I could change the way that night ended and would have tried to save him. Alan doesn’t believe her. Olivia is surprised Alan has returned. Alan states he will leave her if she continues to fight. He says Emma is a Spaulding and a Lewis adopting her is going against nature. Olivia yells, puts out her arms and says “the world according to Alan.” Alan says Bill Lewis will never adopt Emma and tells Olivia to admit it. The next time he walks out the door, it will stay closed. Alan approaches the door. Olivia tells Alan he wins. Alan says he’s not sure he heard her. Olivia states “you win you miserable bastard.” Alan says that I heard. Olivia asks Alan to open the door because he got what he wanted. Alan says some details have to be handled and wonders what she’ll tell Bill. Olivia says I’ll say you are a heartless SOB and had to do what the great Alan wanted. Olivia tries to give the politically correct answer. Alan says that was too dry. She asks what he wants for her to tell Bill to forget it. Alan wants Olivia to drive the point home so the issue won’t come up again. Olivia states she’ll tell Bill he won’t raise her daughter, he isn’t right for her, and that she doesn’t love him enough. Olivia tells Alan Bill won’t believe any of this. Alan remind Olivia she made him believe she’d be a loving and loyal wife. She yells at him to open the door. Olivia begins to leave and runs into Nurse McGuire at the door.

Cassie asks Reva how it went. Reva says Jonathan completely understood. She tells Cassie she has to let it go and Cassie agrees and smiles. She asks for another favor. Cassie says she’s getting married in a few weeks and doesn’t have a matron of honor. She says you’d have to share the job with Tammy. Reva states she’d love too. Cassie and Reva are happy and hug. Cassie leaves to go home, and Reva states she has to find Josh.

Outside of Beacon, Jonathan presents Cassie with a wrapped wedding gift. He says I know I’ve caused you a lot of problems. Jonathan states here is the deal . He doesn’t want to keep making the same mistakes and move onto new ones. Jonathan says he’s kidding. He feels things have gotten so rotten, and is trying to put all those problems behind them. He says happy wedding.

Cassie replies ‘thank you.” Jonathan leaves. Cassie drops the gift in a garbage can.

“Ruth” is at the Williams Street bridge making her preparations and setting up the video camera.

Buzz says great more good news. Gus states he probably can’t set his bail hearing till morning. Buzz doesn’t think any judge will grant him bail. Gus thinks everyone knows Buzz and that has to count for something. Gus says this crime has not been solved, and he is a long long way from being convicted. Buzz asks where is Harley. Gus reports she’s at the boarding house with Jude and Zach and will come down in the morning. Gus leaves.

Frank is preparing to leave. Gus asks what is going on. He says Ruth Karloff was reported at the old Williams Street bridge. Gus wants to go, but Frank tells him to stay with Buzz. Gus asks himself “Cooper what have you done?” Gus tells Buzz to stay here and leaves. Billy arrives and looks at Buzz.

Reva meets up with Josh in the lobby. He says he ran into Cassie earlier. Reva thinks it went okay with Jonathan. He didn’t blow up or curse revenge. Josh laughs and says what a surprise. She thinks he’s coming around. Josh replies “you think?” Reva thinks it will take him awhile to come around as he’s a sensitive kid. She thinks the more they make Jonathan a part of it, the safer he’ll feel with them. Josh doesn’t think a lot of people feel safe around Jonathan. Reva says Jonathan has been hurt and has been pushed away entire life. The sooner they stop pushing him away and start bringing him in, Jonathan will learn that life isn’t just about rejection.

Cassie is pushing Jonathan’s gift into the garbage can. One of bell boys comes up to her. Cassie asks him to empty the trash as it’s full. Cassie walks away. Jonathan comes back and sees his gift in the trash can. He picks it up and doesn’t have a happy look on his face.

Alan drags Olivia back into the room, and the nurse sedates her. Olivia is trying to fight them off. She yells for them to get away from her and that she did everything Alan asked of her. Nurse McGuire give Olivia an injection. Alan tells Olivia that’s better, and they have an understanding. He wants her to sleep on it for awhile and not to have any second thoughts. Alan says (with glee in his voice) “sweet dreams.” Alan and Nurse McGuire leave. Olivia lies on the bed with her lip quivering. There is an overheard shot of Olivia lying on the bed and then a close up of her in tears and drugged.

Buzz tells Billy “looky who is here.” Billy asks how they are treating him. An officer comes up to Billy and says unless he has official business, he’ll have to leave. Billy wants to talk to Buzz. He says I might have something that will help this case. The officer says he has two minutes. Buzz states you didn’t bring me flowers. Billy says you don’t belong here and he didn’t have anything to do with Phillip’s death. He states I told you before you wouldn’t spend a second behind bars and the right person goes to jail.

The police arrive at the old Williams Street Bridge and it’s dark. Ruth says to herself it’s too soon, and she’s not finished yet. Frank yells and tells Ruth to stop, or he’ll fire. She moves backwards as Frank tells her to freeze, and he fires a warning shot. Frank approaches and Gus arrives yelling “NO!” They both chase after Ruth.

Everything is done in slow motion. Ruth turns and falls backwards into the water. Gus leaps to the ground to try and save Ruth. Frank arrives a second later. They both look in astonishment. Gus is horrified.

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