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Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/16/04

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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

At the Beacon, Olivia gets some paperwork from the front desk while Bill walks through the door with Emma in his arms. He hands her off to Olivia and tells her that someone needs to ‘lighten Emma’s load.’ Olivia looks surprised to see him and tells him that she thought he was going to be working today. He informs her that he couldn’t because Emma has an appointment with a man in a big red suit. Olivia smiles and it is obvious that she likes Bill’s idea. The two joke around until Alan walks in.

He immediately sees Emma and wants to hold her. Olivia hands her to Alan and he wrinkles his nose at the smell. Olivia has a look of satisfaction on her face.

In Buzz’s room at the hospital, Lillian tries to get him more comfortable as he is trying to write something. He tells her that he wants his ‘walking papers.’ She teases him about having a blonde fluff his pillows and it is apparent that he is in no mood to joke around. He tells her that he thinks his next ‘home’ will be prison. Bill walks into the doorway and when he hears Buzz mention prison moves aside so that no one can see him. We hear Lillian mention to Buzz that she doesn’t think he killed Phillip and him admit that he didn’t. Billy is listening to their conversation and then begins to walk away. He sees a man that he recognizes who calls him by name. It is obvious that Billy doesn’t want to be seen by this man and pushes him aside. Billy tells the unidentified man that he’s late and that he never wanted him to kill Phillip. The man tells Billy that he’s making a scene. Billy lets the man know that he refuses to ‘go down’ for Phillips murder. The man requests his payment and tells him that he will leave town. Billy hands the man an envelope and he leaves. Lillian calls out to Billy and wonders if he is at the hospital to see Buzz. She drags him over to the doorway where he stands. Buzz calls out to Billy, inviting him inside his room.

At Elizabeth & Company, Gus is reading the newspaper when a man comes with a delivery for him. Gus seems to be expecting him. He invites the man to sit down and join him for a cup of coffee. Gus thanks the man for ‘doing what he did for his aunt’ especially since he was ‘reprimanded’ for it. The man informs him that the rescinded him from the prison. Gus offers the man a job with security at Spaulding. The man thanks Gus for thinking of him. He informs the man that he proved that he can be loyal to the Spaulding’s and takes a look at the guys resume. The man comments on the fact that Alexandra needed to get out and that for her, it seemed as though it was a matter of life or death. Gus lets him know that it might have been considering his brother was killed. Gus begins to ask the guy if he has any idea of where his aunt went that night when Alexandra arrives and interrupts the two of them. She comments on ‘how cozy’ it all looks. She turns to Gus and wants to know what he is doing.

At J. Farley’s, Fantini arrests Ruth. She looks like she can’t believe that it is happening. He informs her that he heard what she said to Josh about Phillip ‘getting what he deserved.’ She reminds him that it was simply an opinion which she is entitled to. He tells her that it seemed as though she was trying to take credit for killing Phillip. Ruth tries to get out of it, by telling him that it was the cocktails of a passionate woman talking. Fantini pulls out the sketch of Ruth Karloff and tells her that she is a dead ringer for one of the suspects. Ruth looks shocked.

Alan laughs at Olivia and makes a joke out of Emma’s accident. Bill informs Alan that he was ready to take ‘his family’ to the mall. Alan comments that Bill and Olivia both set up house very quickly, or so it seems. Bill and Emma get ready to leave. As they are leaving Alan warns Bill that he might not want to get in the middle of his feud with Olivia. Olivia takes off and Alan stops Bill. Bill tells Alan that it will have to take place some other time while Olivia tells Alan that if he wants to threaten her husband that he can do it in public. Alan warns Bill that it will be in the best interest of his family. Alan scoffs at Olivia’s idea and tells her that perhaps some things are better left to ‘the men folk.’ Bill pulls Olivia aside and confesses that he’s a bit curious to see what Alan want. She tells him that whatever it is that Alan wants is not worth their time. He urges her to go on ahead without him and that he will catch up. He kisses them goodbye and they leave. Alan comments that Emma is a wonderful child and tells Bill that he can’t blame him for wanting to adopt her. Bill spins around obviously surprised that Alan knows. He questions Alan about how he knows. Alan reminds Bill that Springfield is ‘his town’ and that he knows everything. He wonders if Alan will be trying to stop him. He tells Bill that he simply wants to ‘save him.’

Billy informs Buzz that he only came by the hospital to see how he was doing. He makes it clear that he can leave if Buzz wants him to. He tells Billy that he’d like to see him considering that he probably won’t for a while. He goes on to tell Billy that he’s getting ‘sprung’ today. Lillian informs Billy that Buzz needs some company and to stay. Buzz jumps in and tells them that he feels fine. Billy tells Buzz that he needs to take it all easy. Buzz jokes around with Lillian. She tells him that he needs to take his health more seriously and that she hates to see him ‘on this side of the street.’ Buzz comments that she probably won’t see him on the other side of the street either after he gets thrown in jail. Billy warns Buzz not to ‘talk like that.’ Lillian and Billy both agree that Buzz is not guilty. Billy lets them both know that it will work out. Lillian comments that Frank will find the real murderer. She goes on telling them both that she feels it is bad enough that Phillip had to get killed, but that she doesn’t understand how someone could allow an innocent man to go free. She wonders what kind of person would do that. Buzz and Billy look at one another.

Gus tells his aunt that he is trying to conduct a job interview. She informs the ex prison guard that her nephew dragged him to the restaurant on false pretenses. He assures her that there is a job opening and she laughs, telling him that she believes him. She tells them both that she knows that Gus only wanted to conduct the interview so that he could find out more information about the night Alexandra escaped from prison. Gus wonders why there is a problem with him knowing what happened the night she left her jail cell. The ex prison guard tells them both that he doesn’t want to get involved. Gus maintains that there is a job while Alex goes on about it being a ‘witch hunt.’ Gus informs the man that he is involved and has been since he helped Alex escape from jail. He tells them both that he’s said enough and leaves. Gus tries to stop the man and Alex tells Gus that he’s the one who needs to stop. She tells him that she loved Phillip like a son. Gus brings up the fact that she was so upset at him the night of the murder. She informs him that the threat of being ‘banished’ would make anyone upset. Gus tells her how the guard called her desperate and he confesses that he thinks he has the whole thing figured out. He goes on to tell her that she most likely paid the guard off, came to Company to see Phillip, killed him and went back to her cell all before the body was found. She tells him that he’s so far off base. He claims that she has the perfect alibi – which is that she can’t be in two places at once. Alex looks exasperated and questions Gus as to why she would then get rid of her alibi to come to Buzz’s defense. He informs her that he’s still trying to figure it all out. She explains that she knows why he is doing it all – to clear Buzz’s name for Harley. She warns him that it could all blow up in his face if he’s not careful. He notifies her that he is going after the truth. She lets him know that it’s ok to come after her, but that he’d better be careful that he doesn’t put the last nail in Buzz’s coffin.

Fantini calls Frank, tells him that he has Ruth and he will be bringing her down to the station. Ruth pretends to get sick and be unable to stand. Fantini hold her up and tells her to quit joking around. She slurs her words and tells him that she’s not kidding. She informs him that she’s not much of a ‘boozer’ and that she needs to use the facilities. He lets her know that she can use the bathroom at the police station. She claims that she may have to barf in his car if he makes her wait. He lets her go to the bathroom and unhooks one end of the handcuffs. She stumbles in the bathroom, looks around and asks herself what she is going to do next.

Alan tells Bill that putting aside his feeling for Olivia; he’s been watching Bill and is impressed. Alan begins to talk about Slingshot Enterprises as the ‘Little Company that Could’ he tells Bill that he is in awe that he created a small company and that in a matter of months it became competition for Spaulding. Bill tries to give some of the credit to Olivia and he informs Bill that he’s sure she contributed but that’s about it. Bill claims that Alan underestimates Olivia and he tells Bill that he only made that mistake once. Bill tells him that he needs to get to the point. Alan warns Bill that if he wants to adopt Emma that he needs to think ahead to what will happen with the two of them (Bill and Emma) when Olivia self destructs. Bill maintains that it will never happen and Alan reminds him not to be so sure of himself or of his wife. He challenges Bill to talk to his Uncle Josh if he doesn’t believe him. Bill accuses Alan of wanting Emma to himself, he does not deny that. Alan wonders if it is worth it for Bill as he is much too young to ‘tie himself to a family.’ He wishes Bill good luck, if that is what he truly wants.

Billy paces around Buzz’s hospital room looking worried. Buzz tells Billy that one of the worst things about being sick as well as a murder suspect is the way in which people look or don’t look at you. He tells Billy that he needs to lighten up. Billy tells Buzz that whoever killed Phillip must have had a good reason. Lillian walks in and informs them that she hopes she misheard them. She gives Buzz his pills while Billy reminds her of all of the terrible things Phillip was doing. Lillian maintains that regardless of what Phillip was doing, it doesn’t justify murdering him. Billy calls Phillip evil and she sticks up for him. Billy turns to Buzz for support in calling Phillip a bad person. Buzz claims that he doesn’t know anymore, but that he doesn’t want to go down for a murder he didn’t commit. Billy asks for a moment alone with Buzz. She warns them that she’s coming back. Buzz wants to know what is going on. Billy tells Buzz that he understands what it is like to want him dead. He goes on guessing that perhaps the person who killed Phillip didn’t mean to, but simply wanted to scare Phillip. Buzz wonders if perhaps he might know something that will clear him. He confesses to Buzz that he doesn’t have anything and that it was simply wishful thinking. He goes on to tell Buzz that if necessary he will get everyone in town to admit in court that they wanted Phillip dead. Buzz says that regardless it won’t change the fact that all the evidence points to him. Billy reminds him that Frank, Gus and Harley are on the case and determined to find the killer. Buzz comments that with people like him on his side, he almost believes that he won’t be arrested. Billy leaves a very confused looking Buzz behind.

Gus wonders why he should believe his aunt when all she has done is lie to him. She sighs and informs him that she is telling him the truth. She reminds him that it was she who told him that she left her jail cell on the night of Phillip’s murder. He asks her where she ran into Buzz that night. She looks annoyed and tells her nephew that she ran into Buzz at Company. Gus questions if she ran into him before or after Phillip was shot. Alex maintains that she simply doesn’t know. She appears to be getting irritated by all the questions. He wonders if she saw Phillip and she tells him that she didn’t go inside because Buzz came outside and sat on the bench with her. He claims that he never knew that she only saw Buzz outside, and wonders how she knew Phillip was alive. She tells him that she knows it because Buzz told her. He wonders if she believes Buzz. Alex looks at him shocked and wonders why she shouldn’t. She maintains that neither of them killed Phillip. She tells him that she’s told him everything to keep Buzz out of prison. Gus tells her that he believes her and she looks surprised. He goes on to say that he knows she is trying to keep someone out of prison. He walks off leaving Alexandra sitting alone.

Fantini knocks on the bathroom door and hollers to Ruth. He tells her that she needs to hurry up. He hears a crash and Harley comes rushing out of the bathroom. She tells Fantini that some crazy lady just went flying out a window. He rushes inside and asks Harley which way she went. Harley tells him that she was washing her hands and that the crazy woman shoved her out of the way. Fantini rushes outside and Harley looks relieved. She pulls her hand out from under her coat and we see the handcuffs. She returns to the bathroom, grabs a bag and sneaks out of the bar.

Gus walks out of Elizabeth & Company and we see the prison guard on the phone. Gus calls the man Mr. Anderson and tells him that he’d like to ask him a question. He wonders why he is helping Alexandra. Anderson maintains that he isn’t helping Alexandra. Gus wonders what she is paying him and informs him that he WILL help him. He offers to pay him more than what Alexandra is and threatens Anderson with the threat of going back to prison, this time in a jumpsuit.

Inside Elizabeth & Company, Billy approaches Alexandra. He asks if he can sit next to her and she laughs. She wonders if he has a hidden camera or something. He tells her that he could simply use the company. She lets him sit with her and he tells her that he saw Buzz. She wonders how Buzz is and he tells her that he’s ok, but worried about the police. Alexandra sighs and wonders why they can’t leave him alone.

Billy makes it clear to her that they don’t have much of a choice. She wonders if anything could clear him, he makes an off handed comment that short of the real killer confessing nothing will save him. Alexandra looks worried and lets him know that she wishes it were that easy to get Buzz out of trouble. Billy looks at her and tells her that they both know what it is like and that most people have no idea. It is obvious that they are talking about spending time in prison. She calls it horrible and he admits that prison kills a part of you. Billy lets her know that he would do anything not to go back. She looks at Billy oddly.

Anderson maintains that Gus won’t be able to pin the murder on him and that Alexandra didn’t kill Phillip. Gus wonders how he can be so sure and he tells Gus that she was never out of her sight. He admits that he drove her into Springfield to Company. He tells Gus that she never went inside and that he heard what he now believes to be a gun shot. He goes on to tell Gus that at the time he thought it was a truck back firing. Gus thinks that Anderson is kidding him and makes it clear. He maintains that he is telling the truth and that suddenly a man ran by that night. Gus becomes intrigued and wonders who it was. He shows Anderson a picture of Buzz and he confirms that the man running out was Buzz.

Buzz continues writing on a piece of paper when Harley comes to visit. She stands in the doorway and thinks back to a conversation she had with Gus where she told him that she would not protect her father if she found out he was guilty. She calls out to her father and wonders how he is doing. She tells him that she came to visit him with good news. She goes on to explain that she saw Ruth Karloff shooting her mouth off about Phillip’s murder in front of a cop. He asks if she was arrested and she tells him that she wasn’t because Ruth got away. Buzz wonders how it is good news and she tells him that if the cops think Ruth killed Phillip that they won’t arrest him. Buzz tries to be realistic and tells her that regardless of what is happening with Ruth will have little to no effect on his being arrested. He tells her that they need to face the fact that he will be arrested and most likely indicted. She asks what he is writing and he tells her that he’s been working on his will. He maintains that he always wanted to get around to it, but that he never had the time. Harley tells him that the will is fine as long as he doesn’t think he is dying. He asks her to look at it and she agrees. She reads the first few lines and then looks at her father as though she can’t believe it.

Olivia walks into the Beacon and asks if one of the workers has seen Bill. He tells her that she missed him. She decides to try him on his cell and the man at the front desk tells her that she has a message. She wonders why Nurse McGuire from Ravenwood would be calling her and the front desk clerk informs Olivia that when she called she told him it was important. Olivia thanks him, asks him to keep an eye on Emma and calls Ravenwood. The nurse informs Olivia that the hospital was renovating Phillip’s old room and ran across some paperwork for some of her stock transactions. Olivia agrees to run over and pick them up immediately. Olivia requests that the front desk clerk take Emma to the daycare while she runs out. Olivia leaves and Alan emerges from the bar with a smile on his face.

Harley continues to read Buzz’s will. He climbs out of bed as she is crying. He decides to read the rest of the will aloud. In the will He talks about how he doesn’t have many material possessions and all he can give them is his promise to never leave them. He assures them that he will always be there for them. She hugs him and tells him to stop with the will as he’s not going to die. She hugs him and Lillian walks in telling them that a doctor need to examine Buzz. Harley tells her father that she will be waiting outside and leaves the room. She looks into the window of Buzz’s room and then sits down. Gus watches from the doorway as Harley breaks down. He walks in and the two look at one another.

Billy tells Alexandra that it has simply been ‘one of those days.’ Alex sighs and wonders if Billy has done anything to be sent back to prison for. He confesses that he was simply thinking about Buzz. Alex comments that she wishes she had a fast forward button so that she could get to the happy ending. Billy wonders if there even is a happy ending while Alex comments that she hates feeling helpless. The two agree that there probably isn’t anything they can do to save Buzz. Suddenly Bill comes walking into the restaurant and over to their table. He tells his father ‘not to do it’ as he knows exactly what she is up to. Both Billy and Alexandra look perplexed.

Olivia tells someone at Ravenwood that she is looking for Nurse McGuire. A completely different nurse from the one she talked to on the phone tells her that she is Nurse McGuire. This nurse tells Olivia that they’ve met numerous times, although Olivia doesn’t recognize her. Olivia wonders where the documents are and the nurse offers to go to the diner down the street and discuss them. She tells Olivia that its something best done not in public and even offers to buy her a cup of coffee. The real Nurse McGuire comes along and tells the woman Olivia was talking to that she should head back to her room.

Nurse McGuire apologizes to Olivia for the misunderstanding and takes Olivia into Phillip’s old room. The nurse hands Olivia a clipboard and asks her to sign it. She tells her that it is a simple release form saying that she has received Phillip’s belongings. Olivia signs the papers and the nurse leaves the room and locks the door. Olivia bangs on the door and calls out to the nurse to open the door.

Olivia begins talking to herself and wonders why they couldn’t have kept Phillip locked up. She comments that at least he would still be alive. She wonders where the nurse is just as Alan shows up. Olivia is shocked to see him. He tells her that she should lie down and get comfortable in Ravenwood as she will be there for a long time.

Bill wonders what Alex promised his father. He wonders what was offered to help his father get rid of Olivia. Alex and Billy are completely confused. Bill explains to them that he ran into Alan who explained everything. Bill tells his father that Alan wants to get to Emma. Alex tries to tell Bill that she doesn’t approve of any mother having her child taken away from her, even if the mother is Olivia. Bill looks at his father and pulls him aside. He asks his son what is up. Bill explains to his father that he doesn’t trust Alex while Billy informs his son that he shouldn’t be surprised that he was accused of ganging up on him and Olivia. Bill tells his father that he needs his help. The two shake hands and hug.

Lillian tells Buzz that everything checked out and hands him his clothes. A policeman comes into the room. Lillian tells Buzz that she doesn’t understand and he explains to her that at least he expected it.

Outside of the hospital, Harley explains to Gus that Ruth was at J.Farleys Bar. He reminds her that Ruth is a wanted woman. Harley lets him know that she realized that, especially when she was almost arrested. Gus sighs and sarcastically tells her that it’s great. Harley reminds him that Ruth got away. He gently reminds her that Ruth doesn’t exist and that when the rest of the people in town realize that she will be done for. Harley hands him her father’s will and urges him to read it. She tells him that she’s not going to loose her father so that the police need to concentrate on another suspect. Gus explains that Alexandra has an alibi. She explains that someone else has to take the fall and die. Gus wonders who she is talking about. She tells him that she is the one who has to die.

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